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The Party

It happened one halloween

I am a closet cd.

It was Halloween.

My wife called from work and said she wanted to go to a party at a friends house.

It was a costume party. She said she had a costume and I was to wear one as well.

What, I don’t have one.

Yes you do, your going as a girl.

But I’ve never done this.

Well you’re going to tonight. No one will care because it’s a costume party so get dressed and make it good.

This ran shivers down my spine thinking about it. So I shower and shave very close-everything. Since I dress at home a lot, I knew just what to wear. What the hell, it’s a costume party isn’t it?

I put on my red gaft, thigh highs, strapped hi heels, black mini skirt, fake boobs which are very life like and make me a 44 in the chest, black top, long blond wig, black corset which pulls me in very nicely giving an hourglass shape topped of with a long blond wig. Some makeup and pink lipstick and I was ready.

She came home an said you look nice. The guys are going to love you.

I got more nervous and said I don’t think so. She got dressed as a guy and we got in the car, she drove because I didn’t think I could in hi heels.

We arrived at a house a few minutes later and I said that I didn’t know about this as all her friends would laugh at me.

No they won’t.

It was very exciting getting out of the car and feeling the breeze blowing around my skirt and legs.

 We went in and everyone was in costume of some kind. The men all did a double take on me and I could tell they were envious.

I immediately got a drink for us and she started talking with her friends. After a couple of drinks, I began to relax a little and made my way back to the bar where the guys were hanging out. They all liked my costume and patted my ass.

I was the center of their attention.

As the night wore on, I was having a snack of chips and dip when one of the guys came up behind me and pressed up against my ass and told me I looked great.

I smiled and said thanks.

It was dark in the kitchen and we could see into the living room where most people were including our wives. He put his hands on my waist and pressed up tight against me.

I could tell he was getting hard.

This felt great as the drinks were having a relaxing effect.

My wife saw us and came into the kitchen for another drink. She knew the guy behind me and flirted with him a bit.

She said he had a hot girl in front of him meaning me, and said you two enjoy yourselves.

After leaving, he began touching me again, rubbing my ass and legs. This felt wonderful thru my stockings and panties. He lifted my skirt and began to caress my ass cheeks very sexually. As no one else was in there, I let him. Then he put both hands around my waist and burried his crouch very tight against my bottom and I knew what he wanted. He was actually getting very turned on to me.

Then the hostess turned down the lights and lit some candles all around. I was getting very excited but have never done anything like this. Now is the time I thought.

I reached around behind me and began to touch his penis. It was very hard. I began to caress it and he was loving it.

Some of the people got up and went to another room to play pool but not my wife. She was still there and would occasionally look in my direction.

She got up and came in to where we were and smiled and asked if I was having a good time.

Yes, I said and you?

She was as well.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me and whispered in my ear to have a good time then left.

Then the guy behind me turned me around and put his arms around my waist as mine found his shoulders. He pulled me close and kissed me very softly. I never been kissed by a guy but let him anyway. He kissed my more and began to probe my mouth with his tongue as his hands caressed my ass. He lifted my skirt and the feeling of being like a woman and having his hands holding the cheeks of my ass was overwhelming.

I was actually making out with a man and he very much wanted me. We kissed and made out for several minutes. Then he whispered in my ear to turn back to the bar and he got behind me.

I was so hot and didn’t want him to stop. I reached around behind me and pulled at his zipper to let him know what I wanted.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard penis which I began to touch. It felt wonderful to hold another man in my hand.

Just then my wife came back for another drink and not having time to put himself back, he just stuck it between my legs and I closed them tight on it as he pressed against me. Some small talk was said as she got another drink but she didn’t leave. She got in front of me and began to kiss me and this guy still has his penis between my legs. My wife keeps kissing me passionately and the guy behind me saw she wasn’t in no hurry to leave and couldn’t stop himself from slowly stroking his manhood between my legs.

My wife whispered in my ear to spread my legs a little and let him into my ass.

I about died of embarrassment but the drinks were too much. I slowly spread my legs and he got the message. He pulled my panties to one side, and I already had my ass lubed with Vaseline because it was a turn-on but no planned.

He began to slowly work it inside me as my wife was still kissing me.

You need a good fucking she said and your going to get it.

It felt so good having a penis inside me, soft but hard, warm. He kept pushing back in forth and going deeper until I could feel his balls against my ass. Oh it felt so nice having him fully inside me.

 My wife stopped kissing me as I was moaning. She just stood in front of me holding me and smiling.

Enjoy this she said. Tonight, you’re a woman and women like to be fucked by men. Then she told me she loved me.

All the while, the guy behind me was increasing his stroking inside my ass and I could tell he was close to cumming. Then he rammed hard and fast a few strokes and stopped with it deep inside me and I could feel his penis spasm as he unloaded fully in me.

The feeling of having him cum in me was wonderful. He stayed pressed to my body until he went soft and then pulled out, and put my panties back.

My wife didn’t have to asked me if I liked it as she knew.

You’re a good girl she said.

The guy had to go sit down so I knew he liked it as well.

My wife kissed me again and said your just getting started baby. I want you to do anything you like tonight.

About that time another guy came back for another drink and my wife put her arms around his neck and smiled at him and asked him if he would like to have a blowjob.

Hell yes he said as he looked around to make sure no one was watching.

She kissed him and then told me to get down on my knees behind the bar and give him one!

But I said-shut up and do it. I want to watch you suck his dick.

She got me by the ear and pulled me down in front of him. Undo his pants, take it out and suck it like the woman you want to be.

So I got on my knees and began to undo his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped him letting his pants slide down as his penis popped out with no underwear.

My wife was smiling at me and said suck it darling. She began to make out with him so I took him into my mouth. I licked the end of it first, then kissed it, then took the head in my mouth. He was quickly getting very hard so I knew he liked it. I then took him deeper in my mouth as he began to stroke back and forth.

My wife whispered in his ear to hold my face and fuck me.

Then she began to kiss him like there was no tomorrow and I began to suck for all I was worth. He was ramming his hard dick deeper and deeper down my throat.

Surprisingly, I was able to take him fully. My nose was against his pubic hair as he pulled my head so tight that I knew he was exploding down my throat. I caress his balls and could tell they were swelling up. I put both my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him tightly to me as he exploded down my throat.

He felt very good and I felt like a woman. After all, here I was down on my knees sucking a dick, being a woman. I held him inside my mouth until he went soft and then sucked it to made sure I had every drop before letting him go.

I pulled up his pants and stood up.

My wife still looking at me said how did you like it?

I loved it!

Then the guy kissed her and she told him to kiss me. She told me to kiss him like I meant it. So I slowly put my arms around his neck as his went around my waist and we began to kiss fully receiving his tongue down my throat. We kissed passionately for several minutes before coming up for air.

Then my wife turned me around and kissed me the same way holding me very tight with her hands on my ass caressing my panties.

Your so hot!

Now, lets go play some pool.

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