The Party

By kylie_kained

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After two visits to Bill's I had been invited to a party.
Here I was nervous as anything at the railway station, I had just phoned Bill to tell him that I was on my way as promised. The journey itself was uneventful and I arrived in the next town on time.

I walked out of the station my nerves getting worse and scanned around the people all milling around. I couldn’t see Bill and started to worry, my eyes were drawn over to a woman walking towards the station looking incredibly sexy. My cock was starting to stir in my jeans as I realized that it was Debbie Bill’s friend.

Debbie spoke first “hi sweetheart glad you could come, good journey?”

“yes thank you” was all I could say.

My eyes couldn’t of been much help that I was staring at her!

She grabbed my arm like we were a couple as we walked the short distance to Bill’s home, hardly a word spoken between us.

She opened the door with her key and I now knew that we would go up to the bathroom as usual.

I soon stripped off knowing that my body would be shaved, it always felt to feel how smooth I was after. The school uniform was laid out ready for me to put on. The white cotton panties were holding back my excitement as Debbie helped me dress, then she applied my make up with such skill adding some perfume which smelled very subtle.

“Come through to the bedroom Kylie, I want to spend more time on your hair.”

I followed her into the bedroom and instinctively sat in front of the dressing table. In the mirror I could see that sweet school girl staring back at me as she dried my hair. She parted the sides leaving a fringe at the front, soon pulling on the sides hard as she plaited my hair into pigtails. More lipstick was applied to my lips making me blot them so that it would last longer.

“Bill wants you to wait in the lounge until everyone’s here Kylie.”

We went down to the lounge Debbie leading the way.

“There’s a video in the player if your bored while waiting, some glasses and drink in the sideboard if you want a drink.”

I smiled and said thank you feeling just great.

“I wont be staying tonight I work on a Saturday in an all night café sweetheart.

My face dropped and I started to worry, what had I gone and let myself in for.

“Bill will fetch you when everyone’s here, now I have to go work I will see you in the morning."

With a peck on the cheek she started to leave suddenly stopping to add,

“Oh, don’t worry your going to have the best night of you life, make yourself at home.”

With that she was gone!

My cock had shriveled to nothing as fear started to grip me! I looked around the room before I looked in the sideboard curiosity taking over my brain. I decided to pour myself some wine from the already uncorked bottle sat in the ice. I went and sat down on the comfy sofa sipping away at the drink in my hand which soon was gone. My head was racing with all sorts of ideas wondering how long I would wait, who might be here and what to expect! I poured another wine and walked over to the t.v noticing the video already loaded. I switched on the t.v and started the video, returning to sit back down wondering what was on the video tape.

My eyes nearly popped as I stared at the screen, a girl was surrounded by guys being fucked and sucking seemingly not caring. My cock was back straining inside my panties as the film got me more and more aroused! I soon started rubbing myself through the panties a damp patch quickly appearing. It wasn’t long until I let out a groan! Filling the panties with my cum.

I soon realized I wasn’t alone, there was Bill stood in the doorway. I felt myself blush my face felt it was on fire.

“Are you ready to meet the others Kylie?” Bill asked as I tried to compose myself.

“Y-yes” I blurted knowing I had been caught!

“Just relax and make sure you mingle with everyone, their all looking forward to meeting you.”

I nodded and followed Bill into another room with fear in my eyes. There was music playing as I breathed some relief, there were only four guys in the room.

“Everyone this is Kylie!”

Bill pointed to each guy telling me there names which seemed to go right over my head, maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the fear not knowing what might happen.

A guy came over introduced himself and asked me to dance, I soon said yes thinking things are not so bad.
As we danced his hands started to wander around my bum, before he whispered in my ear saying I had a “cute bum.” Everyone was drinking and swapping around making sure to make me at ease as they danced with me. I felt good being accepted as a girl, with a few of the guys rubbing there stiff cocks into my thigh.

The music went off as Bill was with me, everyone’s eyes seemed to be on us.

“Guess what I found this naughty little one doing earlier!” Bill suddenly said in a very stern voice.

“She was giving herself self pleasure, I think it’s time you were punished young lady!”

Before I could move Bill had grabbed me pulling me over to an upright chair, before sitting down pulling me over his knee.

He lifted my skirt and soon pulled my panties down round my ankles. His rough hands were circling my bum, which to be honest felt good!

Without warning just as I had relaxed his hand came down hard.


I screamed as he spanked me harder than Debbie had ever done!


My backside was burning and so were my eyes as I cried, I soon lost count of how many! He finally stopped before loosening his grip on me.

“Now go stand in the corner with your hands on your head,”

“Think long and hard on how to put things right!”

I struggled over to the corner of the room finding it hard to see where I was going. As my hands reached my head the music went back on, I could hear muffled chat, laughing and drinks pouring. I wanted to rub my burning backside, but didn’t in fear of getting the same punishment. The tears dried but my arms were aching, I felt like I had been in the corner an eternity.

The music dropped once again,

“Come here young lady” Bill demanded.

I walked over and stood before him.

“What do you say?”

“I-I’m sorry!”

Bill pulled out his cock as he sat on a sofa, I got on my knees and began to suck.
As I tried my best to go down deep, I felt some lubricant and fingers opening my bum.

It wasn’t long before it was replaced by a cock which slipped right into me fucking me hard. I groaned and choked on Bill’s cock never having been fucked so hard before, my mouth was filled with Bill’s cum.

Bill moved as another sat I knew what I had to do, as I sucked deep and hard I heard a big groan as I felt my bum filled with it’s first lot of cum!

They took it in turns fucking and me sucking, I hadn’t a clue how many times it had been, when I felt a strange feeling letting out a cry! My backside twitching and my heart racing as both guys shot there load into me both ends!

After hours of fucking the guys started leaving, all kissing me before they left.

It was just Bill and me and a quarter past two in the morning. We sat on the sofa kissing and cuddling often with Bill’s hands stroking my thighs.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight Kylie?” Bill asked.

I nodded a huge smile on my face, I felt so good even if my backside was dripping and sore!

“Time for bed don’t you think?” Bill asked.

I readily agreed and stood up to follow.

We got to the bedroom before Bill told me to put on the baby doll nightdress laying on the bed. I soon slipped off the school uniform taking care to fold it neatly and put on a chair.

Again we kissed more passionately than before as we flopped onto the bed.
Bill was on top of me and started to kiss my neck, then working on down my body.

“How’s your backside little one?”

“A little sore” I replied.

He lifted my legs as if to look, before pushing them up to my shoulders.

He eased his cock into me starting to fuck me more gently. Slowly he built up his speed as I moaned with delight now begging for more! It seemed like hours before Bill filled me once again, with what felt like more of his seed than ever before. He eased out of me before laying next to me, cuddling me and telling me how "good it had been" as we both drifted into a sleep.

The following morning we were both woken, Debbie had brought us breakfast in bed.

After we had eaten I kissed Bill and thanked him. I went for a bath, with Debbie soon entering the bathroom to make sure I had removed all the make up.

“Well how did it go, did you enjoy yourself?” Debbie asked.

“I loved it!” came my reply.

We chatted for ages before I had to get my train. I shouted up to the bedroom once more thanking Bill for a great time. (I knew he didn’t like to see me when not dressed!)

Debbie walked me back to the station kissing me before I knew my train was due.

“We will both see you again soon” Debbie shouted.

As I got on the train back to my home with the biggest grin ever, I felt so content on being a girl.