The Perfect Choice

By libertina

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A girl works to turn her boyfriend into her toy
Andrew had moved in with Hannah a few short months ago and so far everything was going just the way she wanted. She was an endless tease; wearing short skirts and dresses when they were out during the day or tiny shorts and vest tops when they were at home together. She did everything she could to turn Andrew on, and it was working perfectly.She hadn't slept with him yet and the tension was driving him mad. She needed him that way, knew he’d be much easier to mould.

It started simply enough, he was quite hairy and after a couple of weeks of teasing him she pointed that out to him. She asked him to shave and even though he was reluctant, he eventually went to the shower.

Hannah slipped in with him and was pleased to see his cock spring to life as soon as he saw her, this was going to be easy. She helped him lather up and shave off all his body hair. He protested when she put foam on the patch of hair just above his cock but he soon gave in when she pleaded with him, wide-eyed and soapy hand sliding along his cock.

After that it was a simple matter of reinforcement and pushing things a little at a time. That night she sucked his cock for the first time. It was the best blowjob he’d ever had and he certainly didn't fail to notice her hands sliding over his smooth body, her constant compliments on how it felt. He never let his hair grow back after that.

She kept up the process, teasing him for a few days or weeks and then asking him for something. He grew out the hair on his head, started dressing differently. He thought it was a little feminine but she always reassured him it was sexy. And her performances during the blowjobs that inevitably followed made sure he believed her.

Yes, everything was going perfectly so tonight she’d see if he was really the guy she thought he was.


Andrew’s cock ached in his boxers, Hannah had just text him telling him tonight was going to be big. He just knew it was finally going to be the night they had sex. She’d been driving him to distraction and although he couldn’t bring himself to complain he really needed more than the oral he occasionally got. He raced home after work, barely able to contain his excitement.

Once home, the first of many surprises happened. Hannah pounced on him as soon as he got in. She had on matching black lace panties, bra and suspenders with black stockings. She was all over him, kissing him passionately and pulling off his clothes. Andrew dropped his things and helped her undress him, smiling as she led him by his cock to their bedroom.

She pushed him onto the bed and knelt in front of him. She starting stroking his cock with one hand and passed him something with the other.

“I want you to put these on.” She said with a smile.

Andrew was shocked when she saw what she’d passed him. A pink and black set of crotchless panties and a bra with slits for his nipples. He started to protest but was cut off by his own moaning as Hannah swallowed his cock. He looked down at her head, her lips sliding along his aching cock and knew she’d stop if he complained. Silently, he slipped on the bra and waited. She tapped his leg and he realised he’d been given hold-up stockings too. He pulled them on, one leg at at time trying not to interrupt Hannah’s working. As soon as he was done, she jumped up and smiled.

“You forgot your panties!” She laughed.

He didn’t want to argue so he stood up and slid the panties on, the material on his smooth skin making his cock strain even more. Hannah had moved to lie on the bed and when he turned she patted the mattress beside her.

Their making out was different to anything they’d done before. She lay on her back, and he was on his side draped over her. One of her hands pressing against his back and keeping him close. They kissed and she slid his hand inside her panties. When he felt how wet she was, Andrew decided to just go along with anything she wanted, it was obviously turning her on and he knew he’d definitely end up fucking her. He gently rubbed her clit, whilst her hands felt him all over, stroking his stocking covered legs and playing with his bra straps.

When her hand gripped his long hair and pulled him to her nipple, he just moved her bra aside and started sucking. She started to moan and held him there with one hand, the other slowing stroking his cock. She kept making him stop, building her to the edge of orgasm and then letting her relax. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take, her hand on his cock was driving him mad.

Eventually, her hand left his head and slid down his back, the hand on his cock went to replace it and harshly pulled him onto her other breast. He carried on without complaint, her panties were soaked and thoughts of what was to come were all he cared about. He gasped, but otherwise kept quiet when he felt her hand slid further down his back to his ass. The crotchless panties left him completely exposed and soon her felt her finger pushing against his hole. When it slipped inside, he couldn’t stop a moan escaping his lips. He’d never felt anything like it before and it was incredible. Soon he was bucking his hips, his cock rubbing against her thigh.

“I knew you’d be a natural slut, Andrew. You have two fingers inside you and you’re already going mad!” Hannah laughed.

She pushed his head further down and Andrew knew what was expected. He turned but couldn’t bare to move away from her prying fingers. He knelt next to her, shaved ass on total display so he could lean forward and move her panties to one side. Her hand gripped hard on his head and pushed him against her dripping cunt. He sucked and licked at her pussy, taking her clit between his lips and pushing his tongue in. Andrew did everything he could to push Hannah towards cumming, he wasn’t even thinking of the sex that was to come anymore he just wanted her to keep fingering him.

Hannah was moaning and smiling to herself. Andrew had turned out just how she’d hoped. Her boyfriend was eating her pussy with all the energy he could manage, kneeling in slutty lingerie and desperately pushing back against the three fingers inside him. She didn’t want to cum too soon though so she pushed him onto his back and knelt next to him.

“We don’t want you getting carried away now, do we baby? I think we’re going to make it all about me for a while.” With that she straddled his face and lowered her ass down onto him, moving her panties aside.

“Lick my ass darling! I’m sure you’ve dreamed of fucking it but this suits you a lot more don’t you think?”

Andrew started licking her ass, straining his neck so he could push his tongue inside her. He could barely breathe. Hannah was rubbing herself through her panties, rolling her hips back and smothering him.

“Oh you’re good at this sweetie,” Hannah moaned, “ you were so good a licking my pussy too, such a natural.”

“And you look so hot in those panties!” She continued “much better than when you try to look manly. I think you might have found your place in life! Dressed like a slut and serving a beautiful woman like me!”

She carried on teasing him for what seemed like hours, whilst he served the ass he’d lusted after. Until she stood up and pulled him onto his knees.

“One more thing to complete your look.” She said and moved behind him, grabbing something from under the bed. She pulled his arms behind his back and he felt them get cuffed together.

Then she stood in front of him and looked him dead in the eye.

“You’re about get what you’ve been wanting for so long” she murmured, pulling her panties down slowly.

She pulled them off and leaned towards him, pushing them into his mouth. They were soaked from her cunt and filled his mouth.

“Don’t you dare spit them out! How do they taste? Are they good? I’ve been sooo turned on all day.”

Andrew just nodded, unable to speak through the panties and afraid to move them. Hannah pushed him forward, so he was kneeling his with head pressed against the mattress.

“Stay there! Eyes forward!” She commanded as she left the room.

After a minute she came back and he could feel something cold against his ass. He felt her fingers slid into him, she was lubing his ass and he started to think he knew why.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since I met you Andrew, you seemed perfect for it and look how easily you’ve accepted it!” Hannah whispered into his ear leaning over him.

Her fingers slid out of him and wrapped around his cock, pumping it slowly. He felt a large pressure against his now empty hole and moaned as she pushed a thick strapon into him. She slowly pushed more and more of it into him, stroking his cock all the way. It hurt at first, but he was so turned on from the weeks of teasing and he stroking that it quickly disappeared and all he could feel was how good the strapon was inside of him.

“How does that feel, my little slut?” She moved both her hands onto his hips and started pumping the strapon in and out of him. “My cock is all the way inside you!”

Andrew moaned as she fucked him, he hadn't expected any of this but it all felt so perfect. He pushed his ass back to meet her thrusts and felt so proud when he heard her panting and moaning.

“Oh Hannah, it feels incredible! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” He shouted, uncaring of how he sounded.

Hannah laughed and gripped his hips hard, pounding him with her plastic cock and stroking his. The strapon had an end for her pushing closer to the edge as she fucked him, when she felt close to cumming she knew what she wanted to do.

She moved Andrew on to the floor, legs in the air with his lower back resting against the bed.She pushed his legs over his head and knelt on the edge of the bed, sliding her strapon back into his ass. He was completely helpless, his hands tied behind his back and his legs up in the air above him. She fucked him hard and he moaned, looking up at her with wide eyes, biting his lip. She reach down and started rubbing his cock, palm down like he was a girl. He loved it and soon was moaning hard. She turned on the strapon’s vibrator and nearly came as the vibrations went through her.

She watched her boyfriend bucking uncontrollably from the fucking and smiled as he came. She’d positioned him with his cock above his head and he only now realised it as he shot hot cum all over his own face. The vibrations overtook her and she came hard for what seemed like an eternity, looking down at her newly sissified boyfriend covered in cum and dressed in pink lingerie. She’d made the perfect choice.