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The perfect day...

A t-girl's experience of getting dressed for ACTION!

The perfect day…

The time was drawing near. He would have the house to himself! The realisation of a whole 4-month's planning would now come to fruition. It had been a while since he had gone out all dolled up, and now was a fresh opportunity to see his progress as a woman. He had been busy – his make-up collection had swelled considerably, and the addition of several choice pieces of clothing had excited him no end.

All his paraphernalia was brought down to the master bedroom where magic was about to take place. The choice of clothing for the day had been governed by 2 things – the weather, and where he was going. It was decided to go to the casino and the weather had been a tad cool, so he had already envisioned an outfit to match the venue. As he sat in the room, he uttered the magic words – "make me a woman today!" And so, she began…

Gina slipped on a sexy pair of black designer pantyhose over her feet, the tips of which were coated in a royal red polish. The sensual feel of pulling on pantyhose made her sex begin to throb. A pair of black satin lacy panties was slipped on to cover her manhood, which was pulsating with excitement and pleasure. A soft black bra completed the undergarments. At this point she had no breasts to speak of, so a recently acquired pair of breast supports cups and homemade "breasts" gave her a voluptuous, sensual and heavy feeling of womanhood.

The living doll was about to make her appearance.

As she was about to start, the doorbell rang. It was her girlfriend who came to oversee her final preparations and also to go out and have some fun with. Standing there in her underwear, Michelle uttered: "My my, look at you – you are a naughty little girl! Any man who saw you like that would be gasping for breath". She was all dolled up to the nines, wearing suede boots, tights, a denim skirt and blouse that revealed her ample cleavage. "Let's have some fun, my little doll". Michelle followed her to the bedroom, and as she entered she marvelled at the array of clothing she had already built up. "A sexy minx, that's what you are – now then, what are you going to wear?" "I want to vamp myself up a little, so I will wear my new boots, tights, black skirt and new black top. I also want to make myself up as sexily as possible, so you will have to help me a little". "But of course my darling". And so it began…

With Michelle being an interested bystander, Gina surveyed her freshly shaved and exfoliated face. No blemishes to speak of, only a blank canvas on which to paint her face. The Revlon Botafirm foundation and face powder set the platform for her doll-like face to appear. She decided to go for the smoky black eyes appearance so favoured by luscious women of today, so she smudged black eye shadow over her lids. A bold black line traced the outlines of her eyes to bring out a Cleopatra-like almond shape; she then smudged the line to bring the seductress look. Maybelline's lash styling mascara extended her lashes to allow the finishing touch, two coats of jet-black mascara, taking care after each coat not to spoil her make-up. When she had finished, her apple green eyes were beautifully brought out by the expertly applied make-up. She could now enchant anyone with those stunning eyes! She looked at Michelle who nodded her approval simply by winking. A subtle pale rose blush brought out the apples of her cheeks. The finishing touch was now going to bring her to climax and give her a true sense of womanhood. A trace line was drawn around her lips to define them, with extra attention being paid to the Cupid's bow. A royal red lipstick was deftly applied with a lip brush to truly give the appearance of female genitalia about to orgasm – speaking of which, Michelle was beginning to moan with excitement as she saw her man become the woman she had longed for. When she finished, she looked at herself with approval and blew herself and Michelle a kiss a la Marilyn Monroe. Michelle stood up, wet with excitement and said: "I so dearly want to kiss you, but I will spoil your beautiful make-up". "Don't worry, I have something else for you to kiss". And so, Michelle began to pleasure her woman in a way she had never thought possible. Her throbbing sex was purple with excitement, and as Michelle devoured her cock, a sudden rush of orgasm flooded her mouth and throat with her lifeforce! Michelle felt the warm liquid fill and she swallowed with utter glee. Her moans of exhortation forced Gina to keep feeding her until she could no more - Michelle licked the last dregs of lifeforce from her sizeable cock and helped Gina get dressed. When Gina looked down, her cock was pink with Michelle's lipstick - what a rush! She found it difficult to tuck in her sex, but she managed.   After Michelle had finished, she truly looked like a doll – now the doll needed to be dressed…

The outfit she had chosen truly the fantasy she had been waiting to live out – a stunning black long sleeve top just showing off a hint of bare flesh with a thigh high black skirt to reveal just enough to interest men and give off a sense of naughtiness; her jewellery consisted of a double string of pearls with matching earrings, a thin silver bangle and rings to finish off the look. Her fingernails were painted with the same royal red polish, enhancing her feminine appearance. But there was still one thing missing – the boots. Her boots were carefully slid on and zipped up, and as she did so, her manhood responded and her panties became wet with desire. Lastly, her hair. She had chosen a Britney Spears style wig that was just past shoulder length. As she put it on, a sudden explosion of pleasure emanated from between her legs. Michelle and Gina locked in a passionate grip, exploring each other's sex and bodies. Michelle finally had her own living doll! It was like making love to Britney Spears, only Gina had the one thing that could pleasure her like no other woman could. She had become the ultimate woman, every inch a goddess, men's (and her own) fantasy. When they finished, Gina proclaimed herself ready, and Michelle was by now dolled up once more. The final touch was for her to transfer a few valuables into her beautiful black leather handbag – money and ID into her purse, tissues, compact, lipstick, cellphone and sunglasses. She gave herself the once over in the mirror, and was satisfied. She was made a woman!!!

Her next order of business was to go out and let the world admire her. She and Michelle locked up the house and strode confidently outside, the heels of their sexy boots echoing throughout the driveway and a cool breeze riding up their legs, the sensuousness of nylon rubbing against nylon. What an exhilarating feeling!

They drove to the casino, discussing all womanly things like make-up, lingerie, fashion and the like. What a pair they made – two blonde bombshells all dressed up to the nines. Once arriving at the casino, they gave each other a quick once-over. Michelle was a little shy on lip colour, so she deliciously re-applied her favourite pink colour. Gina sat and watched, her sex responding to one of the ultimate acts of femininity. They strode purposefully into the casino, heels again echoing throughout the lot. What a sexy sound they made! Another feminine joy was to have her handbag searched – the security staff only noting your average woman's items. The casino was busy, so all the better for her. They descended the stairs towards the casino, feeling as if they were stars descending to the stage. Once inside the casino, she walked around, smiling occasionally at people. She found a stall at one of her favourite machines, and decided to play. If she won, she would have her picture taken and she would become known to the world! What shock, what horror – but only for a second. The world had to learn about her, so if it happened, so what?

After not having much luck on the machines, she was alerted to the fact that she could shop as a woman, try on clothes as a woman and generally exude her feminine charms. A department store with many things she had been longing to do was in her sights. The shop was busy for a Sunday afternoon, with lots of other women present. She started browsing through the various make-up houses, not feeling spare as she had done when not en femme. After a brief period drinking in the femininity of choosing make-up, the clothing section beckoned. She chose her browsing carefully so as not to attract any unwanted attention from the staff, but the clothing she saw was both expensive and not to her taste. She decided that a walkabout to the outside would be a good idea. Generally keeping to herself, she stopped to draw money. Her long shapely legs and voluptuous figure kept the bystanders in awe, and a smile drew many back. Gina suddenly felt the urge to use the ladies room, so she made her way to the nearest facility. Michelle followed her in - there, several women were primping, preening and dolling themselves up. She voided her bladder, taking time to ensure her underwear was not showing and was properly tucked in. Gina took out her compact, powdered her nose and brow. She also noticed her lips were short on colour, so she deliciously re-applied her lipstick, kissing the mirror for good effect. Michelle did likewise, winking at her and whispering into her ear: "Wait until we get home my love, you will be blown away!" Gina felt her sex respond in anticipation. Once properly freshened up, she re-emerged to the world, ready to show off. She started walking around, drinking in the atmosphere and having the world appreciate her femininity.

Gina needed to sit, so Michelle and her chose the nearest restaurant and alighted. A waiter came, took their order for orange juice and left them at peace to study the people around her. Gina then got to enjoy another of those deliciously feminine acts – leaving a lipstick mark on a glass. She took great pleasure in this act, loving every moment. Michelle watched her with great interest and was feeling her own sex make her panties wet with desire for her Gina. After settling the bill and touching up her lipstick, she decided to walk some more. Various department, cosmetic and clothing stores were visited, each adding to the belief that women are indeed the sexiest people in the world.

Gina finally felt her time had to come to an end, so she got into the car with a sigh and began the journey home without incident. Once home, Michelle could not hold it in anymore and took Gina to the bedroom where they stripped to their underwear, exploring each other's sex and began making love to one another, kissing each other, drinking from their lifeforces and having the wildest most passionate experience of their lives...

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