The Pool Man

By CourtneyFux

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Sunbathing near the swimming pool, I turn on the handsome new pool man.
It was June and time for sunbathing by the pool in my backyard. To my pleasant surprise, I saw that the pool man the company sent this year was young and handsome with a muscular body and porn star mustache. I was instantly attracted to him the first time he came and we hit it off quickly.

I was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts with a sexy black thong panty underneath. And I felt very sexy being near such a big, strong hunk. He had a way of looking at me like he could see through my nature and tell I was really a feminine dollboy who liked men with big cocks to please and enjoyed spending days at a time in drag for a man. Whatever it was, I felt some kind of attraction from him that can only be compared to magnets.

While he vacuumed the bottom of the pool, he talked to me and we got to know one another. He was a college student at the local university who liked working out in the gym, worked summers for the pool service and was planning to be a physical therapist.

I told him about the sore shoulder that sometimes bothered me and he set the vacuum down and came over to check on my shoulder. He had me sit up in the chaise lounge while he examined my bare shoulder where I had pointed.

Sitting up in the chair next to him, my head was at the same level as his cock in his shorts and I saw his zipper was halfway down and he was wearing no underwear.I could see his brown pubic hair above his cock. And he was wearing a tank top that showed off his exquisite shoulders, arms and chest.

While he rubbed my left shoulder, I felt like a damsel in distress being aided by a big, strong knight. What woman wouldn't? I wondered. I wanted to see down in his khaki shorts where I saw a big bulge.I wanted to pull his zipper down the rest of the way and reach in and pull out his big love muscle and put it in my mouth. I could explain that I was paying him for his work on my shoulder and he was welcome to rub my shoulder every time he came to service the pool and I would be glad to pay him this way each time. too.

But my nerves stopped me and I was just able to enjoy feeling his big strong hands working on my shoulder and looking at his nice thick brown pubic hair above his cock. All I could try to do was change my angle to try to see down his shorts to his cock.

Suddenly, he noticed me trying to see down his shorts and he smiled at me. Here he was with his cock just inches from my eager lips and his zipper was at halfmast and ready to be pulled down and I couldn't stop myself. I looked up at him and licked my lips fully around with my tongue while I gazed into his friendly brown eyes on his handsome face. It was obvious what I meant and I was glad when he smiled and nodded yes.

Feeling like I was opening a new gift, I reached up and pulled down his zipper the rest of the way and saw his big gorgeous manhood just starting to grow. With lots of pleasure, I reached up and took the delightful package in my left hand. Without a word, I took his cock fully in my mouth and started sucking on it.

This spontaneous act was so slutty it made my clitty dick stiff down in my little thong under my shorts. Turned on by my big Lothario, I proceeded to give him a really sexy blowjob, sucking and stroking his big nine inch love tool eagerly. He smiled down at me while he continued to rub my shoulder.

I figured he had been turned on by lots of girls laying out by their pools sunbathing, showing him their sexy thighs and big round breasts and hot little asses in skimpy little bikinis. And that's why he didn't wear any underwear and kept his zipper halfway down, hoping one of those girls would want his cock. Now, here I was, the lucky recipient of his sexy slut fantasy. I couldn't believe any girl could resist a handsome hunk with a nice big cock like his.

I sucked on the head of his cock like it was a lollipop, stroking his shaft with my left hand while I did. With my right hand, I reached out and gently fondled his balls. Feeling like a girl ready to please her man, I looked up at my big stud pool man.

With a sexy girl voice, I said, "I really love your cock, baby. I bet you give it to lots of girls on your route."

He smiled. "You're the first one this summer," he replied.

"Well, don't I feel lucky? Not only do I get a shoulder rub, I get to suck your nice big cock like a sexy girl."

I pulled down his shorts the rest of the way as he took off his tank top. Now, he was totally naked except for his sneakers. His big hairy body was so manly I felt just like a hot little slut in her backyard giving her pool man a friendly blowjob. Down in my thong panties, my clitty dick was ready to explode with hot white cum.

"You don't know how good you make me feel down there in my panties, you big hard stud. Us girls love a man like you to give pleasure to."

"You make me feel good, too, honey," he said. "Your lips feel like velvet on my dick."

I smiled up at him. "I'm glad you like it."

I stuck out my tongue and started licking his big niner all over while I played with his big balls. It was wonderful to feel like such a slutty little bitch sucking on a man's cock I had just met and didn't even know his name, yet. The way he was enjoying my lips and tongue was encouraging me to try to deep throat his big rod. I looked up at him.

"I'm going to lay back on the chair and I want you to get on top of me and feed me your cock."

"Okay, baby," he said smiling.

I laid back and my Lothario straddled the chair, putting his dick up to my lips. Bending over me, he shoved the length of it down my throat and I felt like a porn star on the set. His handsome, mustached face definitely made him look the part.

Holding the back of my head in his big hands, he started fucking my face like my mouth was a pussy. I licked and slurped on it with each thrust and put my tight lips around it each time he pulled back. There was a sexy rhythm to it that made me feel like I had been sucking his cock for years. What bitch wouldn't want to? I wondered.

I put my arms around his nice big tan thighs and held on to him good so he could feed me as much of his cock as he wanted. I could tell by the look on his face he was loving it and I was in love with him and wanted to please him like a sexy lover.

"Oh, I love fucking your face," he said, thrusting his hips forward as he said it. "Finding a hot little bitchboy to suck my cock on the job. This is fantastic."

The pleasure was too much for me to stand and I decided right then to swallow his big load of hot cum I knew was coming soon. I don't know what other girls feel like in this position but I felt like the luckiest bitch in the world, having a big college stud fuck my face while he talked dirty to me.

"Oh, baby,"he said. "'I'm ready to cum in your sweet lips. Swallow it for me like a good bitch and I'll give it to you every time I come."

My first taste of his hot cum was like a creamy dream. It was spewing into my mouth and down my throat and I was in ecstasy. My tongue wanted to taste his sweet cum every day. And down in my little thong, my clitty dick was leaking loads of pre-cum.

After I finished draining all of his cum into my mouth and swallowed it, I looked up and smiled at my new lover.

"What's your name, stud?" I asked.

"Chuck. What's yours?" he replied.


"Well, Courtney, how does your shoulder feel, now?"

I laughed. "My shoulder feels fine. But my little clitty dick has a lot of pressure in it. It needs some relief, too."

"Well, I give mustache rides to babes like you," he said smiling.

"How did you know I'm a babe?"

"First, I saw you shave your legs. And then when I was rubbing your shoulder, I saw you shave your underarms like girl, too."

I smiled a guilty smile. "Guilty as charged."

"Now, I'd like to see if you shave what's in those shorts,"said Chuck.

Feeling so vulnerable laying back in my chaise lounge chair with a big stud over top of me, I never wanted this scene to end.

"Well, why don't you see for yourself, you big handsome boy?"

Chusck reached down and started playing with my titties.

"You have nice little titties, Courtney," he said. "You make a good slut."

A wave of hot emotions swept through my body and I squirmed in my chair under my big handsome man. The feeling of his big hands on my tits was such a sweet turn-on, every girl must feel the same.

"Oh, baby, you're so good to me. I feel like a sexy little bitch who needs your big cock every time you come here."

"I'll be coming here every week at the same time."

"I'll be waiting for you every time, too," I said smiling. "But won't you be late for your route?"

"No. I get an hour for lunch. I'll just skip my lunches so I can spend an hour with you."

I smiled widely at him while he played with my tits, paying extra attention to my erect nipples.

"I loved you fucking my face. And watching you playing with my tits is driving me wild."

"Can I suck on your titties," asked Chuck.

"Sure, if you'd like to," I replied.

He leaned down and placed his big tongue on my nipple and started licking it. While he did, he slipped his semi-erect cock up inside my shorts and I felt it rub against my clitty dick through my sexy little thong panty.

"Oh, god, you're so fucking hot, Chuck," I said. "How many girls did you fuck on your route last summer?"

"Only a couple," he said. "But none of them sucked cock as good as you do. You should be a professional, Courtney."

"And you should be a porn actor, you big handsome bastard. All the girls would want to star in movies with you."

"That sounds hot," said Chuck. "We can pretend right now. I want to pull down your shorts and lick your crotch like a girl's. Then I want to turn you over and put it in that tight little ass of yours and fuck you hard."

"What are you waiting for?" I replied.

"Nothing, now," he said.

He started licking my nipples again as he rubbed his big cock along my inner thigh. Then he started kissing my stomach around my belly button while he unzipped by cut-off shorts. I lifted my butt off the chair and he pulled down my shorts, leaving me wearing nothing but a little silky black thong panty.

After removing my shorts and tossing them aside, Chuck took each of my ass cheeks in his big hands and squeezed them while he licked my clitty dick through my thong. This was definitely a horny man who knew how to treat a woman good and I smiled down at him when he looked up at me.

"I'm ready for that mustache ride," I said.

"And you're going to get it, too, you little bitch."

He pulled the front panel of my black thong aside and he engulfed every bit of my seven and half inch clitty dick. There was no way I could turn back on my summer of love with my pool man, now. The way he licked me was too incredible and made me feel so girlish. The way he took my ass cheeks in both his hands asserting his power over me while he licked me up and down made me feel like a rag doll.

"You fucking bastard, oh, you fucking bastard," I said. "Oh, yes, baby, suck that clitty dick for your girly. I love it. I love your tongue and I love your mustache."

He stopped for a moment."I love the way you shave yourself and leave a little patch of hair above your cock," he said. "You're so hot, babe."

I reached down and rubbed the brown hair on top of his head and smiled.

"You're a good boy, Chuckie. I bet girls can't wait to get that big cock inside them."

"I bet you want it in you," he replied.

"Not today," I said. "I'm not clean. But on another day I'll take it in me."

"You fucking hot bitch, you're going to get it today," said Chuck."You can't tell me you wear sexy little panties like this and you don't want a cock in you."

"I do want it in me. But I want to be clean for you first, handsome."

"Fuck that. I'll take a swim in the pool to wash off when we're done," he replied.

I put my hands back behind my head like a girl and said, "Do what you like, you're the man."

"That's my girl," he said smiling.

I saw his niner was now hard again and ready for action. And I really was feeling like a sexy girl who needs a cock inside her. It was a pleasure when he pulled my thong aside and moved up between my legs to fuck me from the front. I reached down and pulled my balls aside when I felt the head of his big cock between my ass cheeks.

I was now a girl and I never wanted to be a boy again. Taking cock inside me is so intimate and special, especially when I had a man as handsome as Chuck who wanted toface me while he fucked me. Was I dreaming? I couldn't have been because the pain in my little hole when he first penetrated me was so intense that I cringed.

"Oh, fuck, you big stud. Your cock is so wonderful. No other man has ever fucked me as quickly as you after I met him."

"I figured you get a lot of cock in you, bitch. The way you were trying to look down my shorts at my cock. That's always the sign of a girl who likes a lot of cocks in her."

I laughed, "So, it was a trick. You pulled your zipper halfway down when you saw me sunbathing here and you came over to rub my shoulder to see if I would try to look down your pants."

He smiled like a Cheshire cat. "Yep. It works every time. Horny bitches can't resist a man whose zipper is halfway down and he's not wearing any underwear. It turns them on just as much as their little panties turn me on."

Chuck got his whole big cock inside my tight little ass and started fucking me. I lifted my ass and applied counter pressureand we got into a nice rhythm as we gazed into each other's eyes like lovers.With one hand I held my balls out of the way while I rubbed my sloppy wet clitty dick with my other hand. I had yet to cum and I planned to time it so that Iwould cum at the same time as my handsome new stud.

"Oh, your big fucking cock feels so good, baby," I said. "I want you to shoot your cum inside me like a girl."

"You fucking little bitch, you know how to talk to a man and make him want to explode inside you."

"Let me know when you're ready to explode, so I can explode at the same time you do, honey."

It was so fabulous when I saw my handsome lover's face as he was ready to cum. If this is what every girl feels when a man is about to cum in her, then it's no wonder they like it so much beacuse I felt absolutely wonderful at that moment.

My hard clitty dick needed to release the sexy pressure so I stroked it faster as Chuck pulled me tightly to him while his balls shot loads of cum inside me. The tension was too much. I had to release it. Suddenly, my clitty dick started shooting hot cum all the way up to my tits and all over my stomach.

Damn, it felt so good, having a big nine inch cock shooting cum in my tight ass while I shot mine, too. This was definitely a fantastic start to a summer romance with the pool man and I don't know any girl who wouldn't be happy to be getting the same treatment from a handsome stud.

"Come down here and kiss me, baby," I said.

As I felt his cock getting softer inside me and then coming out and pressing against my ass cheeks, I felt a stream of his hot liquid streaming from me, too. Oh, god, the bitches get all the pleasure and I was so glad to be one.

"You make me feel like a horny, sexy bitch," I said as Chuck prepared to kiss me on the lips.

"You're pretty fucking hot, Courtney," he said.

He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I felt the force of his passion envelope my body. I really was just a sexy, little, horny bitch and he really was a big, hard stud.

Following our love-making on the chaise lounge chair, we took a swim, skinny-dipping together and playfully touching each other. It was a magical start to our summer love and I always looked forward to his next visit.

I started wearing a sexy girl's thong bikini bottom while sunbathing and my ass got as tan as my thighs and my back and stomach. It was so hot to feel like a girl and have sexual escapades all summer long with the handsome college age pool man. Every girl should have one like mine, I thought.

Chuck especially liked it when I laid on my stomach and showed him my nice tan ass cheeks hanging out of my thong bikini. He would come over and rub his cock between my sweet ass cheeks then pull my bikini bottom aside while he stuck his big cock inside me, making me feel like his favorite little honey. I was so glad he had noticed my shaved legs and come over to rub my shoulder that day.

Wherever you are, Chuck, I still want you to rub my shoulder some more. And have lots of sex with me before we go skinny-dipping together and be playful with one another. Those were my happiest moments all that summer. Thanks, babe. C.