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The Sexy Girl-Next-Door: Part Two

Courtney has a neighborly affair.
Once a girl gets a big hard cock in her, there is no stopping her from wanting another one in her. At least, that's how it was for me after my first fuck with my neighbor, Ben. He had just fucked me with his twelve inch cock, with a big head on it and I loved it so much I couldn't wait to do it again. Our friendship was growing like our dicks were. And I was now having an affair with my next-door neighbor, who wanted to have threesomes with me and his wife, Jennifer.

Being a sixteen-year-old tranny-in-training, I was glad to have an older man with a big cock to satisfy, every day. His cock was so much bigger than the boys my age had, so it turned me on more. It was even bigger than my college boyfriend Brett, the handsome lifeguard at my community swimming pool. Brett and I were having a secret affair in the pool house every day and my neighbor Ben figured it out and he wanted in on the action.

Although Ben was married to a cute wife with a nice body, he enjoyed sucking cross-dresser's dicks and fucking their tight asses. He had just filled my ass with a big load of his hot cum, for the first time. Now, we were laying on his living room couch while he hugged and kissed me like I was a sweet girl.

"Your ass feels amazing on my cock, Courtney," said Ben. "It's even tighter than Jennifer's."

"Well, I'm sure hers might be a little worn out from that big twelve inch cock of yours. But it feels so good inside of me. You can wear my tight little ass out all you want, Ben baby," I said. "You just had my virgin ass. Now, you can have it all you want, big boy. Yours is the kind of cock I was dreaming about in my bed at night while I was fucking myself with my ten inch vibrator. I dream of having a big cock in me, every night."

"Well, you should have one in you, every night, Courtney. You're a cute and sexy boy, who I'm sure lots of men will want to fuck."

"Do you think so?" I replied.

"Yes. Your ass feels as good as any tranny boy's ass I've ever fucked in the sex clubs. I know a good ass when I feel one. And your ass feels terrific."

Ben reached down and squeezed my ass cheek and smiled.

"You can come over here and I'll put my cock in your ass, any day of the week."

Getting such an offer from the married man next-door made me feel like a sexy girl-next-door. He had already told me that his wife, Jennifer, said I could wear her lingerie to turn on her husband, too. Now, he was inviting me to fuck and suck with him, every day like she did. These kind of offers don't come along every day, so I knew I would take advantage of the offer.

I was already enjoying sucking my boyfriend Brett's big nine inch long, five inch diameter cock in the pool house during his breaks from his lifeguard duties. The pool would close between three and four in the afternoon, so Brett could work on the equipment in the pool house. After he saw me wearing my sexy hot pants and flirting with him like the girls did, Brett took me into the pool house and let me work on his equipment, a nice niner and big shaved balls I liked to lick.

Brett was a handsome, blonde, college boy and he really turned me on a lot. I would wear sexy panties for him and strip out of my hot pants in the pool house and let him make out with me while I wore nothing but panties. I would stroke his cock and get it big and hard for me, down in his swim trunks. Then I would get down on my knees and take off his swim trunks, while he took off his wife-beater t-shirt.

Then, I would give Brett a nice, long slow blow job. I looked up at his six-pack abs, big pec muscles and his handsome face and blue eyes and blonde hair, while I reached down in my panties and played with my clitty dick like a girl fingering herself. I would make Brett's cock and my clitty both feel wonderful and cum, at the same time often. Brett's cum tasted so good to me the first time. I liked sucking his cock three, or four times a day and swallowing for him like a good girlfriend should.

But Brett was a "straight" guy who had a girlfriend back at his college where he was heading after the summer was over. So, having my big, handsome, hairy neighbor fuck me with his twelve inch cock and offer to do it every day was wonderful timing, since Brett would be going back to school in six weeks. In the meantime, I could enjoy being with him at the pool and being with Ben at his house. And I planned to end the summer having them both do me together.

I was a little nervous about being with Ben and his cute wife Jennifer, at the same time. I had never been with a woman while wearing panties and I wasn't sure how I would feel doing it. She was a cute twenty-seven-year-old brunette, who was my size and I was friends with her, too. Now, she was about to become a friend with benefits like her husband was to me, after that first fuck.

Both of us wanted to do it, again and again. We were still horny for each other even after Big Ben pulled his huge cock out of me. Some of the warm liquid of his sweet cum leaked out of my ass and down my leg and Ben used my red panties to clean it off for me. And right away, I wanted his cock in me again.

"You can wear a pair of Jen's panties," he said. "I'm sure you two are the same size. I know, after holding both your waists while you rode my cock."

"Do you know what would be nice?" I said. "For you to fuck me in the bedroom like you do Jennifer."

"Oh, you want to be fucked again?" he said astonished I was still wanting more of his cock, so soon.

"Only by you, Big Ben," I said.

I reached down and stroked his soft cock trying to make it hard again. While I did this, I kissed him on his hairy face and felt his beard tickle my chin.

"Mmmm," he said. "You're a sexy little thing, you know that?"

"I know," I replied. "That's why you brought me here to fuck me. Now, I want you to carry me upstairs to your bed and fuck me like you do Jennifer."

Ben smiled like a man whose cock was happy.

"Oh, you want to get into some of Jennifer's sexy clothes and wear them for me, don't you?"

As I stroked his cock, I felt it growing harder for me.

"I'd like to do that every day for you, Big Ben boy. All the sexy things she does, I want to do for you, too."

"Okay! Great!" Ben said with a smile. "I love cross-dressers more than I like real women. I only married Jennifer because she was kinky enough to go to the sex clubs with me, so I could suck and fuck with cross-dressers, all night. But having a cross-dresser for a girl-next-door is even better than that."

His cock was now getting stiffer while I stroked it.

"Let me suck this for you, baby. And get it ready so you can fuck me again, handsome."

Ben raised his arms above his head in a "hooray" gesture.

"Oh, man, I can't believe I have a horny little cross-dresser living next-door to me who wants to fuck me, every day. Man, this is great."

"You're going to give me three or four cum loads a day in my ass," I said.

I bent down and put the big head of his growing cock in my mouth and licked it like ice cream, while I looked up at Ben, seductively. And the fact that I was licking his cock after he had it in my ass was really turning him on. Only slutty girls, like Ms. Universe in her sex video Ben showed me, will suck a man's cock after it comes out of her ass. I wanted Big Ben to know I was as slutty as the former Ms. Universe he liked watching.

I stroked his cock and licked the big mushroom head of it, at the same time. I loved sucking on Ben's big glans, the same glans that stimulated my ass so good. I wanted his cock as hard as it was the first time he put it in me, even though he had just shot a big load of cum inside of me.

"Courtney, you're going to be the sweetest little slut-next-door a couple ever had to play with."

"That's me. Your sexy plaything-next-door," I said smiling up at him while I stroked his massive meat feeling like Jane swinging on Tarzan's vine. "Now, take me to your bedroom and fuck me like I'm your wife, you big hard stud."

"Oh, you can't wait to get into her little panties, can you?"

"And get her husband's big cock back into me," I said stroking him good and smiling at him.

"Oh, man, you can come and get it in you every day here, baby."

"I know. And don't forget nights, too," I added smiling.

"You're a good little horny bitch boy, aren't you?"

"And you're a big stud that a horny bitch boy loves," I said stroking him hard. "Now, take me to your bed and fuck me hard like I'm your wife. I want to feel like you're my husband fucking me, this time, handsome."

"You bet!" said Ben.

He picked me up in his big arms and carried me upstairs to the master bedroom naked. I had his big boner in my hand stroking it to keep it primed for my mouth and ass, all the way upstairs. My dickie was hard as a rock from the sexy feeling of having a handsome man's twelve inch cock in my hand. I felt like a little bride being carried to her husband's bed, for the first time. And I wanted my stud hubby to fuck me good, for hours and hours, with his big hard stud cock that I loved so much. And when he wasn't fucking me with it, I wanted it in my mouth so I could suck it after he fucked me like I saw Ms. Universe doing in the hot video Ben showed me. I wanted to be slut number one to Ben and Brett.

"Baby, your cock feels so good. I wish I was Jennifer, so I could have it, all night too," I said.

"Why don't you spend the night with Jennifer and I, tonight, Courtney? It's Friday, so Jen doesn't have to work tomorrow. We can all stay up late and sleep together, tonight."

Having a handsome horny man inviting me to spend the night with his cute wife in bed pleasing his big twelve inch cock like two girls for him, all night, sounded great to me. And getting to wear Jennifer's sexy stripper outfits for her husband was going to be a wonderful treat, in itself, and one I was about to enjoy. He set me down when we got into the big master bedroom with the king-size bed fit to hold my six-foot-seven stud neighbor man. 

"I'll be glad to spend the night, Big Ben baby. Your cock turns me on something fierce."

"Do you like it better than your boyfriend Brett's."

"I like it in my ass and he doesn't give it to me in my ass. So, I want you to do it for me, instead. He'll still be my boyfriend. He even lets me give him blow jobs in the movie theater when we go see movies. And in his car while he's driving, or in the park at night. I don't just blow him in the pool house, anymore. Plus he's going back to college next month, so I'll need some other boyfriends, anyway."

Big Ben saw the lonely girl in me who needs a man to love her. He reached out and took me in his arms and stepped forward and kissed me hard on the lips. His big cock dangled against my hard clitty dick and I was ready to be fucked by my new lover, immediately.

"I'll be glad to treat you like a little girlfriend, Courtney. And Jen can give you pointers on being a girl and teach you to dance as a stripper for men. You'll have a great time with both of us, no strings attached. You can still have your other boyfriends and Jen will share her stripper outfits for you to wear for them. She has a whole closet full of them your size. She had to wear a different outfit every night, so she has like fifty some outfits to wear."

"Tell her, I'll wash every one of the panties after I leak my juices all over them while I play with your big dick, handsome."

Ben bent down and kissed me again and I felt just like a sweet girl-next-door having a dirty little affair with her older neighbor man, who liked fucking her in the ass good. Doing it with a man in his bedroom feels more special than doing it on the living room couch. I was ready to be treated like a little bride, with her big strong husband in bed and I wanted some bridal lingerie to wear. Being naked with a man might turn him off, so I wanted some sexy things to wear for him to give me the confidence of a girl in bed. I stroked his big cock and smiled up at him.

"I love having your cum inside me," I said. "And I want lots more, today and tonight. I want you to treat my ass like it's a little cum bucket. But first, I want to put on a garter belt and panties and a bra and stockings before I get in bed. Why don't you lay down on the bed and stroke your cock while I take a look in the closet for something to slip into like a stripper?"

I stroked his cock good for him again, as he laid back on the bed. Then I sat on the edge of the bed stroking it for him while staring into his sexy blue eyes. I loved men with dark hair and blue eyes like Ben had. His big hairy cock felt wonderful in my hand while I stroked it for him. I took his hand and wrapped it around his cock, too. I had him stroke his cock while I licked the big bulbous head of it good for him like a horny little wife.

"Oh, yeah, baby," said Ben. "You know what I like. Get my cock head nice and wet for that tight little ass of yours, baby doll."

I spit on the head of his cock and smeared it around with my tongue, stimulating his sensitive glans. Then I licked the entire length of his twelve inch cock from his hairy balls back up to the bulbous head like it was a giant ice cream cone. And I felt like a lucky girl to be licking it.

"Keep stroking it for me, baby," I said smiling at Ben. "I'll be right back."

I leaned forward and gave him a soft peck on the lips and then I hurried off like a cute little wife to the closet where Jennifer kept her stripper outfits. She still liked wearing them to the sex clubs with Ben, even though she wasn't a professional dancer anymore. Ben explained later that she only danced to earn her way through college and she was now an accountant working for a large company with great benefits that dancers don't get. But still, being a stripper sounded like a better way to make a living than being an accountant to me.

Entering a stripper's wardrobe room is like entering a-whole-nother world. There were so many sexy little outfits all hanging up on hangars and stiletto high heels on racks to match all the sexy outfits. It was a virtual little paradise to this sixteen-year-old tranny-boy-in-training. All of Jennifer's sexy outfits fit me perfectly, except I needed a little padding in the cups for my titties. I quickly picked out a white bridal outfit with white stockings, a lace garter belt with straps, a little lacy G-string and a little matching bra with small cups. It even had a white veil like a bride wears.

I put the sexy outfit on, including the veil that gives a woman mystery and intrigue. I felt just like a sexy little bride getting ready for her husband on her wedding night, the night a girl guarantees her husband's cock will be loved the most. It felt so naughty to put on the sexy little white lace G-string that I knew would make Big Ben want to fuck my ass even harder than he had already. I was learning fast that showing off her ass cheeks is very rewarding for a horny girl. And as much as I liked wearing full cover rear panties, I was about to learn that men's cocks prefer G-strings and thongs to make them hard, girls.

There is something about a girl's ass that a man's cock can't resist. Maybe it's because the two soft mounds of a girl's ass cheek looks like a good place to slide their big cocks between. Whatever it was, I was about to learn that if I wanted Ben to be ready to fuck me hard, all I had to do was wear one of Jen's G-strings, or thongs for him. This man absolutely loved fucking horny little bitches in their tight little asses. The fact that his cock was so big and thick made him a stud who could hurt a girl with his cock. And that made him as great a catch to me as it did to Jen. 

So, I really did feel like I was married to Ben and ready to please him in bed for the first time when I came out of the closet wearing Jen's bridal outfit for her husband to see me in and get turned on for me for hours. I planned to leave the bra and stockings and garter belt on while he fucked me, after letting him take off the little G-string to get at my tight little hole. And I was ready to moan like a little bitch while he pounded his cock into me for hours, today and tonight.

The practice I got for the past three months, dressing up and using a ten inch vibrating dildo on my ass during my auto-erotic sessions made my ass ready to have a big cock in it. And even though the big head hurt when Ben put his huge cock in me, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make so I could feel like a sexy, little, cum-filled, cock-loving girl in Jen's sexy stripper lingerie.

"Damn, you look good," said Ben when he saw me exit the big walk-in closet wearing Jen's white bridal lingerie with the veil up.

"I think a girl should give her husband a real good sloppy blow job on her wedding night, don't you?" I said with a sexy girly voice.

I put the veil down and began humming the bridal march song while doing a bridal march toward the bed in my sexy outfit, feeling like a horny little wife about to blow her husband's cock for him. When I got near the bed, I knelt down on the floor like I was a princess bowing to a king whose big cock I worshiped. That was how I felt about my boyfriend Brett's cock. I was willing to kneel down and suck it for him three or four times a day, every day, at the swimming pool. His big nine inch dick with blonde pubic hair was so wonderful to suck.

Now, I had those same feelings for Ben's big twelve inch cock. I wanted to be young and dumb and full of men's cum, in my stomach and in my ass. And Big Ben lived next-door to me. I could have him every day and every night and his wife, too. Or, I should say, he could have me every day and night, since I was the submissive little fuck boy willing to dress as a girl for him and wear a wig and makeup and lipstick and love him like a good wife does her husband. I was so glad that Jennifer was willing to share her husband's big cock with me.

Ben came toward me with his big hard cock dangling in front of me like a real stallion. Suddenly, I was glad to be the little filly who was getting this big man's big cock. And I wanted to please it for him like his wife did with her lips and ass. He said he liked playing with her clitty while he fucked her ass from behind. And he was welcome to do the same to me only he would play with my dickie, instead. I felt so lucky to have two neighbors who were a nice couple with an open marriage and a wife willing to share her husband with other men.

I bowed my veiled head and Big Ben laid his big cock on my head like a sword. I was so humbled to bow before a man with a twelve inch cock. Down in my little white lace G-string, my little five inch clitty dick made me feel like a girl with a real man. Just like Jennifer loved Ben's cock, I was going to love it like a hot little wife, too.

"I now pronounce us husband and wife," said Ben.

He lifted the veil and his balls were now hanging in my face. I wanted to suck his cock so bad and he knew it.

"You may now kiss the cock," said Ben.

Like a hungry horny virgin wife, I took Ben's cock in both hands at once and raised it up. I started kissing it for him under the big mushroom head. Then I started kissing down the sensitive bottom side licking it with my tongue, at the same time. When I got to his big hairy balls, I stuck out my tongue and licked the soft skin of his nutsack like a girl who loves a man's cum. I knew this was really turning him on because I saw some sticky pre-cum coming out of the head of his dick, suddenly.

"Oh, yeah, baby doll," he said. "Suck your hubby's balls for him. Stick them both in your hot little mouth and suck on them for me."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I knew the duties of a wife were to please her husband, especially on their first night of marriage. I had had a girlfriend who was a cheerleader who liked to suck on my balls and jerk off my cock, at the same time. And that's what I decided to do with Ben, now. I took both of his big hairy balls in my mouth and licked them good with my tongue while I reached up and stroked his cock with my hand. And Ben was in ecstasy. 

"Oh, baby, fucking A! Suck those nuts like a good little slutty wife. Yeah, you love all the cum those balls have for you like a whore does. Only you're a wife, so you'll suck on them for free," said Ben. "That's it. Be a good little slutty wife for your husband's big hard cock, honey."

I stopped sucking his balls and licked slowly along the underside of his cock, giving it a bath with my hot wet tongue. I wanted to lick off some of the pre-cum I saw dripping from the tip of his cock. I didn't want any to go to waste. Those balls were big, but I wanted every drop of my husband's cum in me that I could get. I knew from sucking Brett's cock, every day, that a man loves it when a girl swallows his cum. So, I knew that if Ben saw me lick the cum off of the head of his dick it would really turn my "hubby" on for me.

The things that we wives will do for our husband's cocks, even letting them put them in our tight little asses to make it feel great for our men's cocks. Wives do wonderful things for men and I was always going to enjoy feeling like one for a man after this first night with Ben, pretending to be his bride.

Being a submissive little wife for a big strong "husband" was a bigger turn-on for me than I ever imagined. I actually felt like a married girl about to suck her husband's cock for him on her wedding night, at that moment. I looked up at Ben and smiled widely. Then I licked the sticky clear pre-cum from his cockhead very seductively and licked my lips with my tongue wet with his clear juicy sweetness. I swallowed the hot liquid and smiled up at him like a sexy bride.

"I want to lay on my back on the bed and let you fuck me like a sweet bride's first time," I said. "I want every inch of you in me. But first, I want to get you ready by deep throating you like I do Brett. He puts his hands behind my head and pulls my head towards his cock and I'm able to swallow all nine inches of his cock. I want you to do thee same think to me so I can get you good and wet for my little ass, Big Ben baby."

"Wow!" said Ben. "What husband can refuse being deep throated by his wife on his wedding night?"

"This wife is very glad to do it for you, hubby," I said smiling up at Ben.

He placed his hands on the back of my head and smiled widely, as I opened my mouth wide to take his big hard cock between my lips. I had gotten good at deep throating Brett in the pool house, every day. I loved having him put his hands behind the back of my head and making me swallow his cock like a good little slut. He made me really good at it and, now, I was getting to try it on another man's big cock.

With Ben's help, I slurped a full six inches of his cock with my lips on the first try, taking half of his massive meat into my mouth at once. Fitting the big head of it in my mouth was the hard part. I licked the head of his cock really good with my tongue each time I pulled back.

"Oh, baby, you want a big load of my cum in your mouth, don't you?" said Ben. "I can see you're a good little cocksucker, Courtney. You love swallowing a big load of cum just like me. Oh, the men are going to love you in the video booths of the adult book stores when you get old enough to go. You can dress all sexy like a girl and go in there and suck all the cocks you want, for hours. I saw girls like you doing it for years."

I stopped sucking his cock for a moment.

"I was only planning to suck you to get you wet for me. But a big load of your cum in my mouth does sound good to me, hubby."

I went back to sucking his cock while he held the back of my head and encouraged me with words.

"Oh, yeah, baby, suck it good. Hubby likes his little bride to suck him good, every day. So, when she gets done sucking her handsome boyfriend's cock at the swimming pool, she can come home and suck her husband's cock just as good. My dirty little cheating wife."

I stopped sucking for a moment again.

"That reminds me," I said. "I have to be at the pool at three o'clock to give Brett his break time suck job."

It was almost one o'clock and I definitely wanted my "hubby" to fuck me with his big cock for a long time, this afternoon. I really wanted him to fill my ass with his big one again and cum inside of me again. It felt so wonderful, the first time. That's why I was giving him a sloppy wet blow job, to get him ready for my ass.

"Oh, my horny little wife wants to suck the cute lifeguard at the swimming pool. She gives him good blow jobs every day like a good little slut."

I smiled up at Ben.

"I was only practicing for you, honey. Yours is so much bigger than his, I needed practice for you."

"Well, practice makes perfect, baby," said Ben smiling.

I smiled, too.

"I know," I said. "Now, I'm going to get practice with you, every day, like I've been practicing with Brett."

"That sounds great," my "hubby" said with a smile.

I took his big cock in my mouth again and he helped me deep throat a full eight inches of it, twirling my tongue around the big mushroom head of it each time I pulled back. I got into a good rhythm and was sliding my tongue up and down the bottom of his cock like a hungry whore boy. Ben had just given me the idea of going to the video booths and sucking cocks for lots of men and it sounded wonderful to me. I felt like the best little whore wife ever, while I sucked on his big one and thought about sucking my boyfriend Brett and all the horny men at the adult bookstore. This boy was hooked on the idea of becoming a whore boy, from that moment on.

Finally, Ben came in my mouth with a gush of his cum even bigger than Brett's loads. I swallowed it all like a dutiful wife, knowing I was turning him on again while he watched me do it. I wanted his big cock hard to put inside of me as much as any wife ever wanted her husband's cock inside her on her wedding night.

I stood up and let Ben kiss me with his juicy cum still in my mouth. It was a really seductive kiss and I stroked his cock to get it hard again while we kissed passionately like lovers. I thought, Brett never kissed me like this. Now, I was going to want kisses like this every day from Ben, who I planned to be like a second wife to, sucking and fucking him as much as she did. I really did feel like I was falling in love with this handsome older man and I couldn't wait to get his cock inside of me again.

When our lips parted, I saw some of Ben's cum on his lip and I licked it off for him and smiled while I swallowed it, seductively. I stroked his massive manhood with my hand trying to keep it hard for my tight little horny ass. I smiled up at him, lovingly.

"You gave me an even bigger cum load than Brett does. I think you're going to be my new favorite boyfriend."

I jerked on his cock good to let him know it was my new favorite cock to suck. Although Brett was my first boyfriend I loved, Ben knew how to treat me totally like the girl I wanted to be. Brett would still get his good blow jobs, daily. But Big Ben would get blow jobs and good fucks, too, which he was about to give me, right now. I felt like the horniest little slut in the world at that moment, holding his big foot long cock in my hand and wanting it in me, so badly. Oh, the love a slut has for big cocks can't even be measured it's so big.

What a horny little girl wants, a horny little girl gets. I laid on my back on the bed and unsnapped my garter straps, so Ben could remove my white lace G-string panty for me. My five inch clitty dick was rock hard and ready for Ben to lick like a sweet little clit. He put his mouth around me and swallowed me whole and I wanted to scream with ecstasy. I was so horny and my clitty dick was so sensitive from rubbing against the white lace material of my G-string while I blew my "hubby."

"Oh, yes!" I exclaimed loudly. "Fuck me like a whore, you big stud."

Ben put his fingers in my tight ass to loosen me up while he licked my clitty dick good for me. Once he got three of his fingers inside me, I knew I was ready for his cock.

"Oh, baby, fuck me!" I said.

Ben didn't need any more encouragement. He put the big head of his wet cock between my soft ass cheeks and drove it in to me. He was only semi-erect and it felt wonderful feeling his cock growing harder inside of me, all of the sudden. Once he was hard, he started fucking me just like a little bride on her wedding night, fucking me for a good long time. With his big hard cock in me, I played with my sensitive little clitty dick. I was rubbing my clitty dick with the tip of my fingers like a girl rubs her little clit, stimulating her while she's being fucked in the ass hard by her hubby.

After this good fuck from Ben, I didn't want to be a boy, anymore. I want to be treated like a girl from now on and suck cocks like a girl and to be fucked silly like a girl by men with big ones like Ben had. It was amazing to me how much I wanted men whose cocks were bigger than mine. Guys with cocks my size didn't turn me on, at all. But these men with big ones made me feel like a sweet girl with a crush on the men who had them. Sucking on his cock had made me so horny and now feeling it inside of me was even more tremendous. 

"Fuck me, hubby, fuck me," I said. "I want your hot cum inside me, every day and every night, from now on, honey."

The horny-looking expressions on my face each time he drove his cock deep in my ass let Ben know that I really liked having his cock inside of me. And this really turned him on, too. A man loves a willing partner who loves his cock in her. For the hours and a half, he fucked me hard like a husband does his wife and I laid back and enjoyed it like a horny little bride. Being fucked like a wife felt so good to me, my clitty stayed hard the whole time he fucked me, while I played with myself like a girl using her fingertips on her clit.

Finally, Big Ben came inside of me with a river of cum and I felt like the bride receiving the reward for pleasing her handsome husband. When he pulled it out of me, it felt really sexy to have a man's seed leaking out of me like a girl feels. I was glad to feel it leaking out of my ass and down my soft thighs.

"We're making the sheets sticky for Jennifer, tonight," I said smiling up at my handsome lover when he pulled his wonderful cock out of me.

"You're right," said Ben. "I better swallow yours for you, baby."

Ben put his head between my legs and sucked me off, swallowing all of my cum like a sweet husband should. He loved sucking on tranny boy's dicks and I was about to become his favorite tranny boy, ever. With Jen's help, I became a sexy blonde slut-next-door for Ben, wearing her wigs and makeup and lipstick and sexy lingerie and swimsuits for him.

We started that evening with a cookout by their hot tub. At the cookout, Jennifer and I both wore her sexy little thong bikinis for our husband who I now felt was my husband, too. And we had the best time together that I ever had, that night. There really were lots of great benefits to being a sexy little wife for a big stud husband. And Jennifer and Ben were both happy to teach me those benefits, all night long that night. Ben said he felt like he was starting a harem and I was happy to be in a harem for a man with a cock as big as his.

My affair with Big Ben started because I liked letting my ass cheeks hang out for the men at the swimming pool like the girls did. And now, I was free to let my ass hang out for Ben wearing sexy little thong panties and swimsuits like Jennifer did for him. Between the two of us letting our asses hang out, we kept him quite busy fucking us hard. The best was when Jennifer and I would lay on our sides and make out on the bed with each other like two little lesbian sluts, while Ben took turns fucking us in the ass while he reached around and played with our little clitties for us. It was so much fun being the sexy girl-next-door for both of them.

"Mmmm, your tongue feels so good on me. I bet Jen likes it on her clitty, too," I said.

"She sure does," said Ben smiling.

"Well, you're going to have two little horny girls to fuck all the time, from now on."

"Having two little fuck dolls sounds good to me," he said. "You both have nice asses."

That was the whole key to being a sexy girl for men, having a nice ass that they wanted to fuck. I was so happy that mine was working so good. But now, it was time to go suck my boyfriend Brett's cock during his break time at the swimming pool. A girl does have her duties to uphold and I loved upholding my duties with Big Ben and Brett. I even had plans to let them tag-team me like two big studs in the pool house. I thought, getting fucked in the ass by Big Ben while I sucked Brett's cock would be wonderful. And I wondered, what girl wouldn't. And I still call that summer my "Summer of Love."

To be continued as "Bed, Bath and Beyond."

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