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the summer I became Suzie chapter 2

this is my fantasy

My eyes follow a trail of goosebumps to where Jack's gentle tongue teased my sensitive nipples to life, driving me crazy. He reached into a pocket of his discarded shorts and pulled out a tube then demanded I turn around so I could see my pussy.

"Wiggle that ass and tell me how you loved sucking Harry's cock"! Jack grated.

"Oh yes, I loved sucking his cock."

"Can you still taste his cum in your mouth Suzie?"

"Oh yes, I love that too."
Then after pulling my lace thong off he squirted the tube up my ass and started to finger fuck me, after he stuck a second finger in I started to moan.
"Sounds like Suzy is going to love being are summer slut." Jack applied some lotion to his cock then pulled me down, so I was sitting on his lap with his hard huge cock on my asshole. "I know you'll love this Suzie. Right bitch?"

"OH YES, PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY!" I hissed as he pushed the thick head in, I screamed.

He stopped for a second and asked, "Are you a virgin?"


"Good, I"ll good slow but don't worry you'll love it sweetie." He held my hips lowering them slowly down his cock until I felt his balls hit my ass cheeks and I started moaning from pleasure, as he lifted me up and down on his cock.. "Now ride that cock until you cum."

"Oh yes, Jack. I'll do anything you want."
Then suddenly I noticed Harry had a camera and was taking pictures of me riding Jack's cock and I stopped for a second embarrassed and excited at the same time.
Harry said, "Don't stop Suzie, this is just for insurance, so that you will stay our bitch all summer. We don't want to share you, but if you are not a good girl we will!"

I was enjoying riding Jack's hard cock so much and feeling so girlie I consented and fucked myself even faster. Jack told me to warn him when I was about to cum because he had another surprise for me and started massaging my breasts, while I was taking the ride of my life.
I was so turned on, I started to smile and model for the camera and that was obviously turning on Harry too. "Oh we got ourselves a hot sissy here, Jack."

That did the trick, I could not stand it anymore and warned Jack that I was about to cum. Jack shifted one of his huge hands that was rubbing a breast and caught all my cum, then demanded I lick it clean. And as I did Harry came in for a close up. So I tried to look sexy into the camera, while I licked up my own cum. Seconds later Jack was exploding his cum into my pussy.
I felt like such a bitch and collapsed in his arms. But Harry was having none of that. He grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock back in my mouth.
I don't know whether it was the camera that I was trying to look sexy for, or being so turned on but his entire cock fit in my mouth. "You slut", he screamed, grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth so hard his balls slapped against my chin with each stroke. I looked into his eyes, so proud of myself. Time stood still until Harry came in my mouth again.
After a little rest and lots of petting we jumped in the pond to clean up. Then we climbed out of the water and started to get dressed. Harry asked whether his beautiful sissy slut Suzie would be back tomorrow.

With my hands on my hips, I asked in my sexiest voice, "Will you fuck me if I do?"
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