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the summer I became Suzie chapter 3

this is my fantasy
I woke up early, hell I could not sleep any way! I had so many wet dreams about what happened yesterday, I had to change my sheets. After throwing the sheets and yesterday's outfit in the wash, I went back to my bedroom to take a shower. As I soaped up, all I could think about was Harry and Jack's huge cocks. I lubed up my pussy.

And after drying off, painted my toe nails whore red. I slipped on a black lace teddy, that came down to my belly button, to set my mood. I went into my closet to pick a new outfit. I was so excited, sprayed perfume all over myself.

I put on just a little more make up than yesterday, mascara and a foundation creme, then looked at myself in the mirror. Thank goodness I had not put on my thong yet, because I was already soaked.

I wanted to put on red lipstick but decided, I might never reach the meeting place before being discovered by somebody else. So I started to pack a bag filled with more make up, hoping Harry and Jack would like that.After wiping off, my dripping self, I remember Jack and licked my fingers clean.

I looked at the time and picked out a matching black lace thong and bra. Finally red thigh hi stockings with a matching garter belt.

I covered everything with my baggy sweats, but couldn't resist wearing womens black sandals.
I headed back to the trail to find Harry and Jack. I've never been so turned in my life.

 I started wiggling before I was aware of it, then I saw Harry in the distance.
All I could think was, I should have packed more thongs.
" Hurry up Suzie, Jack's waiting in the woods".

I picked up my pace, but, could not keep my eyes off Harry's chiseled body.
Oh what a hunk!

" Suzie you look beautiful, strip those sweats off, I can't wait to see your outfit!"

I could tell instantly, he approved.He offered to carry my sweats, then took me in his arms and kissed me for what seemed forever.

"Jack found a more secluded place in the woods, I'll take you thereWhat's in the bag?"

Make up, I thought you might want me, even more dolled up.

 "Well, I see you have your toe nails done and you smell wonderful. Can you do your finger nails real quick?"

Sure, with matching lipstick. OK?

"Do it bitch! " When I was done he smiled and said "Jack's going to love you. I know I do."
Wiggle that ass, so we can get the fun started." 

We really walked deep into the woods and finally reached a clearing where Jack was waiting already naked. They had a blanket laid out and wine chilling.

Jack said "You look so hot, I want to fuck you right now.First we have some surprises for you! Wiggle over to me Suzie" He gave me a gift box and demanded I open it.

So I nearly ripped off the wrapping to find jewelry; earrings that spelled out sissy, a necklace that spelled out Suzie and two matching bracelets that spelled slut.

"Put them on now! Then you can see the pictures we took yesterday".

I felt like such a slut as I went through the them.

"Did you notice they show you and our cocks in you, but not our faces? That's to make sure you stay a good girl."

Harry brought me a glass of wine, then said "You are going to model for us before we fuck you!"
They made me pose sexy for them, while they took more pictures. I was enjoying it more then them but, judging by their hard cocks so were they.

"Get over here on all fours and suck my cock! Harry's going to fuck your pussy today."

I did exactly what I was told both because, I had no choice and I wanted to. They fucked me hard and long and I was loving every moment. Lost in the feeling of being their sissy slut.

Jack came first, at least six heavy spurts. It tasted so good and I milked him till he went soft then lick his balls. Harry exploded in my pussy, so much I could feel it, dripping down my leg. Then collapsed on top of me and stayed in me as he went soft.

"You loved that Suzie! You are such a whore!"

Yes I loved it and I will always want you cocks. You made me your whore.

"We are were done with our slut today. Get dressed, but be back here tomorrow!"

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