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the summer I became Suzie

this is my fantasy
I was 18 years old and taking estrogen for about two years. As my ass and tittles started to grow my desire to dress up became all consuming. I wore sexy panties to school everyday and the excitement about getting caught, grew as well. I was very tiny for my age and picked on by the jocks at school regularly. I'm 5foot 5inches tall, with long brunette hair and blue eyes. I had no body hair and a penis so small, my panties made it almost disappear. Which was OK by me, but I wore baggy clothes every day so I could keep my secret.
Summer was here finally here, no more jocks to push me around and I felt like celebrating. I ran up to my room, stripping as I went to pick out my sexiest outfit, a matching pink lace pants and bra, with thigh hi black stockings that had pink ribbons. I threw on baggy sweats a tiny bit of pink lipstick. As I left the house to walk down a trail that led through a woods near my house. It seemed like I was alone. Safe to practice my wiggle a bit, so I did and it felt great. Then suddenly from the woods two jocks, Jack and Harry jumped out in front of me soaked from having just swam in the pond. At school they were the biggest and meanest jocks at school, but today they were real nice and even invited me to go swimming with them. I said that had no bathing suit, but they grabbed one of my hands each and started leading me into the woods towards the pond. I was so scared of being caught when Jack grabbed my ass and whispered into my ear "we know your secret" and we want you to be our sissy girl. How would like to be their Suzy this summer? I just stood there with my mouth open unable to speak while they stripped off my sweats.
Jack said she's gorgeous isn't she and Harry agreed and that I was going to make a great sissy Suzy . Then Harry pulled me towards his face and started kissing me, sticking his tongue down my throat and putting my hand on the bulge in his pants. I almost soaked my pants, when he started playing with my nipples.
Then he pushed me down to my knees and said it was time for me to become his cocksucker, but first I had learn to beg for it! As a pulled down his shorts and saw his huge cock already dripping cum I begged in my sweetest voice " please let me suck your big cock. Then he started to push my head towards his cock and I started by licking all the cum off the head of his cock. That tasted so good I started to take his cock into my mouth, but with only half of it in my mouth I started to gag. "That's OK Suzie take it slow and use your hands to jerk me off at the same time he instructed". And as I did every thing he told me to. After about ten minutes he shot his cum in my mouth and I milked every drop, then licked his balls. I was in heaven. 
That is when Jack yelled," my turn girl, wiggle your ass over here"! After thanking Harry, I wiggled over to Jack who was already naked, with even a bigger cock. So I stood directly in front of him hoping to be brought to my knees again. He reached behind my back, unhooked my bra then started sucking on my nipples and fingering my hole. He said that he could see that I loved sucking cock but he was going to turn my asshole into a pussy.

But that's in CHAPTER 2

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