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The Wedding Present

Chardonnay wants to show her boyfriend and lover how committed she is to him.
Chardonnay had been Phil’s live in sissy lover and constant companion for just coming up to two years. She wanted to do something very special for him and had saved enough money at last.

She phoned an exclusive hotel, giving great detail into what she required. She made a few more calls that afternoon while Phil was working. As she finished the last call, she gave a huge grin to herself in the hallway mirror.

Phil had given her an engagement ring the previous year, which she found such a delight to show off when they were out and about in town.

At six thirty that evening Phil arrived from work, it was time to put her plan into action.

“I’ve run you a bath Phil,” she said before giving him a lingering kiss.

Breaking off the kiss he smiled. “Thanks, sweetheart.”

He disappeared upstairs and into the bathroom, to find scented candles lit and everything ready for him to bath.

As he slipped into the warm suds and began to relax Chardonnay walked in naked.

“I thought you might like your back washed?” Innocently she smiled.

Quickly before he could reply, she soaped up her hands getting to work on his toned body. She soon noticed that his cock was hard, exactly what she had planned.

This was her cue to climb in front of him, lowering herself down facing him. Again she kissed him, letting her hand wander slowly up his thigh reaching his erect cock. Going by the look on his face she had him just where she wanted him.

“Darling I know you like to surprise me on our Anniversary…..but can I tell you what I want this year.” She slowly stroked his cock as she asked.

“As long as I can get it yes, what is it?” he gasped.

“Can you please get me a wedding ring to match my engagement ring? I know it’s an unusual thing to ask.”

“Well if that’s what you really want then I can’t see why not.” He grinned.

Chardonnay lifted her body up then folded her knees back along either side of his thighs. Slowly, she pushed her tiny ass down onto his cock, feeling the sides of her ass open up. Inch by inch she wiggled ever deeper, impaling herself on his cock, letting it slip in right to the base.

She took full control, rising and lowering herself in a nice steady rhythm, while exploring his mouth with her tongue. Not long after their bodies shook in pure ecstasy, leaving them both gasping for air.

They played around as long as they could teasing and touching, until finally the water turned cold. Both stepped out, grabbing a towel each and took turns in drying each other off.

He slipped on a dressing gown while she disappeared into the bedroom naked.

“I will be down in a few minutes, go relax before we eat,” she shouted out as she closed the bedroom door.

Quickly as she could, she sprayed her favourite perfume over body. Reaching inside her drawer, she pulled out a red baby doll nightie with panties to match before slipping them on. Phil liked to see her dressed in baby doll’s. He always got so stiff! She added some four inch black sandals to show off her neatly pedicured feet, It was something that she knew Alan always loved also.

Checking over her make-up which she had managed to keep dry, she touched up her lips and added some gloss.

Chardonnay then went down to the kitchen, taking out from the fridge the salad she had prepared earlier that day.

Seductively, she walked into the dinning room, over emphasising the sway of her hips. Placing the meals on the table, she called Phil to eat.

As they ate, she teased his inner calf sensually using her foot. She knew Phil would soon be as stiff as a flag pole again.

After dinner, he sat on the sofa watching television while Chardonnay cleaned everything from dinner. She didn’t take long before joining him. Putting her head in his lap she raised her legs, stretching them out along the cushions.

Chardonnay could feel how aroused he was going by the bulge just near the top of her head. Slowly she turned over onto her stomach, using her chin to part his dressing gown. The glorious sight of Phil’s stiff cock was to much for her to resist.

She licked the length like a lolly from the base to the tip. Swallowing his cock ever deeper and deeper until reaching the base.

Phil held her head, gently guiding just how high she could raise her head.

Thrusting his hips upward meeting her eager lips, he soon started to ooze.

Building up each thrust, the twitch of his cock showed he wouldn’t take much more of her glossy lips.

With a jerk that almost choked her he let out a satisfied groan! Jet after jet of warm sticky cum shot in her mouth. Lifting her head, she opened her mouth in a smile, showing his cum then swallowed.

Her head bobbed down again cleaning off the last droplets from his cock.

They cuddled for what seemed like an eternity giving her a great feeling.

Eventually they headed to bed both exhausted.

Just before she turned off the bedside light she whispered, “Would you Marry me if you could?”

Opening his eyes wide he replied, “Of course I would sweetheart, like a shot.”

“Can I ask one thing more of you?” She knew he wouldn’t refuse.

Sleepily he asked, “Yes, what is it?”

“I have a surprise for that weekend for you; so can we not have sex until then.” She knew it would be hard for them both, but needed him wanting.

Yawning, he finally agreed, then wrapped his arm over her like he did most nights.

Their Anniversary was on the Wednesday just two weeks later, which seemed to come around fast.

They swapped cards and Phil presented her with the ring she had asked for.

“Oh no you don’t, you need to put it on my finger,” she giggled.

He smiled. “Of course that was stupid of me.”

He took the ring out of it’s box and placed it on her third finger.

Pleased he announced, “Their we go, just like any other married girl at last.”

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, she admired how well it matched, then gave him a long drawn out kiss.

Smiling he asked, “Well I suppose we can finally have sex tonight?”

“Not until Saturday. That’s when you get your present,” she replied meekly.

Phil looked disappointed that he would still have to wait. He wondered just what she had planned.

Batting her eyelashes she looked him in the eye. “Don’t worry it’s something you always wanted.”

Totally baffled he had no idea what she was plotting.

Phil arrived home on the Friday to an empty house, then noticed a note pinned up in the kitchen.

It read;

Dearest Phil,
I am staying at John and Jane’s tonight to prepare your surprise. I will ring you in the around eleven thirty tomorrow, your dinners in the oven it just needs warming. Please save everything you have until tomorrow, I promise it will be worth it.

I love you so much,
Chardonnay xxx


That night she did indeed stay with their friends just like she told him.

Very early the following morning, Chardonnay was awoken with breakfast in bed.

Leaving her tray on the side after she finished, she went and ran a bath for herself.

She took a lot longer than she would normally. She took care, checking she was silky smooth all over.

Climbing out the bath she washed and conditioned her hair in the shower, deliberately leaving it wet.

Grabbing a towel she wrapped it around the top of her small breasts, dropping it down it hardly covered her modesty.

She headed downstairs to be greeted by Jane and two of the staff from her beauticians.

One of the girls tended her hair, while the other painted her fingers and toes in a very pretty pink. Once completed, her long brown hair had been braided all over, with white beads added at the ends. Very similar to Bo Derrick’s in the film 10 but with a fringe. The hairdresser also added a princess tiara which was encrusted with crystals.

The older girl then applied Chardonnay’s make up.

She kept her look surprisingly innocent looking, using a mix of blue and white eye shadows. Her lashes were built up and curled giving that spidery doe eyed look. A subtle pink blusher was used on her cheeks then a pink lipstick on her lips, matching her nails which was then finished with gloss.

The beauticians work finally done, they wished Chardonnay a fantastic weekend before leaving.

“Wow! You look amazing already Char.” Jane twisted and turned her head studying Chardonnay from all angles.

“Thanks. I guess I best phone Phil now.”

“Great idea,” smiled Jane, “While your on the phone I will go check John’s okay.”

Picking up the phone, Chardonnay called home.

Phil took his time answering which she expected. She explained to him that she had put a new suit for him to wear in his wardrobe. She also told him not to remove the flower from the button hole. Telling Phil how much she loved him, she explained that a limousine would pick him up at one that afternoon.

Phil went to find the suit and finally got his very first clue. He now thought they were going to a wedding, but why the limo? Surely they wouldn’t want to upstage the bride?

Meanwhile, back at John and Jane‘s, Chardonnay rolled up a white stocking, then smoothed it over her long leg. Once happy that the delicate laced top was in the right place she swapped legs. Being stay up’s, she didn’t need a suspender belt but added a white and blue lace garter over her left thigh.

Reaching for some thigh cut bikini briefs that were pure white silk, she stepped into them. Just as she pulled them up and tucked Jane returned.

“The car looks great for you.” She smiled.

“Where did you put my shoes, babe?” asked Char. 

Jane fetched them and passed them over.

“Thanks.” Gratefully Char stepped into them.

She adjusted the straps on the white four inch sandals, making sure all her toes were positioned correctly before closing the straps.

Jane brought over the wedding dress which hung from a hanger.

It was pure white satin with smaller beads attached to the matching Chardonnay’s hair.

She held the dress open allowing Chardonnay to step into it and raised it, cupping the front of the breasts. Once happy it was at the right height, she pulled on the silk laces on the bodice, causing Chardonnay’s breasts to lift and squeeze together. Taking her time, Jane wisped her waist right down tiny, then tied a delicate bow. It allowed the lined flowing skirt accentuating the hips to puff out.

“Wow! Almost perfect!” Pleased, Jane smiled.

Chardonnay looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

Smiling again, Jane giggled, “It’s nothing big, just wear these, they're mine.”

She handed over some diamond drop earrings. “Something borrowed you want, this is perfect, don’t you think.”

“Oh, thank you, I would never have thought of that.” Chardonnay was pleased. “It looks like you're both spoiling me with all your help.”

“Who knows, one day you might do this for me,” giggled Jane.

After a few twirls and checks in the mirror for Jane, she announced it was time to go.

Making their way to the pink limousine waiting outside in the drive, Jane automatically lifted Chardonnay’s skirt at the rear.

John opened the door of the limo and helped Char get in. Jane then arranged her skirt so everything was perfect and in place. John handed her a petite bouquet of miniature white and yellow roses, carefully closing the door he got in to drive.

Looking back John winked. “Phil’s going to be a lucky man tonight… You look like a knockout!”

“I do hope so Phil, I’m quite nervous now.” Chardonnay nervously grinned.

After telling her she would be fine they drove back to get Phil. Jane turned out of the drive behind but turned the opposite way in her car.

They arrived about five minutes late and Phil was already outside. Chardonnay could see him clearly through the tinted glass but he couldn’t see her.

John got out, said hello to him then opened the door. The look on Phil’s face was a picture as he gazed at his lover.

He climbed in next to Chardonnay. “We can’t get married you know that?”

Giving Phil a smile and with a wink she said, “No but we can have a Honeymoon.” Batting her lashes, “I know this can be as close as we can get, but I love you so much.”

She knew that this had always been a fantasy they often chatted about.

Phil kissed her on the cheek not wanting to spoil her look.

John drove them for over an hour right out into the English countryside. While sitting in the rear they both of chatted, often whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Turning the limo into a huge gated driveway, John pulled up at the main door to an eighteenth Century mansion House.

Waiting outside, Jane had a camera and had started clicking away from the moment John opened the door.

She got them both to pose outside before they went in, wishing them luck and letting them finally enter the hotel.

A bell boy had already collected the cases that Char had secretly packed for them both from the boot of the car.

“Mr. and Mrs. Feelgud, welcome to the Castle Reach, and congratulations,” the manager beamed, “I do hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

They both signed in and were taken up in the lift to the Bridal suite by the manager.

Ushering them in to the suite, the manager waited until the bell boy placed the cases inside. Again wishing them both all the luck in the world, they both turned closing the door behind them.

Chardonnay asked, “I hope you didn’t mind me using your name, babe.”

“Of course not, it’s what I always dreamed of you being my beautiful wife.” Phil was grinning like the cat that got the cream.

She took his hand and led him through to the bedroom, rose petals were spread over the huge four poster bed. Champagne sat in a silver bucket of ice on a table already corked ready to pour. Two glasses sat in front and some fresh cut flowers in an oversized expensive looking vase behind.

Phil poured both glasses and passed one over, which they sipped for a few seconds.

Instinctively they both put their glasses down at the same moment. Giggling they kissed so passionately, teasing tongues and nibbling each others lips.

Phil’s arm extended around to the base of the corset and pulled the bow gently. “I want you right now, Mrs. Feelgud!”

The dress fell to the floor as he pushed her back towards the bed. Stepping out of the dress on the way, Chardonnay sat on the edge.

He didn’t take long lowering her panties to the floor.

He lifted her legs over his shoulders, pulling her ass tight to the edge. Thumbling with his belt, he dropped his trousers and boxers to his ankles.

His solid and already leaking cock probed at the entrance to her love hole at a perfect height. Like a man possessed, he pushed ever deeper inside until he had impaled her fully.

He fucked her with all his might, his balls slapping her ass. She begged him to fuck her harder, spurring him on like a slut.

Their pace quickened until Phil let out an over excited squeal. He grunted and groaned, as she felt all his pent up cum shooting inside her.

Chardonnay reached her point of no return, her ass tightening around his still solid cock. She screamed and bucked onto him as she hit her pleasure zone, almost collapsing with the force of her intense Argasm.

A few moments later he slipped his cock out, allowing her to slide herself up the bed. The obvious slug trail oozing from her love hole wetting the bed cover.

Phil grabbed the champagne and glasses putting them on the bedside table. He passed her a glass then sat down beside her, the pleasure he just had was obvious from the beaming smile on his face.

They soon polished off the bottle, while chatting and giggling like a couple of teenagers, who had just discovered the joys of sex.

Chardonnay got up to get the cases then returned to unpack. Phil dressed and phoned down for more champagne from the lounge.

Slipping on a white baby doll nightie which left little to the imagination Chardonnay sat back on the bed. She kept her shoes and stockings on to add more effect for her lover.

She heard the knock at the door as the champagne arrived. Then the click of the lock after the waiter left. A few moments later Phil entered the bedroom again fresh glasses and new ice bucket in hand, he placed them on the side of the bed. This time he stripped totally naked then joined Char once more.

Together they soon polished off the second bottle of bubbly. Char was now very tipsy and felt daring, Phil could see the glint in her eyes.

She reached over putting her hand in the ice bucket. Taking two lumps of ice she put them in her mouth, slipping them into her cheeks.

Kissing Phil’s nipple, he shivered with the cold wet touch. She it with her tongue until it was stiff. Licking across to the other side, leaving a wet trail she did the same to the other.

She felt his cock poking her in the stomach so kissed her way down. He flinched real bad as her cold wet lips kissed the head of his cock. Her tongue ran down the length of his cock then around his balls, leaving it shiny and clean. Working her way up to the tip again, she engulfed his cock with her lips.

Phil was a stiff as a steel bar! The warmth of her breath and the cold of the ice combined with the constant slurping as she sucked had that effect.

She slurped and sucked for ages the ice helped him keep control.

His cock started to warm just as she finally stopped sucking. Kissing her way back up to his lips, she straddled his hips, holding his cock tight, she lowered her ass over the tip. Then removed her hand, pushing her cute ass down as hard as she could. Phil loved the fact that often she could take his cock without, lube something he loved.

Char rocked on his cock, building a steady rhythm raising her bum higher and higher. She felt his cock tip come all the way out then slammed herself back down before it could flop. Her fucking his cock with her ass was heaven to him.

Phil’s breathing got harder she knew he was close, so she rode his cock like she was a jockey in the National. His control gone, he had no choice but to fill her love hole full of his cream.

Finally satisfied he was fully empty, she lifted herself off letting his cock flop onto his belly.

“I need more. I need it now,” she begged and pleaded.

Phil was now at the point where he couldn’t raise a smile let alone his cock. She pleaded loudly telling him she needed it hard which gave him an idea.

“On your knee’s, take it from behind,” he demanded.

She was up on all fours in moments still begging like a slut.

He grabbed the empty champagne bottle and slowly inserted the neck using it like a dildo. As he thrust deep she backed on even more then screamed at the top of her voice as she finally reached yet another orgasm. Then collapsing on the bed, Phil gently removed the neck of the bottle, leaving her gasping.

Running his hands down the sides of her legs, he reached her shoes. He ran his fingers along the straps before taking them off of her, dropping them to the floor behind him.

He worked his way up her body then turned her on her side. Putting his arm over her waist they soon drifted off blissfully.

Chardonnay was first to rise the following day, bathing while Phil slept on. With not much longer to go before Jane would pick them up later that day she wanted to be ready.

After bathing, she put on matching blue panties and bra followed by some black stockings. She unzipped her new Chinese style dress then stepped in zipping it tight. Admiring the fact that her stocking top could be seen through the long split on the side, she picked out some black pumps.

Phil walked in on her just after she had added her make up, his jaw almost dropping to the floor.

“Wow! What time is it Mrs. Feelgud?” His eyes looked her over from head to foot.

“Eleven thirty, we missed breakfast,” smiled Char.

After washing and shaving, he soon got dressed in a smart casual suit.

They went down in the lift to the restaurant and enjoyed a romantic meal together.

Just as they finished the waiter told them their taxi was waiting. The bell boy had collected the cases and loaded them aboard the BMW that Jane had driven for the drive home.

Chardonnay signed them both out and thanked the receptionist then joined Phil in the back seat.

The drive home was pretty silent being as they were both full from the meal. The obvious look of satisfaction on their faces a sign for Jane to not pry.

On reaching home Jane carried the cases to the door while Phil lifted Char in his arms and carried her over the threshold. With a quick thanks to Jane she winked then left.

Phil whispered to Chardonnay, “I love you so much.”

The End.

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