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The Young Crossdresser Part 2

So after my little adventure at mom and dad's bookstore,the next couple of years were uneventful.

I did have sex a couple of times with Phylis,the older lady that was part of mom and dad's swinger group.

I knew that I was wanting something more,something was still missing and I kept thinking back to how the guy's cock felt as it spewed cum into my panty covered ass.

Now I was 15 and one weekend my parents went away with some friends and I knew that this would be the perfect oppurtunity to fulfill my strongest urge and desire to be fucked completely by a man.

Friday evening arrives and my parents head out for their trip and I waste no time in getting dressed up.

Tonight I was not going to fuck mom's dildo's but I was going to find the real thing.

I put on a pair of satin purple polka dot string bikini panties a purple bra,black thigh highs and garter,black mini skirt and black blouse,I stuffed my bra with water filled balloons to give me some tits,black heels and a brunette wig,applied my make up and found the keys to the car left sitting in the driveway.

I took one last glance in the mirror and got in the car and drove away.

I didn't care that I had no license,I was only going about two miles down the road to mom and dad's adult bookstore where I knew I would find some to fuck me.

I arrive at the store and park. Once inside I got over to the counter and give Bob,who know's me as the boy but not as the "girl",a five dollar bill and ask for tokens to go into the back where the video booth's were.

He doesn't even bat an eye,just hands me the token's and goes back to reading his book.

My heels make a loud noise as I walk through the halls of the booths looking for an empty one.

A few guys hanging around outside of the booth's grab me and grab my ass as I walk by them.

I continue walking until I find an empty booth near the back,I go in and drop my tokens and find a hot she male movie to play.

It doesn't take but two seconds for a cock to come through the glory hole.I drop to my knees and suck it for all it's worth. In moments he is spewing his hot creamy load across my tongue and down my throat. I milk it for every last drop and he pulls away.

two or three minutes later another cock is poking through the hole,nice and thick. I take him in my mouth ,his salty precum wetting my tongue,he taste good.

I suck this nice peice of meat for 10 minutes when he lets loose with what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into my throat,and being the good girl I am I swallow it all.

Now I am horny as hell and need to find someone to fuck,I leave the booth and scan the hallway's for a potential lover.

I notice near a back corner,an older man 60ish,standing there,rubbing his cock through his pants as he stares at me,he looks like a business man of sorts.

I walk over to him,and as I approach,he pulls out a very nice cock,fat and not too long,but very hot looking.

I walk over to him,grab his cock and whisper in his ear, "I want you to fuck me".

He replies "where?"

I tell him "there's a room in the back,I have a key for,it has a bed,porno and anything else you might want."

He ask's me how I know about this and I tell him my parents own the store.

I tell him no one ever comes back here,only my parent's when they meet someone here.

So I lead him into the back room,pretty small space,just big enough for the mattress the was on the floor.

We go in and lock the door behind us. He ask's me if I have ever been fucked before,and I tell him sorta,that it was very tight and the guy came almost immediately.

He then say's " have a tight pussy huh?"

I smile and say "yeah something like that."

I help him take off his clothes and go down on my knees and start sucking his hard cock,rubbing my cock through my panties as I take him in  my mouth as deep as I can,gagging a few times.

After a few minutes,he pulls me up and put's his hand on my "pussy" and let's out an "OH I thought you were a girl"

I said "Tonight I am".

His smile gets bigger as he rubs my cock through my panties and he ask's how old I am,I tell him 15 and the smile gets even bigger.

"Mmmmmm...a hot young sexy girl looking to get fucked...I like that!"

He ask's me if I'm ready and I say "I've wanted this for a long time,yes I am ready!"

He pulls my skirt off and says he want's to fuck me with my panties on and this turn's me on soo much. I always wanted to be fucked while wearing my panties.

I root around the nightstand next to the mattress and find some KY lube and hand it to him. I lay down on my back on the cum staind mattress.

He slides my panties to one side and spreads some lube on my awaiting ass,my cock straining in my wet precum panties.

He takes and works one finger into me,then two and he slowly fuck's me with his fingers.Getting me nice and ready to accept his thick hard cock. Once he has three fingers in me ,he tells me I'm ready. Just relax I tell he I'm way beyond relaxed.

He takes and puts some lube on his massive meat and slowly slides it into my ass.

The feeling is incredible comapred to my mom's dildo's. As his balls hit my ass,I start cumming in my panties,soaking them all the way through.

He takes a pillow and slips it under my ass to make it easier for him to fuck me. My legs slightly bent and up in the air. His hands caressing my stocking covered legs as he starts to pump in and out of me slowly.

My fake tit's swaying up and down ever so slightly. His cock feels amazing in me. I moan soflty as he continues to pump me slowly.

After about fifteen minutes he quickens his pace,my legs swaying back and forth as he continues to rub the stockings covering them. Telling me how hot I am,that his wife never dresses this way for him.

I slide my cock out from underneath my purple silky,wet panties and start stroking as he fucks my virgin ass and I soon start cumming again,shooting another big load all over me.

He pulls out,scoops up my cum and puts it all over his cock and slides it back into me,fucking harder now.

Our moans getting louder and our breathing heavier.

He then pushes my stocking covered legs all the way back,pinning them by my head,and now he is fucking me like I always wanted,hard and fast.

Soon his eyes close and and he has one last hard pump and I feel his cock expand in my ass as he dumps his hot creamy load into me. His grunts and moans are really loud as he let's go of spurt after spurt of hot,white creamy cum.

I moan loudly too,as it is incredible to feel this man dump his load into me.

He stops sliding his cock in and out of me he finishes cumming,my lags still behind my ears. I slowly gyrate my hips as his cock grows limp inside of me. He pulls out,lights a cigarette and tells me how great I was.

We make small talk for a few minutes,I tell him I will be here every night until Tuesday when my folks get back home. I then tell him he should leave first and then I will come out a few minutes later,as to not raise any suspicions.

As he leaves the room,I glance out the door and see no one standing around,so I know we are safe.

I straighten up my panties and put my skirt back on and start to head out of the room 15 minutes later,his cum dripping out of me and into my panties.

Before I go home,I need one more cock to suck. As I walk past the booth's,a door opens and a man,in his 30's maybe grabs me and pulls me in.

He is all over me,kissing me,rubbing his hands up and down my body. Tells me he saw me go into the back room and heard everything through the door.

Without hesitation,he picks me up and puts me against the wall,slides my wet panties down and slips his cock into my already well fucked ass and starts fucking me like crazy. Saying "is this how you like baby?","you're such a dirty whore aren't you?" all I could do was say "YES!!!!".

My ass squishing with every thrust ,my previous lover's cum being forced out of me by his hard pounding.

It only takes him no more than ten minutes when he shoots his load into my well worn ass.

We both see a cock poke through the hole,he lets me down and forces my head down and tells me to "suck it..suck it dry".

No problem there. He forces my head up and down on this strangers cock and soon he is exploding in my mouth,I am told to swallow every bit of it.

Again ,no problem. Once the stranger's cock is gone,he pulls me up and hugs me,and say's "I hope I didn't frighten you". I tell him absolutely not,that I am a horny little slut and that how we should be treated.

He says "Thank You" and leaves the booth.

I compose myself and head out to the front of the store to leave,and on my way out Bob says "looks like someone had fun tonight". I just smiled and walked out the door,if he only knew...maybe he did,I don't know.

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