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Transitioning and Bound

Vanessa and her man find a mutual pleasure - her with other men
It had been a while since I started the hormones, and I couldn't have been happier. I was looking and feeling more womanly than I ever thought possible. It brought me a new confidence when I was in public, and made me feel so much sexier, and girly when I was in the bedroom. My breasts weren't that big, but they were growing over time. I had a nice handful, and Greg said he loved to suck on my nipples. They were so much more sensitive now, so I was all too happy to accommodate him on this. My balls had gotten smaller, as did my little dick. I didn't get hard-ons as often, and they weren't as hard, but it didn't matter. I didn't even need to be hard to cum anymore. Greg knew just to fuck me, so I'd have an anal orgasm every time.

Now, I really loved wearing tight skirts and dresses, since I really had a sexy ass and hips to show off. I kept in shape, so my stomach was pretty flat and it was fun to wear sexy outfits in public. I loved the way men would look at me when we were out and about. I couldn't keep track of how often I'd get asked out when Greg wasn't around.

I wouldn't want to hurt him, but I decided it was time to talk about one aspect of our relationship that I didn't feel was being fulfilled.

It turned out that both of us were more on the submissive side. Naturally, I enjoyed being dominated, and yes, sometimes completely used. But after our talk, I realized that the one thing that wasn't quite perfect in our relationship was that we both had submissive desires. He went on to tell me though, that it wasn't all bad. One of his desires happened to be that it really turned him on to watch his partner with other people. I wasn't sure how I felt about this, though admittedly, I was curious. I was always a monogamous type in relationships, but if this was something that would make us both happy, why not?

He told me about this woman he knew that threw fetish parties at her huge house. She was looking for a girl like me to be a "service" girl. He suggested that I take the part. They had already discussed it, and she said that he could watch over everything.

I was really worried about it. What if this destroyed our relationship? He assured me that this was something that he'd always enjoyed. Many relationships had failed with him, but never because of something like this. I decided to go for it, and he set it up with her.

The night before the party, he handed me a big box. "Open this, and put on whatever is inside. It's from Mistress Amber."

I took the box, and opened it. Inside was a black lace bra, thong with rhinestones up the back, garterbelt, silk stockings, and 7" patent leather ballet shoes. This was getting interesting.

I had my makeup done nice and slutty, with sexy red lipstick, at Mistress's request. I put my long wig in pigtails, then put on the outfit. Greg gave me my long coat to wear, as I was not to wear anything else, and we were off.

When we arrived at the door, Mistress Amber greeted us. She was a beautiful woman, with long red wavy hair. She wore a leather bustier, heels, and fishnets. She led us inside, and then placed a collar around my neck. On the front it said "Service Girl" and it had a link in the middle which she attached a leash to.

She whispered into Greg's ear. He came to me, gave me a kiss, and told me to have a fun night. Then he walked off to another room.

Amber tugged on my leash and brought me into the main area. Here, a cocktail party was commencing. There were several men, and a few women sipping drinks and eating snacks. It was like any other party except for a couple of "service girls" like me walking around, refilling drinks and such. It looked like I was the only transgender girl in the bunch though. Once in a while, I would see one or two guys walk off with one of the service girls and go into another room. I wondered what was going on in there.

I would soon find out. It turned out that the group of guys in the one corner had been discussing a mutual interest - me.

Mistress Amber came over to me. She told me that normally I'd be just doing a few things around here for a while but these guys had been looking forward to my arrival. She wanted me to get started right away. She motioned for them to come over to me.

There were four of them, each one better looking than the last. I had to admit that if I was going to be a service girl for strange men, I picked the best place to do it. I was scared that the guys would be creepy, but these men were really sexy, and just looking to satisfy some of their fantasies. They were old friends who had a shared fantasy to share a transgender girl.

The Mistress made our introductions, and then handed my leash to the guy who seemed the most in charge. His name was Derek, and the others were Joe, Alex, and Kevin. Derek led me to a door across the room, and then opened it and pulled me inside. The others were right behind us.

Once in the room, the lights came on to reveal what looked almost like a gym horse, only the one end was lowered and it had extensions protruding from the upper part. Derek led me over to it, and laid me down on it, on my stomach. There were straps on the floor that he strapped my ankles into. The extensions were for my arms and he strapped my arms into them just above the elbow. He took a scissor out, and cut my panties off.

I was trapped in a postion of being bent over with my arms kind of outstretched. This was definitely the position of a service girl.

The men were discussing something as Derek put a blindfold over my eyes, careful to make sure that my pigtails didn't get messed up.

After a few minutes, all I felt were cocks rubbing all over my body. They were hard already, and they were just rubbing their stiff dicks on me, one cock per quadrant of my body. I felt a cock rubbing down each leg, on my shoulders, all over me.

Finally, they made their way to their goal destinations. I felt one cock move to each hand. One, a big one, moved towards my mouth, and the last one was teasing my asspussy. I opened my mouth for the one in front, and let him move his dick into my mouth. He had a nice big head, and his smooth skin felt good on my lips. I sucked him so good, slowly taking him into my throat as he moaned. As I did this, I began jerking the cocks in my hands, careful to pay extra attention to that spot on the underside that I knew would make them feel best. Meanwhile, I felt a finger spreading lube into my tight little hole. He slowly pushed just the head in and left it there for a few seconds. Then he pushed all the way inside me, and started to slowly pump me from behind. I couldn't believe I had four cocks working me at the same time!

I felt the guy in front of me starting to get more into it. I knew he was going to cum soon. I sucked harder, and then he began to spasm in my mouth, shooting his hot load. His cum tasted good, a little sweet, but I couldn't believe how much of it there was. He gave me this huge load of semen in my mouth, and I made sure to show him his full load in my mouth before I swallowed it down.

Then, the guy on my left moved from my hand to my mouth. He started fucking my mouth and I took every inch of his cock into my throat. I took him deep into my throat and he pushed his body against my face so I couldn't back away. He was cumming directly down my throat. It was testing my incredible gag reflex, but I held out and was able to take his entire orgasm.

When he pulled out, the guy on my right took his place. I started by licking and sucking on his balls, then moved my mouth onto his shaft. He didn't move as much, allowing me to work my mouth on his cock at my own pace. He started moaning louder, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my face. I kept my mouth open to catch whatever I could, but most of it ended up covering my face.

All the while, the last guy was still slowly pumping my ass. He moved in and out of me hard and deep, and he was hitting my g-spot just right. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, now that I could focus more on just getting fucked.

With one big thrust, he hit my g-spot hard, and my little dick pumped out a load of cum. I was moaning like a little bitch in heat. He felt me spasming on his cock and that pushed him over the edge. He pushed into me hard and started to shoot his big hot load deep into me. It felt so good as he pumped his semen into my ass.

He pulled out when he was done and then they all left.

Mistress Amber came in a few minutes later to unchain me. She told me that I did a great job, but it had gotten late and it was time to get going. Greg had left already, so her driver would take me home.

When I got home, it was quiet.

Greg snuck up behind me and put his arms around me. He told me that he got so hot watching those men have their way with me. He told me that he needed me.

I was a little sore, but I didn't want to disappoint him.

He laid me on the couch on my back and he put his big, hard dick in me. I was still lubed up from the lube and cum I had inside me, but that seemed to turn him on. I put my legs up so he could get nice and deep, and he fucked me intensely. He pulled out before he came, and I eagerly moved my mouth onto his cock so I could taste his cum. He shot three or four times into my mouth and I kept my lips wrapped around his cock, sucking up every drop.

We went upstairs and laid in bed for a while, talking about what had happened. This was a new step in our relationship. I wasn't sure where it would lead us, but I couldn't wait to see!

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