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A secret assignation in a country hotel turns into an unusual menage a trois
Dusk. As he turned off the highway into the country park hotel, Nick was relieved to note that its car park was barely a quarter full. Pulling his overnight bag from the back seat, he headed for the brightly-lit reception lobby. A giggly gang of women were disembarking from a mini-coach. Most were clearly very drunk.

In the hotel's spacious lobby he quickly spotted Mark, clean-shaven, casually-attired and seated on a sofa reading a car enthusiasts' magazine. Nick, still in his business suit from the office, strolled over and stood before him.



No handshakes or hugs. Just a mutual exchange of knowing smiles.

"Stay where you are. Let me go and do the checking-in business."

A tottering mob of pink-wigged women partygoers filled the lobby with their screeches. A hen party in full flurry.

Nick rejoined Mark on the sofa. He glanced across the lobby. "Just hope we won't be having dinner at the same time as that lot!"

Both in the early-40s, the two men had similar trim physiques. They rode up in the lift in silence and then padded down the anonymous corridor to their alloted room. Nick flicked on the lights with the door card. It was a spacious room, with the king-size bed set beneath an oil painting of a nude couple. The window curtains were drawn back to reveal the panorama of the lake of a bird sanctuary, which stretched to the flat horizon.

Mark dropped his bag and walked over to admire the scene. "A room with a view!"

Nick followed, standing behind him, then moving his arms to gently envelope the other. "What you wanted?"

Mark turned. They kissed cautiously. "Just what I wanted."

"Me too."

It was as if a pressure valve had been turned off; the release of tension between the two strangers was palpable.

Mark carefully unpacked his clothes into the wardrobe. Nick checked the tea and coffee-making equipment.

"Tea? Or something stronger, maybe?" 

"Such as?"


Mark, now high-spirited and getting 'girlie' said: "Fizzy? Darling, you're an angel!"

"Let's celebrate, shall we?"


"Meeting in person for the first time. Getting here undetected. Discovering a nice country hideaway." Nick expertly uncorked the champagne. As it popped he added: "Being alone together - for a whole weekend!" They clinked glasses.

Mark resumed his unpacking and Nick announced that he was going down to the restaurant to book a table for dinner, returning about ten minutes later. Mark was showering but soon re-appeared, wearing one of the hotel's white towelling robes. "Sweetie, you know you could've done all that from the phone by the bed?"

"I just wanted to check that they could find us a table as far away as possible from that bloody hen party. And...well...I thought I'd ask if we could have a quiet corner table. You know, away from prying eyes?"


"Well, I was sort of hoping you'd be coming to dinner with me as Cathy. That way, we don't want to be worrying about - shall we say - nosey fellow-diners?"

Cathy smiled to herself as she laid out on the bed her favourite dress: a little black number with matching suede belt and shoes. Clearly the new man in her life thought of everything. They replenished their glasses with the last of the champagne.

"Time for a quickie?"

"Thought you'd never ask!"

"What have you got on under your robe?"

Cathy opened the garment to reveal a lacy black suspender belt and black mesh stockings. Her cut cock was already hard. "How d'you want to do it?"

Unzipping his flies, Nick said: "You stand, I'll kneel." He glanced down at his own semi-rigid circumcised penis and wiped some pre-cum from its tip. "Oooops, leaking already!"

Cathy reached out and took his hand, bringing it up to her lips. "Mmmm. Nature's very own lip gloss. Kiss me sweeheart, then give me a lovely blow job."

An hour later, they entered the hotel's elegant brasserie restaurant together as an arm-in-arm couple. They were shown to a quiet, dimly-lit corner alcove. The hens were nowhere to be seen.

"Ok?" asked Nick.

"Perfect, you clever thing."

"Good evening sir, madam." A uniformed head waiter was at their side, proffering two huge menus. "The soup tonight is celeriac and lentil; the main is sea bass." Nick took the wine list.

Food and wine ordering were soon dispensed with and the couple relaxed with their first grateful gulps of the wine. A petite 20-something waitress approached, offering a selection of bread rolls and reorganising their cutlery. She had a silver-died urchin-style haircut and her slim build fitted neatly into her tailored beige trousers and black bolero-cut waistcoat. Nick ordered a jug of iced water. Cathy nervously studied their fellow diners. Finishing her second glass of wine she asked: "What d'you reckon?"

"Reckon? What: the wine, the restaurant, the bread rolls?

"Us. ME sweetie! How'm I doing?"

Nick gently slid the upper of his leather shoe up the inside of her stockinged leg. "You're terrific, darling. Really. You look sensational."

The little waitress returned to clear away their first course dishes. She re-filled their wine glasses. "Who is having lamb chops, please?" she enquired with a foreign lilt to her voice.

"I am. The fish is for madam."

"Madam," whispered the waitress with reassurance as she laid the fish knife and fork in front of Cathy, pausing momentarily to look down at her immaculate wig, before quietly departing.

Cathy looked down and the tablecloth and sighed. "That's torn it!"


"She's twigged. Our little waitress has worked it out. Bet you."

"So what! Look - we're not robbing a bank, you know? These people have seen it all."

A waiter brought their main courses, which were both excellent. They elected to by-pass any deserts.

"May I get you coffees?" their gamine waitress enquired on softly reappearing. "Or some liquers perhaps?"

"Nothing more, thank you. Your English is very good," Nick remarked as she brushed away crumbs.

"Thank you, sir."

"Where do you come from?"


"And how long have you been in England?"

"In England for three years and here at this hotel now for two years nearly. Before, I trained in France."

"And what is your name?"

"Poppy, madam." The girl turned to answer her questioner. And though it was now perfectly apparent that she knew she was addressing a man in drag, she did it with the utmost courtesy.

"What a sweet name."

"Thank you, madam."

Then Nick signed their bill and they left, nodding to Poppy on the way out. Back in their room, Nick busied himself completing a long order card for their breakfast to be served in their room.

At 9 o'clock sharp there was a double rat-tat on the room door.

"Your breakfast is here" a muffled voice announced.

Nick donned his bath robe, decorously belting it to conceal his semi-erect cock. He opened the door to a beaming Poppy, pushing a trolley laden with their breakfast order.

"Good morning, sir!"

"Good morning, Poppy. Cathy, sweetie - look who's here!"

Wigless and nursing a minor hangover, Cathy tried to dive beneath the bedsheets. Too late. Poppy was 'parking' the trolley at the bedside.

"Good morning, madam."

Nick breezed across. "So how come you're doing breakfasts? I thought you told us last night that you'd got the day off today?"

"I finish at 11. The kitchen was getting - how you say - bogged down with room deliveries. The manager Velda said we must take trolleys to rooms - and (she brightened) I saw your room number on the docket!"

"Thank you SO much Poppy. Well I hope you enjoy your afternoon off. Planning anything special?"

"If the weather is good, I shall go out on my bicycle."

"We're driving to Salisbury. Cathy wants to see the cathedral."

"Salisbury is beautiful."

Something - some quasi-sexual nuance - lingered in the air. Nick saw it and caught it. Expertly. "We'll be back by about 5. If you're back from your bike ride, why not drop in for a cup of tea perhaps?"

"Tea?" she repeated thoughtfully. "Yes, I think that would be very nice."

After breakfasting in their room, they dressed and went down to the hotel lobby by lift. It was a warm morning and Cathy walked confidently towards the main doors, turning several heads. She was wearing a sleek navy blue pencil skirt with a cream blouse, and through its thin silk, the outline of her figure-hugging black basque was clearly visible. Over her arm she carried a matching blue jacket and a black handbag. They crossed the car park. She settled snugly into the passenger seat and clicked the seat recline switch, smoothing her long black-stockinged legs and kicking off her high heels. She took a giant pair of sunglasses from her handbag, put them on and smiled at Nick. "You like?

He leaned across and stroked her leg. "I like a lot." He kissed her softly.

They returned from their Salisbury sightseeing trip with a box of cakes. Poppy arrived promptly, now dressed in a pleated white mini-skirt and a body-hugging T-shirt. With her pink-and-white striped socks and pink trainers she looked even more gamine out of her waitress uniform. Over tea and cakes she quickly relaxed, regaling the couple with salacious tales of the sexual activities of both guests and staff. No, she assured them, she did not consent to full sex with guests for the simple anatomical reason that she was 'just too small inside'.

"Other things I am happy to do, though not spanking, please."

"So what do you like best?" asked Cathy, in a motherly manner, looking for some common 'sexual territory' the three of them might explore.

She thought for a moment as she munched a scone. "Older men guests who are alone often like me to do golden shower for them. In the bath, of course. It is my speciality. But I like fucking women best."

"You do? But how do you go about that?"

"With my strap-on," she replied in a matter-of-fact manner, reaching for another scone.

"You have a strap-on dildo?" Cathy asked with surprise.

"Of course. Would you like to see it?"

Cathy looked to Nick for agreement. He smiled.

"Yes, we'd love to see it, Poppy."

"It is in my room, I must fetch it. Staff are not supposed to be in guests' wing out of uniform, so I must use the emergency stairs. Back soon." With which she put down the half-eaten scone and disappeared, returning within five minutes, carrying a blue cardboard box, which she handed to Cathy unopened.

Beneath several folds of pale blue tissue paper, Cathy found a petite pink rubber phallus, attached to a harness made from blue leather, with chrome buckles. She carefully lifted it out of its box. "Oh my, isn't it beautiful?"
Poppy smiled with satisfaction.

"Wherever did you get it?" Nick asked.

"From a sex shop in Paris. I had it specially made. Would you like to see it on perhaps?" she asked unabashed.

Nick stuttered. "Err...why yes. That would be wonderful. Would you like to use the bathroom to...err.. change?"

She hitched up her tiny mini skirt. Knickerless, she revealed a beautiful little vagina, covered with blonde downy pubic hair. "No need." She then proceeded to expertly fit on the harness, swivelling her slender hips to fasten the buckle at the back above the cheeks of her pert bottom. She smiled demurely at the couple, awaiting their reaction.

Nich was speachless. All Cathy could manage was "Wow!"

"And why is it so small?" Nick asked.

"Some of my lady guests prefer it in their bottoms." Then casually turning to Cathy she said: "Perhaps madam would like to try it?" She might just as well have been asking Cathy if she'd like another bread roll.

This time Cathy didn't wait for Nick's affirmation. "Madam would simply LOVE to try it, Poppy!"

All was made ready for Poppy's demonstration. Cashions, lube; even the room lights were dimmed. At Poppy's suggestion, Cathy took up a doggie position on the floor - then changed her posture to lower her upper body and shoulderes onto a pile of cushions. Poppy stood patient and sentinel-like behind her, quietly lubing her French dildo. Though considerably smaller than the monster cocks Nick had seen on countless lesbian-action porn videos, he marvelled at how perfectly-scaled this one was for their elfin visitor.


"Yes please!"

Poppy tenderly eased her cock into Cathy's anus.

"Oh yes! That's perfect!"

The girl rhythmically moved her hips, encouraged by Cathy's muffled 'oh yes' and 'oh fuck!'. Nick watched in genuine admiration as the two women seemed locked together in a beautiful dance. From tenderly clasping Cathy's hips, Poppy moved her hands behind her own body, pressing her buttocks to give extra depth and thrust. Nick now moved to the front, above Cathy's head. He openly stroked his erection and Poppy smile admiringly at his huge cock. For several more minutes she 'ministered' to Nick's partner, then signalled with her eyes and a head nod for him to stand beside her.

"Your turn now sir." She discreetly withdrew, allowing Nick to enter Cathy's rear. His climax was long-lasting and exhilarating for them both.

In the evening Poppy left, armed with the box of cakes and her dildo.

Cathy decided to take a long soothing bath to recover from her double-pounding, while Nick ordered them a light supper from room service. After her bath, Cathy came into the bedroom and stood behind Nick, who was reading one of the weekend supplements. She stroked the nape of his neck. "Well, what an absolutely amazing 24 hours!"

He looked up from his magazine and smiled. "Even in our wildest dreams before we met up yesterday, I don't think either of us could have imagined a scenario quite like that, do you?"

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