Two girlfriends stay in for the night

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Wife pleases her girlfriend then tells her whats going to happen next
The other day I came home from work and was looking forward to spending the evening with my wife. We had the next day off, and it was going to be great to just get some time with her.

After I was home and settled my wife Dawn came and found me and told me she wanted to spend the evening with a girlfriend and have some fun. I was a little disappointed, but a few seconds later, she told me that she had some plans for her and her girlfriend Ashlynn, which is the other name I go by, and suddenly I was a lot more excited!!

"What kind of fun plans do you have with your girlfriend?" I asked her.

"Oh, I just had some ideas on how we could have some fun as two girls hanging out! Go get changed and I'll tell you all about it. I've already laid out the clothes I want you to wear so go ahead and start getting dressed sweetie."

So, I've only been dressing for a few years now, but my wife Dawn knows all about it, and totally supports me dressing. In fact, sometimes she even buys me some of my stuff, which is definitely one of the hottest things she could do for me. I don't go out dressed at all, so basically my wife is the only who has seen me dressed.

My wife is amazing, very sexy, has great red hair which I love, amazing legs, some really great breasts and she is incredible sexy! In fact, I tell her a lot of the ways I dress is a reflection of how I see her. And although I dress, I am mostly interested in women as I find them so sexy. But I still am curious about guys, and my wife and I fantasize about this sometimes, but I'm pretty sure that's all it'll be.

Anyway, so that brings us back to that night. I go into the bedroom and see what she has laid out: a long red wig, a white short sleeve sweater, a red plaid skirt, and then a sexy white bra, white thong, white thigh high stockings and some red platform high heels. Mmmm, just knowing she picked these out makes my cock hard. There's a note on top that says "get all made up for tonight and take your time, I want you to look your best" with a red lipstick kiss on it.

I put up all my makeup on first and decide to offset the red plaid and be a little wild so I go with all green. I do green sparkly eye shadow, and after I put my nails on, green polish for my nails and toes. And then a bright pink lipstick to top it off. I take my time and really try to make it look great like she said.

I look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. I get dressed, and add in my breast forms to give me a nice full chest too. I add some jewelry, ok a lot of jewelry, earrings, big necklace, big rings, and pretty big bracelets. I love the way it all looks. And this white sweater really shows off my breasts well. This is as close to passable as I feel I've ever looked.

I walked out to find my wife I didn't see here, but heard her say, "Oh wow, you look beautiful and so hot!" 

I loved how complimentary she was of my look so often. I turned around and WOW! my wife was wearing almost the same exact outfit (which I absolutely love on her by the way). She had a white t-shirt, red plaid shirt, white stockings and red high heels. I couldn't believe it. She looked amazing. I couldn't believe she'd planned this.

"So I can't believe this! You have us dressed up like twins. What are we going to do tonight?".
"Ssshhhhh." My wife put her fingers on my lips. "First we're going to do this."

While she kept her finger on my lips, she started to drop down to her knees. She buried her head underneath my skirt for a few seconds and immediately my cock was rock hard. Looking down seeing her red hair sticking out from underneath my skirt was so hot. Her hand slipped from my lips and slid down to one of my breasts, and start playing with them. Her other hand reached up under my skirt and started rubbing my cock. I could feel her hot breath and hand under my skirt and it was very sexy!

Next thing I knew my wife had pulled my cock out of my panties and guided it to her eagerly waiting wet lips. Wow, I loved the way she sucked it. She lifted my skirt so I could see her face, and right away she took my cock in her hand and then put it deep in her mouth. It felt so good.

Something about looking over the tops of my breasts and seeing my wife under my skirt now sucking my cock was so sexy. I was one lucky guy for sure. "Ohh, Ashlynn, your breasts feel so good in my hand and your cock is so hard."

After playing with my breasts for a few minutes while she continued to take my cock deep into her mouth, she moved her hand under my skirt and around to my ass. "Mmmm, Ashlynn, I can already taste you."

She started playing with my ass, and she started bobbing up and down on my cock. Looking down and seeing her on her knees, the outline of those gorgeous breasts, and her amazing red hair. Oh wow, I could not have fantasized anything better!

Dawn was really bobbing on my cock now and it was amazing. Her other hand was sliding under my panties and starting rubbing my ass. It was incredible. I loved when she played with my ass. And to look down and see her was sooooo sexy. I loved the way she went down on me.

I was getting closer to cumming and somehow she always knew when, so she went even stronger. I could hear her moaning, and her moth was sliding up and down ever faster while her hand teased my ass. I started to explode in her mouth and as she swallowed every drop, she was pulling me closer in to make sure she got every drop. I continued to explode and she never slowed down.

Finally I begged her to stop. I am so sensitive after I cum I can barely stand it. She looked up from my under my skirt and smiled at me with a mischievous smile. She was so sexy and that was so amazing. I told her thank you and said, "That was incredible!"

She licked the tip of my cock but I couldn't take it.

Dawn stood up and we kissed deeply and I could taste my cum on her lips. I was so turned on by what just happened, and assumed this was the plan. Dawn then pulled away and said, "Are you ready for the rest of the night?"

"What do you mean? There's more?" I asked.

Dawn then got that mischievous smile again and said, "My friend, Maria, was telling me the other day that her husband, Mark, always talked about being with two women, but her fantasy was to watch him with two women and she couldn't imagine who to make both work. I let it slip that you dress up for me as Ashlynn and I jokingly said you and I could be the two women, twins even, while she watched. She loved the idea so much that they're going to be here in 15 minutes. In fact we need to go get straightened up to get ready!"

"WHAT? You mean other people are going to see me dressed up?" I asked in a panic.

Dawn smiled and said, "Oh they're going to do much more than see you dressed up, especially Mark, as WE'RE going to be the two girls for him while she watches."

"Dawn! What? Are you serious?" I ask totally panicked and almost angry.

Then a few seconds later what was about to happen hit me and I felt my cock start to get hard again under my skirt. Very hard and wet.

To be continued......