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Vicky's Mrs. Robinson Moment

Vicky's Mrs. Robinson Moment

My wife the company cougar.


I had heard my wife Vicky mention the name Scott a few times over the last couple of months, and by her account, he was a polite, good-looking young salesman.

I remember asking her if he was fuckable, and her reply was "Yeah! If I was twenty years younger."

My wife Victoria is at the wrong end of her fifties. In truth, she could pass for mid-forties and is considered a 'cougar' by the salesmen at her place of work. She's a natural flirt, with a smile for everyone.

It was only last week when she returned from a works party that she spoke again about Scott. According to her the younger element of the sales staff had some kind of dare or bet to see who would ask her to dance. And Scott was the winner.

"Was it a slow dance?" My question was as innocent as I could put it.

"Sort of." Vicky's vagueness only added to my curiosity.

"How sort of?"

"Well, we danced closer than we probably needed to."

"Good for you girl!"

The first time I fucked Vicky was at a wedding. She was still with her significant other who instigated situations for her to be fucked by anyone he considered worthy. At that time we knew that each other existed, and I always thought she was way out of my league. I mention this because she danced me into the hotel bathroom and I fucked her over the sink. So she has previous!

"Did you dance him into the car park?"

"No, I didn't." She laughed at my inference. "There were too many eyes watching us."

Her answer implied that had they not had the attention they were receiving, and considering her alcohol consumption, she might have landed herself a toy boy.

"Fuck Sean he's only twenty-four!"

"And?" What had age to do with it?

"Anyway, no I didn't." She was beginning to sound bored with my interrogation. "He did have a boner though!"

I wasn't sure if she said it, just to keep me on her line.

"Oh! And how pray tell, did you know that he had a boner?"

"I felt it pressing against me when we were dancing."

"See! You've still got it babe."

I don't know why, but the thought of my wife inducing a boner in a young buck just excites the hell out of me. Needless to say, our evening concluded with a bit of roll play, where I did my best to emulate a twenty-five year old boy.

Fast forward to last night...

It happens from time to time that my wife's duties include locking up. She is always accompanied by a salesman, and on this particular evening, it was young Scott's name on the rota.

I am oblivious to any of this because a recent mail order purchase had been delivered earlier that morning, demanding my full attention, three very short dresses and a pair of nude 4" heeled court shoes. Bought with my wife's approval and on her Visa card.

Tonight wouldn't be the first time I'd surprised her when she returned from work, only to be welcomed by Amanda.

I'd had all day to plan and when I stood in front of our full-length wardrobe mirror, I was well impressed with my purchases. I wore the tight-fitting red dress that showed off my curves and legs, and the new shoes that were surprisingly quite comfortable. My face was fully made up and my blonde wig completed my metamorphosis.

Honestly! You couldn't write it. But I'll give it a go.

It was Amanda then that was in the kitchen, stirring the bolognese sauce and looking at my watch, waiting for Victoria's return.

I heard a vehicle pull into our driveway and waited to hear her enter the hallway.

The lounge lights were dimmed as I lurked behind the adjoining kitchen door.

"Hi!" I stepped out from the kitchen, only to be confronted by a six-foot young hunk. in a dark suit

"Hello." The tall, dark and extremely handsome young stranger standing in my lounge spoke. "I'm Scott. Vicky told me just to go in. She's getting some stuff out of the boot." It was as if he was trying to convince me that he wasn't a rapist.

"What the fuck!" I thought, as my heart was in danger of bursting through my bra. I wanted to turn and run, but that would have looked ridiculous, so I decided to just stand there looking gorgeous. "Where's my fucking wife?"

Scott could sense my anxiety and felt obliged to continue conversing. "Vicky said Sean would be watching the game and I would be welcome to watch it with him."

I managed a nod and a nervous smile and remembered that there was a big match on a subscription channel. One that had I not had my fem head on, I would have watched.

"Is he around?"

"He sure is babe!" I was grateful for the ambient lighting in the room. It appeared that Scott had not 'made' me, but one thing was for sure... If I opened my mouth to speak my cover would be blown.

"Sorry I didn't get your name." Scott held his hand out to shake, like the great salesman he was destined to be.

"Amanda! What... Where..." Enter Victoria, bang on cue. "Where's Sean?"

Now, she knew exactly where Sean was, and what's more, she was well aware I couldn't speak. That being the case, she managed to hold it together long enough to answer her own question.

"Aw shit! Did he go to Harry's to watch the game?"

Harry's was our local bar that often showed big games on their giant screen.

I nodded in the affirmative.

Scott was becoming curious regarding the mute in the red mini-dress when my quick thinking wife struck gold again.

"How's your throat babe, did Sean give you the throat medicine you were asking about?"

Give the girl her due, she was thinking on her feet and attempting to cover all angles.

I nodded again and continued to smile, a little less nervous than previous.

"This is Scott, one of our salesman." She confirmed Scotts earlier introduction.

I mimed the words "hello Scott" holding my throat in a sympathetic gesture.

"There's a lot of it about!" He appeared to have swallowed the sore throat blag.

"You remember me telling you about the young hunk who started working with us."

"What!" Of course, I remembered her telling 'Sean' about him. I nodded again and looked at Scott.

He let out an embarrassed laugh.

"Remember, I said if I was twenty years younger..." She maintained a cheeky smile.

"Whoa, Vicky! Hello! I'm standing here." Scott's face blushed bright red.

"What? Only telling the truth!" She smouldered a look in Scott's direction. "We had been discussing young fucks, and I said I would if I was younger."

Scott's laugh was more authentic. "Age is only a number?"

Just as I was conjuring up an escape, the young buck was losing his shyness. As far as he was concerned he was in the company of a couple of cougars, who had been discussing his sexual prowess. He continued to hint.

"If two people..." Scott turned his attention from Vicky back to me. "... or three," He was including Amanda in his ménage à trois. "fancy each other! That's all I'm saying."

I looked at my wife, waiting to hear where she was going with this.

"Good God Scott, I bet I'm older than your mother!"

"Fuck! Again with the age thing!" He began fighting his corner. "I'd fuck the two of you!"

I hid my face to conceal my manly grin and feigned a choke to stifle a laugh.

"So you'd fuck me then?" Vicky's persistence was more about taking the attention off me.

"Fuck yeah! Vicky the Company Cougar? Fuck yeah." A massive grin appeared on his face.

Vicky looked genuinely shocked at Scott's bold admission. I wanted to tell her 'told you so' but I was still reeling in the euphoria, that I was fuckable.

"You couldn't tell anyone." Fuck! She was going through with this.

Like the young stud isn't going to boast about his latest conquest, as soon as he gets into the staff rest room the next morning.

"No of course not."

"And I won't come in your mouth." My internal dialogue suggested a doubt in his integrity. He was after all, 'one of the boys'. And Oh how the boys would love to hear this story.

Vicky gave Scott the once-over as if she was mulling it over. "What d'ya think Amanda? Could Scott handle me?"

Once again my wife has previous. When she was thirty-five, and with the full consent of her partner, she spent five hours being fucked by a sixteen-year-old. Her partner told me that she could hardly walk from her car to the front door. And she confesses that her victim had one of the biggest cocks she'd ever experienced. She's relayed the story to me on a few coital occasions. She doesn't know, that I know of her other Mrs. Robinson moment, with Toby. But then again, she doesn't know of mine.

Scott stood gobsmacked in the center of the lounge, while the two cougars scoured their prey. What I would give to witness Vicky and Scott fucking each other's brains out, but me being present without getting 'involved' would appear strange and a little creepy. I dearly wanted to walk up to Scott and place my hand on the swelling manifesting under his pants. But Vicky beat me to it. She grabbed Scott's hand and pulled him into the hallway. Scott offered no resistance whatsoever, as he was led upstairs.

"Pity about that virus you've caught Amanda. You can let yourself out babe." Vicky spoke out loud as she climbed the stairs with Scott in tow.

"You little minx." I whispered under my breath. She had certainly given me an out. I could grab some clothes from the washing basket and drive to a quiet spot and change. Or I could stick around and listen to the pair of them fucking in our marital bed.

I decided to hang about.

I didn't have to wait long before I heard the floorboards above me creak, as my wife and her young stud climbed on to our bed. I pictured the scene in my head like I'd done countless times before, but this time it was happening.

I walked into the hallway and stood at the foot of the stair. The faint whimpering and whispering coming from our bedroom was inaudible and it was clear I'd have to get closer to our bedroom door for a better eavesdrop.

I opened and closed the front door to give the impression of me leaving before slipping out of my shoes to covertly ascend the stairs. I distinctly heard giggling from both parties as they thought they'd been left alone.

From my vantage point seated on the top stair, I could hear moaning from both parties. Lot's of "mmm's" from my wife and her new lover made a few grunts of his own.

The bed was beginning to get into a rhythm as was Vicky's moans. My wife can be quite vocal when she gets going and it sounded like Scott had dispersed with much foreplay and was already banging his cock into my wife's wet hole.

"Oh my God! What a cock!"

My suspicions were validated. Vicky's pussy had probably started to drip downstairs with sheer anticipation, as her overpowering lust for cock would have had her pussy juices flowing.

"Oh fuck Scott! Fuck me babe! Fuck, you're big! Oh what a cock!"

Now I'll wager that the young fellow had never heard such pillow talk. I don't know how much fucking he'd done in his young life, but Vicky really is on a different plane. When it comes to lust-making she is insatiable. She climaxes very easily, and often.

I could hear the bed headboard banging against the wall, as the heat in the room intensified.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck Scott! I'm going to cum!" Even by Vicky's standards, this was quick.

"Me too!" I heard him grunt.

I was quite surprised at how quick they were both climaxing and put it down to the euphoria they were experiencing. Him fucking the work's cougar, and her fucking a guy thirty years her junior.

My own enlarged clit was having a battle under my panty-hose, and as the fuck fest continued in the adjacent room, I began rubbing myself through my panties. I maneuvered myself into a position where I could grip my cock and moved my hand up and down my shaft.

"Shoot your spunk Scott. Shoot your cum inside me." Vicky was in full flow. Her loud groans coincided with every thrust of Scott's cock as he firedt his cum inside my wife's belly.

Scott let out a long "Ohhhhhh" as he shot his milky seed.

The banging headboard grew louder and erratic as Scott's orgasm peaked.

"Yes! Yes! Don't stop Scott! Don't you dare stop! Oh Fuuuuck!"

I could hear Scott's heavy breathing as I pictured him lying spent, beside my wife.

"Wow!" Both antagonists were simultaneous in their approval. They both began laughing at their synchronicity.

"What a fuck!" Vicky was in her own way expressing her verdict on Scott's performance.

A silence fell in the room, only to be broken by the slurping sound of mouths together. I continued to rub myself, picturing the scene inside my bedroom.

I could see in my mind's eye the two of them kissing passionately. Vicky on her back, while Scott lay on his side, periodically sucking on a nipple. Vicky would have guided his fingers back to down to her shaved pussy inviting him to stimulate her clitoris once again. 

"What about Sean?" It was the first time I'd heard my name mentioned.

"Mmm? What about him?" My wife seemed less concerned.

"What time will he back?" It was only natural I suppose. He wasn't to know Sean was jerking off from about twelve feet away, dressed in a dress and listening to every word.

"It's OK we've got loads of time." Victoria was not for ending her night just yet.

"Must be weird married to an old guy." The young whipper snapper's words stopped my wank. "How the fuck does he know how old I am?"

" I saw a photo of him on Facebook when I was trawling your profile." Well that answered my thought.

"For a man in his sixties, he's OK."

"Well thanks for that Vics."

"SIXTIES! Fuck, I thought mid-fifties!" There were a few seconds of silence. "How old are you then?"

"Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age." I knew what was coming next. "How old do you think I am?" There it is. In no way is Vicky conceited, but she knows she looks much younger than her 56 years.

There was a short pause as Scott was obviously thinking. "Thirty-nine?"

Even I wasn't expecting that. It's alright being gallant, but out by twenty-six years!

"Close enough." Deep iside she was elated.

I had to stifle my laugh at Vicky's retort.

The next sound I heard was a long groan from Scott. I surmised Vicky was sucking him off, soon confirmed by the sound of her slurping and moaning.

"Mmm that's better." I was in no doubt that Vicky had revitalized Scott's hard on.

"Stamina, Sean hasn't got stamina."

"OK let it go babe!" It was true I'm a bit of a one fuck specialist. But I'm a great believer in quality, not quantity. Well that's my excuse.

Apparently, Scott had no such problem. As the headboard began banging again I thought that the neighbors must be thinking "fuck Sean's lively tonight!"

Note to self: Must pull the bed away from the wall.

It wouldn't have made a difference if I the bed had been further from the wall on this occasion, as Scott was banging my wife hard. And she appeared to be loving it.

"Oh fuck babe! Fuck my wet pussy! Oh God! I love it, I just love it."

I continued my own masturbating, listening to Vicky's sex talk. Her words interspersed with sharp breathing. Her lover managing a few animal-like grunts.

The excitement was all too much as I ejaculated into my panties. I feared the remorse.

As my wife and her gigolo continued their fucking, I pulled myself together and quietly descended the stairs, careful not to stand on the squeaky step. The bed was still rocking as I settled down on a couch in the corner of our lounge. I was desperate to remain dressed and fought the anxiety of my post ejaculation remorse. I wasn't prepared for the sudden attack of humiliation and jealousy.

The sound of Vicky achieving another climax somehow put the smile back on my face. It was audibly obvious that she was having the time, maybe even the fuck of her life, and I wallowed in her pleasure.

I counted another three orgasms before the movement upstairs suggested they had ended their love session. I pressed the TV remote just in time to catch the end of the match. I heard the toilet flushing above the low television volume.

From my seated position I could see the bottom  few stairs. I crossed my legs and waited for their descent. There was a lot of giggling until they came within earshot of the television.

"I didn't think the telly was on!" Vicky was first to enter the room. " Oh Fuck! It's you! I thought you'd left!"

I smiled and shook my head.

"Oh hi again!" Scott was as shocked to see me as Vicky was.

"Eh... I'm just going to give Scott a lift home as it's raining."

Before she left the room she caught my wink. As did Scott.

"Bye then Amanda. I hope we can meet again when you've shaken off the lurgy." I was convinced he was asking me on a date.

This appeared to tickle my wife and she burst out laughing. "Yeah maybe make it a threesome."

Scott's face was a picture as Vicky dragged him out of the lounge. "Won't be long honey."

I waved from behind the curtains as Vicky's car left the driveway, and within seconds I was entering the scene of the grime. I whipped back the duvet to examine the evidence. There were damp patches all over the bed sheet. I rubbed one of the darker patches with my finger and placed it under my nose. I could smell fresh cunt juice. I placed the offending digit inside my mouth and licked it. Further up the bed, I spotted a small milky globule of what I purported to be Scott's spunk, having probably just oozed out of my wife's pussy. I repeated the finger thing, this time ignoring the nose.

"Mmm," I was tasting Scott's spunk. A brief thought of perverse madness entered my head, but fuck, this is my secret. And I'm not hurting anyone.

I tidied myself up and reapplied some lippy. My hair looked better after a brush and after a few poses in the mirror, I went back downstairs to wait for my beloved to return.

An hour went by before I began my first twitch through the curtains. "What if that old jalopy of hers has broken down." I decided to give her a call.

A ring tone could be heard from the hall. Her phone was inside her jacket pocket hanging where she left it. Because of the rain, she wore her raincoat.

As I approached the lounge window for the umpteenth time, Vicky's car entered the street. I went to greet her at the front door and couldn't help but notice she was walking gingerly.

"You OK babe?" I was concerned she'd hurt herself.

"Yeah, you?"

Vicky looked at me, unsure of my reaction to her night of lust.

"Yeah honey, I'm good. That was quite a night you had there." I wasn't going to let the elephant even enter the room.

"Oh sweetheart it was amazing! What a fuck!" Vicky was lightening up.

"Yeah, so I heard." Sean's voice contradicted his state of dress.

"Oh did you hear us?"

I told Vicky that I had sat at the top of the stair while they rutted.

"And I had an amazing wank myself." My voice was softer and more suited.

"Wow! So everybody's happy." Vicky knew she'd got the best deal of the night.

"So what took you so long? I tried ringing you but... "

"My phone's in my jacket. I know." Victoria sat along-side me on the couch. "Kiss me."

I carried out her request with no hesitation.

"Can you taste him?"

I certainly could, but that could have been from the blob off our sheet.

"Yes I can."

"Well that's where I've been. I gave him a parting BJ. in the car. Talk about steamy windows."

And on that note, Victoria arose from the couch, helped me to my feet and led me by the hand upstairs to our bedroom.

As we fucked she described how she was feeling as Scott pumped his dick inside her.

"Was he big?" (You've just got to know)

"Oh babe, he was really big." Her emphasis on 'really' spoke volumes.

I was fucking Vicky from behind, doggy style. "That big eh?"

"Oh Scott fuck me babe. Fuck my cunt. Shoot your spunk inside me." Vicky knew what I wanted to hear.

I reciprocated. "I can't believe I'm fucking Mrs. Carrington from accounts. Victoria Carrington the company cougar.

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