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Wedding Night: Part One

My fantasy night of being a married girl in bed with her hubby comes true.
As a tranny callboy/escort, I was always fulfilling the fantasies of lots of gay and bisexual men. But there was a fantasy of my own I had had for awhile that I wanted to fulfill with a handsome bisexual escort myself. I wanted to hire a handsome stud escort to pretend he was my hubby and have honeymoon sex with me like I was a bride on her wedding night.

Every single girl fantasizes about having a big handsome man to please every night, to sleep with her and spoon together after sex, feeling his big hard cock pressing against her ass cheeks and turning her on all night long. And I was just like every girl.

Finally, after years of fantasizing about it, I decided to take the steps to fulfill my sexy and lovely fantasy. I called an escort service that specialized in bisexual male escorts and made an appointment to check out their catalog of studly males. Just the thought of looking at all those big handsome men with their shirts off in the catalog was getting my girly boy juices stirring down in my little panties when I made the call.

A friendly female voice answered and I told her what I was looking for. She assured me that her service had the best looking hunks on the market and she told me to come to the office that afternoon to browse the photos and profiles of available male escorts who serviced both men and women.

My clitty dick was hard all the rest of the day and it was making my panties wet from the thought of my bridal fantasy coming true with a big handsome stud. I got dolled up in girlish clothes and I did my nails, hair, makeup, eyeliner and put on lipstick and perfume before heading out to the adult escort service.

Choosing the right man for a "husband" is a big decision for a girl. First of all, he had to be tall, handsome and have a nice cock. Secondly, he had to be sensitive to a girl's needs, knowing just what to do to please her without being told. And third, he had to have staying power and be able to fuck her hard for hours on her wedding night. No girl wants her husband to shoot his load and then roll over and fall asleep before he fully satisfied her, leaving her feeling sad. These were the things I was looking for in the male escort I would choose to be my "hubby."

The thought of being a girl with a cock inside her for hours on her wedding night kept my clitty dick hard all the way to the service. I'm sure every girl gets excited knowing how good she is going to be fucked that night, so she wants everything to be special including the place they do it, her makeup and hairdo, the lingerie she wears and, most importantly, the man she chooses.

Although it was just a fantasy of mine, I wanted the man to be extra special to give me fond memories of it later. It occurred to me that I should hire a photographer to take photos of us doing it, so I could remember my special night for years to come; after all, the escort, hotel room, wedding dress, bridal lingerie and Dom Perignon champagne were all going to cost a lot of money. So, having a photographer to take some photos would give me more vivid memories to cherish later. 

Being a sexy girly boy with my panties wet for a man made me wish my "hubby" was waiting for me at the escort service when I arrived. I wanted to strip him out of his clothes and suck his cock really good for him like a sweet little "wifey." And then let him take off my dress and pull down my panties and fuck me so hard I would moan like a horny bitch in heat. Instead, I was just going to select my "hubby" from the catalog of men and then talk to him on the phone to tell him my fantasy and make a date with him to fulfill it. I was hoping he had a hot masculine voice so I could remember what he sounded like while I fingered my clitty dick at night in bed while waiting for our wedding night to come.

The thought that there would be photos of the escorts cocks in the catalog had not occurred to me and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had completely naked photos of each man with his cock hanging out on display, some hard and others soft. Some girls will tell you that the size of the cock on her man doesn't matter. But I've always preferred those big men with big ones. They make me feel like a dainty little wench in bed and it was especially important to me that my "hubby" had a big one I could remember always while I fingered myself while thinking back on how good he fucked me on our wedding night.

The nice young lady, Renee, in the office was helpful in my "hubby" search, telling me which men were her favorites when she got fucked by them when they were being hired and she had to try them out. We felt like two girlfriends looking at yearbook photos together. I was totally enjoying the process of selecting my "hubby."

We, eventually, narrowed it down to three handsome studs who we both really liked. Each of them had a big cock with a nice head on it and a handsome rugged face. The little slut inside me wished I could have all three of them to sleep with me all night, but my fantasy only called for one "hubby" and even two would be too many. While I really liked the two blonde studs in the book, I felt like the dark-haired one would be less into himself and more into me. He had a nine inch cock, a little smaller than I had hoped for. But he looked so friendly, I decided I wanted him.

Renee arranged for me to call him and tell him my fantasy and make the date with him. Steve was his name and Renee assured me he had the staying power I was looking for in my stud escort. She said he gave her multiple orgasms when she had fucked him in the hiring process and that he also was a good kisser and clitty licker. I was excited as she dialed the number and got him on the phone. Butterflies were beating in my stomach. After explaining my fantasy to Steve, Renee handed the phone to me.

"Hi," I said.

"Hello, Darling," said Steve. "How's my sweetie doing today?"

"I'm fine," I replied nervously.

"I can't wait for our wedding night," he said with a very manly voice. "I want to fuck you like a bride deserves to be fucked, Darling."

Just thinking of how much pleasure he was going to give me made my clitty dick leak sweet juices like a pussy into my panties. How much a girl looks forward to her wedding night was occurring to me.

"And then after we're done fucking for hours, I want to sleep with my arms around you and my cock pressed between your ass cheeks. Does that sound good to you, Darling?" he asked.

I was so turned on, all I could mutter was "Yes."

"Great," said Steve. "When would you like our wedding day to be?"

"I have to do some shopping for my bridal clothes and make hotel reservations for our bridal suite," I said. "I think two Saturdays from now would be good."

"Let me check my calendar," said Steve. He paused for a moment and then he said, "Two Saturdays from now will be fine. Tell Renee to give you my number so we can talk in the meantime and work out the details. I've been with lots of brides-to-be on their bachelorette party nights and I have to say, sexy brides are my favorites. So, I think I'm really going to enjoy being with you, Courtney."

"Me, too, Steve," I replied. "I can't wait."

"Okay, stay in touch, Darling," said Steve.

He blew a kiss into the phone as he hung up and my clitty juices were gushing like pussy juice, at that moment.

"Congratulations!" said Renee excitedly as I put down the phone. "You're a bride-to-be. We can have the wedding ceremony here in the office and I'll be your maid of honor and I'll arrange for a best man and someone to conduct the service. We'll do it like it's a real wedding for you, Courtney."

I hadn't expected all this and was trying to grasp it all since my fantasy had always been about the honeymoon. But Renee was so happy for me that I really did feel like a girl engaged to be married.

"Now, we'll both need corsages and a wedding cake," she said. "Steve already has a tux to wear."

In her enthusiasm, Renee made me feel excited, too. It was all so wonderful. In my fantasy, I had always had the lust for a hubby to turn me on, but Renee was reminding me that the love for her hubby is important to a girl, too. Could I really fall in love with Steve and have sex with him like he was my real husband? Renee was bound by some woman's code to be sure I did. She made a color photocopy of Steve's profile photo for me to take with me so I could fantasize about my "hubby-to-be" while fingering myself in my bed at night, anticipating the great honeymoon sex we were going to have.

With the "hubby" chosen, I now had to go pick out my bridal dress and lingerie, lots of lingerie. I wanted to wear at least four different sexy outfits for him that night to make sure he stayed good and turned on. After he stripped me out of each outfit and had sex with me, I would go clean up and put on another outfit to turn him on, again and again. That way, he was sure to have long-lasting staying power to make me feel like a bride on her wedding night.

Driving from the escort service, I placed the photo of Steve on the front seat beside me. In the photo, he was completely naked and his nine inch cock was fully erect. He also had low-hanging balls that must have held a gallon of hot cum for a girl to enjoy. I was so turned on by the sight of my future "hubby" that I reached down under my dress and started rubbing my clitty dick through the soft material of my panties. I imagined that my fingers were Steve's fingers and he was rubbing my clitty on our wedding night night while he kissed me and nibbled on my earlobes and told me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me.

It was a terrific fantasy that was coming true and any girl would be lying if she said she doesn't get excited about all the cock her hubby is going to give her on her honeymoon. That's why they make a whole line of bridal lingerie just for her to feel extra special on her big night. And I was on my way to enjoy picking out lots of that sexy special lingerie to please my "hubby" with.

Fingering my clitty while driving, I couldn't wait to hear the words "You may kiss the bride" and feel Steve kissing me with his manly lips for the first time and to know he was going to kiss me all night while we had honeymoon sex together. Oh, it felt so good on my clitty dick to rub it thinking about being with my "hubby." I imagined every girl fingers herself while thinking about her wedding night.

At the bridal shop, I was really into looking at all the beautiful dresses. Since I was wearing a dress already, the sales girl figured I was preparing for a gay marriage and did not treat me any different than other brides to be. I decided I would get a short wedding dress which would highlight my sexy legs and give Steve access to play with me under my dress while we drove to the hotel.
It was a lot of fun feeling like a girl preparing for her wedding. I noticed how nice the bridal shop sales girl was treating me, the same way Renee at the escort service had. When it comes to pleasing a man on her wedding night, girls seemed to have a special bond that makes them all feel like sisters. They all know that the sex you give to your hubby on your wedding night is the most special sex you ever give a man.

The dress I decided on was short but I want it hemmed shorter to highlight my legs for Steve. It was tight around the hips which really showed off my nice ass that all men seemed to love. It had low-plunging shoulder straps that gave a sexy view of my nice breasts and my back. After trying it on and modeling it in the store in front of a mirror, I decided it was perfect.

Now, it was time to shop for the all-important bridal lingerie. Most brides blush when their husband strips them down to their lingerie on their wedding night. So, as I held each sexy and lacy piece of lingerie up in front of the mirror, I practiced blushing for my "hubby." It was getting me excited just thinking of wearing each sexy little thing for Steve and seeing his big hard cock growing for me while I did. I planned to keep getting his cock hard all night long until the next morning before we would fall asleep together like two lovers united forever.

With each little panty I held up in front of me, my clitty dick grew harder and harder until there was a bulge at my waistline. And with each matching bra I held up to my breasts, my nipples grew harder. Shopping for sexy lingerie had always been a turn-on for me, but this was the horniest I'd ever gotten. Knowing I was going to be Mrs. Steve and receive the first fuck of a bride on her wedding night made it so much more enjoyable. I thought of all the sexy girls who come in here to shop for their wedding night lingerie and how they got so horny anticipating their first fuck from their hubbies on their wedding nights. Their nipples must get hard like mine, too.

Suddenly, I felt the sweet pre-cum leaking from my clitty dick and I wanted to go in the changing room and finger myself good while thinking about Steve's big cock. The sales girl was busy writing down the instructions for the seamstress on hemming my wedding dress to make it shorter. I figured I had a few minutes to give myself pleasure the way girls do with their fingers.

I hurried into the dressing room and took off my dress and hung it on a hook. I was naked except for my panties and bra and high heels. The bulge under my dress was now fully exposed down in my sexy little lace see-through panty and the sight of it was turning me on immensely. I needed to release the pressure and quickly before the sales girl became suspicious of what I was doing. I took off my panties and started to play with my sweet little clitty. The touch of my fingertips on the sensitive parts was intense.

It wasn't long until my loin juices were ready to flow out of me like a gusher from a hot volcano. I held my sexy little panties up to the tip of my clitty to catch the sweet juices with when I came. The sight of my sexy body in the mirror was turning me on while I thought of Steve's big cock I couldn't wait to have on our wedding night. My clitty shot loads of hot liquid out onto my sexy little panty making me feel like a girl having multiple orgasms.

Oh, clitties are so wonderful with the way they make a girl feel. I wish Steve was there to fuck me right then. My manpussy was ready for a cock the way a girl's pussy gets ready for a cock after she gets her clitty rubbed. As much as we like to think our bodies are different, boys and girls have the same sensitive areas but in different shapes and sizes.

Suddenly, the sales girl knocked on the dressing room door. "Do you need any help?" she said.

I was shocked when she opened the door and saw me with my dress and panties off and my still rock hard cock in my hand. A smile came to her face as she looked down at my seven inch tool.

"I can help you with that," she said with a big smile.

I had forgotten to lock the door and was caught jerking off in the dressing room and the sales girl seemed glad about it. She entered the dressing room and closed the door behind her, locking it. In an instant, she was down on her knees taking my cock in her left hand and sucking it for me. The fact that she was a pretty blonde really excited me.

All I was wearing was my high heels and my bra and my nipples were rock hard, so it felt like we were two lesbians getting it on, all the sudden. Her lips were magical on my clitty dick and her tongue was, too. And I got especially horny when I saw her reach under her dress with her right hand and start fingering her on clitty while she sucked on my clitty dick. I suddenly understood how two girls can turn each other on sexually.

With each movement forward, she was swallowing more and more of my cock and she seemed to like it a lot. I could tell by the way she was fingering herself that she wanted it inside her. I started imagining that I was her doing to my "hubby" Steve what she was doing to me and that Steve wanted to fuck me the way I was going to fuck her.

I knew if I came from her giving me oral I wouldn't be able to fuck her as good since I had just shot a load before she came into the dressing room. My wet panties from that load were now laying on the bench and I imagined the sales girl's panties were wet like mine from her fingering herself down under her dress. We were both horny girls with wet panties who needed manly satisfaction to please us, me from Steve and her from me.

I rubbed her face while she sucked on my cock and she, eventually, looked up at me and smiled. "Your lips feel so good on me, honey. Would you like to feel me inside you?"

A big smile came to her face as she stopped sucking me and stood up. "I thought you'd never ask," she said while stroking my cock to keep it good and hard. It was glistening from the moisture from her mouth.

She took off her dress and stripped down to her bra and panties, as I watched. The black lace undies she was wearing let me know she was a horny girl who liked lots of dick. Her ass was so fine, I decided to fuck her from behind while she leaned over the bench. I imagine she was me and I was Steve about to give her his big cock.

She took off her heels and bra and panties, exposing a perfect set of D-cup tits I could play with while I fucked her from behind the way I wanted Steve to play with my tits while he fucked me. Oh, it was so wonderful, having all this pleasure derive from my desire to be a bride on her wedding night. I would never have entered the bridal shop if it hadn't been for that.

With her wet panties laying on the bench next to mine, the sales girl felt so close to me. I didn't feel like a man fucking her. I felt like a girl wearing a strap-on dildo fucking another girl. I was just pretending to be the man for her since I felt like a girl, too. Steve's big fat nine inch cock was what I desired, not the sales girl's little pussy. I was just being nice and satisfying her desires.

She bent over the bench for me, exposing her nice clean butt hole and her little shaved pussy hole. Her pussy lips were wide and her big hard clitty was fully exposed. I knew she liked having her clitty rubbed, so I put the head of my dick up to it and started rubbing it against her. She got that look on her face like a girl having an orgasm and I knew she wanted me deep inside her.

Her pussy was so wet from fingering herself that my cock slipped right inside her. "Oh, yesss," she said. "Fuck me hard."

I started sliding my cock in and out of her while imagining she was me being fucked by Steve on my wedding night. While I fucked her, I reached around and played with her big D titties with her big nipples on them.

"Call me Steve," I said.

"Ohhh, Steve," she moaned. "You are so fucking good, Steve. I want you to shoot your big hot load inside me, baby. Fuck me, Steve. Oh, fuck me good, Steve. Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Steve."

The thought of me being her with Steve's big nine inch cock inside me was tremendous. My little manpussy was craving every inch of his big fat boner I enjoyed looking at so much in the photograph in my car. The photograph I would finger myself while looking at every night at bedtime until our wedding night when I could enjoy the real thing.

The sales girl's moaning was letting me know she loved my cock inside her. And I intended to moan just like her wheen Steve was inside of me. It's a trick girls use to get men even hornier for them so they want to fuck them harder and longer and it was a trick I had learned as a teen age girly boy.

'Fuck me harder, Steve, harder," she said as I pounded my body against her nice ass cheeks.

I knew this horny little bitch enjoyed having her clitty played with as much as I liked having mine played with, so I reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clitty with two fingers while I fucked her hard and played with her nipple with my other hand.

In the dressing room mirror, I could see the whole scene and I knew she was having orgasms from the gritting her teeth and was unable to talk, all the sudden. All she could do was let out gasps of air as I continued fucking her hard.
Suddenly, moist secretions came from her pussy and started leaking down onto my balls like hot male cum. I imagined she was me and I had Steve's cum leaking out of me onto his balls. It was so intense, being a girly boy with a woman and imagining I was a girl with a man. It was a double pleasure that no man who isn't a girly boy can understand. We are just as sensitive between our legs and need cock in us just as much as girls do when we are horny. I, suddenly, couldn't wait to get home and put my vibrator inside me and pretend it was Steve's big fat cock inside me.

I could have fucked that sales girl all day without cumming inside her cunt since I needed a man to please me. And she would have loved me to fuck her all day, too, the way I wanted Steve to fuck me all day. It suddenly occurred to me that one night with Steve on our honeymoon was not going to be enough. I decided I was going to have to hire him for an entire weekend of sex, from Friday until Monday. And I was going to need a lot more sexy lingeire than the four little outfits I had already picked out to wear for him.

Oh, it was so fun being a girl looking forward to her honeymoon. And I had the horny sales girl with the D-cup ttiies and the leaky little clitty to thank for making me realize that I'm a slut just like hr and I needed more than one night of cock to fully satisfy me. I couldn't wait to call Steve and tell him that I needed him for the whole weekend and would pay whatever he wanted so I could more fully enjoy his big niner a hundred times or more. I even thought of getting him some Viagra in case I fucked too much cum out of him.

After she finished her orgasm, the sales girl said, "Oh, Steve, you feel so good inside me." She was breathing heavy and still enjoying the feeling of my cock and fingers working on her pussy.

I still was fully erect and unable to cum, but I pulled it out of her so she could stand up and catch her breath.

Looking down at my cock, she said, "I've never had a girl like you in here before. Whew, you are really good."

"Do you want some more of it?" I asked.

She smiled widely. "You bet, I do," she said.

I pushed her back against the dressing room wall and thrusted my cock inside her from the front. Her pussy was sopping wet from all the cum she had flowing from her and I was glad to be of service to her. My titties in my little white lace bra were pushing against her bare D-cup breasts, making it feel like we were two girls getting it on again, me wearing the strap-on and being the bull dyke and her being the sexy little horny bitch who liked both men and women.

My dick really wouldn't cum in spite of all the hot action between us. I really did need a man to please me and I was glad when the she had another orgasm and told me her pussy needed a rest from all the friction.
"You are really good, Steve. I can't believe your cock is still hard."

"My name is Courtney and I need dick just as much as you do, honey," I replied. "Pussies don't do it for me. Only big dicks do."

"Oh," she said. "You mean, I don't turn you on?"

"Not one bit," I replied. "I was just giving you courtesy fucks to please you. While I was fucking you, I was imagining I was you with my man Steve. That's why I had you call me that."

"That Steve must really be some kind of hunk to turn you on like that," she said pointing at my still hard boner.

"You bet he is," I said. "I have a picture of him naked in my car I'll bring in to show you."

"Well, thanks for fucking me, anyway," she said. "Even if I don't turn you on, at all."

"One thing about you does turn me on," I said. "I wish I had tits like yours so that every man who saw me would want to fuck me the way they do when they see you."

She laughed. "That's why I bought these," she said. "I love being fucked. And when my tits were smaller I never got fucked as much as I do now."

"Men are so wonderful, aren't they?" I said. "The way they get so horny when they see us in our panties and bras and want to fuck us hard."

"I love them," she said. "Ever since I got my cherry popped, I've wanted them inside me every day."

I smiled widely. "Me, too," I said. "I've been a slut ever since I had my first man, too."

I felt like we were two girls comparing notes about our sexual escapades and desires. In fact, we both reached down and picked up our wet panties and put them on at the same time.

"When you don't have a man to fuck you, do you like fingering yourself and using a dildo, too?" she asked.

"Why, of course," I said.

"I just can't seem to stop," she said. "I want cock inside me all the time."

"Me, too," I said smiling.

She smiled. "We have to get together sometime and go out and get a couple of horny men to fuck us both. Then take turns switching off with them."

"It would be fun," I said. "Men would let me suck and fuck them just so they could suck on those nice big tits of yours."

"Ha," she said as she put her bra back on and straightened her nipples which were still nice and firm. "These new tits were the best money I ever spent. You wouldn't believe how much cock I get now."

She looked down at my cock which was still fully erect. "Would you like me to suck that for you some more? " she asked.

"Only if you want to," I replied.

"I normally don't taste my own pussy juice. But since you are such a good customer, I feel like I should make you cum, too."

Wearing just her bra and panties, she reached for my cock and started stroking it. Then she kissed me, trying to see if her feminine charms could allure me back to the appeal of straight sex.

"You really do love cock as much as I do," she said.

"Probably more," I said.

"Well," she said with a smile. "This blow job is for one cock lover to another."

She sat on the bench and I moved closer to her as she pulled my panties aside and took a hold of my cock and started sucking her own juices off me. I imagined she was me sucking Steve on our wedding night, licking the big meaty head that would feel so good on my tongue, then swallowing more and more of it until it was deep in my throat the way mine was hers. I pretended I was Steve.

"Oh, Courtney, baby, suck that cock honey. Oh, yeah, I want to come in your mouth so bad. You're the best bitch in the world, Courtney. My cock doesn't want any other mouth but yours."

She was getting into and sucking me like I was planning to suck Steve. And, finally, I was ready to cum.

"Let me blow my load on your tits," I said.

She reached down with one hand and pulled down the cups of her bra exposing her big D-cup tits while she continued to suck me good, licking up every bit of her sweet juices while she did.

"Yeah, babe," I said letting her know I was ready to shoot it out on her.

She pulled it from her mouth and licked her lips before she gazed up into my eyes. She stroked me hard with her hand as I moved closer to her so I would be sure to explode onto her big tits. This is something I anted to do for Steve and it was nice to practice it in a bit of role reversal to watch how I needed to do it as seductively as my hot little sales wench in the bridal shop.

Loads and loads of cum exploded out of me and hit her in the neck, at first, then ran down her tits like little rivers of sweet jiz. I came like a girl having multiple orgasms and it felt so good to know I was just like that sales girl, a little cum-loving horny bitch who liked wearing sexy underwear under her dress and showing off her nice legs for men to get turned on by. We even both wore high heels to make our legs look longer and more seductive for men.

"I love being with you, Courtney," she said. "You're a lot of fun."

While still stroking my meat to drain the last of my juices out of me, she started rubbing the cum around on her tits paying special attention to her huge nipples that were still fully erect. I knew I could fuck her again if I wanted but who I really wanted to fuck was Steve whose fully erect cock was waiting for me in the photo in my car. That photo was going to give me lots of orgasms and many hours of pleasure until I got with Steve on our honeymoon.

I imagine lots of girls, separated from their husbands and lovers, like looking at pictures of their cocks while they rubbed themselves for hours. And I was just like lots of girls, horny and ready for my man's big cock. He was mine and I was his and nothing could stop us from being together and pleasing one another like a man and a woman all night and all day when we got together.

After putting on our dresses and exiting the dressing room, I went to my car to get the picture of Steve with his fully erect cock to show to the sales girl. I knew she was jealous of me the way girls get of one another and it made me proud of my man to know another woman wanted as much as I did. I didn't tell her that Steve was a bisexual male escort. She thought he was really going to be my husband and I wanted to keep it a secret from her.

"Look how big his balls are," she said. "I bet he has lots of cum in those things."

"He sure does," I said. "He can last for hours in bed."

"Damn, I would love to have this picture to finger myself to when I'm not busy today," she said.

"Sorry," I said. "He's all mine."

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