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West meets East hospitality

West meets East hospitality

Hospitality Indian style
The shalwar (Indian baggy trousers) felt so sensuous on Charles's legs and groin as he gently rubbed himself through the raw silk. He was wearing Rani's Mangla Sutra (Indian lady's wedding necklace) together with anklets that had individual toe rings.

The more he thought about Rani, the closer his hard-on approached climax as the silky shalwar sent tingles down his spine.

Rani was the head of the India branch of the corporation. She and her husband Rahul had become good friends with Charles of the London office. Rani was slim, with long straight black hair that flowed to her arse. She had gorgeous 34b tits, the nipples always protruding her white kameez (dress) since she never wore a bra. Her beautiful white teeth contrasted of her dark, glowing complexion when she smiled.

Charles was lying on her bed during his recent visit. Rani and Rahul insisted he stayed with them rather than a hotel. The hosts were out while Charles made himself at home, just waiting for Rani to arrive home and prepare him for the evening.

Charles had put all her things back neatly as Rani returned home. She gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek as she inquired if everything was satisfactory. He assured her that he had everything he needed.

"I'll just be five minutes," she said as she removed her shalwar kameez and headed for the bathroom. He noticed the sweat patches on her body which was richly dark, yet covered with unshorn hair.

The metallic nail varnish glistened as she began bathing her goddess-like body. She was meticulous with her large hairy cunt, washing it thoroughly with soap, the whiteness of the foam contrasting against her chocolate skin. She scrubbed her heels against a stone, fingered her toes, before finishing her ritual. She handed her moist panties to Charles who sniffed eagerly. She glanced sideways at his bulge, smilingly gleefully.


Rani covered herself in a chiffon throw as she began applying lipstick, nail gloss, and heavy gold Jewellery on Charles. He jingled when he moved. The heavily embroidered saree was adorned with cut glass which reflected against the dim lighting. She finished by putting him in high heels, as she winked admiring her artwork.

They arrived at the blue Lagoon club. The middle classes gathered there to indulge in transsexuals, escorts, and swinging.

"Ah, Charles, old chap," smiled Rahul as he beckoned them over.

He introduced the pair to Rohit a 6'2" hunk with a neatly groomed beard, handle bar moustache and a very hairy chest. Rohit eyed Charles keenly as they devoured their cocktails.

Charles shone like a beacon with his heavy make-up, gold jewellery, and heavily embroidered saree. The lights were subdued to the point where others were barely visible.

Rahul placed his heavy hand on Charles's thigh, squeezed sensuously, and softly kissed his ear. The warm aroma from Rahul sent a tingling sensation down Charles's spine. Before he could fully grasp the events Rahul slided Charles onto his lap; the hard-on riveting with anticipation. Charles pressed himself down firmly so as to welcome the rod.

Rahul slid his manly hands down the sides of Charles's thighs as he lifted the saree to his waist. Charles obliged by shuffling slightly as Rahul unzipped his member, releasing the hungry beast. Charles stumbled back down hastily to find the thick beast invading his inner sanctum. Charles groaned with bliss as Rahul began to rub his hands through his saree blouse, pinching the nipples,and gently pecked his neck and ears.

Charles was lost in ecstasy as the other friend Rohit slipped his manhood into Charles's open mouth. He sucked hungrily milking the holy udder of manhood.

Rahul's rhythm gained momentum as his lingam reached new heights inside Charles. Rahul tugged at his foreskin gently in order to expose the thick head. Charles gulped as the swollen head crashed onto his prostate. Rohit began thrusting with great gusto, ensuring the best possible outcome for the guest.

Charles opened his eyes slowly only to see Rani being French kissed by Rohit's wife who had two fingers in her bushy cunt. Their heads were tilted as their throats bore witness to human nature.

Rahul's member shuddered as he emptied his contents into Charles's love pot. His chin was drenched with Rohit's love juice.

Rani and Rohit's wife joined them, as they smooched in unison. Charles's gaze was transfixed on the gorgeous Indian trannies who, displayed their cute cocks, and wanted to show their hospitality. Charles was dripping like a cream pie as he got handed down from one Princess to another, only to be interrupted by Rani making sure he was comfortable, by kissing saliva into his mouth liberally.

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