Wet crossdressing fiesta M/M

By Toby

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Hot male on male cross-dressing action
Heading back through Texas I stopped off at the same porno shop in San Antonio, only this time I made sure to get myself a hotel room, because I already knew at that time I was going to get a man that night. I was in the mind set to please. Rubbing my cock all the way there until I got to the hotel room having it set up for wet sex. This time as well I remembered to shave my legs, dick and basically my entire body that seemed manly before I went I made sure before I left my mother’s house to get a pair of her fish net stockings a pair of her many high heels which I’m sure she knows that I wear since, I slipped a couple of times as a young kid in leaving some of her underwear and high heel in my room, and she finds them. A pair of her neon pink thongs and matching bra. I had bought myself this cute little skirt, top and some make up.

Not to be narcissistic but I think that I look pretty cute all dressed up, I have mocha skin and I’m 5’5”. Well anyways I had gone into the theater wearing my normal boring cloths. I started the same routine of jacking off with all of the other guys look at the guys giving head, and fucking when I saw him in the corner. Pulling off his perfect dick and whispering in this other guys ear. My mouth watered I wanted him right away. I stood up with my man hood hanging out for everybody to see all wet with pre-cum. At almost instantly I sat down right next to him and I reached over and I grabbed his big dick, cut about 6 inches but really fat just like I like them. I whispered in his ear with a high girly voice, I want you to fuck me like a girl tonight. He just looked at me and smile the smile of yes, kind of like victory and he said, “ Were do you want to go?” I told him that, ”I have a hotel and trust me baby you wont be disappointed.” So at first I began to take advantage of all of these guys watching, ( because I like it when guys watch.). So I began to give him the hardest head I have ever given. Just then the manager of the store, I guess to check some of the action turned on the lights before he even said anything and said “We are cleaning up!”, but I just kept on sucking so that way everybody could see clearly what I loved. Just then pushed me away from his stiff cock, I guess out of embarrassment, and told me, “lets go.” We then proceeded to my car and he was so excited as was I because I was so horny. We got into the car and then he began to kiss me and he said you are so cute, but I could tell that he was one of those macho guys that completely denies that he has ever even thought of a guy.

Still I could care less at the time I wanted his dick and he was ready to give it to me. So we got back to the room. Now I had been driving all day and I was pretty smelly. So I told him to relax and read a porno that I had bought earlier, now keep in mind that I am bi-sexual so I do find women attractive so I gave him a club magazine that I had. I went to take a shower making sure to pay attention to my lil male pussy, and my cock. Now this was my first time that anybody has ever seen me dressed as a girl. So yeah I was nervous what he would think, would he laugh and just walk out, or would he be turned on by it. So I got a dressed up and pretty. I told him that I have never shown anybody this so don’t laugh. He reassured me that he would not laugh, “ come on in sweetie let me see you. He was in his underwear jacking off rock hard on the bed. I walked in slowly with everything on. He stopped for a second, and told me, “ I came in with a guy right.” I was so happy that he said that, that I jumped on him and began kissing him talking like a little girl all cute, moving all sensual, rubbing my butt all over his cock that was getting my neon pink panties wet with pre-cum.

Giving him a lap dance as he kisses the back of my neck. Feeling how large his dick was. He then bent me over and stared to lift my skirt and I could feel his cock right in between my butt cheeks, not inserting, but lying long ways, squeezing my butt cheeks together to smash his cock. (oh and plus I have a big butt too.) He began to, no pun intended, to kiss my ass. Kissing my cheeks and rubbing them with his big hands, I could feel him moving toward the center, the next thing I know he is licking my ass. I had the out of breath sigh as he began to lick, pretending it was pussy. He began to reach around and stroke me off. I had my butt propped into the air and my head down on the pillow as he licked, and forced his tongue into my gapping hole. I moaned with pleasure. Then I could feel him ease of and then I feel one finger go in I moaned even louder. The instead of pulling the panties aside he finally decided to take them off completely because they kept on getting in the way of his master tongue. Slapping my ass with my skirt hiked up and cute little pink high heels.

He told me my turn. He was standing off of the bed I went down to were I was at the edge of the bed with it supporting me, while I was on the ground. Him standing and me squatting sucking so hard you could here the sucking noises next door. As well a very sloppy wet blow job, slapping his wet dick on my cheek and smiling and giggling like a little girl who just got her first pony. Rubbing my long hard cock while I sucked his. He began to push me down towards it and it felt so good being treated like a girl. I got up and I was kissing his chest and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me right there and right then, I needed it. I pulled down his underwear all the way. I bent over on the bed, with no hesitation I arched my butt up as far as I could and he began to roll on the condom, while rubbing my ass telling me that,” Oh god baby I going to fuck you so good”, breathing hard, “ Your going to feel like a natural woman.” I know I thought that it was lame as well. I was watching him and he was getting some of the lube and placing it directly on his cock and he was about to go in when I told him wait. Put some lube on you hand and finger me first. So as any gentlemen would he did so and I was moaning and ready by the time the third finger went in. I told him,” NOW, STICK IT IN ME NOW BABY!!!” I could feel the warmth of his cock and it felt good for like the first 2 inches then the rest went in and it began to hurt stretching my ass to kingdom cum. I couldn’t restrain from yelling like a little girl. It really hurt, as well he was going fast and hard. He saw that I was in pain so he slowed down a little bit. Inserting his whole cock and holding me close with it all the way in kissing my neck, I began to reach my head back and kiss him. All of a sudden I relaxed and IT FELT SO GOOD. I was kissing him and I told him,” fuck me baby, fuck me hard like you want.” I could feel his whole shaft going in and the warmth of it, the way the head felt in comparison to his shaft. Going in all the way to his ball, and hearing the sound of his balls, and the jelly making a wet smacking sound. I began to wrench down on his cock with my ass and he was like the condom is coming off, I told him, “ fuck it”. So he pulled it off and began fucking me raw.

There was still some lube left in my ass to keep it smooth, plus all of the pre-cum that was on his dick was helping as well. We went for about a good 30 min about half way in he pulled out and I could feel him stretching my ass hole with his thumbs, you spreading the ass cheeks and taking a look at the damage of my wet lil cum infested hole. He spit down into my hole and began fucking again. Then all of a sudden I could feel him pumping harder into me and knew what time it was. He was about ready to pull out. I grabbed that cute ass of his and kept him in my ass. I began to bear down on his dick with my pleasured hole and I could feel his dick with so much fury pump one large pump of cum into me then the rest although equally good feeling pumped several more spurts of cum into me. Shortly after the first moan he roared in pleasure. Me with hot little fuck face with no noise coming from my mouth that all of the porno stars do sometimes.

The look of pain, but pleasure. He pushed in hard all the way deep, then he finally collapsed resting on my back and kissing me. He pulled out and I began to suck his cock, getting out that last bit of cum and taking a little bit at a time down the hatch. Licking it up and down like a lolli- pop. Then like the gentleman that he was he began to suck me off and rub me. I felt so pretty at the time that he was lying down with his hand up in a cup position and I began to fuck it. As I fucked it I made sure to move sensual shaking my hips moving like a stripper, running my hands down my neck. Feel the cum that he previously shot into me run down my freshly shaved gooch and thighs. Getting some of that cum from my ass and placing it on my cock to make the time more enjoyable. Shortly after I did that he was looking at me and he said,” damn you are cute”. I smiled and then he could feel I was about to cum so he let me rupture all over his chest. Some landed on his face I began to lick my cum and keep it on my tongue and I we began to French kiss for the rest of the night. The statement that he said earlier that he was going to make me feel like a natural woman well………………he wasn’t lying.