What Do You Do When....

By LingerieBoy

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The weekend arrives and mom and dad are going out and I assume they are going to one of their swinger parties and won't be home until early the next morning. So I do my normal thing when they are gone and play dress up and go out and hunt for dick.

But this time I knew they would be gone and had already planned an evening of fun with a couple of guys I had met at the adult bookstore my parents owned.

Once they left I called the two guys on the phone and told them to come over,that it was safe.

The both arrive at the same time and I greet them at the door in a short black sun dress,black thigh highs and garter,baby blue satin string bikini panties,blonde wig and black heels.

We sit down on the couch and have a couple of drinks and make out,me stroking each of their cocks through their pants,kissing each other deeply.

After a only a few moments I lead them upstairs to my mom and dads room and their king size bed and they both start to undress.

I sit on the edge of the bed and as they come over to me I take their cocks in my hand and start sucking on them one at a time.

Stan and Jim,both in their 50's and both very well hung,moan their approval as my red lipstick lips run up and down over their hard,fat cocks.

Jim takes and lays me back on the bed and lays next to me,caressing my body with his hands. I feel his hard cock rub up against my black thigh highs every now and then.

Stan stradles my chest and slowly works his dick in and out of my lips.

I suddenly feel Jims lips on my cock through my panties. I take and pull my dick out of one side of the panties and he engulfs my meat with his mouth.

His hot,wet mouth feels so good on me,he then starts flicking his tongue around my ass and inserts a finger,then two into my awaiting ass.

I move my hips up and down to meet the thrusting in and out motion of his fingers.

He then grabs the lube we had by the bed and smears it on his cock,slips his dick past my panties and into me,deep.

His balls hit my ass and he slowly starts to fuck me.

I moan as I continue to suck Stans cock and feel the big dick working it's way in and out of my slutty ass.

After a few minutes Stan and Jim trade places. Stans cock fills my ass nicely as Jims cock fucks my throat.

This goes on for awhile,switching places back and forth.

Jim takes my moms dildo left next to the bed and inserts it into my ass and then puts his cock into my ass. The feeling so overwhelming I explode cum everywhere.

He fucks me with the dildo and his cock for 20 minutes,then Stan replaces the dildo and now they are both fuckinh my tiny,little ass.

Each one seems to take a turn pumping their hard dick in and out of me,my moans and screams could be heard a country mile,but I didn't care.

After another 10 or 15 minutes, they take turns fucking my ass and mouth again.

As I suck on Jims cock he tells me he is ready to cum and I suck him for all it's worth.

He pulls out and shoots his creamy load all over my face and lips and I try and catch some in my mouth. A few more spurts and I take him deep into my mouth and suck his cock dry.

A few more monets and Stan is ready to cum and I tell him to cum on my face as well.

He pulls out and stradles me and shoots a huge,thick creamy load all over my face as well,mixing in with Jim's hot load. I am cum covered. In my eyes,all over my face and I soon take his cock into my mouth and get a couple of spurts to swallow.

They both lay next to me for aminute and then say they need to get home to their wives,that they were already late.

I don't bother to clean up as I walk them downstairs and to the door. The cum splattered all over my face. As they open the door to leave , my mom and dad are standing on the front porch smoking a cigarette andtheir eyes open wide as they see their son all dressed up and covered with cum and two older men leaving their home....