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While the Cats are Away

Kelly's best friend catches him dressed up
Thursday night, mom is going to visit relatives out of town; dad is away on a business trip and not supposed to be back until Saturday. It took a lot of convincing that being sixteen is old enough to be able to stay home by myself and not have to go with mom to visit relatives. Dad was going to be home in two days and I would be going with him to the family ranch. Finally my mom relented and made me promise to be careful and stay out of trouble.

After waiting for an extremely long fifteen minutes after mom left, I hop in the shower and clean myself up. Not being hairy helped out quite a bit. So after patting myself dry, I wrap a towel around myself and head to my parents bedroom. Once there I get into mom's dresser and hunt for some sexy undergarments. I find a sexy black corset, matching panties and some sheer silk stockings. Next I go through her closet and find some sexy black stiletto heels and her maid costume from Halloween. I gather all this up, head to my bedroom and lay it all out on my bed.

I stand at my dresser mirror and start brushing my shoulder length hair into a more feminine style and applying some makeup that I have been sneaking from my mom's cosmetic case. After I am satisfied with my appearance, I head back to my bed and start dressing in the sexy lingerie. I pull up the corset, fasten it and pull it around. I sit down on my bed and pull the stockings up my legs and fasten them to the garters. Fuck, I am too excited and I have to masturbate now. I lay back on my bed and start pulling on my dick. I have my knees up and imagine that some stud is eating me out. I grab the towel and catch my load as it erupts out of my cock. I hold the towel up to my face and lick the cum off of it, relishing the taste. I tuck my balls into my body, pull my cock back between my legs and slide on the panties, then I pull on the maid's costume.

I walk over to my closet mirror to admire myself and check if everything looks okay, and I decide that I need boobs. I go through my drawers and do not find anything that I want to use, then remember that we have water balloons in the kitchen junk drawer. I go to the sink and fill the balloons halfway full, deciding that they will be big enough, and stuff them into the corset's breast cups. I bounce up and down and giggle because it looks and feels cool. My cock is getting hard again but it is tucked so well that it isn't showing through the short maid dress.

I wander around the house and decide to do my chores. I do the dishes and then pull the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and head to the family room. I turn on the stereo and then turn on the vacuum, feeling that the stereo isn't loud enough, I crank it to where it can be heard over the noise of the vacuum.

So I am vacuuming the family room in my lingerie and maid outfit, completely oblivious to the outside world when the vacuum and stereo shut off. I turn around to see if they became unplugged and what do I see? My best friend, John, holding the plugs to the vacuum and stereo. I was frozen like a deer in headlights.

"See, I told you," John says to his girlfriend, Donna.

"What are we going to do about this?" asks Donna.

I was in shock, thought about running, but I fall to the floor.

"Wow John, Kelly looks pretty good," says Donna.

John comes over to where I'm lying, picks me up off the floor and says, "It's okay Kelly, we aren't going to tell anyone, we just want to play with you."

The look on my face must have been pretty dumb because I feel pretty dumb, as I ask, "Play?"

By now they are on each side of me walking me towards the kitchen. Donna asks if I need something to drink and I shake my head yes. She pulls a Coke out of the fridge, opens it and hands it to me. I slam half of it and set the can down. Donna is stroking my hair and john is watching me intently with his muscular arms crossed across his chest.

John starts by asking, "So, what gives?"

I shrug my shoulders and say, "I like the way it feels."

Donna asks, "What does it feel like Kelly?"

"Sexy," I reply.

"What do you do when you feel sexy?"

"Well, um, I usually just masturbate, but sometimes I pretend that I am a woman waiting for my man to get home, I do my chores and do a little bit of dancing," I say.

"How long has this been going on Kelly?" Donna asks while rubbing my back.

"Not very long guys, maybe a couple of months. It started when I was doing my mom's laundry and found some of her panties. I sneaked them into my room and put them on, I became excited and had an orgasm while I was wearing them. I thought it was a dirty thing to do, and I felt ashamed. I couldn't stop and I kept doing it. I got bolder each time I found myself alone."

"Tonight I was going to try my mom's dildo to see if I would like it. I still like girls, I think, but I want to see what it was like to be like Donna. I hear you guys having sex all the time and Donna always sounds like she is having a great time. I get hard whenever you guys are going at it."

Donna blushed a little and says, "Well, ahem, we do enjoy a healthy sex life Kelly, and I think this is probably a phase you might be going through… "

"No Donna," I interrupt, "I really want to know what it feels like to have sex, all types of sex."

"Are you a virgin?" asks my John. "What happened between you and that girl Denise?"

"Yeah John, I am, and I don't want to be anymore! Denise was just a cock tease." I reply.

Donna is still rubbing my back, but it was my lower back, just above my ass. She was looking at me and I was looking at John, especially at his crotch, where I could see his cock bulging through his slacks.

Donna brings her hand to my cheek and turns my head towards her and kisses me on the lips. John comes up beside me and starts rubbing my ass and kissing my neck. I kiss Donna back and turn my body so John can rub my ass better. Donna breaks the kiss and John brings his lips to mine and kisses me passionately, while he grabs my ass and brings me closer to him. As he holds me, I can feel his hardness against my stomach. Donna is behind me and raises the back of my skirt to rub my package and ass through the flimsy material of the panties.

I reach for the zipper on John's slacks and pull it down, which allows me to pull his cock out of his underwear. I start stroking his cock as he rubs up against me. Donna pulls down my panties and starts running her fingers between my legs, rubbing my cock and asshole back and forth. John places his hands on my head and guides my lips to his cock. I kiss his cock before he pushes it between my lips and into my mouth. I lick and suck his dick for all I am worth, trying things that I have read about and things that I think I would like if it was my dick getting sucked.

Donna is still behind me and now that I am bent over with a cock in my mouth, she starts licking my asshole while pulling at my junk. I am moaning with pleasure from the pleasure, while trying to stuff more cock in my mouth and push my ass onto Donna's tongue. The next thing I feel is a cool gel being rubbed into my ass and asshole. She starts pushing a finger in and out of my ass. First one finger, then two as she starts finger fucking my virgin ass. She moves her fingers in and out as my body moves back and forth from the motion of the face fucking I am receiving. I revel in the finger fucking I am getting while I suck my best friend's cock.

John pulls me up straight turns me around and bends me over. I brace my arms on the counter as mom moves under me as he lines his cock up with my asshole. As he slides his cock into my ass, Donna sucks my dick into her mouth. I can't tell what I like more at this point but I am extremely excited.

John starts fucking me slow but he starts picking up speed and going all the way in and almost pulling all the way out with every stroke. Donna is hardly moving but the motion of my ass fucking is making my dick slide in and out of her mouth. John is really giving it to me hard and I feel like I am about to explode. I let Donna know that I am about to cum and she shakes her head. John starts grunting and using short strong strokes that pull my feet off the ground every time he pulls my hips up to slam his cock into me.

I moan like a banshee as I cum hard into my Donna's mouth, as John pushes his cock as far into my ass as it would go and I feel him coat my insides with his sticky heavy cream. My own orgasm is still going as John pushes his cock into me one one final time before he pulls out making me shudder a few times. Donna stands up, kisses me on the lips and sticks her tongue in my mouth as she shares my cum with me. John spins me around and kisses me as well.

I feel like a rag doll and collapse into my John's arms as he picks me up to support me we start heading upstairs with Donna trailing behind.

"What's next?" I ask.

"Well, you got off, I got off, now we need to get Donna off," replies John.

I ask, "How did you know what I would be doing tonight?"

"Dude we've known each other for most of our lives, how could I not know about you?", says John.

I giggle, "Oh yeah", as we make our way to my parents bedroom.

To be continued?
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