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Who Knew a Physical Could Be Fun

Discussing Lush had an added benefit.
I woke up grumpy. I couldn’t eat or pee this morning. I had a physical scheduled for first thing this morning. Even worse, the doctor had warned me that today I even got a prostate exam. Oh well, I hope his hands aren’t too big.

I arrived at the doctor’s office early and waited for my turn. The nurse ushered me into the exam room and drew blood then gave me the little plastic cup I had to pee in. I relieved myself and gave the cup to the nurse, and then I waited for the doctor’s arrival. He came in reading my chart.

“Well Mr. B., what have you been doing since your last visit to exercise your mind like I instructed you?” Doctor Bailey asked me.

“Well I have been writing some stories,” I offered softly.

“Anything I might like?” the doctor asked.

“I em well er they are of an erotic nature,” I answered.

“Who are you writing these stories for?” Doctor Bailey asked.

“A website called Lush Stories,” I said proudly.

He typed in the address on his computer and asked me to log in. I did letting him peruse my profile. He noted the categories I have written in and asked if I was working on anything new. I told him I was working on a story about a chat session I had with a cross dresser.

“Who have you been talking too here?” Doctor Bailey asked me angrily.

“Talking about what?” I asked.

“Why did you bring up cross dressing?” the doctor asked.

I pulled up the profile of Kelly that I had chatted with. I clicked through his pictures and stopped at one showing his fantastic round ass in a skimpy pair of panties. The doctor smiled and said he could understand after all.

Doctor Bailey finally started my exam. He left the picture up on his computer as he went through his exam. I let my mind wander and was enjoying the memory of my chat session. Doctor Bailey asked me to disrobe for my prostate exam. I unbuckled my pants and shoved them down taking my briefs with them. I leaned over the exam table and waited. I heard the snap of the rubber glove then watched as he added some lube to one of his fingers. He also squirted some right on my anus.

“Just relax, this will be over soon,” Doctor Bailey said as he moved in behind me.

He shoved his finger into me and wiggled it around. My dick reacted to the sensation and started rising. I was so embarrassed.

“I see you don’t need any Viagra do you?” the doc teased.

“I am so sorry doc. If you read my profile you would see I haven’t had sex in a long time. I get hard if the wind blows,” I replied.

“Would you like to know why I asked who you have been talking too here?” Doctor Bailey asked.

“Yes I would,” I answered honestly.

Doctor Bailey stepped out of the exam room for a minute. When he returned, he was joined by a gorgeous blond nurse. They entered the room and locked the door to the exam room. Doctor Bailey turned his back to me and I could hear rustling but was distracted by the busty nurse.

When he peeled his white coat off, Doctor Bailey was standing before me in a pair of red lacy panties and tan thigh high stockings. His dick was hard as a rock and peeking out of his panty waist. Nurse Amber was peeling off her dress. She had a matching pair of red lacy panties and a sheer matching bra. She was wearing white thigh high stockings.

My dick was throbbing watching these two nearly naked medical people in my exam room.

Amber moved over to me and grabbed my cock. She licked her bright red lips and sank to her knees. She licked me from my balls to the purple headed tip. As she moved her face back a strand of precum stretched from my dick to her wet lips. She snaked her tongue out and claimed the strand.

“Amber and I have played with a few select patients. I let them fuck my tight round ass if they let Amber fuck theirs,” the doctor said sexily.

Amber opened a file cabinet and extracted a harness and strap on cock. I looked at how beautiful Amber was and how my cock was throbbing wildly already.

“I can work with that especially if Amber and I can fuck at some point,” I agreed happily.

“Oh we will baby,” Amber said licking her lips.

Doctor Bailey moved to the exam table and peeled his panties down his smooth thighs. His hard cock was a bit smaller than mine and he either waxed or shaved his pubes regularly. He lifted his white coat up exposing his round smooth ass. It was every bit as nice as Kelly’s.

Amber moved towards me and lubed my cock and her own rubber cock. She slipped two fingers inside the good doc’s ass and finger fucked him for a while. She kissed me at the same time shoving her tongue into my mouth. She broke our kiss and spun me around. She started with a single finger in my ass for a minute before adding a second. She worked on my tight virgin ass for about five minutes while Doctor Bailey stroked his hard smooth cock watching. He was licking his lips as he slowly stroked his hard cock.

He leaned back over the table and I moved behind him. I guided my dick into his ass as naturally as if I did it every day. We both moaned as I sank my cock into him balls deep. I felt Amber spread my ass cheeks and the tip of her lady dick touch my tight asshole. I tightened my anus out of fear and Amber rubbed her big tits on my back. They felt so amazingly good I relaxed.

She must use that ploy often. She shoved her lubed cock into my ass about three inches deep. It hurt but felt so nasty. My dick twitched inside Bailey’s ass. He was stroking his cock harder. He started cumming all over the table. He yanked his panties up and finished cumming in the red panties. His tight ass squeezed my cock with each blast of his cum.

I shoved my ass back into Amber’s rubber cock. We both shoved forward, me into Bailey’s ass and her into mine. We started fucking faster and faster. I was amazed that the doc’s dick remained hard as a rock. He kept stroking as we fucked. I knew I wouldn’t last long and started pouring cum into the doc’s smooth round ass. Amber was enjoying herself too. She was squeezing her tits as she ground her cock into my ass as I kept cumming and cumming.

“Oh god I am cumming so hard,” Amber said clenching her teeth.

Doctor Bailey shot another load of cum into his already cum filled panties. Amber bit the back of my neck as she rode out her own orgasm. We all cleaned up and caught our breath.

“Mr. B., you will need a follow up in two weeks,” Doctor Bailey said getting dressed.

“Can we schedule it for your last appointment so we can take longer next time?” I asked also pulling up my pants.

Amber came over and kissed me deeply. I fondled her swollen nipples and slid two fingers into her wet pussy. I raised them to my lips and tasted her sweet nectar.

“Next time we fuck first then bring in the doctor for a consult,” Amber said as she grabbed my hand and also tasted her juices.

I am starting to enjoy change for the first time in my life.

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