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Wife's Crossdressing Fantasy Part 2

Her anniversary present to me
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, or incident is strictly coincidental.

Since my wife shared her fantasy with me and made me her bitch, our love life has changed. Now I always have something cute and satiny on, whether it is panties under my boy's clothes, or a silk nighty at night in bed. I love being my wife's bitch and I can never go back to who I was before.

When our anniversary came around, a month or so after my initiation to dressing up, my wife announced to me that she had invited our friend Kim over to celebrate with us and that Kim was bringing something special for us. Kim used to be a model. She is tall and slender. She is beautiful, has blond hair and large breasts. My wife and I have often fantasized about having three-way sex with her, but it was just a fantasy... Still I would do her in a second.

On the day of our anniversary, while I was in the shower my wife came in and told me she had laid out clothes for me to wear for the party. I said “Okay” and continued with my shower. When I finished showering I went to our bedroom. There on the bed were the clothes my wife had chosen for me to wear. When I saw them my heart stopped, and my face paled. There on the bed was a black, mid length, silky evening gown. There was also a black panty and bra set, black stockings and high heeled shoes.

As far as I knew our dress up game was private between my wife and I. Now, it seems, she wanted to let Kim in on it and I was scared to death. I ran to the kitchen where my wife was getting things ready for the evening. In a shaky voice I told her I couldn't wear those clothes in front of Kim. That I would be too embarrassed. She told me to stop being silly. She told me we were going to have a wonderful time and to go up and get dressed.

I was still shaking, but I did as she asked. While I was finishing my make-up I heard the doorbell ring. As soon as I heard it butterflies started churning around in my stomach. Kim had arrived and I didn't want to go downstairs.

A short time later my wife called to me and told me to come down. Nervously I slowly descended the stairs and walked into the family room. There she was. My heart was pounding so loud that I couldn't hear anything around me. Kim took one look at me, smiled, whistled, came over to me and gave me a big hug. She told me how beautiful I was and I began to relax.

My wife came up behind me, reached around and began fondling my breasts while Kim was watching. She told Kim that I not only looked beautiful, but that I felt beautiful too. She suggested to Kim that she should feel for herself. A wicked smile began to form on Kim's face and I was beginning to get excited. Kim also came up behind me and she started caressing my ass.

I was in heaven. Ever since I have known Kim I fantasized about having her so close to me. I started to breathe heavily and to say I got hard doesn't nearly describe my condition. Kim then stepped in front of me, held me close and told me she always wanted to have a lesbian encounter. With that she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me passionately.

I was so turned on that I wanted to skip all the foreplay, throw her down, and fuck her brains out. That's not what happened though. I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her close to me. I could feel our breasts rubbing together. I have never known a feeling so exquisite. When I started to unbutton her blouse she backed away from me and said “not now.”

About that time my wife called to us from the living room and told us to come to her. Kim squeezed my ass one more time and with that we walked into where my wife was. When I got inside I almost died. There was a man standing in the middle of the room. Now, I was not prepared to share my dressing up with Kim, Imagine my shock and my fear being dressed up in front of a man. He was very handsome and well built to be sure, but I was totally unprepared for this. I froze at the entrance to the room. I could not move, or speak.

Seeing me in this state caused my wife to start laughing. She told me to come in and meet Dave. I couldn't take a step, so Kim took me by the hand and led me into the room. I must have been crimson red. I was so embarrassed. Kim walked over to Dave, put her arm around his shoulder, looked at me and told me that she had invited Dave to our party.

While she was telling me this she began to rub his crotch with her free hand. It was like I was in a hypnotic trance. I watched intently as she rubbed his cock through his pants. I couldn't look away. I never thought about being with a man before. It was never discussed, even in our fantasy role playing, yet here he was. Kim told me to come closer and the next thing I knew my legs were moving, with no control from me and I was walking towards Kim and Dave.

I kept staring at Dave's cock as Kim stroked it. I stopped and I was standing next to them. Kim got on her knees, reached up, took my hand and pulled me down next to her. I was within inches of Dave's cock and still I could not take my eyes off of it. I didn't know what to do, so I looked at my wife. She was obviously enjoying watching me. Kim told me to reach over and touch it, but I couldn't move. A minute, or so later my wife came over, took my hand and placed it on Dave's cock.

The sensation was electrifying. It was like my entire body exploded with desire. I have never been so excited in my entire life. All of a sudden it seemed that nothing else existed, except for this cock in my hand. I reached up, unbuckled Dave's belt and pulled his pants down. Then I reached inside Dave's boxers and for the first time ever I was skin to skin with the first cock, except for my own, that I have ever touched and it was amazing. Still I could not see it and I needed to see it, so I pulled his boxers down. There it was.

My heart was pounding and my breath came in shallow gasps. There are not words to describe the emotions welling up within me. It was so intense. Somewhere in the distance I could hear Kim and my wife cheering me on and telling me to put Dave's cock in my mouth, but I didn't need encouragement. Still holding it with my hand, I leaned forward and pressed his cock against my face. It felt wonderful. Then I held it to my lips. I was shaking so bad that I thought I might pass out.

Slowly I opened my mouth and let it slip inside. I just held it there for a minute, savoring the moment and burning it into my memory. I began to slide my lips back and forth along the skin of his cock. It felt such a natural thing. Then I became more demanding and started fucking him with my mouth. I didn't want it to end, but all too quickly Dave began to tense and I knew it was the moment of truth. Then he exploded inside my mouth.

I swallowed all that I could and all of a sudden I was transformed. In that moment I was no longer a husband, or even male. I was a woman and I had the power to please this man in a most feminine way. It made me happy and was satisfying to me that I made him cum.

When it was over and Dave got dressed my wife announced, in front of everyone, that I now I was not only her bitch, but I was Dave's bitch too and he could do whatever he wanted with me. I smiled. The thought of pleasuring Dave in whatever way he chose is very exciting.

Then my wife looked at me and said, “Happy anniversary darling.” How did she know the effect this experience would have on me. She deserves that I come up with something just as exciting for her, don't you think?

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