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One Took Over The Cuckold's Bed - Part I

A wife gives her husband the present he's always wanted on his fortieth bithday

I stepped out of bed and walked slowly to the curtains closed over the slightly opened veranda windows, yawning and stretching my arms wide at the same time. It was midday and I could feel the heat of the Algarve sun against my naked body. I had slept later than planned but I wasn’t particularly bothered about it. I was on holiday and last night we had all been out celebrating my fortieth birthday. After one final yawn and stretch of the arms I pulled back the curtains opening up the glorious vista before me. Sliding back the veranda windows I stepped out onto the balcony to take in the full panorama. In the far distance was the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and before that lay the golden sands of the beach of Praia da Rocha. It was a very satisfying view.

Sue and I had holidayed here before a few years earlier but then we had stayed in one of the large beach hotels. It was pleasant enough but the views were not as spectacular as this. Paolo’s home was outside the tourist area. It was detached with the nearest neighbour two kilometres away. Built on a large hillside overlooking a rocky terrain that gradually descended to the built up areas surrounding Praia da Rocha, it was three stories high. The spacious ground floor consisted of a utility room and two large garages, one which had been converted into an office. There was also a living area consisting of cloakroom, lounge, study, dining room and kitchen. It also had a large patio area which contained a swimming pool. The next floor held a large en-suite master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms and bathrooms. The master bedroom, like mine, had a veranda. The third floor was a replica of the second floor and housed the bedroom where I had slept. It would be my bedroom for the next two weeks of our holiday.

A voice from the ground floor drew my attention to the patio below. Sue was propped up on a sun lounger reading one of the books she had bought at Manchester airport. She was naked. Her alabaster skin was somewhat shaded by the large colourful parasol strategically place to block out the sun just behind her. Her skin glistened from the sun tan lotion generously applied to her body. I felt my cock begin to stiffen. She looked very desirable; long shapely legs, flat tummy, nice breasts and a bare pubic mound. Sue had recently taken to having it waxed. It made me stiffen every time I saw it. At thirty-eight she had kept her body well-toned. When I first met her she was a shy, skinny, seventeen-year old. She had fleshed out a little now after twenty-one years of marriage and two children but she still looked sexually desirable. I felt lucky to be her husband.

The voice was that of Paulo and he suddenly came into view with a tray carrying two large cocktail glasses. He was also naked but his skin was well tanned. Though balding and fifty-two he had a trim muscular body. He too had looked after himself over the years. He leant over and kissed her on the lips as he handed her a glass. She smiled and put it down, saying something out of hearing to me she reached up for his cock. It had been quite flaccid until that moment but now it was fully erect in her hand. Paulo had a large, thick, cut cock and it put mine to shame. I thought for a moment she would release it and return to her drink but no, she sat up and gently pulled him towards her open mouth.

I too was fully hard now. I shouldn’t have been. That was my wife down there poolside pleasuring another man with her mouth. It probably wasn’t the first time that she had pleasured him this way either – the two of them had spent the night together in the master bedroom below me, but it was the first time that I had witnessed it. It was also the first time that I had seen her do this to another man. Paulo stood back, eyes closed and caressing the back of her head with his large hands as her head bobbed back and forth. It was an extraordinary sight and they seemed oblivious to me looking down over the balcony at them.

They continued for a few minutes and then he spoke again telling her that he wanted to fuck her and she pulled away. I thought for a moment that he was going to take her back to the bedroom but no, he moved round to bottom of her lounger. Sue lay back and spread her legs over the sides. It was his turn to pleasure her. I knew just how much she loved oral sex.

It was the first sexual act I had ever performed on her. I was nineteen and she had just turned seventeen. Her parents were away for the night and I stayed with her. We were never meant to have sex. She wasn’t taking any contraception and we agreed that we would just kiss and cuddle and sleep together without sex. But in bed we got carried away and I went down on her. Suddenly she started to orgasm and calling out to be fucked. It had been the first time that I had had a girl specifically asking me to fuck her and so I did; putting aside all thoughts of the possible consequences I was very excited and it was over quite quickly but I can still remember lying there afterwards still inside her and still hard. A few minutes later we began to fuck again and this time it was longer and more satisfying.

And Sue was calling out now to be fucked. Writhing on the lounger with her hands gripping Paulo’s head down between her thighs she was screaming out but it wasn’t my name she called out it was his. “Fuck me Paulo,” she squealed. “Please fuck me.”

Just like I had done all those years ago he pulled away and mounted her. Like then, she arched her wide open thighs invitingly for him and he entered her. But Paulo was bigger than me, much bigger in fact and that generated even greater excitement for her. I looked down at them fucking like crazy; Paulo driving hard and fast into her with Sue clinging to him crying out in ecstasy. I wasn’t certain just how many times he had fucked her since our arrival the day before but I had heard her cries of passion twice the previous afternoon and at least three times during the night. He was obviously quite a virile man for his age and she was getting his best. I knew that his best was far more satisfying than mine. I had never made her cry out the way that he did when I fucked her.

I knew that I shouldn’t be watching them with excitement. I knew that this was not normal behaviour – a husband watching his wife getting fucked by another man and in a state of sexual excitement but I was a cuckold. Many married men had been cuckolded throughout history by their wives. Statistics show that fifty-five percent of married women are unfaithful to their husbands; meaning over half of married men get cuckolded but I am one of the few who get sexual enjoyment from it. I was being cuckolded now. I was happening before my very eyes and I was enjoying it!

A very loud groan from Paulo followed by an equally loud scream from my wife Sue brought my focus back to the poolside below and I watched the final throes of their orgasms recede into a chasm of passionate kissing and thankful moans. It was then and only then that I felt the pangs of hurt and jealousy. I stood still and silently as their bodies rested.

It was Paulo who broke the silence. He looked up and saw me as he dismounted from Sue’s body. A smile lit his face; a smug, self-satisfying smile. I had an erection and I wondered if his smugness resulted came from comparing the smallness of mine to his. “Good afternoon Rick,” he shouted up. “Hope you slept well!”

I smiled as Sue suddenly spun round and looked up at me. “Hello there sleepy head,” she said with a smile.

“Good afternoon to you both.”

“Why don’t you come down and join us?” she asked.

“I... I was going to take a shower first.”

“Come down and shower poolside,” she responded pointing to a shower area in the corner. “Take a swim if you want. I was in earlier. It’s lovely.”

I nodded and grabbed a pair of shorts to join them. Sue greeted me with a kiss while Paulo poured me a cocktail. “No need to be shy,” Sue said tugging at the waistband of my shorts. “There are no neighbours to bother us and I’m sure that Paulo is quite used to seeing naked husbands.”

I reached out for my glass from Paulo as Sue tugged my shorts down. My erection had returned and I felt quite embarrassed. “Someone’s enjoying their cuckolding,” Paulo said a smile.

Sue laughed and reached for my erection. “And are enjoying it darling?”

“I read somewhere that it’s a good cuckold test,” Paulo said. “If the husband gets a stiffy from watching his wife getting laid by another man then he’s enjoying his cuckolding.”

Sue gave my cock a gentle squeeze. “I think my husband has passed the cuckold test then,” she said a smile.

Paulo put his arm around my wife’s waist and then ran his hand over her bottom. “Looks like we’re doing a great job then Sue.”

I didn’t know what to say or do apart from take a large sip of my cocktail. “It’s one of my specials,” he said. “Sex by the Pool.”

Sue laughed and I had to smile as well. I had to admit that I liked his sense of humour. “Well I’ll leave you guys to it,” Paulo said. “I’ll rustle up some lunch. Lobster and langoustines okay?”

We both nodded with approval. He turned to walk away and then turned back again. “Better get some lotion on Rick, especially down there,” he said pointing at my cock. “A burnt foreskin is very painful. I’ve had a few husbands come out here over the years and forget about that area.”

My embarrassment returned once again. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” Sue said picking up her drink.


Paulo’s departure gave us some time alone. Since landing at Faro yesterday lunchtime we had hardly spent any time together. Paulo had met us at the arrivals lounge and then took us on the ninety minute journey to his home. After showing us round we had some lunch and a few drinks and then he suggested that maybe Sue would like a lie down. She was genuinely tired but I knew that he was eager to get her into his bed for more than just rest. When he was showing us round earlier he had carried Sue’s cases up to the master bedroom and emphasised the fact that this was going to her bedroom for our holiday. It was a splendid room housing a very large four-poster bed.

“It’s your choice which side you want to sleep on,” he had told her before glancing at me and smiling.

“Which side do you normally sleep?” she had asked him.

He told her that it was usually facing the door and Sue told him that she would sleep on the opposite side. Paulo laid her suitcases down on the case rack and then slid back a large wardrobe door and told her that it was for her. He then took her into the en-suite bathroom and showed her a separate bathroom cabinet for her to use. The tour of my bedroom was over much quicker in comparison.

After that we went downstairs to the patio and he made us a light salad lunch. A couple of hours and two bottles of wine later Sue gave a yawn which brought an end to lunch. She apologised. It was a genuine yawn and not a hint but Paulo turned to me and said that he thought it was time for Sue to have a rest. “I always find the journey from the UK to here a tiring one.”

I finished my wine and stood up to leave and Sue stood up as well to give me a kiss. “I’ll see you later,” she told me.

I had wanted to hold onto her and savour the moment before I left them so they could cuckold me but I could sense that Sue wanted me out of the way.

“We’ll go into town around eight if you wish and have dinner.” Paulo said.

“That sounds nice,” she said as she sat back down.

“Please feel free to use the pool if you wish Rick,” he said, putting his arm around Sue’s shoulders. “Help yourself to any food or drink as well. It’s on the house.”

I smiled and left them to go into the kitchen and get a beer and then climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I sat out on the patio for a while wondering what was taking place downstairs and then I heard the veranda windows below me opening; Paulo and Sue were obviously going to bed now. It wasn’t long before I heard Sue’s cries of passion and I knew that I was now being cuckolded. I found myself getting an erection listening to them and it wasn’t long before I started to stroke myself. What I had wished for all those years ago was now happening. I must have looked a pathetic sight to any onlooker masturbating while my wife was being fucked by another man.


And now Sue and I were alone, standing by the lounger that I had just watched her and Paulo fucking on. “Are you okay?” she asked after kissing me.

I nodded. “How about you?”

She looked me in the eye. “I’m having a great time.” Her honesty was brutal but stirring.

“He’s good isn’t he?”

She smiled. “Very good,” she replied with equally honest brutality.

My erection was pressing against her tummy now. “An excited cuckold hey?”

I smiled.

“I knew you would enjoy it.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Shouldn’t that be my line?”

She slapped my bottom playfully. I had wanted her to cuckold me for the best part of our married life but she had never been seriously interested in doing it. In fact it wasn’t so long ago that we had had a blazing row about it and I stopped talking about it all together. Then about three months ago after a night out and coming back and making love on the settee she suddenly raised the subject again. As we lay there in the afterglow of love she mentioned doing something special to celebrate my forthcoming fortieth birthday.

“A holiday together,” I had suggested. “I’ll organise the work schedules so that we can get away for a couple of weeks.”

“And for a special present?”

I shrugged my shoulders. There was nothing I could think of that I really needed. I had gadgets coming out of my ears and a cupboard full of gifts that I had no time in which to enjoy them. “A holiday with you will do fine,” I told her. “It’s the best present any man could get.”

“Awwwww,” she murmured before kissing me.

Sue snuggled tighter against me and reached down for my flaccid cock. “I know one thing you’ve always wanted,” she said quietly.

“Oh, what’s that then?”


My body jolted. “Cuckolding?”

“Hmmm, cuckolding,” she repeated. “You’ve always wanted me to cuckold you haven’t you?”

“Yes but... “

“But what?”

“You’ve always been dead against it and last time I brought the subject you bit my head off.”

Sue laughed. “Sorry, it was the wrong time of the month.”

“But why now?” I asked.

“The kids are at university; virtually left home and making their own lives. There’s just the two of us now. Our job as parents has practically finished now. There’ll be grandchildren in the future of course but in the meantime maybe it’s time that we concentrated on ourselves and did things we’ve always wanted to do. Have some fun”

“But you never seemed interested in other men?”

“I’ve always been interested in other men. I’ve only ever slept with you, remember and I’ve always wanted to know what it was like with another man?” she responded. “No. When you first told me about your fantasy I was genuinely interested but you can’t really do that sort of thing or have affairs when you are bringing up a family, building a career and a home. Not without complications and perhaps neglecting important parts of your life – not in my view anyway. Things are different now. We only have ourselves to think about.”

I didn’t know what to say. One thing that I did know was that I had filled her hand with my erection. Sue squeezed me gently, “So it’s a cuckolding then is it?”

I still didn’t know what to say but then she went on to tell me that she had been looking at a few cuckold sites on the internet and found one with forums and personal adverts. One advert in particular had caught her attention. A man from Portugal was looking for cuckold couples to holiday for free with him. He even offered to help with air fares. Sue had contacted him by email and they had struck up a friendship. “He comes to the UK often on business and wants to meet up with us on his next visit.”

I was quite taken aback by it all. I had no idea that she had taken things this far let alone actually wanted to do it.

“So are you up for it then?” she had asked me.

“I don’t know what to say,” I told her before explaining to her that it was something I had always wanted to do.

“Well that’s it then,” she said. “Your fortieth birthday present will be a cuckolding!”


And so yesterday on my fortieth birthday I got my present.

“Come on,” she said breaking my thoughts as she held my erection. “You have a shower and I’ll put some lotion on you and take care of this.” Ten minutes later I found myself lying face down on my lounger with Sue sitting on top of me rubbing me down with suntan lotion. I could feel her hot, moist sex against my bottom.

“You slept well then?” she asked.

“Well... I was woken in the night a couple of time by a noisy couple in the bedroom below me.” I told her.

She laughed. “Sorry,” she responded. “I just couldn’t help it. Paulo... he’s... well... “

“I know. I’ve seen for myself.”

“You’re... you’re not regretting it are you?”

“No,” I told her. “I am enjoying it. Just as long as you two don’t too serious with each other.”

“No,” she answered. “I like him and he’s great in bed but that’s about as far as it goes. I think Paulo loves the chase and the conquest but I don’t think he’s in it for the long term. There’ll be other couples here long after we have gone.”

“You’ll miss him when we leave here though won’t you?”

“I’ll miss the sex, yes, but there’ll be others.”


“Yes others,” she responded. “I do intend seeing other men for sex. Maybe I’ll find someone to have a long term relationship with. You know someone who lives close to us and I can meet up with regularly.”


“Yes regularly,” she replied. “You do want me to get fucked regularly don’t you? I know I need fucking regularly.”

I nodded as Sue climbed off me and motioned for me to turn over onto my back before squatting down close to my knees. “Someone’s very excited,” she commented as precum began to run down my cock.

I said nothing as she began to rub lotion over my chest. “I have a confession to make,” she said quietly.


“Last night wasn’t the first time that we cuckolded you?”

It shook me. “You mean you two have fucked before?”

She nodded as she continued to apply sun cream to my body. ”It was when Paulo visited us five weeks ago,” she said. “I visited him at his hotel next morning.”

I felt myself go numb. We had had dinner with him at his hotel and had a long and very interesting chat. We got on well and there was chemistry there between us; certainly between him and Sue. She admitted afterwards that she fancied him like mad. I thought that maybe being bald and older than her she would be put off but no. “He’s obviously very experienced and I need someone experienced.” She had said.

“But you were in... “ I responded.

She shook her head as she took hold of my erection in both hands. “That was a lie. Sorry, there was no meeting with a supplier,” she admitted. “I needed to be sure about Paulo. We could have gone out there and I could have found him useless in bed or that I didn’t really like him and we would have had a miserable, or even, a wasted two weeks.”

I saw her point. “So you went to the hotel next morning then?”

Sue nodded. “When you went off to the toilet just before we left he asked me if I would spend the night with him. I told him that I needed to discuss things with you first. Find out how you felt about me sleeping with him. He said he could give us time to chat alone and make our minds up but it would have been too rushed. I needed to sleep on it. So I told him that if everything was fine I would email him and come round next morning and... well you told me that you had liked him and wouldn’t mind me cuckolding you with him so I emailed him and... well we spent the morning in bed together and had lunch.”

I felt hurt, betrayed even, but Sue was slowly stroking me. Her hands slipped up and down my shaft covered in lotion. It was also academic now. “So what happened?”

“Well I emailed him just after you left for the office and he emailed me back with his room number. I got to his hotel at nine-thirty. He greeted me at the door completely naked and sporting a lovely erection. It was huge. My first thoughts were ‘How the hell am I going to be able to cope with that’ but he was gentle and tender. He undressed me slowly, taking everything off, even taking my stockings.”

“You wore stockings for him?”

She nodded. “Well men like stockings don’t they?” she responded. “I know how wild you get when I wear them and besides I wanted to make a good impression.”

I groaned from the movement of her hands.

“He didn’t rush. We lay on top of the bed for ages kissing touching and then he went down on me. It was beautiful the way he touched me with his fingers and tongue. He made me cum time and time again and then he took me. He entered me slowly, stopping every few inches so I could get used to his size and girth. He kept pushing slowly in and then pulling out a little going deeper and deeper each time until I had his full length inside me. Then he started fucking me properly; hard and fast like you do sometimes, hands under my bottom and thrusting harder and harder. I just kept cumming and cumming. It went on and on. I thought it would never end. And then he groaned very loudly. I felt his cock jerk inside me and then I felt his cum filling me. Afterwards he thanked me.”

“Thanked you?” I gasped,

“Yes, Paulo thanked me. He always thanks me after he fucks me,” she said. “He says he feels privileged being chosen by me to cuckold you and he’s very grateful.”

I opened my mouth to speak but the words never came out. Instead I groaned loudly as I came all over her hands.

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