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Stranded: Part One

Bella and her husband are stranded in Texas when a guy helps them out in more ways than one.

Bella and Andy are loosely based on me and my girlfriend and our fantasies. This is a story about a wife who wants to see other people and her husband, who slowly realizes he loves being cuckolded.

We thought that a road trip to New Orleans would be the thing we needed since we both loved Cajun food, jazz music and getting completely blitzed on alcohol. Our jobs had completely taken over our lives, and we felt that we needed a few days off to stave off the incoming burnout. I wish we could have just stayed home and caught up on movies instead of losing my wife to insatiable lust. And the worst part: I actually enjoyed it more when others fucked her.

The plan was to go on a road trip that would last several days, so we decided to rent a car and then fly back. Driving for that long would suck, but we loved the outdoors and we wanted to go on a few hikes along the way and have some adventure. After leaving Denver, our home, we would drive to El Paso, to quickly say hi to some of her family, and then drive through Texas and finally reach our destination in Louisiana.

Our drive to El Paso took a little longer than expected because we ended up hiking at one of the state parks along the way. The trail was empty that day and the scenery was great. We reached the last part of the trail and Bella was on the ground, and at first, I thought she was inspecting a flower or something.

She was there on her knees; she wore tight, athletic leggings and a loose tank top with no bra underneath, which made it so that when you looked at her from above, you could see her beautiful tits and nipples. She stared up at me with gorgeous brown eyes, and she had this hungry look on her face as if she needed my hard cock in her mouth more than anything. Bella was a petite brunette, Asian, with a tiny waist and perky round ass. Her tits were the best part about her though, and a few years back, when she was feeling particularly slutty, she had pierced them.

“Babe,” I spoke up, “what are you doing? What if someone is looking?”

“Andy, I want you to fuck me,” she said. She was getting frustrated, but she was still on the ground, “Why are you such a pussy? You haven’t fucked me in weeks, and let them watch if they want. I don’t care. I just want my boyfriend to fuck me in the woods. Can you do that?”

“I’m not a pussy, I’m just saying it would be awkward if someone found us out here,” I said. The whole time I was talking she was unzipping my pants, and she had put my tumescent cock in her mouth.

It was true what she had said though; I hadn’t fucked her in weeks, but it wasn’t because I found her unattractive. The truth was that my job was crazy demanding, and by the time I got home, I had no energy to please her. She worked all day too, but she had always been the more active one. When I would get home she would be wearing lingerie, or tight shorts, and tried to get me to fuck her, but I turned her down more often than not. I still thought she was a ten though; there was no doubt about that.

She had no trouble getting me hard and had her whole mouth around my cock; she gagged and slobbered, but she came back for more. Finally, she stood up, pulled her pants down, and bent over. She had her hands on the trunk of a tree, and her pussy was dripping wet.

“Are you gonna stand there, or are you gonna fuck me?”

I stuck my dick inside her, and it felt amazing. Immediately, she let out a loud moan, and I put my hand over her mouth. I didn’t want her attracting attention, and she was one of those girls that liked to moan, scream and make a show out of sex. I loved it, but it wasn’t the right place.

I fucked her in that position for a few minutes. She came hard, harder than I had remembered, but then she turned around to face me, picked her pants back up, and started walking back to the car.

“You’re not gonna let me come?” I stood there with my pants around my ankles, and my dick was throbbing. I was humiliated that she had used me to get herself off, but it only made me harder.  

“I think I hear someone, let’s just go,” she said. She stood on the trail and looked back at me. She was messing with me; I knew it.

“What happened to ‘let them watch’? Just let me come in your mouth real quick.”

“I just want to go already, and I’m kinda tired, babe,” she said, but she didn’t look tired. I think she wanted to punish me for not fucking her. “And you know I don’t swallow. It’s gross.”

“I get that you’re tired or whatever, but you wanted to fuck, and now you’re blue-balling me,” I pleaded with her. “ Just let me come on your face, on your tits, or in your pussy. Help me out here, babe.”

She was starting to get frustrated, and she was slowly walking further away. “I don’t have anything to clean it up, and you can’t come in my pussy. I’m on birth control, but you know that shit is, like, not one hundred percent.”

I got a little pissed off, but I put my pants back on and we walked back to the car in silence. My dick was hard the whole way back down as I drove. She had punished me enough, I thought, or maybe she was just teasing me so that I could fuck her even harder later. She was a fucking evil genius when it came to pussy manipulation, I’ll give her that.

We reached her sister's house a few hours later, and I went to bed early. I could hear her laughing down the hall, a few glasses of wine into the night, and all I wanted to do was fuck her.

When we met five years ago, she had been this super-conservative chick that made me jump through hoops before I could even see her naked. She looked amazing back then, and she still does, but she tried her best to cover up her ass and those perfect tits. She had only ever been with one guy before me, and she had been my first. I wasn’t particularly attractive, buff, or rich, but I made her laugh, so she gave me a chance.

At first, she wouldn’t suck my dick, and she couldn’t come when we fucked. She had had orgasms before, she told me, but her ex-boyfriend was much bigger than me, she had admitted — this made me hard unlike anything else we talked about, but I never told her. She spared me most of the details, but he was something of a beast in the sheets. It sucked that I couldn’t please her, but hearing about her getting fucked made me hard; I don’t know why. Instead, I played with her pussy, ate her out, rubbed her nipples and eventually, she started having orgasms.

About a year back, she had some sort of sexual transformation, and it was amazing. She gave amazing head now and was always willing to try new things. She started working out, and her ass just kept looking juicier. She wore tighter outfits and stopped wearing a bra, and she would sometimes flash me in public, or when she was driving. Basically, she had become a complete slut, but I never had the time to please her anymore.

I could feel like she wanted more. She started talking about having threesomes with another guy, and sometimes I would catch her flirting with guys, but nothing ever happened, nothing that I knew about. I think she was talking to her ex-boyfriend again, but I couldn’t prove it.  Maybe she was fucking him.

After five years together she was getting bored with our sex life, and we both got together so young that we missed all those crazy sexual experiences from college. We did talk about trying new things, but I had always been the one to back out last minute.

Once, she had left her phone on her bedside and when I looked through it she had multiple porn tabs open. Most of them were of threesomes and gangbangs, but she had others where the husband watched as the girl fucked a much bigger and more handsome guy — that last one, I had found out, was called cuckold porn and it turned me on much. When I finally put her phone down, I realized she had been in the bathroom for a minute, and when I put my ear against the door, I could hear the slight hum of a vibrator; she needed my dick less and less every day.

That night, at her sister’s house, I jerked off as I pictured her fucking her ex-boyfriend on our bed, but I couldn’t cum. She came to bed drunk and sloppily took my pants off, but I couldn’t even get my dick hard. She pulled out a massive dildo from her luggage with one of those suction cups, and she headed to the bathroom. I had never seen it before. I could hear her moaning and her ass cheeks clapping on a rubber dick just a few feet from me. I fell asleep before she stopped being a slut.

“Are we gonna talk about yesterday?” I asked her. I didn’t want to have an awkward rest of the trip, so I figured it was best if we talked it out.

“I don’t know, babe.” She took a deep breath. Whatever she was trying to say was weighing on her. Her titties were bursting out of a tight crop-top, and her side-boob was fucking hot. “After I came yesterday, I just didn’t want to fuck you anymore. I just needed to be fucked, but I don’t know if I am attracted to you anymore. I want to fuck other people: guys, and girls, and I want to be a slut, free to fuck whoever I want. Whenever I want.”

I was shocked at what she was saying, and she could tell. We sat in the car silently, still on her sister's driveway, but she more to say. “Andy, I still love you, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I want to be sexually free, and if you can’t deal with it then we need to talk about us when we get home. Let’s just enjoy the trip, and then we can get real. Okay?”

I turned the car on and hit the road. We didn’t talk after that, and I just put a podcast instead. She was on her phone texting with someone, and she was smiling a whole lot. At one point I swear she lowered her top and took a selfie, but I never got it my inbox. She probably thought I wasn’t paying attention, but I didn’t care at that point. Let her talk to whomever, I thought, she was still mine for the moment.

There isn’t much to say about driving through West Texas;  it’s dusty and it looks the same everywhere you look. I decided to just drive straight to New Orleans, and stop to rest at a hotel somewhere along the way, but the hikes and all that shit was done. I wanted to get home as quickly as possible and figure out what the fuck was going to happen to us.

I loved Bella, and I didn’t want to lose her but letting her fuck other guys was way too much for me. Thinking about threesomes and gangbangs made me hard, but it was a fantasy, and I wasn’t actually okay with her doing that.

I have to admit that the thought of her mouth on someone else’s hard cock made me really hard, but, as I said, it was just a fantasy. If she actually wanted to get pounded by strange men in a dirty hotel room, then I would have to let her go, and let her live out her deepest desires. The same Bella who used to go to church was gone, and this new Bella wanted a thick cock in every hole. I was conflicted, to say the least.

A few hours before we reached Dallas our rental just crapped out and we parked on the shoulder. Bella, in her Victoria Secret short-shorts and too-small crop-top, looked stunning and I waved off more than a few creeps who wanted to help. I thought about maybe trying to fix the car, but I knew next-to-nothing about fixing cars, so I tried to get a hold of a towing company.

Out there in the middle nowhere, you’re more likely to see a tornado than a signal bar. We waited in that hot Texas sun for about an hour before a big, diesel pickup truck pulled up in front of us. It was one of those trucks that guys in Texas drive to make it seem like they work at a ranch, but in reality, they just do construction or something.

It was a white Ram 2500 with all the trimmings — gun rack and all — and the guy that stepped out was built like his truck. He was at least 6’5” and he was muscular, but not in a gym way; it was more of that muscle that accrues from hard manual labor. To our surprise, he wore no cowboy hat, but I suspect he owned a few. He wore a pair of jeans, a little dirty from work, and a flannel cut-off.

“Y’all in trouble?” said the stranger in a deep, friendly voice with just a bit of that Texas twang.

“Yeah, we are, thank you for stopping,” Bella said before I could form a sentence. “My boyfriend isn’t much use with cars or manly things.”

“Well, that’s a shame, every man should know a thing or two about car trouble and other shit like it,” he said as he reached out with his cinderblock-like hand. “Name’s Terry. I can take a look and see what’s what.”

We introduced ourselves, but he kept glancing over at Bella as we talked. I tried to get in front of her or draw his attention by asking him questions, but his gaze just drifted over. Most people stop staring after they’re caught, but he kept doing it because he knew I wasn’t going to do anything about it.  She had somehow shrunk that crop-top even more, and her tits were bare underneath. If you looked closely, her nipples were hard against the cloth, and she wasn’t shy to show them.

“I think we got it covered, Terry,” I told him, but he didn’t seem interested in what I had to say. “I’m just trying to reach a towing company, but the cell service is dog shit out here. Thanks for stopping by though, I guess that southern hospitality isn’t a myth.”

“Nonsense, I’ll just give a quick look-over and I’ll have y’all on your way in no time. My daddy was a mechanic when I was growing up and I still remember a bit. Why don’t y’all cool off in my truck while I have a look.”

“Babe, isn’t Terry just the best? And he’s such a gentleman too,” Bella said as she made direct eye contact with Terry. I was just hot and frustrated at that point and wanted to leave, so I headed towards the truck.

We sat in the truck with country music filling the silence between us. Terry had popped the hood open and gotten some tools out of his truck, but I couldn’t see what he was doing. We had been waiting for about thirty minutes when Bella tapped me on the shoulder.

“Andy, finger me. I’m so horny right now,” she said as she bit the corner of her lip and looked out the truck towards Terry.

“Are you for real? This isn’t even our truck,” I told her, but underneath my bullshit answer my dick had already gotten hard.

“Fine! You’re such a pussy. I bet Terry would love to finger me and fuck me properly. He’s a real man, unlike you. You couldn’t even get your dick hard last night?”

“I was tired last night, Bella. And what the fuck is wrong with you? You don’t even know this guy, and you’re already wanting to suck him off?” I told her in an unpleasant tone.

“Whatever. I’m gonna go see what’s going on with Terry. Maybe he’ll pay attention to me.”

She jumped off the truck, which was much higher than she could handle and she slightly stumbled. She walked over to Terry, hips swinging with anger, but I could only see her. She bent down at the waist, pretending to know what Terry was doing under the hood, and her breasts were fully showing. Eventually, she stepped behind the hood where Terry was and they were there for a couple of minutes before they came back. She had a slight smile on her face and looked more energetic than before — it was subtle, but I had known that face for a long time.

“Sorry, buddy. Seems like the problem is out of my hands, but I’ll tell you what.” He was sitting in the driver’s seat, and then he turned to face me. “I can take you to town and drop you off at a hotel, and I’ll talk to a friend of mine who can pick up your car in the morning. It’s either that, or you stay out here and wait for a tow truck to pass on by.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing you can do? We have a whole vacation planned in New Orleans and everything.”

“Nah man, I’m sorry. But don’t worry, we’re gonna get this sorted out and you’ll be in NOLA by tomorrow,” he said as he tried to merge back on the highway. “Y’all hungry? I know a good steakhouse around here. My treat.”

“I’m starving,” said Bella. And we were on our way with Terry no-last-name.

I guess when someone says “around here” in Texas it’s a forty-minute drive because it felt like an eternity. Bella and Terry talked the whole time; he kept stealing looks at Bella through his rearview mirror as if I wouldn’t notice. Bella said she didn’t want to show up looking like a beggar, and she changed clothes in the backseat; we had taken our bags with us in case the car was stolen or broken into.

I couldn’t see what she was doing behind me, but she did giggle more than once. Terry, the most obvious man in America, looked over at Bella so much that he was occasionally swerving out of the lane.

When the hostess seated us at our table, Bella went in the booth first and Terry sat beside her. He asked if it was okay, and it was just such a weird thing to do because only couples sit like that, but I let it go. If Bella had any feelings about it, she didn’t show it. At least I could look at her from where I was sitting. She was wearing one of those dresses that are incredibly short and tight; she looked like a girl who wanted to be fucked into next week.

Again, it was the Bella and Terry show, so I mostly just looked at my phone. I knew the two were flirting with each other, but I didn’t know how to stop it. She was into it, and I didn’t want to be the jealous type, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt instead. After our morning discussion, I decided that she just needed to get the slut out of her system and then we would be okay.  

Bella kept her left hand under the table for most of the dinner, but I couldn’t tell what she was doing. She ate with one hand, which was very unusual, and Terry was suspiciously quiet. Midway through the meal he just bolted for the bathroom, but Bella didn’t pay it much attention. She reached in her bag for something and rubbed it on her hands. I could smell it — it was her hand sanitizer.

When Terry returned, it clicked into place. I couldn’t believe it, or maybe I did, but I didn’t want to believe it. Not my Bella. She had given a stranger a handjob at a restaurant as she sat across from me. I just wanted to go home and talk it through, but Terry was still here. Our car was still stuck on the highway, and my wife was doing everything in her power to fuck this guy.

It was late now, and they both had been drinking heavily at this point. Terry asked the waiter for the tip, but he took much longer than necessary to pull his wallet out. Bella was laughing at everything he said, which she did when she drank too much, except she usually laughed at my jokes.

“Terry, I really appreciate your help and this dinner, but we really should get to that hotel and get some rest,” I said to him.

“Hey, that’s no problem, but it’s kinda late to say at a hotel. Plus, a lady like Bella shouldn’t stay be staying in a shithole like that,” he said, almost as if he had planned this conversation. “The company I work for has a big house where me and a few buddies stay. We got a spare room, hot showers, and everything else. Why don’t y’all just spend the night and I’ll see about your car in the morning.”

“You’re fucking with me, right? You’ve been changing the plan on us all day Terry, and I’m starting to think you’re lying.” He didn’t look angry or surprised, but he kept his cool.

“Babe, you’re such dick. Terry here is just being a good host. He’s just trying to help. Right, Terry?”

“Exactly,” he turned to look at Bella and then back to me. “I’m sorry if you think I lied, but I’m just wired to help people. If you want, there’s a little motel right around here, it’s not much, but it’s probably open.”

“Fuck that!” Bella said. “I’m not staying at a place where we can get robbed or worse, especially with the kind of creeps that hang out in those places. We’re staying with Terry, and you’re driving ‘cause we had too much to drink.” She stormed off with Terry just behind her.

She was really starting to piss me off, but I didn’t want to make a scene in an open-carry state. I agreed to drive, even though I had never driven anything bigger than a minivan. Bella had some bullshit excuse about why they should both sit in the back, so I just said “whatever” and took off. I sat in the driver’s seat first, and as Bella was getting in, Terry helped her and she let out an audible yelp-giggle. I’m pretty sure he got both hands all over her ass to carry her up, and maybe a finger or two somewhere else.

It was dark, and Terry was horrible with directions, so I just set the GPS on my phone. His house was a fucking hour away on the highway — what the hell is up with Texas anyway? Everything is so far.

They both had quieted down during the drive, which was a little weird. I tried looking at the backseat through the rearview mirror, but it was way too dark to make anything out. Terry had sat right behind me, which made it hard to see him, and Bella was in the middle seat. At a stoplight, I looked back real quick only to find that Bella was laying her head on his lap. They were both asleep. They were probably too drunk to have done anything.

His company’s house was much too nice for just any employee, which confirmed my hunch that Terry was some hotshot in the area. I woke Terry and Bella and led them into the house. Bella’s dress was askew and her ass cheeks were hanging out; she didn’t notice.

“Well, this is my place. Make yourselves at home,” Terry said. His buzz was starting to wear off. Inside, the decor was spartan, with a mismatched dining and living room set. It was obvious that three guys lived here, what with the katanas on the wall and a kegerator in the kitchen. “Man, I’m dying for a smoke, y’all have one I can bum?”

“We don’t smoke,” I told him while I looked at the ashtray on a nearby counter. “That shit is bad for you, man.”

He pulled out a few bills from his wallet and handed them to me. “There’s a store right around here, not too far, just get me a pack of menthols.” It was probably fifteen or twenty minutes away, and I didn’t want to leave again, especially with Bella passed out on the couch.

“Come on, Terry. Just go to sleep and have a smoke tomorrow,” I pleaded with him. He was still drunk enough, and I didn’t know what kind of drunk he was. The last thing I needed was to get into an argument or fight in his house.

“Look, man, it’s just a quick drive, and I really want a smoke. Don’t worry about Bella,” he looked over at her hungrily, “I’ll just show her to y’all’s room and look after her if she throws up or anything.”

“For a 'nice guy',” I said with air quotes, “you can be a real pain in the ass.”

I drove to the nearest gas station, which was, you guessed it, more than fifteen minutes away. I figured I’d pick up a bottle of wine or something if Bella wanted to drink some more. She fucked the best when she was drunk, and seeing her with Terry had me hornier than I cared to admit. Their wine selection was abysmal, so I picked up some vodka instead — her favorite — and made my way back.

Again, I was parking in the driveway, but now there were two other cars parked there too. It was probably Terry’s roommates, I thought. I opened the door, expecting to find something going on, but the roommates were sitting in the living room.

They both jumped to their feet, and one of them produced a bat so fast, it looked like a scene from a movie. “Who the fuck are you?” they both asked. Bat-guy pointed the bat at my face as he closed the gap.

“Oh, I’m Bella’s husband...”

“We don’t know any fucking Bellas. Explain yourself before I show you why I played college ball.” Bat-guy was temperamental. The other guy just watched with suspicion, with his posture indicating he was ready to fuck me up at the drop of a hat.

“Okay, well, Terry told us we could stay here because our car broke down on the highway,” I said, more nervous than I expected. I looked like an idiot, holding a bottle of vodka and sweating violently in the middle of the living room.

“Oh, that girl that was sleeping here is your girlfriend? I see, my name is Brett,” said Bat-guy, “and this is my buddy, Tommy. We didn’t know that was your girlfriend. I thought she was just another girl that Terry brought back from the bar, but much better looking, and Asian too.”

“Yeah, we don’t get that many Asian chicks up here, you’re a lucky dude,” Tommy said, “but I don’t know, man, they’ve been up there for a while.”

“And she was doing some very un-wifely things to Terry when we both came in,” Brett said. “They looked like rats when you turn the lights on; they just up and ran upstairs. See,” he pointed at the couch, “that’s her dress right there.”

“Fuck off,” I told Brett. “You guys are just messing with me. I’m sure she the alcohol caught up with her, and Terry helped her to the bathroom.”

“Seriously, man,” this was Tommy, “Terry was sitting on the couch buck-naked and she was too. She was giving head like a pro, and Terry is a real big dude — if you know what I mean.” He was making a gesture with both of his hands to illustrate just how big Terry was. “She’s probably gonna need to see a throat doctor after this.”

Luckily, the jeans I was wearing were loose enough that my erection wasn’t noticeable. I had retreated into my mind, and I had the darkest and horniest thoughts. Maybe, deep down, I had wanted to see Bella fucked by another guy — to be submissive to another man and pleasured beyond her imagination.

Brett and Tommy kept talking about what they had seen, and secretly, I wished I had seen it too. Bella, with those gorgeous lips, slowly kissing his cock, drunk on vodka and dick. Bella, with those petite hands, stroking his huge, thick cock as she took her mouth and tried to fit his balls into it. My beautiful and innocent Bella, choking and gagging on a stranger’s dick twice my size probably, and loving every second of it — mascara smudged on her face, and messy with cum.

“Hey, what’s your name again, you’re not gonna freak out, right?” Brett had asked me with a look of concern on his face. “Terry is our boy, and he is a bit of an asshole for doing that to your wife, but you gotta be chill, man, or we’ll chill you out. We good?”

I snapped out of my trance; the thoughts of Bella being stretched and filled were fading from my mind. “Yeah, it’s cool, man, and my name’s Andy. It’s, like, really fucking me up, but Bella and I had talked about this earlier today. I just didn’t think she was gonna go full Asa Akira in a matter of hours.”

Brett again, “Shit, man, if your girl can suck dick like Asa, then maybe I want a little piece too if you’re cool. No offense or anything, but I ain’t never been with an Asian chick. I heard they’re tight.” Tommy nodded his head in agreement. Whether if he agreed that he wanted to fuck Bella or that Asian women were tight, I didn’t understand. “You can watch if you want.”

Again, I was fantasizing about Bella being used not by one, but by two or maybe three guys. If this is what she wanted to be happy, then I was okay with it, but I really did want to watch. Funny how quickly your mind can change when your deepest fantasies are made real. “I don’t want you to fuck my wife, Brett, but she doesn’t give a shit about what I want anymore. I’m gonna check on them, and make sure she’s alright. She’s still my wife,” I said.



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