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22 Year Old College Student Has Sex With 52 Year Old Woman

52 Year Old Woman Meets A 22 Year Old College Student On Vacation
Note: As with all my stories this one is absolutely true with only the names and a few details changed to protect the innocent.

My husband had to be out of town overnight several weeks ago, so I decided to go to Galveston, Texas in order to soak in the beach and the sun. I’ve always loved the ocean with the sounds of the waves splashing against the shore, the smell of the water, and the wind at my face. I loved to gaze out into the seemingly endless ocean and fantasize about faraway lands.

For my mini vacation I decided to spend the night at the Holiday Inn across the street from the beach so I could enjoy my day and not have to rush home. I was really looking forward to spending some much needed time by myself so I could recharge myself. Work has been very hard for me lately because of the pressure of deadlines for some major projects I was in charge of budgeting. A day or two at the beach is just what I needed.

I arrived on Galveston Friday evening to check into my hotel. When I was settled in I went to the nearby beach and just sat there on the sand staring out into the ocean as a sense of peace overtook me. I was there until late at night before I got up and took a long walk before going back to have dinner by myself.

After dinner, I returned to the beach late that night and listened to the waves to relax me before I returned to the hotel for a blissful sleep. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind.

The next day I had a nice breakfast and returned to the beach. I was feeling much better and much recharged from the previous night of reflection and meditation. I wanted to go to the beach and relax so I staked out my place on the sand, set up my umbrellas and blanket so I could.

I was there perhaps half an hour when a very handsome young man came by and set up his towel near me. I didn’t pay him too much attention as I was just enjoying myself sunning and watching the ocean waves. This young stranger, however, was in a chatty mood and he soon struck up a conversation with me about the Texas A&M University after seeing the university emblem on my water cup. I told him my daughter was about to start her senior year there and that my older daughter had graduated a two years before. My young friend said his name was Brad, that he was twenty-two years old, and that he was about to start his senior year at the University of Texas. I quickly countered that I was fifty-two years old, married, with two daughters. It didn’t seem to phase him.

As we talked, I didn’t think of Brad as a possible sexual partner even though I could tell he was flirting with me shamelessly. I wasn’t here for any other reason than to soak in the sun and relax; however, as the day went on I couldn’t help notice how handsome and level headed Brad seemed to be. At twenty-two Brad didn’t seem as silly and immature as many are at his age (which is why I prefer younger men in their late twenties and early thirties).

Brad bought me lunch from a nearby snack bar and we enjoyed each other’s company while eating hot dogs. Brad did ask about my husband and I admitted that we had kind of an open marriage that allowed us to see other people now and then. I didn’t know how Brad would react to this but he seemed fine with it. At this point I was beginning to realize that I might get lucky and have an unexpected intimate encounter with Brad later in the night. I love being seduced by young men so I waited eagerly to see what Brad would do.

I excused myself to go to the restroom where I called my husband (and the love of my life). I told him what was going on and that I might possibly be getting laid later that night. He was very excited for me and I told him if it did occur I would of course call him beforehand and keep him informed. I told him that I loved him very much before hanging up.

When I returned Brad and I continued our chat about life and our various experiences so far. I told him about my time in the U.S. Air Forde as a lieutenant and Brad talked about his time in college.

As it was now getting darker I suppose Brad would soon realize that he had to make his move quickly before. I wondered what he would do and as predicted Brad asked me out to dinner. I accepted and we arranged to meet at the upscale Landry’s restaurant nearby. I returned to my hotel room to get ready for my date. I showered and put on a casual long dress that gave a tantalizing glimpse of my cleavage (not too much though) to anyone that cared to notice. I slipped on my fancier set of flip flops that had a heel and off I went to the restaurant. I also called my husband to tell him what was going on.

When I arrived at the restaurant I half expected Brad not to be there but he was and he smiled when he saw me and came over to greet me (he probably thought that I might not show up). Brad escorted me inside the restaurant where we had a very nice dinner. Brad was dressed in casual wear but looked very handsome. His manners were polite and he treated me with respect. We carried on a great conversation throughout the entire dinner. At no time did we have a loss of words to say to each other. About half way through dinner I knew that by the end of the night that Brad and I would have an intimate encounter.

After dinner we took a barefoot stroll on the beach where I decided to be bold and took his arm. He seemed happy at this and we continued our walk along the Galveston beach. I was impressed because Brad didn’t seem to be pushing me or making any lewd suggestions. He was a perfect gentleman (remember this all you younger men reading this).

As we walked along the beach we neared my hotel and I realized that I wanted to sleep with Brad but it was apparent that I’d have to take matters into my own hands so I got even bolder. I turned the discussion to wine and when he asked a question about wine I offered to show him an example of a certain vintage in my room. He accepted the invitation eagerly as we headed up to my room.

Once we got to my dwelling I presented a bottle of wine to Brad and instructed him to open it and pour us a glass while I excused myself to go to the bathroom so I could change clothing. Once there I quickly called my husband and informed him of what was going on and received his final OK. I told him that I would later call him and leave the cell phone line open for his enjoyment.
As a side note I also do this for my protection. I don’t always leave my cell phone line open but my husband always knows where I’m at when I’m having an intimate encounter and we have a time period that if he hasn’t heard from me he will call me and if I don’t answer he will call the police (it’s never happened before).

After talking to my husband I changed into loose shorts, a tank top and a loose t-shirt to cover up the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra (I didn’t want to seem too eager but I wanted to be comfortable also). I returned and sat next to Brad and placed my bare feet into the chair next to his as though I needed to relax and stretch.

Most men have a fetish for feet, and I’ve always found that this simple act of exposing my feet to most men has a devastating effect. . Happily, Brad was no exception. I took my glass of wine and made a comment that my feet had been hurting lately and innocently asked him if he would be a dear and massage them for me.

Brad didn’t hesitate but took both feet into his hands and began rub them. We then discussed the merits of wine and strangely we talked about how the habits of the Romans (of the Roman Empire) in drinking wine. Eventually we discussed other matters while he took care of my feet and toes

We continued talking but the talk of history soon turned into something of a more adult nature which led me to ask him if he was a virgin. To my relief he said that he wasn’t. Though I enjoy the intimacy of being with a young man I don’t necessarily wish to take his virginity. I want that to be with someone of their own age and not with an old lady who was just after sex.

It turned out that Brad had been sexually active since he was 17 with two different women but was now single. We then were silent for a few moments as we stared at each other and suddenly Brad leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back and we were soon making out on my bed.

We took our time but our clothing did come off finally and we were soon naked in each other’s presence. I let out a sigh of relief when Brad saw me fully nude and his only reaction was a lustful smile. I half expected him to suddenly lose interest at the sight of my fifty-two year old body.

At this point I remembered that I needed to call my husband so before things got too intense I told Brad I had to get a condom from my purse (which was true) and as I reached for my purse I found my cell phone, speed dialed my husband, and set it onto the night stand. I took the condom and placed it next to the phone. I was ready now and reached out for Brad.

The foreplay was absolutely wonderful and I felt secure as Brad held me close to his young body. Because he seemed to know what he was doing I just relaxed in Brad’s arms and let him take over. Brad did a lot of teasing and indirect touching of my clitoral area. He would go down on me, give me a quick lick, and then go somewhere else. It was maddening, yet it made me yearn for more. When he finally started giving me proper oral sex I orgasmed very quickly. I moaned extra loud so that my husband could hear on the cell phone.

As the foreplay progressed I asked Brad if he wanted to go inside of me and he nodded his head eagerly. I reached over for the condom, took it out, and rolled it onto Brad’s penis. I held onto his penis for a few moments feeling his youthful hardness, something I missed with my husband because of his health issues. When I was done admiring Brad’s hard penis, I told him that I wanted him inside of me and directed him into the missionary position.

I didn’t need to guide Brad as the head of his penis seemed to find its mark quickly. I felt him pushing into me and there was a sudden a gush of pleasure as the head of his penis stretched open my vagina. I love this moment of sex as it is at the point that I feel most intimate with a man. After Brad fully entered me, I held onto him as he began thrusting deep inside of me.

Most of my stories I’ve posted on line are pretty much the same when it comes to the actual sex act. I’m fairly tame in my attitude towards sex and don’t want to do strange things. I have no desire to be roughed up, have anal, or go into any weird, unnatural positions. I don’t want anyone to urinate on me, cause me pain, or cause me humiliation. I don’t want to call anyone “Daddy” or be strapped into a dungeon.

What I want is for my man to enter my vagina and release his sperm inside of me. I’d probably not make a good sexual partner for anyone who wanted more. Fortunately, most men are satisfied with this act of sex act in the short term. It’s when you have a long term relationship with a man who desires this sort of thing that encounters problems.

It felt wonderful having Brad on top of me thrusting his penis deep inside of me. He didn’t even seem to be tiring and was nowhere near his orgasm. I was amazed at this but decided to enjoy my good fortune and concentrate on my orgasm. As I got closer and closer I held onto Brad tightly and then looked into his face. His eyes were closed which was a shame as I love a man to look at me during orgasm. It didn’t matter though as I had this wonderful, young, muscular, hairy body on top of me covering me like a blanket. Brad’s penis hit the right places and soon the waves of pleasure of my orgasm swept through my body. I was hoping that I had made a loud enough moan so my husband could hear me over the open cell phone line.

During my orgasm, Brad continued thrusting without interruption. Most men will slow down after my orgasm and use that opportunity to change positions or rest. Brad didn’t though. He continued thrusting like his life depended on it. That being said, I still enjoyed Brad’s very erect penis moving inside of me at full force in the afterglow of my orgasm.

Finally, after a few minutes I decided that I needed to take a break and asked Brad to stop for a moment. This was definitely a first for me and I wanted to know what was going on. I actually was beginning to fear that Brad’s lack of orgasm was because he found me repulsive and just couldn’t reach the peak of ecstasy underneath my ugly body. Though I would have understood this in a logical sense, it still would have been a devastating blow to me had I known he was repulsive by me which would have sent me home in tears finding comfort only in the arms of my husband.

I asked Brad why he couldn’t come and braced for the answer. What he said was unexpected as it seemed that Brad was on an anti-depressant called Zoloft which effected his sex performance. Zoloft allowed for all normal sexual activity; unfortunately, one of the side effects was that it tended to either retard or delay orgasm.

Brad seemed ashamed when he told me this so I quickly hugged him and assured him that it was fine. I told him that he had given me two wonderful orgasms and that he had completely satisfied me. I admitted that I was frightened that he had been turned off by my body but he assured me that he hadn’t. We then lay down next to each other and I took hold of his still erect penis and massaged it. Brad told me that he can feel everything and that he wanted to “pop” inside of me so badly but it just seemed that it took too much concentration.

I told him that though I really had wanted him to come inside of me he didn’t need to worry about giving me another orgasm because I’d been completely satisfied with the two he had already given me.

We relaxed a bit and I felt his penis began to lose its erection. I decided I needed to take action so I moved over him, took his male member into my mouth, and began sucking him. I felt it instantly grow into all its glory while he was inside my mouth. I maneuvered my bottom so his mouth could have contact with my vagina and soon we were in the "sixty-nine position” as he licked and sucked my clitoris.

I’m normally not a big giver of oral sex except for a select few since I think of this as a more intimate encounter and don’t want to do this with just every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Brad seemed to be a special case so I decided to make an exception for him.

Brad’s sucking of my clitoris area also felt great so I gave him an equal sucking of his penis. It wasn’t that large so I was able to handle it fairly well. I sucked, licked, and stroked his scrotal sack. Brad moaned as I did this so I knew I had hit pay dirt. His penis was now rock hard.

We continued this for probably five or ten minutes before I had my third orgasm. It was quit unexpected as I didn’t really think I could have another one. I’d been busy sucking off Brad when I felt the unmistakable sign of an approaching orgasm. I told Brad I was about to come and he continued with what he was doing and soon the orgasmic wave hit me once again at full force. I moaned loudly for my husband’s sake.

I had to stop what I was doing with Brad’s penis as I recovered from my unexpected orgasm. After a few moments I turned to Brad and told him that I really wanted him to come inside of me and gave him a choice of either my mouth or vagina. Brad put his hand on my hairy vagina (yes, I have a full bush of hair- anyone have an issue with that?) and said that he would prefer to come inside of me so I told him that once he enters me he is to think of nothing else but his own pleasure.

Before we got into position I tried to find Brad’s condom that I had taken off before I took his penis into my mouth and I couldn’t find it. We searched around the bed and finally found it but it had dropped on the floor and was covered in dirt. I needed a new one so I reached for my purse but couldn’t find another one. I even emptied it out on the bed but there wasn’t one to be had.

I then held the dirty one in my hand and examined it. It actually had a tear in it from Brad’s previous heavy thrusting so it was worthless. I then made a tactical decision. I excused myself and went to the bathroom with my phone. I told my husband on the other end that the condom was broken and I didn’t have a new one. What was I to do?

My husband asked me a few questions about Brad’s trustworthiness and if it looked like he might have an STD. I told him that he didn’t and after a few moments of contemplation, my husband told me that in this one case I should just let him have intercourse without a condom and of course we would get an STD test done afterwards.

I hesitated since this had always been the cornerstone of our sexual agreement between the two of us that condoms would always be used. My husband reminded me that we do have several friends that are allowed to have unprotected sex with me and that I thoroughly enjoy. I sat there for a few moments thinking and then the image of the innocent Brad popped into my mind. He seemed so vulnerable and helpless. The idea that he would have an STD was unthinkable. I told my husband I would do it this one time and returned to Brad.

I decided to use this to Brad’s benefit. Most men hate using condoms and sometimes have problems having an orgasm. Brad seemed to be one of these men since he had the added disability of being on Zoloft. I informed Brad bout the broken condom and that I was going to trust him and allow him to make his release inside of me bareback.

I took his penis into my hands and began to rub it. It soon began to grow hard and erect. I got onto my back and waited for Brad to mount me. I didn’t have to wait long and soon I felt Brad’s unprotected penis entering me. I whispered in Brad’s ear that I wanted him to release his sperm deep inside of me and held him tight as he began to thrust deep inside of me.

Intercourse with Brad still lasted a long time but I didn’t complain as I was enjoying myself. An old lady like me having a twenty-two year old man deep inside was reward enough for me. The sex still continued on for a long time though in reality it was probably ten minutes. Finally, I heard Brad tell me that he was about to come.

My eyes had been closed but I once again looked into his face and saw that Brad’s eyes were also closed so I told him to open his eyes and look at me. He obeyed and gazed upon my own eyes. Suddenly Brad said he was about to come so I shouted for the benefit of my listening husband “Brad, I want your sperm inside of me!”

I felt Brad’s penis contracting inside of my vagina and I knew that he was making his release at that very moment. Brad looked me in the eye during this entire time until his pleasure subsided and he collapsed on top of me.

We held each other closely for several moments before Brad climbed off of me and sat on the edge of the bed. Brad insisted that he had to leave so I watched him get up and grabbed his clothing. I felt a bit sick at the sight as Brad didn’t even want to look at me. When he was fully dressed he turned to me and looked at me. I was still lying on the bed totally naked and unashamed with the man who had just released his sperm deep inside of me. I could even feel his sperm dripping out of me and I wanted very much for him to stay in my bed. I asked him to spend the night with me. My request was met with silence.

I had given my all and had even trusted him to the point of allowing him a privilege that few men have earned over the years by allowing him to release his sperm deep inside of my body. I held out my arms to him and looked at him. I wanted him to hold me and tell me that everything was all right. He didn’t.

Instead I saw the disgust in his eyes that he had just “fucked an old lady.” As he walked out the door without even saying goodbye I turned my head in shame. Tears began forming in my eyes as I sat in the bed holding my knees as Brad’s sperm continued to exit my body. My phone rang. It was my husband. I didn’t want to answer it.

Instead I cried.


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