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A 25 Year Old US Marine Lieutenant Takes 52 Year Old Woman To Bed

52 year old woman is taken to bed by a 25 year old US Marine lieutenant
My husband and I went to a wedding last Saturday of a friend’s daughter who was marrying a US Marine lieutenant. I always loved the fancy dress uniforms of the Marines, especially on well-built young men. During the wedding the groom had other US Marine officers (all lieutenants) as his groomsmen and a few were in the audience. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and even my husband noticed and nudged me at one point telling me that I should try and get lucky tonight.

I didn’t take him too seriously and told him I was just looking. Though we have an open marriage and he enjoys my intimacy with other men, I thought today wasn’t the day to try and snag someone, not at a wedding. The only person who had a right to get lucky that night was the bride and her new Marine lieutenant husband.

During the reception at an upscale hotel in downtown Houston the Marine lieutenant’s performed some sort of sword ceremony with the bride and groom. I have to admit I was swept away by the pageantry of it all and at the sight of the Marines with their swords at their side. I turned to my husband and said to him, “Wow’ before nodding my head at the Marines.

My husband smiled and again urged me to go for it. I looked at the Marines and told my husband that perhaps I’d consider it. I admit my lust got the better of me and I started flirting with the lieutenants but in a very dignified manner. I wasn’t some young girl who was going to just jump into bed with the first one who asked me (Oh whose kidding who, of course I would have but I couldn’t show that)

As the afternoon wore on I danced with the Marines but one of them piqued my interest in his mannerism and for the fact that I thought he was particularly handsome and manly, I’m a sucker for that type of a man, so I turned on the charm.

He also was drinking very little alcohol, just a few sips to be social, while the other Marines seemed to be getting slowly plastered. I hate being with drunks so my choice was suddenly limited to this one Marine who seemed to be in control of himself (an even bigger turn on). We did some slow dancing while my husband sat in the corner watching and smiling. Michael (my Marine partner) was slowly trying to seduce me and I played along with him.

Though I’m sure he knew I was married since I was wearing a wedding ring, he never asked me directly and I decided to just go with the flow . I did, however, tell him I was fifty-two years old (I didn’t want him to be shocked at finding out once we became intimate ). I half way expected him to excuse himself and find a much younger woman but he didn’t and told me that he was twenty-five himself and that I didn’t look my age (whether he was lying and just wanted to be with an older woman I’ll never know).

We danced and talked for about an hour after which time Michael began hinting that he would like to take me to his hotel room (thankfully he had a room at this very hotel). I didn’t agree at first since I wanted him to work for it. We continued talking for a little while when I decided to let Michael win my hand and I agreed to go to his hotel room with the excuse that we could have a quiet glass of wine before I left for home.

I’ve been through this many times before with young men and each and every time I still get butterflies in my stomach. I love the art of seduction and can almost read a man’s mind and know exactly what step he is on. I could tell that Michael was nervous taking this older woman to his room but he didn’t hesitate or get second thoughts about it all which made me admire him even more.

Before I left with him I excused myself for a few minutes to tell my husband and get his official blessing (also to tell him which room I’d be in). He gladly gave it and told me that he would be waiting for me but to take my time.

Once we got to Michaels room I commented that my feet hurt while I slipped off my sandals. Michael instantly looked at my feet, as most men do, and asked if he could give me a massage to ease the pain. I instantly agreed and soon was sitting down while Michael took my feet into his hands and worked their magic.

I’ve told other stories of my adventures with other men and they usually have the same outcome and ending so it’s hard to tell a fresh story since sex is sex and there really isn’t too many ways to describe the act. So I will just describe it as it happened.

The foot massage was wonderful and it really did make me feel better. As the massage progressed I felt his hands getting higher and higher up my leg. Quickly his hands had disappeared underneath my dress and soon he was brushing up against my panties. Any hesitation on my part was pushed aside as Michael’s fingers began making contact with my pubic hair regions.

Michael looked at me anxiously to make sure he wasn’t going too far but instead of a frown I was smiling at him which gave him the green light to proceed further. Soon I was feeling his newly embolden hand underneath my panties playing with my pubic hair (I have a full bush). Not long after that our clothing came off quicker than I expected and I had to face the moment of truth.

Michael was in his prime with a hard, young body. I was a fifty-two year old woman who was slightly ashamed of her sagging breasts and slightly frumpy body. However, I sat up on the bed so he could get a good look at me. If he was going to have me there would be no lies between us. My worries were unfounded as Michael took me into his arms and began kissing me.

I’ve learned a lot of things in my intimate encounters with young men over the years. A basic rule is that a man in his twenties and early thirties are able to reload after sex much faster than older men. Another rule of thumb is that most young men burn with the brightness of an uncontrolled explosion when they have sex for the first time with a new partner and generally don’t last very long. That’s fine if you’re going to be at it all night but some young men want to call it quits after getting their orgasm.

For this reason I normally will make a deal with the young man while he is in the heat of passion. I will allow him to have a quickie with me at full steam with a minimal amount of foreplay if he will agree to a second session when he is able to get hard again. I find that during this second round of sex the young man is usually much calmer and not as pent up as he was before. The result is a much more satisfying sex session.

It also means that I get to have a handsome young man holding me from behind and talking with me during the hour or so we have to wait for his body to recover. I made this deal with Michael and he quickly agreed to my terms. I asked him to begin by giving me oral sex to lubricate my vagina entrance.

Most times when I ask the young men to do this they perform their oral duties for only a few moments just to get me wet enough thinking that they will take care of me later during the second session. Sometimes I get lucky and the young man gets so involved in giving me oral that he unintentionally gives me an orgasm.

Today I was lucky. Michael seemed to hit all the right spots with his tongue and soon I felt the wave of an orgasm sweeping over my body. The pleasure was enhanced by the fact that it had been over a week since I’d last had an orgasm. The force of the orgasm really hit me hard and I moaned louder than usual. I’m not the noisiest person in the world when it comes to sex having trained myself to be quiet for the sake of my two daughters when they were young. Even though they were out of the house I still had the habit of being quiet, though I was trying to get back into the swing of things. I guess today was a breakthrough for me.

After my orgasm subsided I pulled Michael towards me, took hold of his gorgeous thick penis, unrolled a condom onto it, got onto my back, and whispered in Michael’s ear that I wanted him inside of me. I love the act of first penetration from a new lover, especially if the man enters me slowly.

As Michael mounted me I felt his penis at my entrance; however, it was fumbling around and not finding its mark so I decided to help him. I reached down, took hold of his manhood, placed him at my entrance, and waited. A few moments later I felt him entering me. There was a sharp feeling of pleasure mixed with a tiny bit of discomfort as the head of his very thick penis stretched open my vagina entrance a little bit wider than I was used to.

I felt him pushing deeper inside of me and soon he was all the way in. Thankfully he had been slow and he didn’t start thrusting immediately. He must have realized my discomfort so he remained motionless until I told him I was all right. At that he began thrusting and the discomfort gave way to a feeling of pleasure. At this point I wrapped my legs around his waist, put my hands on his back and closed my eyes enjoying myself. Soon Michael was thrusting with all of his might.

I don’t know if it was my lack of sex for the week, the size of his penis, the excitement of being with a very handsome man, or God knows what, but as Michael continued his thrusting I began to feel an orgasm slowly beginning to form within me. It’s very unusual for me to orgasm during a quickie as it takes the thrusting penis a much longer time for me to achieve orgasm. Nevertheless, I could feel an orgasm building up.

Unfortunately, I also knew that Michael was nearing the end from the way his thrusts were getting deeper and faster. Though I probably wouldn’t orgasm right now it only meant that my delay would only make my future orgasm all the more sweeter during my second round with Michael. I suppose the orgasm that Michael gave me orally beforehand probably took the edge off of me which is why this orgasm could only peep over the horizon.

Michael suddenly grunted and I felt his penis pulsating which meant he was making his release of sperm inside of me. How I wish I could have had his sperm actually released inside of my body rather than into a condom because that would have probably taken me over the orgasmic cliff. I’ve always had a fetish for sperm released inside of my body; sadly though, because of STDs only my husband and a few select friends had the privilege of doing so.

No matter. I still enjoyed having Michael inside of me and knew that in a few moments I’d be relaxing in his arms waiting for round two to begin. I still had that pesky fear that Michael would lose interest in me after his lust had been satisfied. He would suddenly be seeing my fifty-two year old body without the goggles of passion filtering his vision. Would he suddenly look at me in disgust? I would know soon enough.

So I was relieved when Michael kissed me and got me into the spooning position to cuddle with me. I felt so safe and relaxed in his arms.

Before he could take off his condom though I asked him to keep it on and enter me from behind and let it grow soft while inside of me. He did as I asked and I was pleasantly surprised at how hard he still was. I absolutely love this after sex position because I feel so secure having the man holding me from behind with is penis deep inside of me.

Believe me when I tell you that men will open up and tell you things you wouldn’t believe while in this position. Though Michael didn’t tell me anything earth shattering I still enjoyed our intimate conversation. The only time I felt even more intimate with a man in this position was with my husband after we had sex those many years ago for the express purpose of getting me pregnant.

Some men, while in this after sex position (including my husband) will grow completely soft and fall out of my body and that’s when the sex is officially at an end. Since I knew that Michael had promised another round I wondered how long it would take for him to get hard again. I also wanted to get his condom off of his penis, clean it up, and get him back into a fresh one.

To my surprise though, Michael never lost his erection completely. As we were talking I suddenly felt his penis stirring deep inside of me and it was apparently growing harder. I felt Michael’s hand go to my lower belly just above my hair line and gently began to rub it right over where his penis was inside of me. I really enjoyed him doing that and it seemed so sweet of him.

As he continued massaging my belly his penis was getting very hard and I was wondering if I could manage to get him into a fresh condom. On the other hand I didn’t want Michael to stop as his hardening penis was feeling very good inside of me. I then felt Michaels fingers reaching between my legs and finding my clitoris. He gently placed his finger on it and began to rub it in conjunction with the movement of his penis.

I was taken back at how nice it felt and suddenly the orgasm that had eluded me early came rushing towards me. The waves of pleasure hit me quite hard and it almost took my breath away.

Michael was moving at full thrusting speed but he was still behind me in the spooning position. This allowed for the pleasure of my orgasm to be prolonged for a bit longer than usual. As he began to slow down, I felt Michael kiss me on the neck. His hand, which had found my clitoris, now reached up for my breasts and he began fondling them. He then reached his head down and began sucking the closest one to him as he continued moving inside of me.

We never changed positions and to be honest I didn’t want him to. It felt wonderful for Michael to be behind me having full access to my body. After I had time to recover from my orgasm I felt Michael’s hand going back to my clitoris for a second go. I orgasmed fairly quickly once again but I knew that this would be my last one. For some reason I can never get past three orgasms in one day no matter who I was being intimate with. My body just seems to shut down the pleasure zone. I don’t know why.

After I recovered from this last orgasm I told Michael that I wouldn’t be able to have any more but that I enjoyed having him inside of me and wanted him to continue moving inside of me. I had another concern about the condom overflowing with a second orgasm from Michael but I decided not to worry about it. I didn’t want him to stop, take off the condom, place a new one back on, and go back at it. It would break the magic. Besides, I was reasonably sure that the condom could take in the extra flow.

For the next half an hour I enjoyed intercourse with Michael. Now that my orgasms were out of the way I could just enjoy the feeling of this young man deep inside my body.

However, all good things must come to an end. I soon realized that Michael was close to an orgasm. I decided that I wanted Michael to make his release while in the missionary position and asked him to change positions. He pulled out of me and waited until I got onto my back and spread my legs for him. He got on top of me and entered me in one quick motion. I wrapped my legs around Michaels waist as I’d done early and held on to him tightly.

I then made it a point to look him in the eyes the nearer he got to his orgasm. Eye contact during sex is a sign of great intimacy for me, especially when it’s done during an orgasm. As Michael moving between my legs I took hold of his head and looked at him and he looked back. We held each other’s gaze as he made his final release inside of me. I then kissed him and he collapsed on top of me.

As Michael pulled out of me I checked the condom and saw that though it was very full it apparently hadn’t leaked. I helped him take it off and placed it on the night stand.

We were now done.

I felt wonderful and relaxed but a bit sad that I wouldn’t be doing this again with Michael. After a little bit I got up and cleaned up before getting dressed. I then went over to the still nude Michael and looked at his wonderful body once more. He smiled at this before I went over to him and kissed him. I then left his hotel room.

After I left I immediately called my husband who was still at the reception. He asked how it went and I told him I would have one heck of a story to tell him tonight. Though I was tired I knew that by the end of this night my husband’s sperm would be filling me to the brim as was per our agreement in situations like this where I’m intimate with another man. I have to tell him all the details and take care of his sexual needs.


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