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A Baby For Becky - Part II

Becky prepares to get pregnant
Malcolm had already spotted us from the hotel foyer and came out to greet us. He shook my hand but his eyes were fixed on Becky. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he shook her hand. As we exchanged pleasantries I observed the two of them closely. Malcolm was the typical male, looking at her breasts first and then lowering his eyes to take in her waist and hips before venturing lower to her shapely legs below the short hem of her dress. His smile told me that he obviously enjoyed what he saw. Becky’s first look, after looking him in the eye, was at his groin. It was only momentary but it was enough; it told both Malcolm and I what she was interested in. You didn’t need too many brain cells to work out from the smile on her face that she was interested in him. There was chemistry there. Malcolm had ‘pulled’, as they say.

“It’s a bit busy in there,” Malcolm said, “some sort of business convention on.”

We knew that the place could get busy at times.

Becky looked at me, “We need somewhere where we can talk in private,” she said.

“Yes, I guess that we have a lot to sort out,” Malcolm said.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Only place I can think of is home.” I said.

Becky said nothing for a moment. We had already agreed that a neutral venue was preferable for the first time. Malcolm was after all a stranger and you can’t be too careful about who you let into your own home.

She glanced at Malcolm again, “I think it will be okay,” she said to me.

Becky seemed happy so I agreed.

Malcolm said something about following on behind but Becky told him that it was easy to get lost on the busy roads, especially as it was getting dark.

“Why don’t you go with Malcolm, darling, and I will take the car?”

I suppose it was better than Becky going with him but I was a bit nervous about journeying with the man who was going to be fucking my wife. It had to be done though. As we followed Becky we did chat but we managed to stay off the subject of why he was here. He told me that he was ex-military and that he had his own IT consultancy business.

Once we arrived home Becky opened a bottle of wine and we sat down in the lounge close to the fire. Malcolm then asked us what gave us the idea of Becky getting pregnant by a black male. Becky looked at me and then turned to him and told him the full story. I saw Malcolm look down at the large rug in front of the fire a couple of times; no doubt he was picturing the two us on the duvet making love.

“So it was a big turn on for you then Becky?” Malcolm asked her after she had finished.

Becky smiled shyly.

“And how do you feel about it Ian?”

I looked at him. I didn’t know what to say.

“Does the idea of Becky getting fucked my another man turn you on?” He asked me.

Becky was sat next to me and she reached and rubbed my thigh, “Yes it does, doesn’t it, darling?”

I nodded.

“Lots of guys do,” Malcolm replied, “you would be surprised.”

Becky smiled, “You have helped a few couples out on that score then?”

Malcolm nodded, “I’ve met a few along the way.”

“So those two women you made pregnant,” Becky said, “how did that come about then?”

“Well with the first one, I had been seeing her for about three months and one night she mentioned that she would like to have a baby by me. She had already talked it over with her husband and he was agreeable to it so we just went for it,” Malcolm said. “The other lady was much different. She couldn’t take the pill and I had to wear a condom. One night it broke and I couldn’t pull out in time. She wasn’t too upset it and the next time she just said it was up to me if I wore one or not. She was fine about it when I decided not to wear one.”

“You enjoyed getting them pregnant then?” Becky asked him.

Malcolm nodded as he smiled, “There’s something special about getting a cuckold’s wife pregnant,” he said. “I mean, you and I could fuck for years and years and no one may ever know about it; no one might ever know that you had been fucking a black guy. But if I got you pregnant and you had my baby there would be no hiding the fact that you had been fucked by a black guy.”

“You guys get something special from fucking a white woman don’t you?” I asked him.

Malcolm smiled, “It’s a treasured conquest when a white woman gives herself up to you,” he responded, “and it’s even more special if they are married.”

“And how do we compare in bed to girls of your own race?” Becky asked him.

“You are less inhibited,” he replied, “married ones especially. You really know how to let your down in bed!”

“Why do you think that is?” Becky asked.

“Because there is a slut in every woman,” he said, “a slut just waiting to come out. When a girl like yourself crosses that cultural barrier you have already broken a taboo and the rest just comes out easily.”

“Do you ever see the children you fathered?” I asked him.

He shook his head, “No, he said, “Once they knew that they were pregnant I was off the scene. That was the way they wanted it.”

“And we have your assurance that if I have your baby you won’t be coming back somewhere down the line wanting parental access?” Becky asked him.

“Yes,” he said emphatically, “it might sound a harsh thing to say but the way I look at is that if you get pregnant then it’s your responsibility. I don’t want to play any further role in his or her life.”

Becky looked at me. It was one question that we wanted reassurance on and we now had that.

Malcolm looked across at me, “And you are okay with Becky having my baby?”

I nodded.

“You’re not going to change your mind once it happens Ian?”

I shook my head.

Malcolm turned his attention to Becky, “So what are the plans then?” he asked. “Assuming you do want to go ahead with it and with me.”

“Yes, I do want to go ahead with it and with you,” she told him, “I’m thinking of us getting together in about three weeks time, if that’s okay?

Malcolm smiled, “Whenever you’re ready,” he replied. do you want to go about it? I mean meeting up and things like that.”

“I would prefer it to happen here,” Becky told him. “I would feel more comfortable in my own bed, as it were.”

Malcolm nodded, “Fine by me,” he replied. “And frequency?”

Becky turned and looked at me before turning to Malcolm again, “Weekends are best for us,” she told him. “Midweek is far too hectic.”

“That’s fine with me,” he told her, “and what about Ian, will he be taking part as well?”

“How do you mean taking part?” I asked him.

“Some husbands like to participate,” he said. “Help out, things like that.”

“Ian won’t be having sex with me,” she told him, “not full sex anyway. It will only be you doing that with me.”

Malcolm smiled, “I wasn’t thinking along those lines but never mind.”

Becky laughed, “I think I get your meaning,” she said. “No. Ian will probably watch at times but there will be no participation.”

“No worries,” he told her. “I have no hang-ups about anything, so if you do change your mind...”

I didn’t quite catch on what he was talking about, “What do you mean by helping out?” I asked him.

Malcolm looked at Becky and then looked at me. “Hmm...some husbands like to guide it in,” he said. “Some like to hold their wife’s legs up for me and....well...some have wanted to make sure that I am very hard for their wife.”

It took a few moments but I began to see what he was getting at.

Becky turned to me and smiled, “Is that everything do you think?”

“I think so,” I told her.

“Please feel to ask me anything.” Malcolm said sensing that it was time to go.

“I...I think we have covered all that we wanted to.” Becky said.

Malcolm stood up, “I guess it’s just now a case of waiting for your call Becky.”

Becky nodded.

“I guess you guys will be having some duvet time now?” Malcolm said with a smile.

Becky smiled at him.

“You’re a lucky guy Ian.”

“You may join us if you wish Malcolm,” Becky told him, much too both our surprises.

Malcolm looked at me.

“You get the duvet Ian and I will dig out that DVD,” Becky said.

When I came back downstairs Malcolm was sat on the settee next to Becky; he had taken of his jacket and his shoes. I laid out the duvet on the rug and took off my shoes and sat down and Becky sat down next to me with Malcolm the other side of her. Moments later Becky pointed the remote control at the DVD player and the film started.

We had both seen it many times but never with anyone else present and it was a strange feeling watching something so intimate with a stranger. Part way through Malcolm shifted his position until he was part lying on the floor closer to Becky with his head resting against the settee. I watched as his hand came round and rested against Becky’s bottom. I had once seen another guy do that and she had grabbed his hand immediately and pushed it aside at the same time as giving him an angry look. There was no rejection this time.

From time to time I glanced at Becky and Malcolm. As usual she was lost in the lust of it. Malcolm, I noticed, kept looking down at Becky’s legs every now and again. The bulge in his trousers told me exactly what he was thinking. Becky had also noticed it and turned to me and gave me a smile. When the film ended Malcolm sat up and looked at Becky.

“So that was the film that has triggered this whole thing then?” He said.

Becky turned to him and smiled, “Yes,” she said, “Ian reckoned at first that it was a fake.”

Malcolm shook his head, “No. They were for real,” he said. “I’ve been there twice before and I know how a woman responds when she is baby making. She was definitely trying to get pregnant. I also reckon that could have been her first time with a black guy”

“You reckon?” Becky asked him.

“Yeah,” he replied, “did you hear her when he first entered her? I’ve done a few first timers and they nearly always cum on first penetration.”

I watched as Becky looked down at Malcolm’s groin. His bulge was very prominent now.

“Looks like I am not the only one that got excited watching that the first time.” Becky said.

Malcolm reached up and pulled her too him and they kissed. His hand moved to her knee but Becky clamped her own hand down on it. “It’s not possible just now, even if I wanted to.”

Malcolm groaned as he pulled away. Becky suddenly reached out and touched his bulge, “Doesn’t mean that I can’t give you some relief though.”

I think she took both of us by surprise. Malcolm offered no resistance as she reached with her other hand and began to unbuckle his trousers. He lay back looking up at her as she pulled down his zipper. When she grabbed waistband of his trousers he lifted his bottom to allow her to pull them down over his hips along with his boxers. His huge cock sprang into the air as the waistband of his boxers was pulled over it.

It looked even more bigger in the flesh. I had seen the photographs but it looked so much bigger and thicker here. Becky pulled them down to his knees and then knelt at his side and took his cock in her hand. Her hand looked so tiny in comparison to its size. She looked down at him and smiled and them reached down with other hand and cupped his testicles.

“Mmmmm, lot’s of baby making seed here, hey.” Becky commented.

Malcolm groaned.

I watched as Becky’s other hand started to move slowly up and down the shaft. “Looking forward to fucking me are you?” she asked.

Malcolm groaned again.

“Tell me...tell me what you are going to do to me?”

“I’m...I’m gonna fuck you right here on this duvet,” he said hoarsely. “I’m gonna get your legs on my shoulders, just like the guy in that film did, and I’m gonna grind that ass of yours into the floor while Ian watches”

“And fill me with your seed?” Becky said.

Malcolm groaned.

Becky leant over and ran her tongue over the tip, “So you like husbands to participate as well do you?”

“Yesssss,” Malcolm groaned.

I looked on in horror. Becky was glancing across at me with a smile on her face as she slowly masturbated and licked Malcolm’s huge cock. She then lifted her head up and motioned me forward. I found myself shuffling across the duvet to her on my knees. As her free hand began to tug at my belt buckle I just knelt there powerless to do anything.

“Take them off please.” She said as struggled with my zipper.

I did as she said and as I returned to kneeling position Becky began to pull Malcolm’s trousers and shorts down past his knees. It was clear that she wanted us both naked from the waist down.

“Looks’ like Becky is the boss tonight, hey Ian?” Malcolm commented.

“Yes I am,” she responded, “and don’t you guys forget it.” She added as she began to position us so that we were sat almost side by side.

I started to feel uncomfortable as Becky knelt on the duvet between us. There was a wicked smile on her face and it made me nervous. I also felt uncomfortable with the fact that I was half naked and sporting an erection beside another male. I had never been in this position before. Becky reached forward with her outstretched hands and took hold of our erections.

“Hmmmm, two cocks for my attention.”

Her hands started to move up and down in unison as she began to masturbate us. Becky had masturbated me many times before but never in front of anyone else. Even though I felt embarrassment I still maintained my erection. Malcolm did as well but no doubt he was well used to this. He had fucked men’s wives in front of their husbands so nothing would be too embarrassing for him. Becky began to increase her strokes bringing groans from the both us.

“You’re looking forward to watching Malcolm making me pregnant, aren’t you Ian?” Becky said softly.

I couldn’t help but groan.

“And I know that Malcolm can’t wait to fuck me, can you Malcolm.”

“Nooooo,” he groaned.

Becky increased her strokes, “That’s it guys, close your eyes and think of what you are about to see and do to me,” she said softly.

I was already thinking about Malcolm fucking her and hearing him groaning from his thoughts made me even more excited.

Becky spoke again. “If Ian cums before you Malcolm,” she said softly, “I’ll let you fuck me for another month after you have got me pregnant.”

Malcolm gave out a loud groan and I cried out ‘No’.

Her last words had taken me over the edge. I opened my eyes as my cum began to gush over her hand and saw Malcolm’s cum gushing out at the same time. “That’s it Malcolm show me how much you can cum.” Becky said.

Malcolm continued to groan as his cum spewed forth. My own cum had ceased flowing a long time before his. It shocked me to see how much was there. Becky’s hand was covered and Malcolm’s belly and his groin area was awash with it.

“Wow,” Becky exclaimed. “You were certainly excited!”

Malcolm laughed.

Becky lifted her hand to her mouth and began to lick his seed off her fingers.

“So who came first?” Malcolm asked.

Becky smiled at him and then looked at me, “Sorry darling but you were just a squirt in front of Malcolm.”

“Yeah!” Malcolm cried out.

Becky leant forward and kissed him and Malcolm’s hands rose up to cup her breasts, “Can’t wait to fuck you,” he told her as rubbed her nipples through her dress with his thumbs.

“And I can’t wait to get fucked by you!” Becky responded.

I felt my cock begin to stir again. I couldn’t wait for it to happen either.

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