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A Buddy to Fuck

A husband gets drawn into allowing his wife to have a friend with benefits
Sandy reached across with the half full wine bottle and held it over her husband’s glass, “More wine, darling?” she asked him.

Bill nodded. He liked a good Shiraz and she had chosen his favourite for their quiet dinner. The children were with their grandparents for the night so it was just the two of them. They didn’t get many nights alone like this. They had busy lives running a family business as well as parenting, which meant that they had little time together, or perhaps not as much time as they would like. Sandy knew that they needed to spend some alone and she had deliberately engineered this evening, even to the extent of switching off their business mobile phones.

Bill had been most nervous when she took his mobile from him and switched it off, “I want your full attention tonight,” she had told him as soon as he closed the front door behind him. “Full attention!” she emphasised, with a stroke of his crotch as she kissed him.

His reaction was immediate. She was wearing intoxicating perfume and she was also wearing a new black dress. It was low cut and short. He looked down at her cleavage and then also noticed that she wearing a new pair of shoes, high heels that added inches to her five feet two slim frame. He was pretty certain that underneath that dress there would be new lingerie and black stockings. His bulge expanded at her touch.

“You have time for a quick shower while I prepare the steaks,” she told him as she gave him a gentle squeeze before releasing him.

He pulled her to him and kissed her. He also took the opportunity to slip his hand under the hem of her dress. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, “you’re not wearing any panties.”

She felt his fingers against her freshly shaved crotch and gently pushed him away. “Come on,” she told him, “I have dinner to prepare.”

Bill reluctantly pulled away and went for a shower. He could have fucked her there and then. If it had been up to him he would have done but that would not have been fair on Sandy. Most of their couplings lately had been hurried affairs; snatching moments very late at night or early morning. He knew that Sandy wanted an evening of slow and unhurried passion. She also wanted to talk about something as well. It made him nervous. He knew that it was something more serious than work or the family.

Bill took his glass to his lips, took in the bouquet of the grape, and then sipped. The steak had been good; one appetite had been satisfied. He was ready for sex now.

“I was talking to Polly today,” Sandy suddenly said.

Polly was his sister and she was married to Andy. He used to work in the business with them when they first started up together but after a while he wanted partnership status with them. As far as they were concerned it was a family business and the only partners that would join them in the future would be their children once they grew up.

They lived nearby but they only occasionally socialised. They too lived busy lives as well. Sandy though was quite close to Polly, they chatted on the phone regularly and sometimes shopped together.

“How is she?” Bill asked her. Not that he really wanted to know. Sandy looked very sexy tonight and he was horny. Their well lit open fire and the sheepskin rug in front of it looked inviting. It had been a long time since he had thrown a few cushions down on it and fucked her long and hard.

“Things have really improved between them,” she told him. “They are much happier.”

Polly and Andy had been having relationship problems. She had confided in Sandy that she was considering having an affair. Andy apparently was not very adventurous in bed. Sandy had started to go into detail when she had first told him a few weeks ago but he had stopped her. He did not want to know about his sister’s sex life.

“That’s good. So what turned things around then?” he asked, wondering what had changed things.

Sandy smiled, “Do you really want to know?” she asked him.

“Okay,” he told her, “but leave out the gory bits.”

Sandy laughed for a moment and then suddenly looked all serious, “Actually... actually she now has a fuck buddy,” she told him, as she looked down at her wine glass.

What?” Bill responded.

“She has a fuck buddy,” she repeated. “Well, she calls him a ‘friend with benefits’ but it’s the same thing.”

“You’re having me on,” Bill replied.

Sandy shook her head. “No, I’m serious. They had a good heart to heart about their love life, or rather lack of it, and he agreed that she could have a fuck buddy.”

“Wow,” Bill exclaimed, “and Andy agreed just like that?”

“Well there was a bit more to it than that,” she told him. “Polly explained to Andy that she was not being satisfied and that there was a guy at work who was interested in her. She told Andy that she wasn’t interested in a love affair or anything like that. She just wanted sex with someone without all the drama or the emotional baggage.”

Bill fell silent.

“You look shocked,” Sandy told him.

“I suppose I am,” he replied. “Just goes to show that you never really know what goes on behind someone else’s four walls.”

Sandy smiled before taking another sip of wine.

“So what’s the arrangement then?” Bill asked, “She just has a night out with her ‘friend with benefits’ as and when?”

Sandy laughed, she reached across the table and put her hand on his. “As and when,” she laughed. “I suppose you could put it that way.”

“And Andy doesn’t object?”

“He loves her,” Sandy told him, “and he knows that she needs more than he can give her.”

Bill took her hand and kissed it, “At least you don’t have that problem.”

Sandy smiled. “That’s true, but don’t get complacent. I just might find a fuck buddy,” she said as she got up and leant across the table.

Bill got up as well and they began to kiss. He reached over with his hand and cupped her breasts, “That rug looks inviting,” he said to her.

“Mmm,” Sandy moaned.

Minutes later they were on the carpet. Sandy had taken off her dress to make sure that it didn’t get spoilt, and lay down on the cushion that Bill had placed on the floor. He was eager and ready to take her but it had been a long time since he had fucked her properly. He wanted to taste her, wanted to pleasure her, so he lay down between her open thighs and, after gently prising her cunt lips, began to use his tongue on her.

Her hands fell onto the back of his head and her fingers dug deep and hard as he pleasured her. Her moans were soft at first but as he penetrated deeper with his tongue, her moans grew into loud cries of pleasure. Bill then gradually began to work his fingers inside her using them like a cock and she began to writhe and buck her hips wildly. It had been a long time since she had been pleasured like this. By the time that he had brought her full orgasm on Sandy was almost screaming the place down.

When she had recovered from her climax she got up, undressed him and then sucked him to the point of climax. Stopping, until the moment had passed, she turned round and mounted him reverse cowgirl style and fucked him until he came. They both then lay huddled together in the warmth of the heat from the fire. Sandy ran her hand down his body, she loved his hairy chest; she wasn’t one of those who went for the smooth look.

“Would you feel threatened by a fuck buddy?” she asked him.

Bill opened his eyes and looked at her as she lay with her head resting on his chest. “How do mean, threatened?”

“If you were married to someone and she had a fuck buddy,” she explained.

“Of course I would,” he told her, “Wouldn’t you if your husband had one?”

She laughed, “I suppose I would,” she admitted, “but men are different to women. A woman can have sex with a man and see it just as that, sex, and nothing else. Men tend to get emotionally involved easier.”

“You sound as though as you want a fuck buddy,” Bill said, “someone just for sex.”

“It would be nice,” Sandy replied. “Listening to Polly talking about her relationship has got me interested. They do things together that she never does with Andy, things that Andy isn’t even interested in.”

“So why doesn’t she just ask Andy?”

“She has,” Sandy responded. “She always wanted to try anal sex for example and he didn’t like the idea. Her FWB loves doing it to her.”

“Too much information,” Bill told her.

“Then there are things that she would prefer to do with her FWB than Andy,” she continued.

Bill ran his hand down her side, cupping her breasts for a few moments before venturing to her groin. “And what would you like to try with a fuck buddy given the chance?” he asked her.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “lots of things. But basically just to be available for one whenever he wanted sex. Be someone’s slut and let him do whatever he wanted to do with me.”

“But you have that already, more or less, with me.”

Sandy shook her head, “No,” she told him. “With you I am a wife and homemaker as well as a friend and lover, and I really love being that. But sometimes you need to be something other than all that. Sometimes you just want to be used for sex.”

“I’m sure I could manage that.”

Sandy turned her face upwards, smiled at him then kissed him. “I like you just the way you are. You are the perfect husband and lover,” she told him. 

Bill ran his hand over her body again, “I don’t think I would like the idea of another man lying like this with you, touching you like I am, enjoying your body, fucking you.”

Sandy turned onto her side and kissed him before reaching for his cock, “Hmm,” she moaned, “I would.”

“You have a filthy mind,” Bill told her as he felt her fingers arousing him.

She kissed his chest and then moved down his body showering him with light kisses all the way down to his groin. “He has a very big one you know?” Sandy said softly as she kissed the tip of his cock.

Bill’s eyes were closed and he was enjoying her attention, “Who has?”

“Alan,” she answered him, “Polly’s FWB.”

“I... I don’t want to know,” he told her as she took him fully in her mouth.

“She said I could have him if Andy gets that job in New Zealand,” she told him. “I could look after him for her.”

Bill didn’t want to hear but he couldn’t stop himself getting excited listening to her. Sandy pulled away and began to apply her gentle kisses all the way back up his body to his lips.

“It’s a no go then?” she said.

Bill gripped her shoulders, rolled her onto her back and mounted her, “You don’t need anyone else,” He told her as he thrust his erection into her.

Sandy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, “Prove it to me,” she goaded.

Bill obliged her.

It was three weeks later when they met up with Polly and Andy. They had invited them over for dinner wanting to share the good news about Andy’s new job in New Zealand. Polly was excited about finding a teaching job there too. At the moment there were only supply teacher jobs available here.

“Won’t you miss your FWB?” Sandy said to her.

Polly smiled and Bill looked away. “He’ll still be around in a couple of years time if Andy’s contract comes to an end.”

Bill didn’t want to get involved with the subject of his sister’s FWB so he began to clear some of the dishes and took them into the kitchen. Polly followed him in with some dishes.

“Sorry if I embarrassed you,” she told him.

They had been quite close in their childhood but in the natural course of events they grew older and went their own ways, even though they still stayed close together. “It’s okay,” he told her.

“I hear Sandy has asked you if Alan could be her FWB while I was away.”

Bill was taken aback.

“Sorry, if I am being intrusive,” she said to him. “I... I just wanted to try and reassure you that you would have nothing to worry about if... well, they got together.”

“How do you mean?” he asked getting drawn into the subject.

“Well things are different now compared to mum and dad’s day aren’t they?” she told him. “In their day couples married and stayed faithful. There was little freedom when it came down to sex. But things are different today. I mean, you can divorce sex and love, they don’t necessarily come together. You can have sexual relationships with someone and still have love and commitment with another.”

Bill could see where she was coming from. “I can see your point there but it’s not for everyone is it?”

“I agree,” she told him, “and you and Sandy are very happy, but for someone like me and Andy, well. Before Alan came along we were always arguing and it all came from the fact that I was frustrated. Andy didn’t like the things that I liked and, well. Now we are very happy. We very rarely row and Alan has certainly bucked Andy’s ideas up. It’s almost as if they are in competition with each other in that area.”

Bill smiled. “All the same though,” Bill said, “Sandy and I are happy in that area.”

“What if... what if Sandy was like me and wanted to try new things?” she asked him. “What if she needed someone else in her life?”

“She... she doesn’t though,” Bill told her.

Polly looked at him, “Are you sure about that?” she asked him, “Can you be certain of that?”

Bill began to doubt himself. “Has, has she said anything to you?”

Polly held him by the arms, “Sandy loves you very much and would never be unfaithful to you, but maybe... maybe she would like to get adventurous like I did. Do things with a different man. Be someone other than a wife and mother every now and again.”

Bill said nothing. Her words were making him think.

“You would like Alan, he’s a man’s man like you are. You would get on well together I am sure,” She told him as she gave him a hug.

“I doubt if I could ever be friends with the man who was screwing my wife,” Bill told her.

Polly smiled. “That’s what Andy said at first. Now he, well let’s leave it at that shall we?”

“Now he does what?” Bill asked.

Polly smiled, “I will let Sandy explain.”

Later that night when they were back at home and had fucked on the rug in front of the fire again Sandy told him that Andy liked to have oral sex with her after she had been with Alan. “Alan likes his creampie, as they call it, afterwards.”

It was a couple of weeks later that Bill came home from work and found her dressed in her black dress again, “The kids are with mum for the night,” she told him.

Bill pulled her to him and kissed her. His hand automatically slipped under her hem again. “You have panties on tonight!”

Sandy kissed him and touched his bulge, “We have a guest for dinner,” she told him, “wouldn’t be the done thing to leave my panties off would it?”


Sandy squeezed him gently, “Alan,” she told him.

“W...what does he want?”

Sandy kissed him again, “He wants a chat with us,” she told him. “He wants to be my Fuck Buddy.”


“I told him that I would only consider it with your permission,” she explained.

“There is no way that I will agree,” Bill responded.

“I told him that,” she said to him, “but he wants the opportunity to chat with you about it. So I suggested dinner.”

“Bloody cheek of the man,” Bill responded. “He’s asking for a punch on the nose.”

Sandy laughed. Bill kissed her again and moved his hand from her bottom to the front. Her panties were soft and silky and he could feel the outline of her pussy. “You are enjoying all this aren’t you?”

Sandy gave his bulge another gentle squeeze. “It is nice having another man interested in me that way.”

“That’s all it will be,” Bill told her with a smile before he went off to shower and change.

After dinner Bill had to admit to himself that he liked Alan. His friendliness and his humour were appealing and as they chatted over dinner he felt relaxed with him. Polly had been right about them getting on together and, putting sex with Sandy aside, he would be a welcome guest in his home any time.

Over dinner they had chatted away without the subject of sex even being mentioned then Sandy cleared away the dishes and left them alone together.

“Obviously you know why I am here Bill?” Alan asked him.

Bill nodded.

“Sandy has told me that you are not interested and I can well respect that,” he told him. “I think we both know though that Sandy is interested.”

Bill nodded again.

“Is there anything I can say or do to reassure you that I have no intention of taking her from you?”

“You could explain why you feel the need to be someone’s fuck buddy rather than have a wife or girlfriend of your own,” Bill told him.

Alan smiled, “Good question,” he replied. “Well firstly I like sex and lots of it. I like variety and I always prefer married women to single ones. I am also no good at the relationship thing. I can be pretty selfish in not wanting all the emotional stuff that comes with relationships. A couple of hours of fun with a chat and a cuddle in between and at the end is enough for me. I don’t want involvement in their lives other than sex.”

Sandy returned to room and topped up everyone’s wine glass.

“How many FWB’s do you have?” Sandy asked him.

Alan smiled. “I have three at the moment,” he replied. “Two are pretty regular and the one is about once a month.”

“Polly is one of the regular ones,” Sandy commented.

Alan smiled,”Very!”

Bill shifted uncomfortably.

“And if Bill agreed would I be a regular?” Sandy asked him.

“I would certainly hope so.”

Bill noticed the look between the two of them. It was clear that they fancied each other. He could feel the chemistry between them. It should be hurting him more than it was doing; knowing that Sandy wanted Alan, but for some reason it excited him as well. Bill also began to realise that the onus was now on him. He felt Sandy take his hand hers and give it a gentle squeeze.

“So it’s all down to you now Bill,” Alan told him.

“And me as well,” Sandy said. “I have to be sure it is right for me as well as for Bill.”

“Of course.” Alan responded.

Sandy turned to Bill and gave his hand another reassuring squeeze. “How would you feel about giving Alan and I some time alone together?”

Bill turned to her, “ mean now?”

Sandy nodded.

“W...what do you intend doing?”

Sandy looked at Alan, “Would you mind going into the lounge a moment Alan please?”

“No, sure,” he said as he stood up and walked out of the adjoining dining room.

Bill watched him walk down to the settee. The fire was burning bright again. It looked inviting. Sandy drew his attention back to her.

“I would just like some time alone,” she said quietly. “Not for sex but I would like to get to know him better. I would like to see if there is chemistry there, and also see how you react to me being alone with him.”

Bill didn’t know what to say. He loved her; he didn’t want her with another man and yet he found himself being drawn to the idea. “I’ll...I’ll go up to bed ahead of you.”

Sandy kissed him, “Thanks darling,” she told him, “I really appreciate this.”

As he stood up to leave Sandy saw the bulge in his trousers, “I won’t be long,” she told him as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

He felt a little ashamed about his uncontrollable excitement.

He was still in an excited state as he lay in bed waiting for her. Two or three times he touched himself; held his cock in his hand and began to move it back and forth. He wanted to masturbate; he needed to masturbate. The longer she was away the more excited he became. He felt ashamed.

Bill also felt concerned. He glanced at his watch; they had been alone for thirty five minutes now. He wondered what they were doing. There were no sounds coming from downstairs; perhaps they were just talking. Another ten minutes passed and then he decided to go downstairs. He was nervous and hesitant as he stood outside the sitting room door in his dressing gown. He could hear them talking. He hesitated for a moment and then gave the door a knock and opened it.

Sandy was naked. They were both naked in fact. But Sandy stood out. She was sat upright on a cushion in front of the fire and Alan was lying on his side in front of her.

“Come and join us darling,” Sandy said to him.

“I...I was just wondering if everything was alright,” Bill said as he approached them.

“Everything is fine,” Sandy told him as she reached and pulled a cushion from the settee and put it down beside her. She patted it indicating to him to sit.

“You’’re naked.”

Sandy smiled, “I asked Alan to undress me,” she told him. “You don’t mind do you?”

Bill smiled inquisitively.

“I just fancied the idea of being undressed by another man,” she explained. “It’s always nice to be undressed by a man.”

Bill glanced at Alan. Sandy was sat with her knees up and though her thighs were closed you could clearly see her pussy. Alan was sat looking directly at her. It wasn’t any wonder that he had such a huge erection.

“I often undress you,” Bill told her.

Sandy shook her head, “You’ve taken articles of clothing off me but you have never undressed me,” she told him. “I undress myself. You may take off my knickers in bed but you have never actually undressed me.”

Bill thought about it. She was right. He had never properly undressed her. “And Alan did?”

Sandy nodded. “I just stood up and Alan took every item of clothing off me, “she replied, “even my stockings.”

Bill glanced at the clothes neatly folding and lying on the arm of the settee. “Were you not shy?”

She nodded, “Very,” she told him. “But it was so exciting being stripped naked by another man.”

“It was a pleasure,” Alan said.

Sandy smiled nervously.

“I reciprocated,” she told him.

Bill glanced at Alan. His cock was at full stretch and Polly had been right when she had told Sandy that it was a big one.

“You know that Kama Sutra guide book and DVD we bought all those years ago and is still lying in our bedroom wardrobe? “Sandy said to him interrupting his thoughts.

Bill nodded.

“Alan has offered to go through it with me.”

Bill remembered it well. They had bought it from an internet book club. They had both picked it up a couple of times with the intention of having some fun in going through the tutorials but they had never managed to get down to it properly.

Bill looked across at Alan again.

“Can he darling?” Sandy asked him.

Bill opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words to say. He could, however, feel his erection tight inside his boxer shorts.

Sandy reached out and touched him. Her hand rested on his knee as she asked him again. What could he say? He should be saying ‘no’ but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” she told him as she slid her hand under his dressing gown.

Bill felt her hand on his cock. It gripped him tightly. “Would you mind going back to bed darling? I will be up in a little while.”

“W...why?” he asked her. “What are you going to do?”

She squeezed him again, “Alan and I want to masturbate each other,” she said softly.


Sandy nodded. “Well, it would be unfair send him home in that state wouldn’t it?” she said looking in his direction and nodding, “and anyway I have never had anyone masturbate me.”

“Yes, you have,” Bill told her. “I have often done it.”

Sandy shook her head, “No you haven’t,” she told him. “You have played with me lots of times but you have never gone all the way until I have cum properly.”

Bill had learned something else that night. Yes, she was right. He had touched her many times. He had fingered her, toyed with her, and played with her, but never taken her all the way like she had with him.

Bill shrugged his shoulders, “It seems an odd thing to want to do,” he told her.

Sandy slipped her hand inside the opening of his boxers and began to draw his cock out. “That’s the purpose of having a fuck buddy,” she told him, “doing things that takes your fancy at the time without the pressure of having to do the usual sexual things. Alan wants to be masturbated by me and I want to be masturbated by him.”

Her hand withdrew from his cock, “I’ll see you up there,” she told him.

Bill got to his feet slowly. Sandy reached up and slipped her hand inside his dressing gown and took hold of him. “I’ll take care of you as soon as we are done.”

As he moved away Sandy spoke again, “Can you pass me my panties please?” she asked him.

He was puzzled as he tossed them on the floor in front of her. She picked them up and smiled at him, “We don’t want Alan making a mess on the carpet do we?”

Bill turned and left the room a tortured man. Sandy would do that to him when those ‘times of the month’ came along. She would wrap her panties around his cock and masturbate him. He always came very quickly. The feel of the silk against the flesh of his cock was out of his world. Alan was experiencing that now.

As he lay in bed the wait was agony for him. His mind was torn apart with his imaginations. He could almost see Sandy leaning against Alan as she sat up with legs wide apart. Alan’s fingers would be there gently rubbing her clitty; slipping down the furrow between her pussy lips and entering her love channel and then moving back again to her clitty. He did hear cries and he did hear groans this time. The cries were Sandy’s and the groans were Alan’s They had both brought each other to orgasm.

There was a period of silence again, a period of recovery, then the sound of the front door opening and closing. He heard the sound of Alan’s car door closing and his engine starting. As his car pulled away Sandy came into the bedroom carrying her clothes with her. Moments later she slipped into bed beside him and leaned over and gave him a kiss. “Thank you for that,” she told him as she reached under the duvet for his erection.

Bill groaned. “W...was it good?”

Her hand began to move up and down. “It was beautiful,” she told him. “He really has a lovely touch.”

Bill groaned again as she pushed back the duvet and moved down the bed. “Did you do that to him as well?” He asked her as her lips closed around his cock.

Sandy pulled away and looked up at him, “Not yet,” she told him as she shook her head. “But I will be doing it when you have told him.”

“Told him?” Bill said, “Told him what?”

She ran her tongue over the tip of his cock before looking up at him again. “Told him that he can be my fuck buddy.”

Bill opened his mouth to speak but her lips enclosed his cock again. The picture of her lying on that rug with Alan’s cock in her mouth captured his thoughts. He was already groaning ‘Yes’ as his cum began to spurt into her mouth.

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