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A Chance Chat Room Connection

I mistakenly chat with my best friend's husband online and fuck him, and then suck my friend.
I was fortunate to become best friends with a girl in kindergarten when our family moved to Phoenix. We were in the same classes all the way through high school and were very close. We even looked quite a bit alike. It was fun double-dating with our boyfriends in our senior year. Neither one of us had sex with those boys, although we did experiment with performing oral sex on each other.

We are now both married and each have two children and are still very close. We have been lucky to both still be able to live in the Phoenix area. My name is Joan, and I am thirty-seven years old and married to Ed who is forty. Ed works for a marketing company and I am now a stay-at-home mom. Both of our children are now in elementary school. For the first time in many years, I have a little free time during the day.

Ed always tells me that I am still very good looking at five feet and five inches tall and one hundred twenty-five pounds, with light-brown hair and blue eyes. My D-cup breasts are still pretty firm considering that I have nursed two kids, and my ass is firm. I also have very thick and prominent labia. Ed just loves to see my camel toe when I’m in tight shorts or wearing a bathing suit. Ed is six feet tall and weighs on hundred and eighty-five pounds, and we both keep in shape by working out at the gym.

My sister’s name is Linda, and she married to Mark, who is thirty-nine. Mark previously worked for an insurance company. But he was laid off due to the bad economy and is now trying to start an insurance claims evaluation company from home. Linda had been a stay-at-home mom, but she had to go back to work after Mark lost his job. Linda is also very attractive, except that she has gained a little more weight than she should have. That just made her breasts look even bigger, and her labia are large and puffy like mine. Mark is a handsome man about Ed’s size. And from what Linda told me he has a very large cock.

Ed and I have a fairly good sex life and usually fuck about twice a week. I have to admit that his small dick is not that satisfying for me. He usually ejaculates very quickly and then sucks me to orgasm. So at least I do get some satisfaction. I dated a lot of other men in college, but was still a virgin when I married Ed.

In the last few years we have started adding a little fantasy role play to our sex life. Ed likes to imagine me fucking another man with a larger cock. And of course, I like those fantasies as well. I know that Ed got some of his ideas for our fantasies from porn sites. That did not bother me as long as we had some excitement in the bedroom. I felt pretty certain that he would never want to live out any of those fantasies for real.

I was using my free time by doing additional workouts at the gym. I also started doing a little surfing on the internet in the afternoon before the kids got home from school. I noticed that most of the sites Ed visited were cuckold sites, which are where he was getting his fantasies about other men fucking me. But I also saw some links to chat rooms that looked interesting.

I joined several of the chat rooms using the web name Horny Wife. It was a lot of fun chatting with the men and women there. I guess my web name made them think I was a hot wife or certainly more active in all of this than I really was. Most of the people I spoke with wanted to see pictures of me. They tried to entice me by posting pictures of themselves but none of them showed their faces. I could hardly believe the size of some of those cocks, since I had never seen any other than my husband’s. Many of the ladies weren’t the least bit shy about posting pictures of their tits and juicy pussies.

I was getting very aroused at seeing all of the pictures and hearing all of the attention from my chat room activity. I finally got up the nerve to take a few digital pictures of myself and post them. The reaction of my audience was amazing. They just loved my large tits and hard nipples and were most appreciative of my fat pussy lips, which were covered by a neatly-trimmed layer of hair.

Everyone kept begging me for more pictures, so I took a few more with me fingering my pussy and rubbing my tits. The ones they liked the best were of me bending over from the rear, with my big, hairy labia framed by my ass cheeks. I got hundreds of rude comments from both the men and women wanting to fuck me and suck me. Even though it was gross and tasteless, it did turn me on. I had led a pretty sheltered life, and all of this attention was very flattering to me. I was starting to wonder what I had missed earlier in life.

Many of my online friends then started using their webcams to give me action shots of the men stroking their cocks and ejaculating. The women were finger-fucking themselves to wet orgasms. We had a webcam that I had never used before. I also started showing more and more, obviously avoiding any views of my face. It was becoming pretty routine for me to masturbate for dozens of my fans at once.

I didn’t want to keep any of this a secret from Ed. When I told him about what I was doing, he was more aroused than ever. He encouraged me to keep up my teasing of all of those people. We began to fantasize about it in our love making. He said, “Oh baby, it is so hot knowing that all of those people can see you rubbing your tits and finger-fucking your pussy. I’ll bet you’ve caused hundreds of loads of cum to shoot out of those horny cocks. Keep it up baby.”

I should have known from his enthusiasm at me showing my body online that he was more into this cuckold thing than I had imagined. I still didn’t believe that he would want me to really fuck another man. But I also knew that it wouldn’t take much for me to make it happen, as turned on as I was getting chatting online.

One Saturday I visited my friend Linda, when Mark had taken the kids to the pool, and talked to her about my online activities. She was shocked to say the least. She had also been very conservative and was a virgin when she married Mark. Then Linda said, “I am concerned that you might be starting something that could end badly. I no longer have much desire for sex, since having our two children. Mark is getting pretty frustrated with me. We only have sex about once a month, and only then because Mark begs for it. I just don’t understand how you can be so involved online with those other people.”

I replied, “It’s really hard for me to explain Linda. Those other men, and even some of the women, get so excited by our conversations and my pictures. It really gets me aroused. You have told me before that Mark has a big cock and I wasn't sure what that meant. Now I can see all of those men with big cocks online. Ed knows about all of this too. Since he has a small cock, his fantasies about being a cuckold are getting him excited and are enhancing our sex life.”

Then Linda said, “What are you saying? Do you think you would ever fuck another man for real. Would Ed agree to that?”

I continued, “No Linda, this is just all a fantasy for us, but I do get some pretty powerful orgasms on the webcam masturbating in front of others. I have even squirted a few times, which I have never done before. Even the attention from the women turns me on. You must remember how we used to finger and suck each others pussies a little when we were seniors in high school, just to relieve our frustration at not letting our dates fuck us. I guess that the comments from the women online make me wish that we had done more.”

Linda had a disgusted look on her face and said, “Oh Joan, that was so long ago and so nasty. How can you even think about that now?”

She was visibly upset now and I replied, “Sorry Linda, but those online discussions get me so turned on that I sometimes think about our past. Since you don’t have any interest in sex now, I can see where it would seem bad to you. Maybe you should go online just to see how arousing those conversations can be.”

I could tell that Linda was still upset with me and she patronizingly said, “Okay Joan, maybe I will take a look. Mark is on the computer all day while I’m at work. Then with me taking care of the kids, it will be hard to find time. But I’ll look if I get a chance.”

I gave Linda the address of the chat site that I liked the best, which was focused on the Phoenix area, although I didn’t think she would ever visit it. Then I headed home. My conversation with Linda had gotten my pussy wet. I was looking forward to Monday when I would have a chance to go online again.

My chat room visits continued for another few weeks. Then I met a new guy online with a web name of Horny Hubby. He said that he had been enjoying my pictures on the site for quite a while and he wanted to introduce himself. The first picture he posted was amazing. He was in good shape and looked to be about six feet tall and about one hundred and eighty-five pounds. But the best thing about him was his thick, eight inch cock and large, hanging balls. I had seen many cock pictures on the interest by then, but he was so nicely proportioned and I liked looking at the heavy veins on his cock and the large cock head. He was also different from many of the other men because he was polite and didn’t start out talking about wanting to fuck me like most of the other men and women did.

We chatted almost every afternoon from then on. I was beginning to feel somewhat close to him. I found out that he was married and worked from home. His wife worked outside of the home and had lost all interest in sex after their two kids were born. His situation sounded very familiar to me but I never tried further to discover his identity. After all, I liked my anonymity, and didn’t want to push anyone else for their identities. I also told him that I had an okay sex life, but because my husband has a small dick, we liked to fantasize about other men fucking me.

After several weeks of chatting online with Horny Hubby, I told Ed about him, and that he was the one guy that I had met online that I thought I could really fuck. Although this was supposedly just a part of our fantasies, that fueled our sexual excitement even more, we were routinely fucking with Horny Hubby’s cock picture up on the computer screen.

Ed was getting more and more into his cuckold fantasies and I was having a hard time controlling my desires. I was ready to take my relationship with Horny Hubby to the next level. On our conversation the next day I wrote, “Hey Horny Hubby, I was just wondering if you have ever thought about meeting with me or any other horny women you meet on the internet? I just thought you might be interested since your wife gives you so little pussy.”

He replied, “Quite frankly, you are the only woman that I have had extensive conversations with. And yes, I am very attracted to you and would love to meet you in person. But since we are both married, we would need to meet in a darkened motel room to protect our identities. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but my wife has beautiful full pussy lips but she won’t me suck them as much as I’d like to. I can see from your pictures that you also have a full-lipped pussy. I’d love to suck you before we fuck.

I replied, “Oh my goodness, I just love to have my pussy sucked and I can’t wait to feel your mouth on me. I’m so pleased that you have focused your attention on me. I know that this would be a big step for both of us. I’d sure like to meet with you. I like your darkened room idea. When can we make this happen? My pussy is already tingling.”

Horny Hubby responded, “I can get away every work day until about 3:30 pm when the kids get home from school, and you have told me that you have the same schedule. We could meet at the Blue Moon Motel on the outskirts of Phoenix at noon tomorrow. It would be very unlikely that we would see anyone that we know. I’ll get there a little early and get the room. Then when you arrive you can just ask for the room Mark Simms is in. By the way, Simms is not my real last name. I’ll make sure that the room is as dark as we can make it. We’ll still need to cover our faces when you step through the light-filled door.”

I responded, “That sounds like a good plan. It’s good to know that your real first name is Mark. My first name is Joan. I can hardly wait to be with you tomorrow.”

That night Ed and I had great sex. I expanded our fantasy by telling him that I was meeting Horny Hubby, whose real name is Mark, tomorrow at a motel. I said that I would try to keep Mark’s cum in my pussy for him to eat when he got home. Ed was almost frantic after he shot his load into me and then I sat on his face, pretending to feed him Mark’s cum. I pretended that it was Mark sucking my pussy, and had a huge orgasm. I just let this be a fantasy for Ed for now, and didn’t let him know that I was really meeting with Mark.

The desk clerk gave me the room number when I arrived at the motel. I found the room on the second floor and quietly knocked on the door. Mark had darkened the room, as promised, and we covered our faces as I entered the room and the light came in. There was still a little residual light coming through the opaque curtains, but not enough to allow us to recognize each other’s faces.

Mark immediately stepped up to me and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back in the same way but he seemed much more eager than I was. After all, I was getting fucked a few times a week now that Ed and I were playing out his cuckold fantasies, even if it was by his little dick. Mark was only getting pussy about once a month. He was hungry for sex.

We both unbuttoned and unzipped each other’s clothes as we kissed. Soon we were standing there nude, with my breasts pushed against his lower chest. His cock was pressed against my stomach. We broke our kiss and moved to the bed. Mark had already turned down the bed covers and sheets. It felt so good feeling his warm body on me as we lay down.

As Mark rubbed my firm breasts he said, “Joan, this is so wonderful. It has been years since I’ve had sex with a woman who also enjoyed it. I can see even in this dim light, that your body is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to taste your beautiful thick pussy. If you don’t mind me saying so, it looks a lot like my wife’s pussy.”

We turned to a side-by-side 69 position. As Mark covered my pussy with his mouth, I got my first taste of his hard eight inch cock. I took the head into my mouth and sucked in a few more inches. Mark was devouring my labia and pushing his long tongue into me as far as he could. I was enjoying the feeling of having a thick and long cock in my mouth. Mark started to gently thrust into me as we sucked each other. I was enjoying the oral sex, but I pulled away from Mark since I just had to feel that big piece of meat in my pussy.

Mark moved on top of me. After briefly sucking my swollen tits, he moved up to kiss me. As our tongues meshed and we aggressively kissed, I felt his big cock head pushing into my wet pussy. My pussy was tight around that thick cock and he took it easy so I could get used to his girth. He was finally moving most of that big cock into and out of me. I could hardly believe how wonderful it felt to be fucked by him, and feeling him gently push against my cervix. I wrapped my legs around his ass to pull him farther into me.

We fucked that way for at least twenty minutes. Then I felt him breathing harder and shortening his strokes, and he finally pushed fully into me, and I felt his cock pulsing and shooting his hot load of cum into my cervix. He continued moving in me until his cock began to soften. Then he pulled out and lay down next to me. I immediately leaned down and took his slimy cock into my mouth and sucked and cleaned him until he got hard. Then we fucked again. I didn’t let him suck my pussy again, because I wanted to save his last big load of semen for Ed to taste when I got home.

As we dressed and were getting ready to leave the room, Mark passionately kissed me and then said, “Oh Joan that is the best sex that I have had in years. It is obvious that you really enjoy fucking, and I know that you especially liked my big cock. You can have it any time you want it. I just wish that my wife Linda liked sex the way you do.”

I then said, “Mark that was fantastic. Your cock touched places that have never been touched before by any man. I can’t wait until I get home and feed my husband Ed what ever is left of your huge loads of cum.”

I put a pad over my cum-filled pussy and kept my panties on tightly to save as much of the cum as possible for Ed. After we had dinner and the kids were put to bed, Ed and I went to our bedroom. I excitedly told him, “Okay Ed, get your mouth between my legs and let me feed you Mark’s cum. He fucked me twice with that big cock and I hope some of it is still in my hot pussy for you.”

Ed thought I was kidding about fucking Mark, but continuing the fantasy, he dove between my legs. I removed the pad and he covered my pussy with his lips. He briefly tried to pull away when he realized that I really did have another man’s cum in my pussy. But, I closed my thighs tightly around his head and held him in place as his tongue searched for every bit of the tasty cum. There was still plenty there to give him a good taste of Mark’s seed.

When he finished sucking my pussy, he looked up at me with his juice-covered face and said, “Holy shit Joan, you really did fuck Mark. How did that big cock feel in your pussy?”

I said, “It was wonderful, and a dream come true. His big cock completely filled my tight cunt and I had continuous orgasms. I want to do it again and again if you’ll let me.”

Ed got a big smile on his face and said, “No problem baby. Maybe someday I can even watch you fuck him, and then get the cum load fresh from your pussy.”

Mark and I continued to chat online for the next few days, reliving our meeting in the motel room. We were both anxious to do it again. But in the meantime, I called Linda and asked her if I could come over to her home and give her some interesting news in person. Since her husband Mark and the kids were off at a school event on Saturday, she invited me over.

We were sitting on her family-room couch. I was almost breathless as I explained everything that had happened when I met my Mark in the motel room, and how great it felt to be fucked by such a large cock. I even told her that I went home and fed Ed the man’s cum, and he just loved it. She listened intently to my story. I was very surprised that she didn’t seem disgusted with me like she had the first time I mentioned my online activities. In fact, she seemed anxious to tell me something.

I finished telling her what happened in the motel room and then Linda said, “Joan, I’m sorry that I got so upset with you the first time you told me about talking to those people in the chat rooms. I also wanted to thank you for giving me that chat room address.

I have been going online at night when Mark is playing with the kids and found many of the chat strings very interesting and stimulating. I looked at many of the cock photos, but also found it interesting to look at the women’s pictures. Seeing all of those pussies did bring back those memories that you mentioned when we finger-fucked each other in high school. Although I don’t really understand my feelings, it really got me turned on.”

I was surprised and pleased to hear that Linda had found something stimulating on that site and said, “Wow Linda, this is really a big change from a couple of weeks ago. What got you so excited looking at the women?”

She then said, “There were many pictures of pretty pussies and one in particular caught my attention. There was one lady named Horny Wife that had big, puffy labia, just like I remembered you had in your senior year. I can still remember covering your soft pussy with my mouth and tasting your wetness. I almost hate to say this, but if I knew who she was, I’d have a hard time not trying to have sex with her.”

I was very surprised at Linda’s attraction to women, and especially to a picture that she didn’t realize really was me. As much as I liked men and cock and loved to fuck, there was also a bisexual side to me, probably from that year in high school sucking each other. I felt myself getting wet for my friend. I thought carefully about whether or not I should let Linda know the truth about that picture. Then I decided that I had to tell her and see if we could relive some of our high school memories.

I took Linda’s hands in mine and looker her in the eyes and nervously said, “Linda I’ve got a little news for you. My online name is Horny Wife. That picture you like so much is mine. I’d love to have sex with you again. I’m so happy that the chat site aroused your sexual desires.”

I didn’t give Linda time to speak but just leaned over and kissed her mouth. She responded as I hoped, and we kissed passionately. I felt her hands on my breasts and I pulled my t-shirt over my head, exposing my firm, braless breasts. I also felt her tits, which were larger than mine. I pulled her t-shirt over her head. I gently pushed her back on the couch and sucked her big nipples into my mouth. She was writhing and moaning on the couch. Before long she pushed me back and sucked my tits. We went back and forth this way for what seemed like an hour and then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

We stood by her bed passionately kissing again, while we were unfastening and dropping our shorts and panties to the floor. We then lay back on the bed in a side-by-side 69 position and sucked each other pussies into our mouths. Linda was a little heavier than me, and if felt so good when she closed her hefty thighs around my head and held me in place while sucking her thick pussy lips. She was also eagerly sucking my very wet pussy. We were humping each other’s mouths and sucking hungrily.

The taste and smell of her pussy were just fantastic. My whole face was covered with her sweet juices. I reached out my hand to cup her meaty ass, and pulled her pussy even farther into my mouth. Finally, we both had tremendous orgasms, and shot our juices into the other’s mouths. We stayed in the bed for another one-half hour, just to recover from the massive orgasms. We finally decided to get up and return to the couch in case Mark and the kids came home early.

We talked and even hugged for a while and we both discussed how happy we were to discover our desires for each other. We wanted to be with each other as often as possible. Linda said, “Thanks again for telling me about that site Joan. Going there and reading the chats and looking at the pictures has reawakened my sexuality. Mark with be getting a lot more pussy from now on. And I certainly hope to taste your sweet pussy a lot too.”

Linda wanted to show me something on the chat site. We went into the den and turned on the computer. Then Linda said, “I just wanted to show you another interesting picture. There is a man on here with the name Horny Hubby and he has a cock that looks just like Mark’s. Do you think it’s possible that Mark has been using this site? I assume that many cocks look alike, but this guy’s cock and balls look just like Mark’s. He even has that big freckle on his thigh like Mark has.”

I was in shock and for a moment didn’t know what to say. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Linda found some chat strings showing that Horny Wife and Horny Hubby had been chatting constantly online. She already knew my name was Horny Wife. I was almost certain that Horny Hubby was her Mark, and my Mark. He mentioned in the motel that his wife’s name was Linda. It was clear to me that it was him. I also remembered that I had mentioned Ed’s name as my husband.

I knew that it was just a matter of time before the truth came out, so I took Linda’s hands in mine again and asked, “Linda, do you love me, and could you forgive me if I made an honest mistake?”

She looked in my eyes and said, “Of course Joan. I can’t think of anything that I couldn’t forgive you for. Why, what has happened that has you so concerned?”

I took a big breath and said, “The man I fucked in that motel is Horny Hubby. He told me that he hadn’t been getting much pussy at home and he was starved for some fucking. I don’t know for sure that it is Mark because we kept the room dark to preserve our anonymity. But he did say that his real first name is Mark and his wife’s name is Linda, and that she has thick labia like mine. If that is your Mark, I’m so sorry. I just didn’t know.”

Linda slumped back on the couch and closed her eyes, deep in thought. She just sat there for a few minutes saying nothing. Then she opened her teary eyes and said, “After all you’ve said that must be my Mark that you fucked. Even so, you had no way of knowing that it was him, so I sure can’t blame you. And as for Mark, I haven’t been a very good wife to him sexually. I can understand why he might have wanted another pussy to fuck. And besides, I also had sex with you behind his back. So maybe both of us are guilty of infidelity.”

I said, "Linda, thank you for being so understanding about my role in this. I’m also happy that you aren’t totally mad at Mark. There is no emotional connection with us. He just needed some pussy, and he liked my picture on that site, just like you did.”

Linda had dried her tears and seemed to be taking these new revelations okay. Then I spoke up and asked, “So what do we do about this now? I know that you’ll want to confront Mark and let him know that you know about him fucking Horny Wife. It’s just a matter of time before he figures out that it was me he was fucking. Maybe we should take the lead on this and let Mark and Ed know about everything in a special way.”

Linda said, “You’ve got me intrigued now. What do you have in mind?”

I said, “Well, please don’t get mad at me for saying this, but I sure would like to fuck Mark’s big cock again if you’d let me. I know for sure that Ed would like to eat some more of Mark’s cum. I also think that we would like to have a chance to suck each other’s pussies some more. So why don’t we arrange a situation where Mark and Ed catch us sucking each other. Then we can bring everything out into the open.”

Linda seemed excited at my suggestion and said, “I’d certainly like to suck your pussy again and again. And it might be fun watching Mark fuck you and then having Ed eat his semen. Why don’t we arrange to have our kids all at your house with a baby sitter on Saturday night? Then we can come back here to play cards or games. When the guys are watching TV, we can get into position in the bedroom, and let them catch us eating pussy.”

Linda’s idea was just perfect, so we made plans for getting together Saturday night. I kept Ed sexually on edge by reminding him in our fantasies that I had really been fucked by Horny Hubby and he had eaten his cum. I knew that I could get him to do anything I wanted.

We arrived at Linda and Mark’s on Saturday, and while Linda and I were setting up the game table in the living room, the guys were watching TV in the family room. We told the guys we’d be right back. Then we went to Linda’s bedroom to get undressed and into position. Linda got into position on top of me in the 69 position, with her head facing the door, and we starting sucking each other’s pussies. After we were extremely turned on and sucking hungrily, it was time to call the men into the room.

Linda lifted up from my wet pussy and yelled downstairs, “Oh Mark and Ed, please come up to the bedroom and help us with something.”

We only had to wait a couple of minutes before the men came through the door and stopped in their tracks at the sight of us before them. Linda stopped munching my pussy long enough to say, “Mark, you don’t know this, but the Horny Wife that you fucked is my friend Joan. I’m now sucking her tasty pussy. We found that out a few days ago when Joan was telling me how much she enjoyed Horny Hubby’s big cock in that motel room. Get over here and fuck me from the rear. Let Ed think about how he will soon be eating your tasty cum from my fat pussy.”

Mark and Ed were both in shock, but Mark did as he was directed and moved in behind Linda to fuck her. That put his gorgeous balls and dick right in my face and I sucked them both as they fucked. Ed just stood there by the door rubbing his dick through his pants, and I told him, “Get over here and watch Mark fucking her up close. If you really want to be a cuckold, then you might as well get used to sucking fresh cum from a pussy and cock.”

Ed got as close to the action as possible, as Mark aggressively fucked Linda from behind. It was so exciting watching all of this happen from up close, and the tastes and smells were intoxicating. I could also feel Linda’s enormous tits on my stomach. She continued to suck my pussy as she and Mark were close to their orgasms. I finally saw Mark’s balls draw up and the base of his cock throbbed as he pumped his big load of cum into her pussy.

When Mark’s cock softened enough to slide out of Linda’s cunt, I motioned for Ed to come over and suck her pussy clean. Ed leaned in from the side and sucked on those cum-soaked pussy lips. I was right there to see and smell all of it. After he had cleaned up all of the visible cum and sucked more from that fat pussy, he leaned down to me and we kissed, sharing the taste and texture of Mark’s thick cum and Linda’s juices.

After Linda’s pussy was cleaned we all lay back on the bed and talked about what happened. Mark was relieved that he wasn’t in a lot of trouble for fucking me. He was also very happy at Linda’s renewed interest in sex. Linda also gave me permission to fuck Mark, whenever Ed would be there to clean up the mess with his cum-sucking mouth or when she was with us. The guys were also excited to know that Linda and I would be sucking each other’s pussies whenever we could get together.

Linda and I both took the opportunity to fuck Mark with Ed under us in the 69 position. It was only a matter of time until Ed was also sucking Mark’s cock clean. Sometimes when we get together Linda and I suck each other’s pussies while Ed sucked Mark’s cock. So we were all getting a great deal of sexual relief from those relationships. As it turned out, my desire to go online and chat with other adults looking for some sexual excitement had helped us discover a new lifestyle that is enjoyable for all of us.

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