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A Conflicting View II. Surprise !!

A Conflicting View II. Surprise !!

Wife has a surprise for both of them.

“Why do you want to do it again?” he asked.

I thought to myself for a minute.

“Because you ruined that night. The first half was fun but having to untie you so could have a pee in the middle of him fucking me… near the point of him cumming… absolutely ruined what I had in store for you. You were like a child, whining and whinging,” I said angrily. “We had a rule, no talking to me unless I said so. It’s obvious, using the safe word to have a pee is ridiculous. It is not what it is for.”

He looked sheepishly at me.

“I said you would regret this… this cuckold thing you so desperately wanted,” I snapped.

“I… I… am sorry. I just wanted a pee. I had been in that chair for nearly four hours.”

“You should have thought of that before having those two beers, to loosen you up, as you put it.”

“It will not happen again,” he said.

“Oh, you're damn right it won’t. Next time you will have to pee yourself, imagine that humiliation,” I told him.

He walked away into his den to contemplate my words. I went upstairs and had a long soak to get ready for my date. An hour later I had the useless lump between my legs, shaving my pussy for my lover. I teased him relentlessly about his pathetic ways but did let him lick my pussy but only to get the shaving foam off. You can imagine how he moaned.

“And around my other hole, darling, now that’s good…lick it properly. Push it in deep,” I purred. The sensations were fantastic as he cleaned my pussy and probed my ass with his tongue. I imagined my lover doing it later.

“Enough… I need to get ready,” I said abruptly.

I dressed in my new half cup bustier, matching thong, hold ups and a slinky black dress I found in a sale, finished off with five inch heels.

“Wow, you look gorgeous,” he complimented as I kissed his forehead.

“Now remember, no silliness,” I said, squeezing his balls and giggling. “And don’t go anywhere… silly me, you can’t,” as I clicked the handcuffs closed.

I waited in the bar for over an hour for my new lover but he never showed. I was so angry. I called and called his mobile but no answer. I was about to leave when things improved. A guy sat next to me at the bar and he could see I was agitated.

“You look a little stressed, let me buy you a drink, it will calm you down,” he said.

I looked him over. Tall, good looking and very well dressed.

“Why not?” I replied.

We got chatting and I told him I was waiting for my date but he had not turned up. We got on well, laughing and chatting away for well over thirty minutes and I was starting to think sexy thoughts when his wife arrived.

“Well darling, I see I cannot leave you alone for two minutes,” she said looking me up and down. “Nice dress, by the way.”

“Thank you,” I said, starting to get anxious. “Well, I best be off, thanks for the drink.”

“No, no,” she said, “Stay. It is okay. I am not angry, in fact I am quite pleased. My husband and I were playing a game. I bet him he could not pick up a woman in the bar. Well, it seems he won.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” I said as my face reddened.

“Well, what would you say? It looked like that to me,” she answered.

“Well… I was explaining to him the situation about my date not turning up…”

“Men… always let you down. You look stunning by the way, I cannot believe he did not turn up,” she interrupted.

“Darling, a drink for me please, G and T of course and for you?” she asked turning back to me.

“No, thanks, I will get off,” I answered politely.

“No, please stay and chat,” she insisted.

“Well… okay one drink, white wine, thanks,” I said gratefully.

“Let’s sit over there,” she said as she picked up our drinks.

All three of us sat down and she continued.

“So, did you fancy my husband?”

I looked at him.

“I guess.”

She smirked, “You guess?”

“Okay I did… yes,” I admitted.

They both smiled.

She leaned into me, “And would you have fucked him?”

I inhaled sharply, shocked at her forthright fullness.

“I had not got that far in my head,” I lied.

She laughed out loud. “I ought to spank you for lying… he is very good looking… and has a lovely cock.”

It was my turn to laugh nervously, as I looked at his groin.

“So how come you are meeting a guy with a wedding ring on your finger?”

I stared at my hand instinctively.

“Umm,” I mumbled trying to think of an answer.

“Where is he, your husband?”

She stood up and looked around the bar. “Which one is he?”

“… he is at home… waiting.” I said hesitantly.

“Waiting at home? So, let me think, you meet your lover and he takes you to a hotel, you have sex, then you tell hubby the details when you get home. Is that it?” she asked.

“Umm.” Now I was in a quandary. Should I tell her or not?

“Something like that,” I said, trying desperately to think of a way out.

She inched closer, “Tell me more?” as she put her arm around my shoulders.

“Let me guess… you call him from the room as the guy is fucking you.” She emphasised fucking. “And let him listen.”

She paused briefly before continuing. “Or you take home the guys cream… inside you… let him see the evidence.”

I was trying to think of what to say.

“Well?” She commanded, making me jump.

“Umm. Not quite…” I started to say, not quite sure how we had arrived at this juncture.

“Tell me, I am intrigued,” she said returning to the hushed tones.

I looked at him then back to her, her eyes sparkling, alight with curiosity. She raised her eyebrows.

“Well… I… take him home.” I muttered.


“We do it in front of him.”

“Do what in front of who?” she quizzed as her hand fingers teased at the nape of my neck.

“Umm, I fuck the date in front of him,” I blurted out.

“Well… how fabulous,” she cried as she leant back into the chair. “And what part does hubby play in all this?”

“That’s it.” I lied again.

That’s it?” She mimicked coming closer to me. “Does he not have you suck him whilst lover boy is fucking you or vice versa.”


“He just watches?” she asked disbelievingly.

“Well… almost,” I said. My pussy was getting wet from relating the story.

Almost? Did you hear that Mike… almost,” Her voice was soft and very sexual. Every word seemed to arouse me.

“He is tied to a chair…” I said.

“My goodness,” she uttered, “How delightful… naked?”

I nodded.

“Does he get hard watching?” she asked.

“Oh yes… very.”

“And do you relieve him?”


“No?” she said firmly and looked at her husband. The three of us were huddled together, almost whispering. Her other hand was on my knee, toying with the hem of my dress.

“There’s more, I can sense it,” she said looking deep into my eyes.

“We… tip the chair and I make him eat it… afterwards.”

“Make him eat it? You force him?”

“I stand over him and drip it into his mouth then…” I stuttered as her hand reached my stocking tops, I could feel her long red nails tracing a circle on my inner thigh.

“… I sit on his face.”

“Mmm, does he lick it… from your pussy?”

“Yeeeeees,” I could feel the wetness inside me increasing.


“He cleans my lover… you know…” I said bowing my head.

“Tell me,” she demanded.

“His cock… he cleans his cock.” She knew I was hot and the story was turning me on.

Her finger touched the gusset of my panties, then she traced a line up and over my mound producing electric shocks straight through my pussy. I gasped inwardly. I was so horny.

“Well you are a naughty girl… shall we go and see him? Let him watch as we fuck my husband?”

I looked at her husband, then back to her.

“Are you serious?... Oh God… yes, yes please.” I said excitedly.

Her husband drove us home as we sat in the back, close together.

“So, tell me, have you ever had a threesome?”

“No… never.”

“Have you ever had your pussy licked by a woman?”

“No.” I answered.

“Have you ever touched a woman down below?”

“No,” I whispered as I squirmed to ease the itch between my legs.

She gasped.

“Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“Yes, of course,”


I paused, my mind racing and my wetness increasing with the thought of what was coming next.


She took my face and kissed my lips. Her perfume was intoxicating as her tongue licked at my lips, encouraging me to open them to allow her access. I gave in. It caressed my gums and entwined with my tongue as it danced a waltz through my mouth igniting a fire within me. I could feel the heat from her hands through my dress as she caressed my breast. The car lurched to a stop and we walked hand in hand up to my front door, her husband behind us. Inside she pinned me to the wall and kissed me hard. I felt her undo the zip on my dress and watched as she slid it off. She stood back and gazed at me.

“Well, Mike?”

“Truly gorgeous,” he said.

“Good enough to eat,” she laughed.

“Where?” she asked.

I pointed to the bedroom door. She took my hand and pulled me toward our destiny. I grabbed her husband’s hand as we went, like kids going to the park. She entered the bedroom with me close behind.

“Who the fuck are you?” my husband Jason asked.

She turned to me and kissed me.

“Susie, what the fuck is going on?” Jason shouted.

She reached under her skirt and took her panties off.

She held them up to my nose. I could smell her scent.

She whispered in my ear, “Put them in his mouth. Shut him up.”

I walked towards him as he started to say something then forced them into his mouth.

“Keep quiet Jason… please do not spoil it… remember last time,” I said. He looked at me with disbelief as she came behind me and I felt her undo my bra. I watched as she wrapped it around his face to keep her panties in place, reclipping it together with a cup over his mouth. I wondered if he could taste her pussy on the panties. She bent forward and whispered in his ear. He stopped shaking his head and nodded. She turned and led me to the bed, gently lying me down.

I don’t think Jason had seen her husband till now and his eyes became saucers as he watched Mike strip her naked. Her body was fabulous, flawless not a blemish to be seen. Her breasts sat high on her chest, her nipples erect. The torso of a goddess, flat and toned and a rear to die for, firm and full. Her long legs leading to her shaven pussy enhanced by a small tattoo of a devil on her mound. She returned to Jason and allowed him to examine her with his eyes, flicking at her nipples with her long nails. She whispered something to him again and sat on his lap, wiggling her ass into his crotch. I imagined his cock nestled between her butt cheeks. Her husband walked in front of her and she unbuttoned his shirt. He cast it off and she pulled at the buckle of his belt. My hand had wandered inside my panties and was gently caressing my bud. I stopped, shocked at my openness. She undid his trousers and pulled them down. No pants, I thought as his beautiful firm bottom came into view. She stood up and turned to Jason.


She took her husband’s hand and they both joined me on the bed, one either side.

“What did you say to my husband?” I asked.

“I said if he watched quietly and behaved he would have the best blow job ever.”

I was facing her and she kissed me hard. I could feel her passion and their four hands caressing my body with his cock, stiff, against my buttocks. Her hands tweaked at my nipples and sent waves of pleasure through me. I reciprocated and brought my mouth down to tease hers with my tongue. She threw her head back and moaned.

“Suck my nipple…hard…harder…bite it,” she pleaded.

I nibbled at her erect teat and gently bit.

“More…more,” she begged.

“It will hurt,” I said.

“I know but I want to remember you tomorrow, every time I touch it...I will remember this moment.”

Between them they slid my thong down and she threw it towards Jason. Mikes fingers were caressing my bud creating a feeling deep inside. I felt another hand open my tunnel and push inside, wriggling and scratching at the walls of my pussy. I felt a wave of ecstasy engulf me as she found my spot and heard a loud moan escape my lips. He moved a little and I felt the tip of his cock between my legs. She removed her fingers and looked at my wetness on them, smiling as she licked one side then the other as if it was the most divine meal she had ever eaten.

“Are you ready for him?” she asked.


“Are you sure,” she whispered in a hushed sexy tone.


“Then ask him.”

“Put it in.”

"No, ask him nicely,” she interrupted.

I reached behind and groped for his cock.

“Please fuck me.”

I felt it touch my skin, sliding through my outer lips and onward, its head pushed apart my inner labia and into my pussy, gliding in my wetness and stretching me wide. It was so good. He slowly started to thrust his pelvis, grinding his cock in and out, his arms enveloping my body to play with my breasts. She slid up and turned. I watched fascinated as she kissed a path to my mound, licking and kissing my body. I ran my hands across her bottom and found her sensitive spot. I did little circles around its tip and occasionally ran them around her entrance.

“Play at my entrance,” she said.

I fingered her and was soon rewarded with a torrent of her love juice.

“Oh my,” I said as she squirted over my hand.

“It’s going to get a lot wetter,” she laughed.

I felt her kiss my labia and force her tongue into the crevice. I imagined her view as she licked my clit and watched her husband’s cock thrust into me. Her tongue and his cock started another wave of orgasms as I screamed aloud again. I pulled at her leg and she duly lifted it. I could see her pussy glistening with her juice.

“Let me taste,” I muttered.

“Let me taste you,” louder this time.

As she moved her body towards me I could see my husband through her legs, his eyes wide open, mesmerised by the scene in front of him and his cock, stiff and erect pointing straight up with precum slowly trickling down the sides. Her pussy came within reach and I put out my tongue for a first taste of a woman. I made eye contact with Jason as I flicked at her bud and could see the desire in him. I licked at her pussy, the hood fully pulled back to expose its sensitive parts. I caressed it with the tip of my tongue before I licked at her entrance. Her nectar was sweet and I lapped at it with vigour. She moaned into my pussy and a gush of her juice squirted out across my face. I loved it. I pushed my face in between her legs and gorged on her fruit. I was truly in heaven. I felt her husband’s pace quicken as he said,

“Shall I come in her?” he enquired.

“Oh yes, fill her with your seed and then I can feast on her.”

Spurt after spurt after spurt filled my pussy as she encouraged him to orgasm, his cock throbbing with every thrust. He pulled out and, in an instant, she had my legs high above my body. She repositioned me onto my back and dipped her head to my pussy.

“Oh, such a lovely sight,” she said, licking at his seed as it leaked from my pussy. I came again and it caused a river of cum to ooze out which she devoured with relish. She finished eating and came back to face me, her cheeks flushed and slick with the result of her endeavours. She kissed me, pushing some of her husband’s seed into my mouth then I licked her face enjoying the residue of our sex.

She caressed my hair and said, “Look.”

We lay together as her husband walked to Jason who looked perplexed. Mike took hold of Jason’s erect cock and looked at it before he lowered his mouth onto it. Jason’s face was contorted, shaking his head from side to side. I went to get up but she held me back.

“Wait, Susie, wait until the pleasure kicks in. Mike sucks cock far better than anyone I ever met… or so the guys tell me.”

Slowly Jason’s face turned from ashen anguish to red ecstasy as her husband sucked the cum from his cock. I could see the pleasure on his face as he shot his sperm deep into Mike’s throat. He kept sucking until finally Jason’s cock plopped from his mouth. We in the meantime were deeply engrossed in eating each other’s face. She was such a great kisser. It turned me on like nothing before. Paul climbed back with us and we started again but this time he fucked her and I was doing the watching. It was so erotic as his cock pumped in and out, her pussy lips gripping his cock as he pulled out and disappearing back into her pussy as he thrust in. When he finally came, I wanted to clean up but Sherie stopped me.

“Tip him over and take my panties out of his mouth…” she said as she climbed off the bed.

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