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A Cuckqueen Fantasy

A Cuckqueen Fantasy

Becky and her best girlfriend set up an anniversary surprise that John won't ever forget!

John and Becky had been married for nearly five years now. They had been happy, wonderful years and the pair had grown to love each other even more than they did when they got married. The pair had actually met at the wedding of a mutual friend and had hit it right off. John was twenty-three at the time, and Becky was a couple of years younger.

John was an average looking guy, a regular working-class construction worker who primarily worked on building houses in housing developments. It was good work and it paid pretty good - John wasn't the type to push papers around on a desk and he didn't like being indoors any more than he had to be. Becky was a different story. The head cheerleader of her high school football team, Becky was the epitome' of the high school prom queen. Becky was a five foot, seven inch tall beautiful blonde with the most mesmerizing blue eyes, flawless pale skin, natural D cup tits, and a tight firm ass.

Best of all, though, Becky had an active sex drive and the imagination to use it! It was that active sex drive and imagination that would lead to one of the hottest and sexiest anniversaries…

John took Becky out for a night of fine dining and dancing - two of her favorite things. They went to a fancy restaurant named La Trattorina. It specialized in Italian food, but it had really good steaks too. John and Becky both had an amazing filet mignon cooked to absolute perfection. Along with that, they had delicious garlic mashed potatoes and the tenderest asparagus spears Becky had ever tasted. Becky wasn't much for asparagus, usually, she found them stringy and fibrous. But these were something else!

After their amazing meal, John took his beautiful wife dancing. Not the hot, sweaty, overstuffed club type dancing with its loud music and crowded dance floor, but very sophisticated, ball-room dancing - the kind she liked most of all. Becky enjoyed going clubbing, but for their anniversary, he wanted to keep things classy and refined. They had gotten dressed up and he wanted to show her a dressed up time.

When they got home, both were in a very good mood. Becky had had a lot of fun dancing and a little too much to drink. She wasn't bombed but she was definitely feeling good. And when Becky had a good buzz going, she got especially horny, which was the case that evening. John figured he'd get her home and they would head straight upstairs to the bedroom, but Becky had another idea in mind.

"Let's make out on the couch like we did when we first met. It IS our anniversary after all!" she suggested, giving him a sexy wink. It always turned him on when she was naughty like that. Especially since when he met her she was one of those fresh-faced innocent "good girls" that no one suspected would have a naughty side to her. While Becky wasn't a virgin when they first met, she had only had one other boyfriend and he wasn't very experienced either.

John went into the kitchen to pour them a glass of wine and then came into the living room and sat next to Becky. They had just begun kissing and petting when suddenly, there was someone at the door.


"I'll get it," Becky said and answered the door… it was her best friend, Amy. Amy's was a sweet girl and a hottie herself and John had always admired her. She was happy and pleasant and easy to get along with. She was also sexy as hell and John had often thought if he hadn't hooked up with Becky, he would have liked to give Amy a go. In fact, one of his favorite fantasies was to have them both just once!

Amy was a bit taller and thinner than Becky, with long black hair and soft brown eyes. She had a lovely face, pale skin., and was smaller busted with only a C cup. But what she had going for her the most was her ass. It was nice and tight. As beautiful and sexy as Amy was, however, John loved Becky and never seriously considered any woman but her; Amy was a nice fantasy but he wouldn't dream of taking any kind of action on it. He was glad the two girls were best friends, when the three of them were together, he got all kinds of envious stares from other guys!

"Amy! What's the matter?" Becky said as she opened the door. From where he was sitting, John couldn't see the front door, so when he heard Becky, he got up and came to see what was wrong. Amy looked like she had been crying and she was telling Becky that she and her boyfriend were through. She cried to her about needing someone to talk to. She then noticed John walking up to see what was going on.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I'm bothering you two. I completely forgot it's your anniversary. I'll leave. I didn't mean to intrude," Amy said, turning to leave.

Becky, being the good friend and kindhearted person she was, told her, "No, wait, Amy, you're not intruding. If you need someone to talk to, I'll always be here for you, please, come in."

"No, it's okay, we can talk later Becky," Amy said, "You guys enjoy your anniversary."

"No! I insist! Come in, John doesn't mind either. Right sweetheart?" Becky said pulling Amy inside and shutting the door behind her.

John replied, "Of course if there's a friend in need, we'll never turn our backs on them."

Amy had a grateful look on her face. "Thank you, John, I'm so sorry."

John did want to fuck his wife - he had been looking forward to it and she was in the perfect mood for some really dirty fun. But it was okay… Amy was hurting and she needed Becky to talk to. He understood. The girls headed upstairs to talk. John found the circumstances a bit strange though; he didn't remember Amy ever talking about her having a boyfriend and Becky never said anything about it either. But then again, John was sometimes oblivious to the obvious, and he didn't keep that close an eye on her.

He went into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of wine and then went back to watch something on TV. "Well this isn't exactly how I planned the night…" he thought to himself. John didn't know what to do - should he just stay downstairs in the living room and wait for the girls to finish? Should he go on to bed and wait for Becky there? Then he heard a thumping sound coming from upstairs.


At first, John ignored it, but then it happened again.


He ignored it again and then it happened a third time.


"What the hell are they doing up there?" he thought to himself. He decided to go upstairs and investigate. As he got to the top of the stairs the hallway light was off and the only light came from the partially open bedroom door. That had to be where the sound was coming from, so he approached the bedroom and slowly opened the door.

At that moment, he saw Amy wearing a sheer pink babydoll. It had sheer lace in the cup area and the rest was gossamer-light pink chiffon material. Underneath the cobweb-thin babydoll, she wore an equally scandalous pink thong panty and pink maribou slippers with clear four-inch heels. She would have been super hot in that outfit had he not been taken completely by surprise!

"Oh shit! Sorry, Amy… wait, what the hell is going on here? Why are you dressed like that? And in our bedroom? Where's Becky?" John asked in a flurry of questions.

Amy stepped forward, right up to John and pressed her finger to his lips answering, "Shhh…I'm here for one thing, and one thing only…"

He remained silent, but thought to himself, "What the hell is going on? One moment she's crying her eyes out, telling us she broke up with a boyfriend I never knew she had. The next, she's acting all seductive with me." As he stood there, stupefied. Amy finished her sentence,

"…your cock."

Amy quickly grabbed his shirt with one hand pulling his face to hers. The moment their lips touched, she stuck her tongue in his mouth. At the same time, he felt her other hand checking out his crotch through his slacks, rubbing on his semi-hard cock and bringing it to life with her caress. Surprised at this move, John broke the kiss quickly and stepped back a bit.

"Holy shit Amy! What are you doing? I don't know what exactly you're going through, but this isn't the way to fix things! What if Becky saw us?" he exclaimed.

Amy grinned, "Oh don't worry about Becky, she's a little tied up at the moment." She pointed to his right. John looked around the edge of the doorway and in the corner of the room.

There he saw Becky tied to a chair naked. Her arms were slung over the back of the chair and tied behind her to the leg support. Her legs were threaded through the armrests and her ankles tied to the front legs. This held her bare pussy wide open and exposed and she was unable to close her legs. Her beautiful tits were bound with ropes so they stuck out lewdly and her nipples were already hard and erect. Her panties had been stuffed in her mouth to act as a gag and she looked so fucking sexy, but at that moment, John was too overwhelmed to get aroused.

"Holy shit Becky!" he said and ran over to her.

"John! Wait a minute! It's okay, this was Becky's idea! She wanted this!" Amy yelled at him.

John ignored Amy and removed the panty-gag. He waited for her to say something and finally, Becky said "It's okay honey, I'm sorry if Amy surprised you. But this is my anniversary present to you. Amy is helping me."

"Huh?" he said. "Huh" was about the most eloquent thing John could think of at the moment.

"Do we really have to spell it out to you, John? Becky is letting you fuck me and she is going to watch us!" Amy said.

"But Becky, why don't you just join in and we can make it a threesome if that's the case?" John asked, still not quite sure of what was being offered to him.

Becky had told him before that she "experimented" with bisexuality once or twice before and she enjoyed both experiences very much. She was not a lesbian - she still loved John's big, thick cock inside her - but she wasn't opposed to a woman's tender touch if the situation arose. But this wasn't one of those times. When John asked her why she didn't just join in, Becky looked down and didn't answer him.

John had seen this look before and knew just what it meant. It was the same look she would give him whenever she wanted to try something new in bed but was too embarrassed to say it.

"Becky wanted to try something new for your anniversary, so she and I went online a few weeks ago and looked up some fetishes and found cuckolding, but she couldn't stand the thought of cheating on you and hurting you and that's when she discovered cuckqueen fetishes. We have been watching a few video clips we found on them and she wanted to try it out. She knows that you have always thought I was sexy - a fact that I only recently found out myself, thank you - and so we concocted this anniversary present for you."

"Cuckold?! Fuck that! I'm not letting anyone fuck my wife but me! That's bullshit!" John said, almost angrily.

"No! Not cuckold, cuckqueen, a reverse cuckold," Amy corrected him.

John was still confused, "A reverse cuckold?"

Amy was starting to get a little exasperated at this waste of time. She wanted to get to the fucking part! She raised her voice at him slightly, "Dammit John! I swear you are such a bonehead sometimes! Let me see if I can explain this in little words for you… Becky wants you to pretend to cheat on her with me, while she watches! She knows I'd never actually try to steal you away, that's why she chose me to help fulfill this fantasy."

John turned to his bound wife with a stunned look on his face, "Is this true honey?" he asked.

"Yes…" Becky shyly answered as she looked down at the floor in front of her.

"Becky, sweetheart, I love you. You don't have to do this for me," he said.

"I know, honey, but it's not just for you… it's for me as well. The thought of you fucking another girl in front of me makes me extremely horny and being bound and helpless to do anything makes my pussy even wetter! Just look at it and see for yourself…" she said as she looked down between her legs.

John followed her eyes, looking down, and saw that her pussy juices had actually formed a small puddle around her entrance on the wooden chair. It was fucking hot!

"Becky, if you had sex with another man, I'd fucking kill him and would be extremely angry with you. It wouldn't be fair to you if we did this because I wouldn't tolerate it the other way around." John said.

"I know honey, I love you and trust you completely. I know you won't love Amy after this is done, only me. And I won't ask to fuck another man because I have no interest in any other man. John, honey, you have been so wonderful to me, always spoiling me, treating me with respect and love. This is my way of giving back to you and at the same time, fulfilling something that I'm extremely aroused and curious about. So please honey, I'm asking you to do this… for me," Becky explained.

John stood there for a few moments and thought it over. He was scared of hurting her but he could see that this was important to her. "If it's what she really wants and she truly won't get hurt but rather turned on…then I've decided." he thought to himself.

"Okay Becky, I'll agree to it, but only if you promise to let me know the instant you are not enjoying yourself watching us," he said, looking her in the eyes. "Understand? I want you to enjoy this fantasy of yours and if you don't you are to tell me right off no matter what is going on."

Becky's face lit up and she happily replied, "Yes! I will, I promise! Thank you, honey! Thank you so much!"

John leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "I love you," he whispered.

"Aww, it's that sweet!" Amy said with mocked sarcasm. "Are you ready to fuck me now or what?" She came between John and Becky and soaking Becky's panties in the puddle of pussy juice between her legs, Amy shoved them back into Becky's mouth, gagging her again.

"There, now watch as I fuck your husband and show him what a REAL woman can do!" Amy said. "I may not have your tits, but I have skills and a pussy that your husband will love!" And to emphasize her point, Amy reached down and pinched one of Becky's nipples so hard she squealed. Then she took hold of John's pants and belt and pulled him over to the bed.

She sat down on the bed and began removing his pants while John, still a bit unsure about all this, removed his shirt. Becky had said she was okay with this scenario but John still felt uncomfortable having sex with Amy in front of her. Up to this point, he had only given the idea of sex with Amy the briefest of thoughts, wondering what it would be like, and what she looked like under her clothes. But now to blatantly fuck her in front of his beautiful Becky… well, that was a whole different matter!

John looked over to his beloved wife tied to the chair in the corner. The look on Becky's face was not that of pain, anger, or sadness, but that of… arousal? Could it be that this was true - that she was already getting turned on by this arrangement? John was trying to wrap his head around the idea when he suddenly felt a warm wetness on his cock. It was Amy, she was sucking his cock and she was really good, damn near as good as Becky! She had a bit of a different technique, but it was a good difference and John was surprised at how good it felt.

Amy didn't waste any time. She licked the length of his cock, making sure she lovingly covered every inch of him. She dropped lower and sucked in each of his balls, bathing them both in her warm, wet mouth. Then she went even further down, licking at his perineum and nearly rimming him. John softly moaned at Amy's skills; even though he was hesitant, he couldn't deny how good it felt. Then, with one long slow lick back up to the tip of his cock, she swallowed him down in a second. She began deepthroating him, taking his now hard cock deep down her throat until his pubic hair tickled her nose.

John moaned in pleasure again, this time audibly, and Amy pulled his cock out of her mouth to start stroking it. While she was stroking it, she smiled and looked up at him. "So what do you think of my blowjob so far? Don't you think I suck cock better than your wife?" she asked.

This was one of those times in a man's life where he needs to tread very carefully. It was true she was very good at her craft, but John didn't want to hurt Becky. He looked over at her with a worried look on his face, unsure of how to proceed. He was scared to see tears in her eyes but the only fluid leaking was coming from her pussy.

Amy asked him again, "Well, aren't my blowjobs the best? Even better than your wife's?"

Becky just nodded her head in approval, and he asked her "Are you sure"? Becky nodded her head again in confirmation.

"Becky honey, this is just pretend and I don't truly mean any of it, I promise. I love you more than anything in this world," John said.

Becky looked like she was about to cry tears of joy and looked extremely happy that John had said that. She again nodded in approval.

Amy, for the third time, asked, "John, are you gonna keep a girl waiting?"

He smiled and said, "I don't know… maybe I need a bit more just to make sure before I answer!"

"Yes! Yes! You're the best at giving blowjobs!" he said when she increased her sucking.

"Better than your wife?" she persisted. She wanted him to say the words.

John thought to himself, "Well if this is the game they want to play, I guess I'll play along."

"Yes! Yes! You're way better than my wife!" he said. The instant he said that though, he looked over to Becky just to make sure he was following the rules. But when he saw his dear wife, it seemed that his words had only made her even hornier. John knew that Becky had a bit of a kinky streak in her when he married her, but he never thought she'd be this kinky!

Amy kept deepthroating him, caressing his nuts and running her finger around his asshole. He knew that with the alcohol, and what was happening to and around him, he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"Amy, if you keep this up, I'm gonna…" he started to say.

Amy pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiling said, "It's alright, you can cum whenever you feel like it."

She went back to sucking him off, confident now that she was doing a good job of it. Within minutes, John felt his nuts draw up and he began to shoot a tremendous load into her mouth. It felt like he dumped a whole gallon of hot sticky cum in her mouth. He came so much it was beginning to leak out of the corner's of Amy's mouth and dribble down onto her chest, running down the valley between her tits. When he finished emptying himself, Amy slipped his cock out of her mouth without spilling any of the cum she had caught there. She opened her mouth to show him how much cum he had released.

"Damn, that's a helluva mouthful!" he thought. Becky had shown him his load like that a few times before, but this was way more than he had ever unloaded into his wife's mouth. He didn't know if it was the scene or what, but he felt like he hadn't cum in ages. John thought it was so hot the amount of cum she held in her mouth and he expected her to swallow it down right off but she had another even more wicked plan in mind. She stood up and walked over to Becky and showed her the load of cum she had in her mouth. John could see in Becky's face that she wanted some, but Amy swallowed it in front of her.

"Mmmm, your husband's cum is delicious! Too bad you aren't getting any of it! And look at you, naked and strung up like this, your naked pussy out for all to see! And check this out - you are leaking like a sieve! Look how wet your dirty cunt is! Are you getting off on watching your hubby getting sucked off by another woman? What are you going to do when I fuck him?" she berated her.

John was still a little uncomfortable with Amy treating Becky that way, but when he looked at what Amy was talking about, he was stunned. Unbelievably, Becky was indeed getting off to him fucking her best friend's mouth.

Then Amy turned to John asked, "So, you ready to fuck me in front of your wife?"

Turning back to Becky, she asked, "You'd like that wouldn't you, cunt?"

Becky's face turned red at Amy's words and she looked down. But John knew the answer to Amy's question. He sat on the bed as Amy stood up in front of him. "First let's show you what it is you're getting here stud!" she said. Amy began a slow sensuous striptease as she slipped out of the gauzy babydoll. Not that the thin, nearly transparent material hid anything, but Amy slithered out of it and wrapped the garment around his neck, acting like a stripper in a men's club.

She rubbed her crotch a bit, getting her panties nice and wet for him, then slipped them off handing them to him. "Take a whiff, baby, this is what's in store for you tonight!" Amy said. John took the panties and held them to his nose, inhaling her scent. He looked at Becky whose eyes had glazed over with lust as she watched her man with her best friend.

Then Amy climbed on top of John and straddled him, squatting down on his cock. She had purposely put herself in a position she could watch Becky as she fucked her husband. Amy reached under her grasping John's hard eager cock and pointed it at her dripping hole. He felt the head of his cock about to penetrate her and she moaned in pleasure and anticipation.

Amy looked Becky in the eyes and said,"Now you're gonna to see how a real woman fucks her man!"

John felt Amy sink down, skewering herself on his cock and she screamed, "Oh fuck, yes! Oh God, John, you feel so fucking good!

Yes! Oh, Becky! Your husband's fat cock feels so good inside me, instead of you!"

John looked once more at his wife, wanting and needing to see how she was taking all this. But he didn't have to worry; the degradation and humiliation was turning Becky on like nothing he had ever seen before. Her pussy leaked its juices out onto the chair seat even more than before. Becky was sitting in a puddle of her own lust.

Amy moaned again,"Fuck, John! Your cock feels so damn good! I can see why she doesn't want anyone else but you!" She bounced up and down on his lap, sliding his cock in and out of her as she tossed her head back and forth.

John reached up and grabbed her tits and began playing with her nipples. He decided to play with them to see if Becky would like that. She did. And Amy was enjoying his pleasuring her tits as well. She started rubbing her clitoris as she rode him hard.

"Damn this girl's pussy is so warm and soft," he thought to himself. "She is really getting turned on!" He looked over to Becky who was equally aroused, squirming in her seat sliding around on her own pussy lube. He heard two sets of moans; one loud one coming from Amy, and one softer, more muffled one coming from his wife.

"John, baby, does my pussy feel better than Becky's? Do you like my pussy better than hers?" Amy asked as she shoved down again on him.

John had to admit that Amy's pussy was different from Becky's, but to be honest, he did like Becky's better. But that wasn't how this game was played. "Yes! So much better than hers!" he answered, playing along. He still wasn't too comfortable with this whole game, but as long as Becky was enjoying it, he would follow along.

Amy was certainly enjoying herself, moaning and bouncing on his cock like a kid on a pogo stick. With John's hands mauling her tits and pulling on her nipples and her hand furiously rubbing her throbbing clit, Amy was getting very close to her first orgasm of the night.

"Take me over to Becky," Amy said to John. John wasn't sure why or what she had in mind but he took her over, staying inside her as he did. Amy moved right in front of Becky holding onto the arms of her chair as John continued fucking her from behind. Becky watched as John fucked her best friend up close and personal.

"Oh my God! Your husband's cock feels so good deep inside my pussy. God! I'm cumming all over his cock!" Amy moaned loudly. She came right there in front of Becky with his cock still buried to the hilt inside her.

Becky, still bound helplessly to the chair looked as if she had gotten even hornier if that was possible. She was moaning and fighting against her bonds, struggling to get free and get some action herself. Amy pulled herself off John's cock, taking him by the arm and bringing him closer to Becky.

"You want some of this cock too, don't you? Clean my juices off his cock and maybe I'll think about sharing it with you." Amy said.

Instantly Becky spat out the gag hoping to get John's cock, glistening with Amy's juices, into her mouth. But just as quick as her hopes were raised, Amy changed her mind and dashed them again.

"On second thought, I think I'll just do it myself. I've always liked the taste of my pussy juice on a man's hard cock!

John thought that Becky would be upset that she didn't get to suck his cock, but instead, Becky exclaimed, "Oh God honey, this is so hot! Thank you for agreeing to this!"

When Becky said that, all of John remaining reservations about hurting Becky dissipated. She really was enjoying this "staged affair", and seeing that she was made him feel more at ease and allowed him to enjoy the whole game a lot more.

Amy then guided John back to the bed for more games. But she wanted him with his head at the foot of the bed. John wasn't sure the reason for it but he was fine with it and got in position. Amy then crawled onto the bed and straddled his head, her back to Becky and her pussy plastered on his face. As John began eating the sweet pussy presented to him, he heard Amy continue to degrade and humiliate Becky.

"How's the view, cunt? Can you see your husband eating me out? His tongue is just as talented as his cock!" Amy snarled at her. John heard Becky moan loudly, now that the gag was out of her mouth.

The truth was, John enjoyed it too, and now that he had heard from her own lips that Becky was enjoying this play-acting, he was going all out. He spread Amy's pussy open and said, "This pussy is the best I've ever ate! It feels better on my cock and tastes better than yours too!"

He plunged his tongue deep into her slit and munched away. Becky started squirming again clawing at the chair and tugging helplessly at the ropes.

"Oh fuck yes! That's the spot, John! Right there, baby! Yesss!" Amy moaned aloud.

Amy immediately leaned over and took John's cock into her mouth and they began "69"ing. She was sucking even more enthusiastically because John seemed to relax finally, so now everyone could enjoy themselves.

John stuck two fingers into Amy's pussy and they slipped in easily. He began fingerfucking her as he licked and ate her slobbering pussy. She moaned with his cock still in her mouth and the vibrations from her moan made her mouth feel even better.

Then he heard Becky cry out behind them, "Oh God John! Amy! I'm cumming!"

John was sure Becky was squirting; she was a squirter when she got really excited, and he was quickly proved right, when he heard Amy say, "Damn, Becky, I didn't know you could squirt!"

Then he heard Amy say, "I hope you're not finished, I still got lots of things I want to do with your husband!"

She begged Amy, "Please Amy untie me. I want to watch you fuck my husband some more but I want to get a closer view. I want to see his expression and I want to watch his cock go into your pussy. Please untie me and show me how much better you are at pleasing him than I am."

Amy relented and got up to untie Becky. Then both girls got on the bed with John; Amy was straddling him again and Becky laid there touching herself and watching him as he got back to eating Amy.

To John, it felt like Amy was working even harder on his cock now that Becky was closer. Amy wanted to put on a good show and she could see how turned on Becky was because of it. As John licked Amy's pussy, he kept staring at her asshole. It was nice, tight and cute. It had a pretty brown color as oppose to Becky's which was pink. He couldn't help it, he needed to lick it. John moved his tongue up to Amy's asshole and gave it a good, wide lick.

She gasped,"Ahh! John! You dirty boy, that's where I poop! How could you lick such a place?!" He continued to lick, though, not holding back. He just had to taste her asshole. "Mmm, that feels really good. Oh fuck yeah! Keep licking my ass, baby!"

Amy loved it and John could see Becky loved it too, she was rubbing her clitoris and using the index finger of her other hand to rub her asshole. While this was all happening, Amy degraded Becky yet again.

"Becky, you're gonna taste my pussy and my ass whenever you kiss your husband. Always remember that when you kiss him."

Becky responded with a moan and rubbed her clitoris and asshole faster. Amy was rubbing her clitoris hard as well. She was really enjoying this just as much as Becky.

A moment later he heard Amy scream out, "Oh yes! Fuck, this is so fucking good! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" and he felt a warm wetness as Amy came. Amy's juices poured out onto John's face and chin as her asshole clenched his tongue.

As Amy finished and recovered, John continued to lick around inside her ass. He loved wiggling his tongue in a woman's ass and he would regularly rim Becky. After Amy calmed down a bit from her orgasm, we stopped and she said, "John please fuck me."

He got up and Amy instructed him to sit on the edge of the bed. Once he did that, Amy sat on his cock and commanded Becky to come kneel on the floor in front of her and lick her pussy. She switched between licking Amy's pussy and licking my balls. It felt amazing. Amy then said,

"Yeah, cunt! You like eating another girl's pussy while she fucks your husband, don't you?!"

Becky turned red again, unable to look at them. John had always found that to be cute about Becky. It was one of the many characteristics about her that charmed him and caused him to fall in love with her. He played with Amy's tits again and then she commanded Becky to look at her.

"Oh fuck, Becky! Mmm, yeah, your husband's cock feels so nice in my ass. I bet you wish it was in your ass don't you?"

Becky looked extremely cute turning red and looking away.

"Well, it has been a while since I put it in her ass," he thought to himself.

"You want his cock in your ass don't you?" Amy asked her.

She was quiet.

"You want him in your ass, don't you?! Admit it!" Amy repeated.

Becky couldn't take the embarrassment and finally admitted it saying,

"Yes! Yes! I want his cock in my ass! Please give me my husband's cock so it can go in my ass!"

"I'll tell you what, I'll let you clean it after he gives me a good assfucking! Then I'll decide if you deserve it!"

"But that's dirty, I can't do that!" Becky protested.

Becky looked unsure. Amy then got a hold of Becky's hand with the fingers that went in her ass and put it inside her mouth. She sucked and licked all around Becky's fingers and he could tell Becky was getting turned on. She was loving the feeling of Amy sucking her fingers.

"If it was dirty, I wouldn't do that, now will you clean his cock? Or are you just gonna stay there and let me have his cock all to myself?"

Becky quickly responded, "I'll clean him off!"

"Good. Now, if you want it faster, you could make me cum faster by eating my pussy," Amy said.

Becky quickly went to work on Amy's pussy. Amy continued to let John fuck her in the ass while Becky ate her pussy. Occasionally, she would stop to let Becky eat her properly. John thought it was so fucking sexy to see his wife eat another woman's pussy out all while he fucked that woman in the ass. What made it feel good too was that when Becky was really doing a good job, he could feel Amy's asshole clench around the base of his cock as a reaction to what Becky was doing. He could also faintly feel Becky's tongue through Amy's ass every now and then. John was about to cum and he warned both of them.

"Okay Becky now's your time to shine," Amy said to Becky,

Amy got off to let Becky suck his cock and she responded with gratitude.

"Thank you! Thank you! I haven't had his cock all night!" she said.

John thought Becky looked amazing sucking him off. He was about to cum when Amy pulled her off and slid his cock into her pussy.

"You didn't think I would make it that easy for a dirty cuckqueen bitch like you, did you?" she said.

"Please! Please give me my husband's cock! I want his cum!" Becky begged.

Amy kept moving at a fast rhythm saying, "Too bad slut, I'm getting his cum! But thank you for cleaning him for me. The only thing you are going to get to taste is my ass and pussy."

Becky continued to rub her clit and asshole as she continued to pretend beg. "Please don't! Please let me have his cum!"
Amy just responded by moving even faster. John couldn't take it anymore.

"Becky, I'm sorry, I can't hold it anymore!" he said.

John shot huge loads of cum inside Amy's pussy. Because he hadn't cum right away, it built up and now Amy's pussy was overflowing with his cum. Amy moaned from the warmth of the cum inside her. She then got off him when she felt that he had finished cumming.

"Okay, he's all yours, but first," Amy spread her lips and said, "if you really want your husband's cum that bad, you're gonna have to eat it out of my pussy because I still haven't cum yet."

Becky looked extremely aroused by that notion, by such a humiliating demand. She licked and sucked the cum out of Amy's pussy.

As Becky was licking and sucking my cum from Amy's pussy, Amy asked her, "Yeah, bitch! How does my pussy taste? How does it feel to know that I got your husband's cum first?!"

Becky couldn't answer because she had a mouth full of cum. "Don't you dare spill any, swallow it all!" Amy said.

Becky didn't need to be told twice. She swallowed all of John's cum and continued to eat Amy out, even after his cum was gone.

"I'm gonna cum!" Amy moaned.

Becky, being the squirting expert, stuck two fingers in Amy and found her G-spot, stimulating it. Amy started squirting and Becky opened her mouth to get as much of the pussy juice as possible. Some of the cum spilled out of Becky's mouth and fell onto the bed. It was hot to see Becky's mouth overflowing with Amy's cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all. Amy collapsed on our bed. She was laying there spasming in complete bliss.

"Oh honey, That was hot! You just ate my cum out of another woman's pussy and to finish it all off, you swallowed her cum too!" he said to Becky.

Becky smiled and said "Happy Anniversary" then got to work licking his cum off his cock and swallowing it.



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