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A Necessary Cuckolding - Part III

Alan experiences what it's like to be cuckolded as his wife and his boss negotiate his job contract

Alan had never expected it would be like this; the angst and the pain. He had only focused on the sexual excitement. The excitement he received from imaging her with another man; being fucked hard and long by one much bigger than him and more virile. But there was another side to being cuckolded, like the flip-side of a coin. There was pain as well as excitement.

He glanced at his mobile phone lying on his desk in front of him. It was set to vibrate and he had expected her call by now. It read 15:47. Dawn was meeting Bradley at 13:00. So, say, they took one hour for lunch that would mean that they had been alone together for over an hour and three-quarters; an hour and three-quarters of fucking. Bradley had still not returned and Dawn had not called him as promised. It meant only one thing – they were still in bed together. In his hotel room and in his bed they were together naked and probably resting and recuperating for another fuck.

He was tempted to call her or even text her at least but she had told him that she would get in touch with him afterwards. It was obvious that ‘afterwards’ hadn’t happened yet. Bradley was still having sex with her.

Jock, from the media department suddenly dropped by and perched himself on the edge of his desk. “No sign of the boss yet?”

Alan shook his head.

“He left at twelve-thirty taking some files and his laptop with him,” Jock told him. “Said he was going back to his hotel.”

“I know. He told me too.” Alan replied, annoyed by his presence.

“Bet he’s finalising his plans for the redundancies.”

“Maybe?” Was all Alan could say.

“Who do you think is going to go?”

“I’ve no idea Jock, nobody does yet. We’ll all know soon enough.” Alan responded a little agitated.

Jock had the sense to realise that Alan had things on his mind and excused himself and left. He was right of course, Alan did have things on his mind. He knew that Bradley wasn’t finalising any plans. Bradley was enjoying himself with his wife, Dawn.




It was almost three o’clock when Bradley entered his room. Dawn was sat on a two seater settee by the window. The large double bed loomed large in front of her. He took off his jacket and hung it up. “Would you like a drink?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No thanks.”

She sensed his nervousness as he approached her but she also noticed that the bed was not the only thing looming large. As soon as he reached her she stretched out her hand and touched him. “Just a handjob.” She stated.

He nodded. She knew that he, like most men, wasn’t going to say no as she reached for his belt buckle. He stood quietly and passively as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his zip down. His slacks fell over his thighs as the waistband opened out revealing a pair of white trunks clinging to his thighs. His huge manhood was pressed against his left thigh; its size made her eyes widen.

“You’re very big,” she commented as she ran her hand over its length.

He didn’t respond as she continued to touch him through the white cotton. “Alan is quite small in comparison.”

She noticed a hint of a smile. She knew that men like to be told things like that even it was wasn’t true. “I will be gentle when the time comes.” He told her.

It was her turn to smile. She really didn’t want him to be gentle when it came down to it. Her fantasy was to be taken and fucked hard. Her hands reached up to the waistband of his trunks and her fingers dug inside to take them down. Dawn savoured the experience of pulling them down by taking it slowly. Bradley remained silent and passive. It was almost as if he was putty in her hands.

She had half expected herself to be on the bed by now getting fucked. He was a big man and very horny. She would have stood no chance if he really wanted to fuck her. But she was pleased. She didn’t mind taking the lead for just this once. Dawn would make sure that future encounters would be with Bradley taking the lead.

“I... I don’t want Alan to know that his job is secure just yet,” she said as she pulled them down to his knees.

He looked surprised as she took his huge cock in her hand. “I quite like the idea of having to fuck you so that my husband keeps his job,” she said as she reached out with her tongue to gather the pre-cum that was beginning to form.

He groaned loudly. “Whatever way you want to play it,” he said quietly.

“I am sure that you would be very good at playing that roll and enjoy using me at your will for your enjoyment under such circumstances, wouldn’t you?”

“You bet your sweet ass,” he told her. “I think I’ll delay the decision on Alan for another six months. See how he shapes up under the new management.”

Dawn stood to her feet and kissed him quickly on the lips. “Six months sounds fine by me. I’m glad we understand each other,” she told him. “Now get your clothes off and let’s see what we can do about this huge erection of yours.”

Bradley was naked and lying on top of the bed in almost the blink of an eye. She smiled at his eagerness as she reached behind for her zipper. His eyes almost popped out of her head as he realised that she was taking her dress off. “Don’t get any ideas,” she told him. “I don’t want to get it creased or to end up having to take it to the dry cleaners either.”

He smiled as she climbed on top of the bed. “You’re so beautiful,” he told her as she slid up close to him.

He kissed her as she reached for his erection and then he reached around her back to her bra fastener. “Semen can get everywhere,” he told her as he unfastened it. She smiled and then felt his fingers alight on her suspender straps.

“You’re taking advantage now aren’t you?” she said as he quickly unfastened a strap.

Bradley just smiled. She didn’t stop him. He was too quick for her and anyway she was impressed at the deftness of his fingers. He obviously had a lot of experience in undressing women. With her stockings unfastened he got up and began to roll each stocking down her legs. She was impressed. Not only that, it was the first time she could recall any man taking her stockings off. Once they were off he found the fastener to her suspender belt and she was soon down to just her red thong.

He then lay down on her body and kissed her. “Would you mind if I made you cum first?” he asked her. “I always try to make sure the woman cums first. It’s only right in my book.”

She nodded.

“I thought that I would treat you to a Bradley Special.”

“What’s a Bradley Special?”

“I’m glad you asked,” he told her before kissing her lips and then her neck.

Dawn quickly realised what he meant as he lifted her head and found the nape of her neck with his lips. Bradley was seeking out her erogenous zones. His tongue and lips went to work in unison. When there was no moan from her lips he concentrated his attention elsewhere and when he did find somewhere the louder the moan the longer he lingered.

He quickly found the areas around her throat where she was very sensitive and then her breasts. She moaned the loudest when he took each nipple between his teeth and bit gently. Her tummy was another area and he stayed there before moving down the bed to take hold of her feet. There were areas around her feet and ankles that she hadn’t even realised were so sensual. The backs of her knees she already knew about and her moans got louder. By the time he got to the tops of her inner thighs she was almost sobbing.

When he reached for the waistband of her thong she raised her bottom, Dawn was already abandoning herself to him and as soon as his tongue began concentrating on her clitty she was begging him to fuck her. Bradley knew that she wouldn’t survive his onslaught but he ignored her pleas at first. Bradley liked the taste of a woman’s cum gush against his tongue. Once it came he stopped and lay fully on top of her and kissed her.

“You want fucking do you Dawn?”

“Yes.” She sobbed.

“Are you sure?”

“Please Bradley don’t fuck about,” she shouted. “Just fuck me.”

He scooped up her thighs and pushed the tip of his cock against her sex. Dawn reached down and took hold of him and guided him into her. “Fuck me,” she cried out again. “Fuck me hard.”

Fifteen minutes or so later she found herself under the duvet with her head resting on Bradley’s chest. There were still tears of joy running down her cheeks. Her favourite porno clip suddenly came to mind. It was a privately taken movie by a husband as the wife got fucked by a black male in her own bed. There was nothing stage managed about it; no fake orgasms or fake facial expressions. The woman screamed all the way through it and her knuckles were white from clutching the pillows in the throes of ecstasy. She had had the fuck of her life and so had Dawn. Her hands hurt and she felt completely drained with a sense of satisfaction that she didn’t think possible.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

He kissed her on the forehead. “There’s no need to thank me,” he told her. “It was my pleasure.”

“Robyn’s a very lucky woman.” Dawn told him.

“I know,” he told her as he kissed her and ran his down between her thighs. “She tells me all the time.”

Dawn reached down and held his erection as he penetrated her with his fingers. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure,” said Bradley. “Ask anything that you want?”

“Does Robyn watch sometimes?”

“When she gets the chance, yes. She loves it. She also likes to participate.”

“In what way?”

“In any way that she can. It depends how the other woman feels about things.”

“Such as?”

“Well if she were here right now she would want to be cleaning you up and then she would want to be preparing me to fuck you again.”

Dawn began to visualise it.

“She likes to prepare the woman too.”


“Yes,” he responded. “For instance with you she would have wanted to take you to a clothes shop and bought you some nice clothes to wear for our date; some very sexy lingerie as well. Then she would take you to a spa for a massage, waxing, manicure and make over; hairdresser as well.”

“Mmmmm sounds wonderful.”

“She would also ask you if she could help you dress for the occasion.”

“That sounds so nice.”

“Sometimes she likes to cook dinner for me and my lover too and wait on us.”


“She’s really into it.”

“Sounds like it, doesn’t it.”

“There’s other things that she likes to do as well but I’ll leave that for another time.”

“Awww that was getting so interesting.”

Bradley rose and climbed between her parted thighs. “As I said, later. Right now I want your cunt again.”

“Yessss,” she sighed as he penetrated her.

“That’s another thing she likes doing,” he told her. “She likes to guide me in.”

“Oooooh.” Dawn moaned as she began to visualise Robyn holding his cock and guiding it into her.

“And she likes to kiss and touch my lover as I fuck.”

Dawn moaned loudly as she felt another orgasm coming on.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yessss,” Dawn moaned loudly.

Bradley’s hands suddenly slipped under her bottom and she wrapped her legs around waist in response. She knew what was coming next as he pulled her deeply into him. His heavy pounding seemed to go on and on for ages before she felt his cum filling her. She then fell into a deep sleep.

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