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A Necessary Cuckolding - Part VII

Dawn and her lover Bradley prepare to spend their first night together in the marital bed



Alan stood outside the door to Room 49, just after six-fifteen, nervously clutching his overnight bag. Bradley answered his delayed knock almost immediately. He was smiling. He welcomed Alan into the room and invited him to put his bag down on the luggage rack. His own overnight bag rested on the bed. “How is Dawn?” he asked.

Alan forced a smile. “She’s fine,” he answered. “She was just getting ready when I left.”

He smiled again. “I won’t rush her then,” he said looking at his watch. “We arranged to meet at seven-thirty so there’s plenty of time.”

Alan looked around the room a couple of times pausing at the large bed each time. He knew that was where Dawn had cuckolded him and he momentarily imagined her naked inside it with Bradley at her side.

“Everything okay?”

Alan looked back at Bradley and nodded.

“That’s where it all happened, Alan. That’s where I fucked Dawn.”

Alan just nodded.

“Three times.”

Alan avoided eye contact. He already knew how many times Bradley had fucked her and how much Dawn had enjoyed it.

“Shall we go down to the bar and have a drink Alan?”

He nodded with relief.

“I’ve told reception that I will be away for the night but I’m letting a friend stay in my room. Anything you need will be charged to my account Alan so help yourself.”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later they found themselves in a quiet corner with their beers. Bradley had his overnight bag at the ready. “Dawn tells me she is doing steak tonight.”


“They do some good steaks here too. I recommend the T-Bone.”

Alan nodded in silence.

“Is it how you thought it would be Alan? You know, the cuckolding”

“Well... “

“I’ve met many cuckolds in my time Alan so I know the whole gambit of emotions they go through.”

He managed a smile.

“There’s no need to let the feeling of insecurity get the better of you. Dawn loves you,” Bradley said. “It’s just the sex. She needs the sex. They all do... wives like her, I mean. They enjoy sex more because they know that they have the freedom to do it with a happy cuckold husband at home. He provides their security and gives them the freedom to enjoy their sexuality. They like to experiment Alan and try things out; things that they may be shy of doing with their husbands.”

“H... has Dawn wanted to try different things?”

Bradley smiled. “We have only spent one afternoon together so far Alan. It’s early days yet,” he responded. “These things will come to light as we get to know one another better. But unless a wife wants me to say anything to her husband then I don’t discuss things in detail with husbands. I leave that for her to do if she so wishes. A lot of times though these things are private; what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.”

Alan nodded. “Couples have their own intimate secrets, hey?”

Bradley smiled. “Dawn told me that you would have preferred the two of us to use the spare bedroom,” he said changing the subject.


“You know that that will never happen don’t you Alan?”

He nodded in silence.

“You see Alan,” Bradley started to say. “Even though it’s called the marital bed in reality it is the wife’s bed. It is meant to be shared with her husband for all those private, intimate moments but when someone like me comes along then all that changes. Her bed is shared with the male who gives her the greatest sexual satisfaction. If you see what I mean.”

Alan nodded silently before sipping from his glass.

Bradley looked at his watch and then picked up his glass and finished his drink. “Do you have your house keys Alan?” he asked him putting his glass down.

Alan looked bemused but still reached into his pocket. Bradley’s hand took hold of the keys before Alan realised what was happening. “Best if I have those to let myself in Alan.”

Alan released them into his hand. “But Dawn will let you in.”

Bradley smiled. “Well for one thing ringing bells or knocking doors attracts attention from nosy neighbours,” he replied. “And the other thing Alan is that you can’t get in unless one of us opens the door to you. You see Alan, when a wife starts off in a cuckolding relationship she likes to feel safe and secure and certain that she and her lover won’t be interrupted. Dawn knew that when she was in my hotel room no one was going to be entering and she felt free do as she wished. Neither of us want her to feel inhibited in her own home do we?”

Alan nodded.

“After a while she will get used to the fact that you are comfortable with her having a lover and she will be able to go to her bed with me knowing that her bedroom door will remain closed even though you are in the house as well.

Alan was stunned as he watched Bradley walk away clutching his overnight bag. He felt humiliated and ashamed for allowing him to walk away to spend the night with his wife but at the same time he was sexually aroused. He had to wait a few minutes to allow his erection to subside before he got up to get another drink.




Dawn was nervous; sexually aroused but nervous. She wondered if Bradley would like her dress and even considered changing into another one. She spent a while standing in front of her mirror smoothing her dress down and fidgeting with hair. Another half glass of rose wine made her realise that Bradley was just a man. They didn’t pay too much attention to outer attire. A glimpse of stockings and underwear and everything else was lost on them. They just wanted your knickers off and you lying prone on a bed. She wasn’t even wearing knickers; it wouldn’t take much effort to get her lying prone on top of the bed or even legs spread in an armchair if that came first.

She was in the kitchen preparing the salad when she heard the key in the front door. She quickly stepped out into the hallway wondering why Alan had come home when Bradley stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “I took Alan’s house keys.”

She felt a little startled seeing him stepping freely into her home. She felt vulnerable too. “We don’t want him suddenly coming back in the early hours do we,” he said as he approached to kiss her.

Her vulnerability made her feel more nervous. “Should I have knocked first?” he asked, sensing her anxiety.

“It’s okay. You just caught me by surprise that’s all.”

He held her and kissed her. “Sorry, I should have at least rang first instead of surprising you like this.”

“It's okay,” she responded feeling a little better now.

He reached inside his jacket pocket and handed her the bunch of keys. “Here, you had better have them back.”

She thought about taking them but then she thought about the advantages of having him having them.

“No, its okay,” she told him. “If my husband has given you his keys to our home then he obviously wants you to have access.”

“To enjoy all his possessions inside?”

She smiled.

He smiled too and put them back in his pocket. “Most couples I have been in cuckold relationships with have given me a spare set of keys at some stage or other,” he told her. “It’s a bit like welcoming me to being part of the family.”

Dawn smiled. “Well as long as you’re not going to turn up at any hour of the day or night.”

Bradley laughed as he put his arms around her. “”As if I am the sort of man who would turn up at two o’clock in the morning and turf a husband out of his nice warm bed to fuck his wife.”

She laughed as her hands pulled his bottom against her. “Well I better have them back then. There’s nothing that I like better than being woken in the night and being fucked hard and if you’re not that sort of man then... ”

Bradley smiled and pulled her bottom tightly against him pressing his bulge against her as he kissed her. Dawn responded with a soft groan as his hand slipped down her thigh. His fingers soon found themselves under the hem of her dress and began their slow climb to her stocking tops.

“Hmmm, no panties,” he moaned softly.

“Well it is what sir wanted wasn’t it?”

He smiled and kissed her once more. “Now where is this armchair of your husband’s?”




Alan sat nursing his glass of beer his thoughts only momentarily interrupted by large sips of its contents. He was an almost permanent state of erection as his imagination ran riot. It was nearly seven-forty five now and Bradley would have been alone with Dawn for at least fifteen minutes. He was certain that he would be fucking her by now.

He thought about what she had said about Bradley wanting to fuck in her his armchair. He remembered one evening shortly after they had moved into their home when Dawn had been sat in his chair naked except for a pair of black stockings. She had just had a shower and came down wearing her dressing gown. It was a winter’s evening but he had lit a roaring log fire and it was cosy and inviting. He had been sat on the settee watching a football match and she had stood in front of him and opened up her gown. “Would you like to score?” she asked him.

He smiled. It was almost half-time. She let her gown fall to the floor and moved to his chair and sat down with her legs splayed over the arms. His team had been awarded a penalty and amid the entire ruckus in the penalty box Dawn started to stroke herself. “They won’t score you know.”

He was torn between the television and watching Dawn masturbating. Her index finger was moving vigorously over her clitty and her eyes were closed and while this going on the referee was still trying to clear the players from around the penalty spot so that the kick could be taken. Her moans were getting louder as the referee’s hand rose twice in the air clutching a red card. It was a dilemma he didn’t want.

Moments later the kick was taken and as the roar from the crowd reached its peak over the missed penalty he turned the television off and got up and pulled her over to the rug in front of the fire. It had been a much needed and much enjoyed fuck but the point was that he missed an opportunity just like his team had missed that penalty. He should have fucked her in the chair that night just like Bradley was probably fucking her now.

His thoughts were interrupted when the bartender came over to his table to collect Bradley’s empty glass. She was young and very pretty and she looked very sexy in her white blouse and short black skirt over black tights. He guessed that she was probably a student. She smiled at him. “Will sir require a table for dinner?”

“Y... yes,” he stammered a little conscious of his erection.

“Shall I bring you a menu?”

“Please,” he responded before watching her walk away.

He wondered what she would think of him if she knew that the man who had been sitting with him was now fucking his wife. Would she laugh at him? She returned with two menus and the wine list, explaining that one menu was the day’s specials and the other one, A’ La Carte. “The gentleman from Room 49 has explained that everything is to go onto his account.”

Alan looked up at her. She was smiling or perhaps it may have been a smirk. He was feeling very self-conscious. “I’ll come back in ten minutes,” she told him as she walked away.

She had a nice bottom. He wondered if she was capable of cuckolding her future husband and for a few moments forgot his appetite. She would make it a pleasurable experience for any man, he thought before looking over the menus. He had already made up his mind by the time she returned. “So that’s T-bone steak, medium rare, with French fries and mushrooms. No sauces,” she repeated.

“Just English mustard please.” He interrupted.

She smiled. “And a bottle of the Barossa Valley Shiraz.”

He nodded.

“You seem to have the same tastes as Bradley,” she said. “He likes T-bone steak and the Australian Shiraz’s.”

She was smiling and once again it made him wonder if she knew what was going on. “Would you like some House Champagne put on ice, sir?”

He shook his head. “Much too much for me.”

“We do half bottles as well sir.”

She seemed intent on getting him to have champagne as well.

“Bradley likes the House Champagne too sir,” she informed him. “I’m sure the he wouldn’t mind. He is a very generous man.”

“W... w... well okay then.”

With a smile she walked away leaving him even more confused. She not only knew his name she knew his tastes as well. Did she know him much better than that, he wondered? Did she know him intimately as well?

He was left wondering now. If she knew Bradley that well then she would also know him; she would know that was a cuckold. Alan quickly finished off his drink and got up to get another one.

“You table will be ready in fifteen minutes sir,” she told him as she poured another beer for him.

“D... do you know Bradley well?”

She smiled. “That’s a very personal question to ask a girl.”

“I... I... I’m sorry, he stammered once again. “I didn’t mean too... “

She laughed. “I’m only teasing Alan,” she responded as she placed his glass in front of him.”We know each other biblically, as they say.” She added with a very hushed voice.

Alan was completely stunned.

“Don’t worry, I know how to keep secrets,” she whispered. “And I don’t judge either.”

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