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A New Favorite Memory

Watching my wife fuck is incredible. And now this.
I always remember the first no matter how many times I get to watch. Every time I see her fucking I remember seeing that first cock push her lips apart, hearing her initial cries as it slipped inside her horny cunt. Seeing how wet she was, seeing her juices coating his entire shaft. Remembering how she had sucked him first, looking at me as she took his cock in her mouth, stroking the wet shaft while she sucked his balls. How she lay down for him, pulled him on top of her. Seeing her legs parting as she urged him inside, and then how she had pulled her legs open, wider, taking all of him into that place where only I had been before. Her hands, on his shoulders, his back. Her feet digging into his ass, spurring him like a stud steed.
But mostly it’s her face and her voice I recall, they never leave me. The near-panicked look as he brushed the head of his cock on her pussy the first time, as though afraid he might not fuck her, and terrified that he actually would. Her mouth open, then biting her lip, trying not to cry out, and then failing, surrendering to the passion she hadn't known she’d possessed. Eyes, wide, fiery and fierce. And the words, the things she'd said, to him, to me. Seared into my memory for all time.

He's fucking me! He's fucking my cunt!

Fuck, your cock feels so good!

I'm gonna cum, fuck, I'm cumming!

I'm cumming in his big cock, baby!

Do it, fill me, cum in me!

Jeff, oh Jeff, thank you, he's so good, it feels so good, I never knew.

Of course she never knew. She'd been nearly a virgin when we'd married, and until then had only known one other man, and poorly. She’d remained celibate through our courtship, unimpressed with sex. I'll admit that the idea of taking her near-virginity on our wedding night had its attraction, but in truth the first time was kind of a letdown. She hadn’t known how to enjoy it. She’d wanted it, wanted to feel something, but hadn't known how to give up and let herself go. All she knew was how to hold back.

In time, I taught her.

It took a few years but she gave herself permission to not resist, and then to experience and finally enjoy sex for its own sake, not always an act of love, not even always intimacy and physical connection, but eventually for its own sake, for the sheer pleasure of penetration and orgasm and the euphoria it brings, for the wholeness of the act, the completion of her human experience and the personal indulgence of treating yourself to orgasmic release. And as her appreciation for sex grew so then did my appreciation for her passion. Watching her cum, watching her let loose, watching her inhibitions slip away as she surrendered to passion and desire and raw lust. It was inspiring to watch her cumming, her head thrown back, mouth open, alternating soundless and shrieking, eyes closed and lolling, then wide open almost in terror at the power of the sensation.

She seemed astounded at my ability to watch her, but admitted she loved the attention and my fascination. One night she surprised me by masturbating for me as I sat on the bed stroking my cock. She must have had ten orgasms before she quit, exhausted. I was enraptured, and she loved me watching and I unloaded on her pussy on about her third orgasm, and jerked myself through the rest. When she was done I was still hard, still stroking, close to chumming and as she toyed with her cum-slicked pussy she teased me about getting seconds.

Her comment felt like she had reached inside me, closed my orgasm in her tiny fist and pulled it forcibly from my body.

Afterwards she commented on how I had reacted. I sheepishly admitted that I had been fantasizing about her being fucked as she pushed her vibe inside her, and she wouldn't let the idea rest. She quizzed me for days. And the next time she did that she pretended she was being fucked by a man, not me, taunting me with images and ideas that spurred my imagination. It wasn't the man that did it for me, nor the idea of me being sidelined for another, but her unabated lust for her own pleasure, her expression of her own passion, expressed for me to behold, enthralling me.

Our fantasies progressed until the reality set in. She wanted me to watch her. She wanted for me to be able to watch her get fucked by another man.

Another man!

The idea had started as a treat for me, but when she described doing it for me it really held no fascination. I was missing the heat, the passion I so admired and needed to see. Some weeks later she sat me down and said she'd been thinking about it, a lot, that the idea was possessing her.

She wanted to do it. To experience another man, for her. For her own pleasure. She wanted to be fucked senseless, screaming in passion, and if I wanted, I could watch. And the change in her priority made all the difference to me. As she described her need, her desire, I pulled out my cock and jerked off, stroking my shaft as she described another man penetrating her, pounding her, cumming inside her, cumming on his cock.

And I exploded, nearly collapsing from the power of her words and images.

So that first time remains my most memorable of events, and every time after that I always relive that very first one, no matter the new guy, or how she reacts, or how hot it is, whether I jerk off watching and cum with her or sink myself inside her afterwards, filled with another mans load. No matter what she says or does my mind harkens back to the first time, the newness, the strange seductive power of watching her give herself to another man for the sheer pleasure she would experience.

It became a frequent game for us. She turned into quite the slut. She brought men home. She picked up men when we were out. She came home fucked and filled. Fuck, she brought home a couple once, and did them both while I watched. Every time I got to watch or listen to her retelling it. But it's that first, my favorite memory, that always comes back.

But tonight she wants to replace that memory with a new favorite.

She sits me down in a chair, her face broadcasting her eager mischief. We've read about and watched videos about wife sharing and cuckolds, and we laugh. She's never stopped fucking me, never prevents me from enjoying her fun. No cock cages or humiliation or dressing me up as a French maid, no sucking the guys cock or cleaning them off. It's a shared experience for us.

She sits on my lap dressed in a short pajama top only, facing me, her bare cunt pressing at the bulge in my pants. She tells me to sit tight and enjoy, and then kisses me hard and hungrily and tells me she loves me, and how much fun she's going to have. She licks my lip and tells me how good it will be.

I don't disagree. I know what she has planned, and I can hardly wait. She stands, strokes her pussy and wipes a streak of her juices across my lips.

Fuck. I want to jerk off, now, just imagining it. But I'll wait. I want to cum when she cums, watching her, seeing her face. She leaves the room. I hear voices from outside the bedroom..

She comes back in holding her newest toy by the hand. Two more young men follow them. Three men. She will take them all tonight, filling all her holes. They will fuck her into oblivion. My heart races as she drops to her knees, looking at me, and rubbing the bulges through their pants, licking her lips.

Buttons and zippers open around her as she holds my gaze, preparing to replace my fondest memory with this new one, another first. Her eyes are heated, pupils already dilated and dark. The men adjust their stances and positions as they drop their garments and step out of them, and she shuffles to keep me in sight. They settle into place, two to one side and one on the other, her on her knees, facing me, her sleep shirt pulled up to expose that beautiful wet pussy between spread legs. Her parted lips smile as she runs her hands up two different thighs to grip the throbbing shafts. The tip of her tiny tongue emerges to wet her lips, head lowered, eyes intently fixed on me and my bulging tent. She opens and takes the third man into her mouth.

Her eyes close in delight as her lips encircle the head. Her tongue swirls out, and around, and her eyelids flutter as she pushes her mouth onto him. The pleasure she feels emanates from her face as her mouth is filled with rigid hot flesh. Her hands grip the others more firmly, an involuntary reaction to her excitement, and I feel it with her, the abandon, the liberation of convention. The excitement of new. But it is her thrill I feel, her pleasure that gives me pleasure, and I feel my own eyelids flutter in response as my head falls back.

When I refocus she has switched, sucking the one on the right, stroking the one she left wet and glistening. She pulls off, switches hand and mouth, and strokes two while she sucks the last one. Her dark nipples are firm and announcing themselves through the thin fabric, and a glistening drop of her lubrication connects her pussy to the floor in a string. I want to dive to her, lick that precious fluid from between her legs. Her clit bulges under its hood, erect and distended. Fuck.

She rotates through the three men several times, taking her pleasure as much as giving, her mouth unoccupied only for scant seconds as she switches, drool glistening on her chin. She looks up at them now, seeing the leering lust on their faces as she sucks each in turn, knowing she has aroused them, and what that arousal will bring her.

And then she turns back to me, mouth filled, face intent. Holding my gaze she pushes her face down, coughing out a spray of spittle as she gags. Her eyes bulge and begin to water. And still she pushes, watching my face as her throat bulges until her lips are pressed at the base of this cock, her jaw opened almost grotesquely, and yet she has never been more beautiful, sexier. Her hands pull away from the other two guys cocks and wrap around this one's ass and she pulls him deeper as her eyes roll back in her head. She holds him there, loving the feel of his cock in her throat. Her pussy lips are fat and swollen with excitement. She pulls her head away, pushing backwards as she gasps for air, swallowing huge gulps into her lungs.

But her face is alight, eyes wild, and her open mouth curls at the corners with proud amusement. She so loves this!

She turned to the next guy, takes a few deep breaths as she braces her hands on his butt cheeks. She glances at his face, then at his cock. And then back at me as she pushes him deep in one long stroke until her face is mashed in his belly and her throat bulges, her eyes rolling back in her head again as she revels in the sensation. Again she hold herself until she pulls off, gasping, thick strings of drool attaching her mouth to his cock and balls. She pulls away and they break and fall to her chest, dark wet stains appearing on her tee.

The last guy stands behind her and instead of turning she leans back, hanging her head backwards, looking up from under his balls. No longer looking at me she opens her mouth expectantly and he dutifully squats over her, dropping his full globes in their fleshy sack into her mouth. She sucks vigorously for a few moments until he pulls up with a wet smacking sound. She angles her head back further, arms behind her holding her up, presenting him with her open mouth in a straight line with her throat, inviting him. He squats lower, points his stiff shaft, and begins thrusting deep into her mouth. She holds her position in an acrobatic pose that is at once elegant and lewd beyond description, and I finally relent and whip my clothes off, stroking my aching cock as he fucks her mouth. Disgusting 'glugging' sounds emerge from her as drool spills down her cheeks, into her hair that hangs luxuriously to the floor.

Fucking cock whore.

The other two men watch, saying crude things to each other that I ignore while thinking similar things to myself, and wondering if they mean them as admiringly as I do. But then she is up, directing them to the bed. Our bed. In our room. As they assemble at her direction she saunters to me, the flush of excitement coloring her face to her chest. She straddles my lap, running her wet cunt against my throbbing shaft and grabs my face, kissing me hard and full, her wet cheeks against mine, her soft swollen lips devouring me as her tongue delves deep, stroking mine as it stroked their eager shafts and heads. I can taste them, the remnants of pre-cum in her mouth, the scent of men on her face.

She pulls back from the kiss and holds my face, teeth gritted and lips parted. "Thank you," she hisses hotly. "Fuck, I'm so fucking horny!" She bites my lower lip, snarling. I growl back.

"You ready, baby?" she asks. She pulses her hips, stroking my length with her wet slit. "You gonna watch me, stroke your big cock for your slutty wife? Huh?" I feel her opening press against my cockhead and I groan, louder. Wanting her. But not yet, not now. First she has something to show me.

"Fuck, yeah," I manage to grunt, "do it, you fucking cunt, do it for me!"

Her eyes widen with delight as her eyebrows lift. I bite my lower lip, hard.

"Fuck," she mutters. And she lifts off me, stands, and strips shirt up over her head. When she turns to the bed I get a good look at her delicious ass cheeks, shifting perfectly as she closes the gap. Her pussy peeks at me from between her legs as she crawls onto the bed, over the guy who has positioned himself diagonally across the bed on his back. His cock throbs and lifts slightly from his belly as she crawls over him.

The other two guys stand at opposing corners, near his feet and head. She turns her head as she settles herself over him, her knees beneath her, ass extended and legs opened wide. I see her tiny fingers grasp his cock as she lifts and positions his swollen head at her opening. Flashback images of the first time fill my brain as my eyes dart from her face to her open wet cunt. She rubs the head across her slicked gash several times and looks at me. She groans as she settles her weight and takes his full length inside.

I groan with her, stroking myself slowly as the thick shaft disappears, her lips spread wide around him. Fuck, watching her get penetrated never gets old. Her long groan assaults my ears and drives into my brain. My libido sends the message directly to my groin as a fat drop of my own pre-cum emerges from my slit. I smear it with my thumb across the spongy head, delighting in the sensations as they charge through me.

She settles onto his shaft, burying him deep inside her, her swollen lips wrapped around the base as she shifts her weight back and forth, pushing him to her limits. I know her erect clit is rubbing on his pubic bone, but she groans to announce it for my benefit. Then again, maybe not. Maybe it is just her pleasure. But the sound tugs at my desire nonetheless. I'm watching his cock twitch and his balls lift and settle beneath their joining. She stretches her lithe form down on him, pressing her breasts to his chest, her arms extended up past his shoulders. The second guy climbs onto the bed from his corner, between their legs. He's stroking his cock, making squelching sounds, and drops the lube.

She turns to me again, her head twisted back to see me. He squats behind her and her hands grip the sheets. I watch the tension mount in the muscles in her arms and legs, folded tightly beneath her. The awaiting man spreads her cheeks and lines up the head at her tiny, wrinkled back door.

She's breathing hard, tense and tight, a coiled spring mounted on a steel rod. Her eyes are dark and wet and wide, her lower lip caught in her teeth, jaw set, poised to release. Again I find my eyes darting from one end of her to the other, seeing the subtle changes flash on her face, seeing her crinkle stretch and open. Seeing the near-panic as the pain strikes her insides, seeing the head pop into her opening. Watching her mouth open in a soundless cry, watching the thick swollen shaft begin to slide inside her. Hearing her sharp cry followed by her long, low groan, seeing the rest of the hard flesh disappear inside her.

Her clenched hands release and re-grip the sheets, her muscles relax and reset in potential energy. Her head has turned away, looking to the third man, panting short, urgent breaths. My eyes turn back to her bare and stretched nether regions, lube dripping from her filled ass as he begins to pump. It leaks down to her fucked cunt, filled similarly with cock, glistening, swollen and wet. Two holes filled as she beckons the third to her with an outstretched hand.

He makes his way to her, kneeling to the side of the first man, the prone man. On my side of the prone man. My sexy, wonderful slut! Her desire makes her want this new experience, but her love for me and her need to see me enjoy it with her makes her not only imagine it, but stage and arrange it for our best pleasure. Making sure she gets what she wants, and making sure I see her.

He reaches for her, grabs her hair, but she shakes his hand off. Turns back to look at me. The two guys fucking her are going slow and steady, awaiting her prearranged trigger. She smiles at me, a lewd, hungry devious ache on her beautiful face. It is unforgettable. She licks her lips, getting them nice and wet, then turns to the offered cockhead, her head angled slightly to the side, shown to me in profile. Her jaw drops and she gapes her maw, her tongue extended and slightly curled at the tip. The action distorts her features grotesquely, almost ugly, but gorgeous in its expression of her lust. I stroke my cock harder, squeezing pre-cum from the tip, awaiting her debauched event.

Number three settles his cock onto her tongue and her eyes lift up, watching him, urging him from under raised brows. The man in her ass pulls out, exposing her open anal cavity, gaping and red. The man in her cunt lowers his hips until only the head is inside her, his defined crown peeking out between her smooth shaved and swollen labia. The thick vein in his shaft pulses once, twice.

With a grunting lunge Number Three shoves deep into her mouth as the other two penetrate her fully. Her squeal of delight is muffled and gurgled, and my balls tighten in response as the thrill surges through me. Fuck! Three cocks in her! The fucking slut! The image is seared into my brain as her body reacts, a full body tremble as she takes them all, deep, at once. Her eyes spring wide, nearly panicked at the triple invasion, her neck bulging as the cock fills her throat. Memories of that first penetration nod to my psyche, and step back to allow this new image to take top ranking. Fuck, it's disgusting and repulsive, and I can't turn away.

All hell breaks loose. The three of them begin thrusting hard, no attempt at timing, plowing into her offered slutty holes at their whim, using her for their pleasure. She takes it all, oblivious to their needs, feeling her own desires met and exceeded, and reacting with choking groans and moans around the cock fucking her pretty face. I am stroking furiously now, sensing her climax, her first of many, I'm sure, before they are done. I see her expression change as her orgasm storms forward, taking her over. Her legs and arms tremble, then vibrate. Her tits, suspended beneath her, brush erect nipples across the chest of the man beneath her. She strains. Drool drips from her chin. Her asshole clamps as her cunt dilates under the thrusts up into her.

And then her stifled, guttural scream emerges, staccato ed by the cock fucking her mouth as her body is wracked with spasms. Fluid gushes from her cunt, soaking the balls of the man fucking her relentlessly. Fuck, I'm close, so close ! Seeing her, seeing her release, her total desire fulfilled, her euphoria at her perfected and twisted behavior. I slow, holding off, edging myself. Wait for it , I tell myself, it will be better, stronger for the pain! I hold myself at the edge. Stroking just the head, two fingers beneath, thumb above my cockhead, holding it down, pressing it against my fingertips.

They fuck her furiously.

Ass man grunts first, fingers squeezing her butt cheeks tightly, leaving marks no doubt, as he empties himself into her once-tight anus. Streaks of cum coat his shaft as he shortens his strokes in her, dollops gathering at the opening before spilling down to her cunt. Wait for it , I urge, not yet .

She cums a second time and her pussy clamps down on the man impaling her cunt. The sudden grip forces him over the edge and I watch his balls lift and pulse, filling her belly with hot semen. He holds still, half inside her and I watch the pulses run up his urethra through his shaft, ejecting his steaming cream into her. The urge returns, stronger, harder to resist. No! Not yet! My head spins, feels light. I grit my teeth and inhale, tensing my muscles against the inevitable. I feel the semen fill my tube, bubbling to the surface.

Number three bellows and holds her face to his belly, and she coughs around his cock, blowing a spray of spittle onto his shaved pubic flesh. Her bulging neck pulses as she swallows. I am crying out against my climax, forcing it to hold, to hold! Her eyes are streaming tears down her face, and her body reacts, forcing another cough. In a revolting flash of her loss of control semen sprays from her nostrils.

And my cock explodes, shooting the barrel-load of semen far into the air as I scream my release. My eyes close as hot cum splashes onto my front, my back arches madly, ass lifted from the chair. Cum lands everywhere as my body empties itself of its violent release. My limbs strain, cock gripped tightly as the sensations wrack me, my body shuddering with deep, aching breaths.

Finished, I collapse back into the chair, eyes open but unseeing, flashes of white and star bursts filling my vision. My cock is hot, wet, tingling with sensation. I breath deep, look down, struggle to focus. My vision clears to see my wife's mouth enveloping my cum slicked shaft, sucking my cum from my spent erection. She holds my hand aside, pulls off, and looks at me with an impish satisfied grin. Her tongue finds my spill on the backs of my fingers, licks up my dripping detritus. Sucking the drips lewdly. As my vision clears I take in her face, flushed and red, tear tracks drying on her cheeks in streaks of mascara. Cum bubbles at her nostrils in a sordid reminder. She climbs up me, her tongue and lips finding each drop, sucking my chest clean.

Pulling herself to my lap she straddles my legs, her dripping cunt slick and hot against my flagging shaft. Her mouth is on mine, kissing me, my cum in her mouth, number three's on her upper lip. Her lips are swollen from the punishment, her face slick with spit and cum. She grinds herself against me, sliding my cock between her labia as before, stroking her dripping opening onto my cock, rubbing her clit against my deflating cockhead. She leans into me, heaving a sigh, rubbing her tits on my chest, reminding me of her nipples on the prone guy's chest. The complete vision of her returns in full color and sound and I groan. She presses harder and a bubbling fart escapes from beneath her. I feel cooling cum drip out, coating my balls.

She lifts her head, smiling.

"I'll get that," she says, and slides down my sweaty body to clean me a second time. I close my eyes and lay my head back, replaying her scene, checking my inventory of memories, sorting, evaluating, reordering.

Her tongue swipes up from the bottom of my ball sack as the vision of her airtight three-hole adventure takes its rightful place at the top of my list.

My new favorite memory.

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