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A Slutty Halloween

Stacy goes to a Halloween party
Stacy and I had been having some adventures. She had come into her own after finally fulfilling my fantasy of watching her with another man. In the time since we had a bit of a sexual revival. We could barely keep our hands off each other, even going so far as to meet up between her classes to fool around. With the increase in our sex drive we were constantly looking for another opportunity where she could be a shared. We finally got our chance when October rolled around.

Stacy had a good friend, Amy, who went to school in Boston. She usually would visit a few times a year so they could attend sorority parties together. There was an annual Halloween party and Stacy made plans to spend the weekend at her friend's apartment. I instantly had some dirty thoughts just thinking of Stacy dressed in a slutty costume. To her credit she played coy about the whole thing. I would hint that she should take a hall pass for the weekend, but all she would do was smile at me. I started to think she wasn't interested in doing much; that is until she showed me her costume.

The night before Stacy left for Boston she walked into our room in her big, fuzzy bathrobe. I didn't think much of it until she stood in front of me, blocking the TV. With a twist, she let the robe fall to the ground revealing her costume for the weekend. She was in a royal blue corset that exposed plenty of cleavage. On her hips she had a pair of fluffy, white boy shorts, followed by blue, fishnet thigh highs. The entire ensemble was topped off with a pair of bunny ears she pulled on when the robe went off.

She struck a little pose for me by jutting out her hips and accenting her legs. She looked real, damn, sexy.

"Amy and I are going as playboy bunnies. You like?"

"Silly question. You know it like it. You look hot."

"Oh so you don't care that I'm going out dressed all slutty to a bunch of parties?" Stacy said with false innocence.

"I'll only care if you don't come back with a sexy story for me," I quickly retorted.

"What kind of story? You mean like the kind where I get fucked by a random guy?" she said with a laugh.

"Yes, if you want. You can have a hall pass for the weekend as long as you keep me in the loop."

"I think I can manage that."

Now I was very excited. I didn't have much time to think about it however, as Stacy yanked down her panties and walked over to me. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down in front of her. As she did that she swung her leg onto the bed, giving me access to her dripping pussy. Grabbing my hair, she forced my mouth onto her waiting cunt.

"If you want me to act like a slut again then you better let me cum all over your face first," Stacy said as my tongue delved deeper into her. "Make me cum baby and I'll be the perfect little slut."

I didn't need more encouragement. As I toyed with her body I couldn't help but smile; looks like I was going to have another fun weekend.


Friday dragged on. Stacy had left early in the afternoon so she could be in Boston before it got crazy. I could barely sit still as I was filled with anticipation. By 8:00 PM I hadn't heard much from Stacy, just a quick picture of her before she went to the party. By 9:00 PM I was getting restless waiting for something.

No sooner had I started to occupy myself than my phone started to ring. It was Stacy. I quickly answered the line, but instead of getting a friendly greeting all I heard was loud music and garbled voices. She had pocket dialed me. I strained my ears to hear what was going on. I could pick up mostly loud voices and the occasional giggle from a girl. As my ears adjusted to the sound I began to make out who I thought was Stacy talking to someone.

"Yea I'm staying up here with my friend. And no ha I'm not single."

So someone must've been hitting on her. I listened some more, but could only make out her voice.

"Ha stop that! We are in public. Someone will see," Stacy squealed to this mystery person. "Let's go somewhere."

There was the sounds of some shuffling and the noise of the party died away. They must've gone outside somewhere because now I could hear the conversation much better.

"What about your boyfriend?" the mystery guy asked.

"What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Where are we going?" said Stacy.

"Down the alley, behind the bar. Don't worry it's quiet. No one can see."

"Oh are you planning on taking advantage of me?" Stacy said with a laugh.

"Ha no. I'm going to let you take advantage of me," The gruff voice replied.

For a few moments I heard nothing but them walking. Then I heard the soft sounds of two people making out. My dick grew rock hard in my pants just listening to my girlfriend lock lips with a stranger behind a bar. As I took my cock out I could hear Stacy moan.

"God. Your fingers are amazing don't stop," Stacy said to her lover.

Now I heard the telltale sounds of someone fingering a very wet pussy. Stacy started to moan louder causing me to nearly cum. I heard the sound of a belt buckle coming undone followed by a zipper going down.

"Oh wow. Nice cock," Stacy giggled.

With that, I heard Stacy start to work his cock into her mouth. Soft slurping and sucking noises filled the phone. I couldn't take it any more. In a flash of heat I blew my load everywhere. Stacy, however, wasn't done as I heard her continue to blow the guy.

Suddenly I heard the guy, "Fuck I'm going to cum." Stacy let out a startled squeak as he filled her mouth with his orgasm. There was a small pause as she swallowed his load.

A few moments later Stacy said, "Well it's been fun, but I've got to get back to the party."

I heard a stammered reply, but couldn't make out what the guy said. She must have started walking back to the bar. I heard the phone rustle around again and suddenly Stacy's voice came through the mic.

"I hope you were listening to all that." And then the call disconnected.

That little slut. She called me on purpose so I could listen. I quickly sent her a few texts wanting to hear more, but she was back at the party. I guess I would have to wait until tomorrow to hear the full story.


Throughout the rest of the night I fell back into the habit of constantly checking my phone. I started to nod off sometime around 12:30 and fell into a fitful sleep. I awoke suddenly around 3:00 am and instantly glanced at my phone. There were a few texts from Stacy. I cleared the sleep from my eyes, excited as to what she had done. Unfortunately she did nothing to dissuade my need; just a few drunken texts about nothing in particular. I guess that guy in the alley was the extent of what she was going to do. After sending her a quick good night I started to put my phone down just as another text came through. It was her friend Amy.

"Heyyyy Stacy wanted me to send you this she said you'd like it ;)"

As I started to reply an image came through. It was actually a short video clip and I started to get excited. I pressed play. The picture was a little blurry but there was no mistaking the scene. Stacy was laying on her back on a small bed. She was still in her costume, minus the white bottoms. A tan, muscled guy was holding her hips and was pounding his cock into her pussy. With a powerful thrust he came inside her. Before she could even react, the unknown guy waved at someone off camera.

"Your turn man," the guy said as he pulled out of my girlfriend.

An instant later a tall, black guy walked into the shot. He was completely naked except for a fake firefighters helmet that must have been the remnants of his costume. Despite the blurry video I could tell he was very well endowed. He quickly got down between Stacy's legs and rubbed his cock in her juices. Stacy started begging for him to fuck her; she couldn't wait any longer. Neither could he, apparently, as he pushed his shaft into her pussy. I could see Stacy’s cunt stretch to accommodate his cock; her pink lips gripping his shaft as she was completely filled.

His pace increased as he started to slam his dick into her. Stacy was moaning and crying out in pleasure. As the guy pounded his big, black, cock into her, a naked girl bent down and kissed Stacy on the lips. This spurred the guy fucking her to thrust harder, making his balls slap against her ass. At that instant Stacy broke her kiss and looked directly at the camera. With a wink the video ended.

I felt a surge of emotions; a mix of jealousy and lust fly through my body. Quickly, I replayed the video, getting myself off watching my girlfriend get tag teamed. The entire clip was only a few minutes long, but it felt like it was an hour. I tried to think of a cogent reply to send back to Amy, but I couldn't form the words. All I could manage was, "wow".

I needed more information, more anything. I called Stacy and Amy, trying to get a response. Despite my mind running in overdrive, I was also on fumes and I ended up falling asleep.

The next morning I awoke with a jolt and looked for my phone. It was nowhere to be seen. Sometime in the night I must've dropped it in my bed and lost it amongst the sheets. I tore apart my bed until I found it. The battery was dead. Figures. I plugged it in and waiting until I could use it again. After what felt like an eternity the phone clicked on followed by a flood of texts from Stacy.

"Oh my god that was amazing. I wish you could've been there to help fuck me. That guy's cock was huge. Here are some pics from the rest of the night. Love you baby ;)"

I flipped down to the first picture. Stacy and the mystery girl were both in their costumes (she was some sort of slutty superhero). The two of them were smiling with their arms around each other. They both looked hot. It was a pretty tame picture. The next one, however, was anything but.

Taken sometime much later in the night, it showed Stacy with her corset pulled down with her tits hanging out. The tan guy from the video was next to her grabbing at her right boob, feeling her up. He was dressed as a doctor in a white lab coat with a stethoscope. Stacy's hand was in the coat, reaching into his pants. She was laughing as she tried to block the camera with her hand. I couldn't make out where they were, but it had the looks of the back room of a bar.

The next picture was even better. I couldn't tell where it was taken, but that didn't matter. Stacy was on her knees, looking straight at the camera, with that big, black cock in her mouth. She had a hand wrapped around the base and was working the head with her mouth. Amy was next to her running her tongue up the shaft. The dick was massive compared to the two of them and it was no surprise that he needed them both to suck it. The guy must've held Stacy's camera to take the pic.

I finally flicked to the last and by far the best picture. Stacy was on the bed from the earlier video. She was on all fours, wearing only her set of bunny ears. The black guy stood behind her, hands on her hips, thrusting inside her pussy. The other girl lay beneath Stacy with her mouth on Stacy's breast. She was fingering herself while Stacy got fucked over her body. Stacy’s face was frozen in indescribable pleasure as she was railed by that big, black, cock.

It was too much for me to take in and I had to look away before I came everywhere. I started to respond to Stacy to tell her how amazing it all was when I noticed I still had one more message. I had been so caught up in the pictures I hadn't even noticed the other text. It was from a number I didn't recognize. Curious, I opened the message.

It was attached a picture of Stacy with her legs spread on the bed. Her pussy was bright red and swollen. There was cum everywhere. Some was leaking out of her cunt and more was on her body. Her thighs were stained and I could just make out some all the way by her bunny ears. The caption was "Your girlfriend at the end of the night". She had been thoroughly used like the perfect little slut I wanted her to be.

I, of course, texted her how much I loved her.


Stacy spent most of the next day getting rid of her hangover. She filled in some of the details for me from the night. I guess that guy I had listened to her give head to was someone she met at the party. She said she sucked his dick in the alleyway behind the bar and then ditched him. Amy and her met the two guys from the photos once they went to the sorority party down the road. The blonde in the other bunny outfit, Tess, one of Amy’s “sisters”, introduced everyone.

Stacy said that everyone went back to Amy's apartment around two that night and started fooling around. She said that both guys fucked her a few times each and that Tess even licked her pussy after (I wish I had gotten the pictures of that). After the guys finished taking turns on the girls they left. They never said their names.

Stacy said the biggest surprise was fucking the black guy. She didn't realize how big he was going to be, but loved being filled by him. I didn't get much more out of her before she decided to sleep off the rest of the booze.

The entire situation was so intense. Just a few months ago Stacy was an innocent, virtuous, little college girl. She barely even looked at other guys, much less get tag teamed by two strangers in one night. I absolutely loved how she had blossomed into such a little slut. I can't wait to see what she's going to do next.

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