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A Way to Pay the Bills

My husband and I are out of work and I work as an escort and cuckold him to pay the bills.
My name is Julie, and my husband Ed and I moved to the Chicago area three years ago, following Ed’s good fortune at acquiring a new job as a media and web development manager for a regional real estate development company. His new salary and profit sharing plan was good enough that I gave up my career as a merchandiser for a major department store chain in Minneapolis, and we bought an expensive new home in the Chicago suburbs. Ed’s job was going very well for the first year, and then the real estate market imploded and the overall economy went into a deep recession. The company regretfully laid Ed off since he was the number two man in the department and the employee with the lowest seniority, and we were now facing a serious financial situation.

There weren’t many other opportunities for either Ed or me due to the recession and the fact that I had been out of the merchandising business for a year by then. I was 28 years old at the time of this story, and Ed was 31 years old, and we were just happy that we had not started a family yet. Ed was getting paid unemployment compensation, but that was not nearly enough income to cover the mortgage and our living expenses. For weeks we both searched the internet and went to job fairs looking for job opportunities, but nothing was available and we were starting to get desperate for money.

One day Ed came across an internet ad for ladies who wanted to work for an escort service, and that started giving him ideas. He said to me, “You know Julie, reading that ad for escorts made me realize that you are probably our biggest asset right now. At 5’4” tall and 115 pounds, and with your shoulder length blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, not to mention your perfectly shaped ass and firm D-cup breasts, you are much prettier and sexier than the pictures of the women they are showing on that site.”

I was a little shocked that Ed would even consider me being an escort and I said, “You must be kidding! Are you seriously thinking that I would agree to be an escort, and even more, that you would allow your wife to do that?”

Even though Ed was about half serious in his comments, he realized that he had made a big mistake suggesting that and said, “Sorry honey, I was only kidding about you being an escort. I was just saying how much more attractive you are than those other women.”

I didn’t say anything more about Ed’s comment at the time, but I was still a little hurt that he might be even kidding about such a thing, especially considering my background. I was a virgin when Ed and I married, and didn’t have that much experience with men. We did have a lot of oral sex after we were engaged, and Ed really enjoyed sucking my pussy, probably more than fucking me, and I also enjoyed sucking his cock, which I have come to find out is a below-average five inches and thin. I didn’t even mind the taste of his semen in my mouth.

If you don’t mind me saying so, I do have to admit the Ed was right about how attractive I am to men. He always said that I had the largest labia and pubis that he had ever seen, and I had a very significant bulge when I wore tight pants or a bathing suit. He also loved to suck on my breasts, and although they were still very firm, they had just the right amount of sag, and jiggled seductively as I moved. He also always told me that I had the perfect ass, which was firm and heart shaped, and always had the perfect sway when I was in either tight or loose pants. He just loved for me to get on top of him in a 69 position and he would rub and pull on my ass to force my prominent labia into his sucking mouth. He was always talking about how young I looked for my age, and that I had this little-girl quality about me, while at the same time looking very sexy.

Several more weeks passed without either of us finding any good job prospects, and I found myself thinking more and more about Ed’s escort comments. We really needed the money, and I was starting to think that it might not be so bad to go out with other men, so long as I was not required to have sex with them. So one evening after dinner I mentioned to Ed, “You know honey, maybe you should look into that escort thing for me. We are really desperate for money, and it might not be so bad just going out with other men on innocent dates.”

Ed was very surprised at my comments and replied, “Damn Julie, I can’t really believe that you would actually consider being an escort. But if you’re sure about this, I’ll start doing some research on it and find the best way to approach this. But just so you know, I’m still not sure that I’d want to see you going out with other men.”

So Ed spent the next three days using his media and internet skills to thoroughly investigate the escort industry. Then we sat down after dinner again and he explained, “Well honey, if you’re still serious about being an escort, I think the best way is for us to start our own escort service, especially since I have the skills to create a good website for us and to manage the business. I’d rather that we have control over the clients we have, and that way I can also hire other women to be escorts and make this into a real business. I also know that my previous employer used escort services to entertain wealthy clients, and I can approach them to get a contract that will help us get started with some clients.”

I could see that Ed was starting to get excited about the idea of starting this new business, so I said, “This is all very exciting Ed, and I just know that we can turn this into a profitable business for us. I can be in charge of interviewing and selecting the other women that respond to our website, and this just might be a way of saving our home and way of life.”

Then Ed continued, “I did learn several things from my research, and one of the biggest is that we need for our service to cater to wealthy businessman who expect the prettiest and classiest women, and who will treat them properly. Just as importantly, we can only advertise our prices for the escort service itself, and there can absolutely never be any mention of sexual services or the fees associated with them. That is how we will keep this business legal and avoid any charges for prostitution or solicitation. Some of those other sites I visited were nothing more that prostitution hookups and we are definitely not in the prostitution business here. I have learned that we will probably be able to charge from $800 to $1,500 per evening for our prettiest ladies, without any sex. And besides, I know that you won’t be having sexual contact with any of those men anyway. If any of the other escorts, especially any single ladies, want to have sex with the clients, that is their business, but there can never be any discussion of fees for that activity. It will be up to the client to tip the ladies if they feel particularly happy with the service.”

I became a little concerned when Ed said that I wouldn’t be having any sexual contact with men and wanted to make sure that he knew there would likely be some contact. I said, “Ed, you are right that I won’t be having any sex, per se, with those men, but surely you must be aware that for $800 to $1,500 for the evening, most men will take some liberties. I’m sure that most of those men will want to at least dance with the escorts and probably give them at least a good night kiss. And I can just imagine that they will hold me close during the dances and probably rub my ass and the sides of my tits. We have to be realistic about this. Are you prepared for that kind of contact if it happens?”

Ed got a distressed look on his face and replied, “I guess I hadn’t given that part of it much thought. You know that it will hurt me to see you being held close by other men, but I can also see how most men paying that kind of money will expect at least a little contact. How do you feel about be touched by another man?

I really can’t explain my feelings on this, but I was actually starting to get a little excited at the thought of being kissed and held by other men. I knew that I could not admit that to Ed, so I said, “Well honey, I know that neither of us would prefer to have that kind of contact happen, but for that much money, it seems like a small price to pay. I guess we both better decide right now, upfront before any dates, whether we’ll be able to handle this. I am willing to give it a try to save our home, are you?”

Ed then got a sheepish look on his face and said, “We do need the money, and if you are willing to put up with a little innocent touching, then I can also agree to it. Your decision is the most important one here.”

The next day, Ed went down to his old employer’s office to see the director of media, Jim Baxter, and the vice president of marketing, Tom Simpson, to see about getting a contract to provide escort services for their firm and their clients. The meeting went well, and Ed was able to sign a non-exclusive contract, so we would be competing with other escort services, and our success would be determined by how happy the clients were with the escorts that we provided. Ed also stressed to the company that the escort fees were in no way meant to imply that our escorts were being paid for any sexual activities, and that the topic of sex and related fees was not allowed to be discussed. One other interesting aspect of this agreement was that we would bill the company for the escort services through a new company we’d set up named Sophisticated Services LLC, but the description of services would be media consulting. This would allow the real estate company to treat the escort fees as tax deductible expenses.

When Ed got home I asked him, “Well, did we get the contract? If so, when do we start?”

Ed then explained, “Yes, we did get the contract, and we’ll be paid anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for each escort for the evening. The first date will be billed at $1,000 just to see how we do, and then they will decide how much we will be paid for future dates. I think it will be fair if we split the fee 50/50 with our escorts. We have the expenses of running our company and providing taxi and limo services where needed, and the ladies will need to keep up their wardrobes to look nice for these well-healed clients. I’ll go ahead and activate our website so you can begin interviewing ladies to be our other escorts, and we will hopefully get other clients from the website. Your first date will be this coming Saturday night, so you need to check your wardrobe to see if you have anything to wear to a formal ball. One other thing, the executives at the company don’t know that you are my wife, and I don’t want them to know, so we should give you a professional name to use on dates.”

I decided to give myself the professional name of Starr Dancer, and even had fake IDs made up with that name in case I ever needed to show identification at restaurants or bars. I also started interviewing ladies to work for us as escorts, and I found four very lovely women to put on our roster. They were all very cute and had big tits, and two were married and two were single. I made sure that they knew the strict rules about no solicitation or any mention of fees for sex, and we talked about ways to divert any such conversations that the clients might engage in.

Most of the men that we went out with were married, and I tried to ignore the moral implications of being out with married men. If they were out of town on business and wanted a pretty woman on their arm for the evening, and the company was willing to pay, then I just didn’t want to think anymore about it. My first date at the formal ball went very well, and Ed found a way to get into the ballroom to see how it went, just because we were both so nervous about me being out with another man for the first time.

As I predicted, the married gentleman, Max Chandler from New York, did hold me close on the dance floor and even kissed me while we were dancing, and he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of my ass, holding my shapely cheeks with both hands. He pulled me close him, and since he was at least 10 inches taller than me, I could feel his very hard and large cock pushing into my stomach. He even reached down between my ass cheeks and could barely reach my labia from behind, which he rubbed every chance he got. I tried to resist a little just so he wouldn’t think I was easy, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed being rubbed by another man, and his cock felt huge being pressed into me. Despite all of the touching and forward behavior, he didn’t try anything further with me and the evening ended on a positive note. I found out a few days later from Ed that the company said that Max was very happy with me as an escort, and asked for me to be available on his future trips to Chicago. It seemed that he really liked how pretty, innocent, young, and yet sexy I looked, and the next time he wanted me to wear my hair in pigtails. Based on that, my escort fee was raised to $1,500 per night, and I also found that Max had slipped a $400 tip into my purse; probably because of the liberties he took rubbing my puffy labia.

When we got home that night, Ed was first to speak and said, “Are you okay honey? I could see from across the room that Max was kissing you quite a bit, and I could also see him holding you close and rubbing your pretty ass. It even looked like he was rubbing down below your ass. How do you feel about all of this?”

I was still excited about the evening, and how it felt being in Max’s arms, and I decided right then and there not to lie about what happened. I told Ed, “Well, Max was kissing me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth, and he did rub my ass quite a bit, and even reached down to rub my pussy from behind. I don’t want you to be upset, but I have to admit that I enjoyed his touches quite a bit. Also, I could feel his huge cock being pressed into my stomach, and it did get me a little wet. Max must have enjoyed being with me, because even though we just kissed and danced, and of course he also rubbed my ass and pussy, he slipped a $400 tip into my purse.”

Ed had a shocked look on his face and said, “Holy shit Julie, I could see most of that happening, but I had no idea that you would enjoy it so much! I have to admit that it did excite me a little to see it all, and I even started to get a hard on while watching you two. So you must be saying that you are willing to continue being an escort? If so, are you thinking that you will be willing to go even further with these men?”

Now I was getting more excited, seeing that Ed did not have a negative reaction to my comments about Max’s actions and I said, “Well honey, I’m not saying that I am planning on having sex with any of those men, but you have to realize that the way I get so turned on being kissed and rubbed, that it could happen. How would you feel if it did happen?”

Ed still looked shocked, but he also had a look of excitement on his face. He said, “I want you to use your judgment on this, and if you did happen to have sex with another man, I would not hold it against you. I just don’t want to feel left out, and I want to be with you each night after you come home and suck your pussy. That will be my way of feeling like I have some control over all of this and that I’m not losing you.”

I was starting to get a little suspicious at how quickly Ed had transitioned from saying that he didn’t expect me to have sex with those men, to the point that he was willing to accept it and suck my pussy when I got home. I know that I had made the same transition, and was now looking forward to being touched by other men. So I asked Ed, “What has caused this change in you baby? At first you said that there would be no sex, and now you’re willing to accept it if I want it. What has changed?”

Ed looked very embarrassed when he replied, “When I was doing my research on the escort business, some of the raunchy websites that were blatantly offering sex had links to porn sites. I followed a few of the links and started reading stories about cuckolds who liked to see, or at least know that their wives were fucking other men. Most of these cuckold men were characterized as having small cocks, and they also liked to suck their wives cunts after other men ejaculated into them. I also realized after looking at the pictures of those big cocks on those sites that my dick was pretty small by comparison. The more I read those stories the more turned on I got, and the more agreeable it sounded to me to be your cuckold husband.”

This was almost too good to be true, and I asked Ed, “So are you saying that you want me to fuck other men and bring home a pussy full of cum for you to suck out of me? Are you sure about this? If we do this, once we start I probably won’t want to stop, and your smaller cock will probably not be satisfying to me anymore.”

Then Ed replied, “I don’t want to push you into anything like this, so it has to be your decision. But, I will be very supportive if you decide to start having sex with those other men.”

Now that Ed and I had established where all of this was heading, I felt much more relaxed about my dates, and decided to just let things happen based on the desires of my dates. My next client was a married man from Los Angeles named Richard, and he wanted an escort to go to the symphony with him. We went to the symphony as planned and then he invited me back to his room for a nightcap before I went home. As soon as we got to his room he put on some music and we danced. He kissed me deeply and was rubbing my ass and pussy from behind, and then he began to unzip my dress. This was the moment of truth for me, and I was so excited at his deep tongue kisses and the feeling of having my ass and pussy rubbed, that I did not resist. There was never any discussion of money for any services beyond the actual escorting, so the company must have told him to just play it cool to see what would happen.

My dress fell to the floor and I was left standing there in only my sheer bra and brief panties, and I could feel his huge, hard cock pushing into my belly. He led me by the hand into the bedroom and had me sit on the bed, and then he stood in front of me. I instinctively unfastened his belt and pants, and after lowering his zipper, let his pants fall to the floor. I was then staring at what must have been an eight inch, very thick, uncut cock, and he also had huge balls hanging down below it. He placed one hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to the large head of his cock, which was now covered with pre-cum; while at the same time reaching down to rub my ample breasts. I opened my mouth and tasted his juices and he pulled the head and another five inches of that big cock into my mouth. It felt so good having that big cock in my mouth, especially as he began to move his hips and push his meat into and out of me.

I sucked him for about 10 minutes, and could tell that he was getting close to ejaculating, but he pulled out of my mouth and said, “Starr, I just have to have a taste of that beautiful pussy of yours. I’ve never seen such full labia lips, and that covering of neatly trimmed blonde hair makes me even hungrier for you.”

He then pushed me back on the bed and lay down next to me, and then pulled me on top of him in a 69 position. His mouth sucked in my labia and his tongue swirled around my clit, which was now engorged and sticking out like a little finger, and I had my first orgasm of the evening. While he was sucking my pussy, I pulled his still-hard cock back into my mouth, and also reached down to fondle and play with his big balls. I never knew what I was missing by Ed having such a small cock and little balls, and I devoured his cock like a little slut.”

I was getting so aroused by this first experience with a big cock and a strange man sucking my pussy, that I was almost in a daze as I heard myself saying, “Fuck me with your big cock Richard. I need to feel you fuck me and cum in my pussy!”

Richard didn’t need to be told twice, and he rolled me onto my back and moved between my legs. He sucked my breasts for a few minutes before moving up to give me a soulful kiss, and then I felt the head of his cock push between my wet pussy lips. He continued shoving until he was fully in me, and I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my cervix. He started moving his hips, pushing that massive tool into me and then withdrawing it fully before impaling me again. It was like I was being fucked for the first time in my life. He rode my pussy for about 15 minutes, and I was having an almost continuous orgasm.

He finally starting using faster and shorter strokes, and was breathing heavily, and then I felt his cock throb and pulse, and I could actually feel his big load of cum spraying into my pussy, splashing against my cervix. Richard continued to stroke into me until his cock softened completely, and then he lay next to me and sucked my breasts as we came down from our massive orgasms. I also bent down and took his soft cock, covered with our combined juices, into my mouth and sucked him clean. After about five minutes of sucking him, his cock began to harden again, and that set the stage for our second fucking about 15 minutes later. This had been the best sex of my life, and I was looking forward to many more dates with men as passionate and virile as Richard was.

I got dressed, being careful to pull my panties on tightly to hold in as much of Richard’s cum as I could, and I went home to Ed. When I arrived at home I said, “Okay baby, go up and lie down on the bed. I was fucked twice tonight by a huge cock, and my pussy is full of cum for you.”

Ed went up to bed, and I moved over him with my knees on either side of his head. He looked up at my cum-soaked panties, and I lowered myself onto his mouth. He began sucking on my panty-covered pussy, taking in as much of Richard’s cum as he could, and then I leaned to the side and removed my panties, giving him a clear shot at the remainder of the cum in my pussy. I was a little surprised that Ed seemed to take so naturally to tasting and swallowing another man’s cum, and I really enjoyed the feeling of him sucking me. I liked being in control while sitting on his face like that. When we finally finished and Ed ejaculated in his pants while sucking my cummy pussy, I then went in to shower and get ready for bed. As I was putting my dress and purse away, I noticed that Richard had placed a small envelope in my purse, and it contained a thank you note that read, “Thanks for a wonderful evening. I hope to see you on my next trip to Chicago”, and it also contained $1,000 dollars in cash. Ed and I were both amazed that I could make such a big tip, just for fucking that man.

I continued dating men that the company introduced me to, and I also had a few dates with men that found us on the website. I’m sure that the company must have been spreading the word about what a great fuck I was and what level of tipping would keep me coming back for more, because all of my dates from the company just seemed to assume that I would fuck them. No matter what the engagement or where we went for the evening, we would always end up in the man’s room, with him sucking my breasts and pussy, while I sucked his cock, and then we’d fuck until we were both worn out.

I was enjoying this lifestyle, and I know that Ed was enjoying the big loads of cum that I brought home for him to suck out of my pussy. I was now dating at least three nights per week, and the money that we were making from the escort service and the tips was just fantastic. Sometimes I would be out with two men at once, and the tips I got after fucking and sucking both of them multiple times would exceed $3,000, and there was never any discussion about what we would be doing and what they would pay me. I was becoming insatiable, and just couldn’t seem to get enough cock and cum. Some men even wanted to suck me and fuck me when I was on my period, and I just let it happen because I seemed to be even more aroused during those times.

After six months in business, we were doing very well financially with the escort service. The other escorts and I were working steadily, and we hired four more ladies to keep up with the demand. They all told me that they were fucking most of their clients just like I was, so I know that they were making a great living. In just six months I had saved over $100,000 in a separate bank account, just from my remaining share of the escort fee and tips, and Ed and I now felt financially secure enough to start a family. We agreed that I would stop taking my birth control pills, and would just avoid fucking clients during the fertile part of my cycle each month, while Ed and I fucked every day during the fertile periods. I had a very regular cycle, so it was easy to plan for those evenings, and I planned on just emphasizing sucking my client’s cocks instead of fucking them on those days.

On my first date after stopping the pills, I mentioned to my client that I was not protected and that my husband and I were trying to start a family, and that I was in the fertile part of my cycle. He was almost delirious with excitement at the prospect of fucking a fertile woman. He promised that he would pull out of me before cumming, but I knew that even a little pre-cum was potent with sperm and could possibly impregnate me. I still can’t explain why I wanted to take the risk, but it was kind of exciting to me to roll the dice like that, and I really wanted to feel his bare, 10 inch cock in my pussy. So I let the client talk me into fucking him, and when I sensed that he was close to ejaculating, and I could feel him starting to pull his huge cock out of my pussy, I wrapped my legs around his thighs and ass as he started pounding me again and then filled my vagina with his plentiful semen and sperm. He fucked me three times that night, and always held his huge cock in me for 10 minutes after ejaculating. I just know that he thought he could make me pregnant, and I was a little surprised that he got so excited about that.

When I got home that night, I said to Ed, “Come on and suck my pussy honey. I’m full of cum for you.”

Ed had a shocked look on his face and said, “But Julie, this is the fertile part of your cycle, and you promised not to fuck other men during those times.”

I continued saying, “Sorry baby, but it just seemed so exciting to me, and I wanted to feel the huge cock in me with no protection. And besides, you fucked me earlier today, and your sperm would probably get me pregnant before his.”

Ed then took his submissive cuckold position on the bed, and I fed him a massive amount of cum from my well-fucked cunt. Ed seemed to be more excited than ever at sucking my cum-filled pussy, probably because of the risk I had taken.

The word must have spread at the company that I was trying to get pregnant, and would sometimes be in my fertile period, because the demand for dates with me was steadily increasing. Most of the men talked about how turned on they were at fucking a fertile woman, so I told some of them that I was fertile, even in the safe part of my cycles, and the tips just kept getting better and better. I was getting fucked more than ever, sometimes five times per week, and this went on for two months before the inevitable happened. I had become pregnant, and even though Ed was also fucking me on my fertile days, I still could not be sure who the father was. I thought that being pregnant would reduce my desirability after I started showing, but then I found out that many of my clients had a fantasy about fucking a pregnant woman.

Because I was fucking so many men with large cocks, the biggest being 12 inches and as thick as a beer can, they had to be careful not to push themselves into my cervix like they had done before I was pregnant. Some of them enjoyed sucking my pussy for longer periods before carefully fucking me. It was so erotic to be sitting on a client’s face, with him sucking my thick labia while looking up at my big belly and tits. I don’t really know what turned them on so much about that, but I really enjoyed riding their faces, and then sucking their cocks. I always made sure that I got at least one load of cum in my pussy, so I could feed Ed their juices when I got home. I continued to fuck those other men until the beginning of my ninth month, and then I took a complete break from the escort dates until two months after our beautiful son was born, and I had gotten back into shape. We still don’t know for sure who the father is, but it could be Ed’s, or anyone of another two dozen men’s.

I was breast feeding our son and my milk-swollen tits had grown to a full and fabulous DD-cup. My clients, many of whom had become regulars of mine, were fascinated with my larger breasts, and especially with the fact that I was lactating. Many of them wanted to suck my breasts and drink my sweet milk, and I got turned on more than normal when they sucked me. Once again, the word spread that I was lactating, and I was now in demand more than ever, even after my three month break from dating. It wasn’t long before Ed’s old bosses, Jim and Tom, wanted a piece of the action since I was now lactating, so they arranged for me to entertain them together, at a hotel suite in downtown Chicago. Both of these men had large cocks at eight and nine inches, and although I previously had dates with multiple men, none of them ever worked me over like these two sex-starved men did.

We got to the room and all of us undressed, and then we got on the bed and each man took one tit and began sucking, drinking in my sweet milk. I was getting very turned on by the sucking, and reached down to stroke their large cocks and fondle their egg-sized balls. After about 15 minutes my milk was starting to run dry, and Jim moved down to suck my wet pussy while Tom straddled my face, facing my feet, and pressed down on me, feeding me his balls. We did this for another 10 minutes and then I just needed to be fucked. Jim moved up and pushed his thick cock fully into my pussy, while Tom moved back a little and fed his huge meat to my lips. I could feel Tom’s balls slapping my forehead as he pushed his nine inches into my throat, as Jim continued to pound my cervix.

They both started cumming at the same time, and I was really enjoying the feeling of those big cocks pumping my mouth and cunt full of their plentiful cum. We then rested for a little while and had some wine, and then I sucked both of them back to hardness for the next round of fucking. This time Jim fucked my mouth while Tom fucked my pussy, and their next orgasms produced almost as much semen as the first. By now, and hour and one-half had passed since they had drained my tits of milk, and I was ready for them to milk me again. We finally fucked on more time, and I was able to take a pussy full of cum home to Ed. Ed got very excited when I told him that I had just fucked and sucked his old bosses, and he let me ride his cuckold face until all of their cum had drained into his mouth.

By this time we had been operating our escort business for two years, and had accumulated a lot of wealth. The other ladies were kept very busy with clients from both the company and others from the website. At about this time, the real estate market had recovered enough that Ed was offered his old job back, and he decided to take it since I could easily run the escort service for us. During my first business meeting with Jim and Tom regarding our escort contract, they finally realized that I was Ed’s wife, and they could barely contain their excitement. I became a regular date for them, usually for no fee, and Ed had a secure job and was able to move up in the company. We had found the best of both worlds, and I continued to get all of the cock and fucking that I wanted, and Ed continued to be my cum-sucking cuckold husband.

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