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A Wedding Night Cuckolding - Part I

A husband's fantasy of being cuckold becomes reality on his wedding night

Carol and Noel stood at the foot of the steps of the Civic Hall awaiting their wedding car driver to open the car door for them. Her Dad called out and Carol turned round to receive one final hug from him before being whisked away to their hotel for a two day break before jetting off to Martinique for a two week honeymoon.

“I’m glad that you have made an honest man of him at last,” her father joked.

Carol laughed, “Shouldn’t it be the other way round?”

Her father laughed, “Listen, I am married to your mother remember. You’re a chip off the old block, I’m sure.”

“How could you father?” she laughed, “I am pure and innocent, aren’t I Noel?”

Noel smiled but said nothing.

Her father hugged her once again and kissed her on the cheek, “Seriously guys, you have a good time and don’t get worrying about the girls they will have a great time with us.”

Carol stepped up to their two daughters who were alongside her mother and gave them a hug and kiss.

“You two be good for grandma and granddad,” she told them, before she turned to her mum and gave her a hug and a kiss.

A couple of minutes later they were in the car and on their way to their wedding night hotel. The wedding ceremony done and the reception almost over it was now their time. It had been a long time since they had had quality time together on their own. Even though they had lived together for almost five years, Carol had been three months pregnant when they set up home together and apart from a few nights alone here and there they had had almost no time of any length alone together. Now they were husband and wife and all alone.

Carol leaned over to Noel in the backseat of the car and whispered quietly into his ear, “Looking forward to our wedding night are you?”

Noel gave a nervous smile, “Depends on what you have in store for me?” he replied quietly, glancing up to make sure that the glass partition between the driver and passenger sections was closed.

Carol leaned closer and rested her hand on his thigh as she pressed her lips to his ear, “You know what I have in store for darling,” she whispered. “I am going to cuckold you.”

Her words hit his senses like a bolt of lightning. He felt his cock begin to stiffen with pleasure then felt the cool metal of the restraint that caged him.

“ really serious then?” he asked quietly.

She pressed her lips close to his ear again. “I told you I was going to give you the present you always wanted. Tonight your fantasy is going to become reality.”

Noel’s cock stiffened again pressing against the steel frame that covered his cock.

It had been something that he had always fantasised about. Almost from the start of their relationship he had wanted to see her with another man. Carol enjoyed the fantasy as well and had many a good orgasm talking about it while making love to him.

They had once come very close to actually doing it. They were on a family holiday at the time in Spain and they got friendly with another couple much older than them. On the last night, with the girls fast asleep in their room and a hotel babysitter watching over them, they went back to the couple’s room after dinner and after one too many drinks the couple told them that were swingers. After a bit of sexual banter between them all Carol went and sat on one settee with the other man and his wife came over to join Noel on the other settee.

She was quite attractive and it wasn’t long before they were kissing his hand was inside her knickers and her hand was around his cock. Noel looked across and saw that Carol and the woman’s husband were in a similar position; kissing passionately and fondling each other. It really turned him on to see Carol with another man’s cock in her hand. It was quite a big one as well. Carol on the other hand had different feelings about seeing another woman holding her husband’s cock and when the woman went to go down on him and take it in her mouth Carol jumped up and stopped the proceedings.

“I’m sorry,” she told them, “but I can’t let another woman touch my husband.”

The couple took it well although the man seemed the more disappointed.

Carol and Noel had discussed her cuckolding him for some time but it was only when they began discussing their wedding plans that Carol expressed her serious interest in actually doing it. Noel had asked her earlier what she wanted for a wedding present. After dinner, as they were sat in front of the fire finishing off a bottle of wine, Carol reached for the top of his thigh with her hand.

“I have an idea of a wedding present that we both would enjoy, especially you,” she told him.

Noel looked puzzled.

Carol leant forward and touched his bulge as she whispered into his ear, “Let me cuckold you?”

Noel jolted with the shock but his cock grew hard, “What, on our wedding night?”

Carol gave him a gentle squeeze, “Best time I would say,” she told him. “It would certainly be a night we would never forget and I bet no one else has ever done it!”

Noel was speechless until Carol started to unzip his trousers that is.

“Just imagine another man taking your place in our marriage bed on our wedding night,” she told him as she took his cock in her mouth.

Noel came very quickly.

Nothing more was said about it again for a few weeks and then one night as Carol was discussing the progress of the wedding plans over dinner she suddenly mentioned his cuckolding.

“I think I have found someone suitable to cuckold you with,” she told him.

Noel hadn’t really forgotten about it but he had put it at the back of his mind. Life had been hectic and he had had little time to think about anything other than their wedding.

“ are serious about it then?”

Carol kissed him, “very serious,” she replied as she fondled him.


Carol stopped him with a kiss. “You will enjoy it, believe me” she told him. “He is something very special

Noel was still stunned but Carol was holding his erection.

“Who.....who........who is it?” Noel asked her.

“It’s no one that knows you or any family and friends,” she told him. “And although he has never done a wedding night cuckolding before he is experienced in cuckolding husbands.”

“ did you find him?” Noel asked her.

“They are easy to find if you know how,” was all that she would say.

Noel was in a high state of sexual excitement as Carol slowly masturbated him, too high a state to question her further.

“He is very excited about actually doing it on our wedding night though,” Carol told him. “He wants to fuck me for the whole two days we are staying at the hotel.”

Noel lost control and came in her hand.

Even though Carol seemed so certain about it all Noel was still not sure that it would really happen. Carol was very capable of winding him up even with something sexual. But when Carol announced that she had a present for him two nights before the wedding and then proceeded to cage his cock he began to realise that was she was going to cuckold him.

That night she masturbated him slowly, cleaned him up, and then fitted the device like she had done it hundreds of times before. He kept asking her as she fitted the device how she knew about these things but Carol just smiled. In the end Noel quietly submitted himself to her as she fitted the ring on the underside of his testicles; slid the metal cage over the shaft of his now flaccid penis and then attached it to the ring. The finishing touch was the padlock.

After admiring her own work Carol picked up the gold chain holding the key to the padlock and placed it in her purse.

“Shouldn’t there be two keys?” he asked her.

Carol smiled as she nodded.

“Who......who has the other one?”

Carol smiled again before sitting beside and holding his caged cock in his hand.

“Who do you think has it?” she asked him.

Noel experienced the full effect of the device as he started to get an erection at the thought of the man who was going to cuckold him having the other key.

Carol kissed his cheek and pressed her lips to his ear, interrupting his thoughts, as they neared their wedding night hotel Noel began to feel the full effects again.

“Not long to go now before you get cuckolded,” Carol whispered.

Noel felt the metal frame of his cage restraining him once again

“ he big?” Noel asked her quietly.

Carol kissed him on the cheek, “Very big!” she told him.

Noel breathed heavily, “ do you know?” Noel asked her.

Carol smiled, “how do you think?”

“You have met him then?” Noel asked her.

“Of course,” she replied. “Once for a coffee and then once again to make sure we had chemistry between us,” she told him as she held his hand.


Carol leant closer to kiss him and whispered in his ear. “Yes chemistry, she replied, “Making sure that he’s the type of guy that I could drop my knickers for.”

Noel moaned softly, “ did you go about that?”

Carol smiled and opened her mouth to speak but the car pulling up outside their hotel brought their conversation to a halt.

Noel was glad that he had a cage restraining his cock as he stepped out of the car with his bride. He was very sexually excited and would otherwise have an embarrassing bulge in his trousers.

As they walked to the reception desk with their driver following behind with their suitcases Carol squeezed his hand, “Not long now darling,” she whispered.

Noel felt his cock stiffen again and looked around the huge foyer wondering which, if any, of the males there were going to be the one that would be cuckolding him.

Noel found it difficult paying attention to the receptionist and later to the bellboy that showed them around their honeymoon suite. He saw the huge bed and his mind went into overdrive. He was already picturing Carol in the bed with another male.

As the door closed behind them her mobile phone rang and she answered it.

“Yes everything is fine,” she said to the caller. Carol looked up at Noel and then spoke again, “give us fifteen minutes.”

Noel felt himself beginning to shake as he realised that the person who had telephoned her was the man who was about to cuckold him on the very night of his wedding.

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