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A Wedding Night Cuckolding - Part III

Noel's new bride finally makes his fantasy come true

“Strip.” Rufus barked at him.

His voice shook Noel but he found his fingers automatically reaching for his belt. Carol stepped forward and brushed his hands away and began to complete the task herself.

“Let me help you strip for my lover,” Carol told him.

Noel sighed.

“Bloody hell you are excited aren’t you?” She told him when she saw the state of his boxer shorts.

Rufus smiled.

Carol helped him out of his shirt and then picked up a small towel and laid it down on the floor at the foot of the bed. Noel was puzzled at first. Then the puzzlement turned to concern as Rufus came up to them after getting something from his bag. Noel began to shake as he saw a pair handcuffs in his hands.

He had once told Carol of a fantasy he had had of her lover handcuffing him to their bed before fucking her. With his back against the bed, he was fastened to the leg of the bed, before she climbed into the bed with her lover.

It was happening. It was happening now. Carol guided him down on the floor, onto the towel, against the back of the bed. Rufus pulled his arms around his back and behind a leg of the bed before clicking the handcuffs in place on his wrists. Noel was now bound to the bed; bound to his wedding night bed. The bed that he should be sharing with his wife Carol.

Rufus squatted down in front of him with an expectant look on his face. His monster of a cock faced him. He tried to look away from the monstrous piece of black flesh that jutted out from between Rufus’ legs but it almost impossible. He felt threatened. Nervously he turned to Carol who was kneeling at his side. He was hoping; praying almost, that she hadn’t told Rufus any more of his cuckold fantasies.

“I would like you to suck my lover’s cock,” she told him. “Make sure that he is nice and hard for me. I want it to be at it’ most stiffest when he puts it into me”

Noel groaned. She had told him. She had shared his most private fantasies with Rufus.

“Rufus likes to make a husband suck his cock before he gets it into his wife. I told him that you would be very willing to suck him before he put it inside me,” she told him as she reached down for his caged cock. “He also likes them to suck him afterwards as well. Get him nice and clean before making them clean their wives up.”

Noel gasped. Her hand reached under him and cupped his balls before leaning forward and kissing him.

“You will suck his cock for me won’t you darling?”

Noel groaned.

Carol pulled away and Rufus knelt down. A short shuffle forward and he was in position; kneeling with his cock just inches away from Noel’s wide open mouth. Carol reached and took hold of Rufus’ cock. Rufus edged forward. Noel closed his eyes as the tip of his huge cock touched his lips.

“That’s it darling you have first taste of it,” Carol said.

It was deep in his mouth; it was almost choking him. It was huge. It was thick. It was the cock that was shortly be going to fuck his wife.

He kept his eyes closed all the time. He didn’t want to see himself with another man’s cock in his mouth. He didn’t want to see himself performing a sex act on another man. Carol did though. She was enjoying it. She was enjoying making him do it. She enjoyed the control and the humiliation.

A few minutes later she was enjoying watching him lick his cock. She made him run his tongue from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the tip. When she was satisfied that he had licked enough she made him lick Rufus’ balls. Noel kept his eyes tightly shut the whole time.

When their fun was over they stood up and kissed for a moment and then moved away. Carol climbed into bed but Rufus went to his bag again. Moments later he was squatting down in front of Noel once again. This time it wasn’t to make him suck his cock but to blindfold him. Rufus had a large black silk scarf in his hands and he wrapped it around Noel’s eyes and tied it tight.

Carol had once told him that if she ever cuckolded him she would blindfold him the first time she did it. “I don’t mind you hearing us but I would mind you watching us.” She had told him.

As Rufus got up he touched Noel’s caged cock, “Once we have finished you can clean us up and then I will take this off and toss you off.”

He left Noel in darkness. He couldn’t see a thing. There was blackness all around. But he could hear. He could hear everything perfectly well

He heard Rufus getting on the bed and heard the duvet being pulled around him. He heard Carol kiss him and then heard Rufus say, “Let’s get your knickers off.”

There was some shuffling and bed creaking and then he heard kissing again. They were kissing. Rufus and his wife were in bed kissing. He couldn’t see it but he knew they were touching and fondling as they kissed. He knew, because interspersed with their kissing sounds were soft moans. Carol’s soft moans. Rufus was touching her. His fingers were probably caressing her pussy. Carol always moaned like that when he touched her there.

He heard Carol say something quietly to Rufus that he couldn’t quite make out but when he felt the bed moving he got the gist of what she said. Rufus was climbing between her thighs. Carol had told him to fuck her.

The next words that he heard from Carol were very audible.

“Fuck you’re big!” She cried out and groaned.

He was inside her now. Rufus’ cock was inside his wife now. Rufus was fucking her; Rufus was cuckolding him.

The bed started to move. Rufus was thrusting inside her. With each thrust came a moan from Carol and a creaking from the bed springs. He fucked her slowly at first. Hard thrusts but slow ones. Noel felt the bed shake against him with each thrust but he was already shaking inside. Rufus grunted loudly with each thrust into her and Carol cried out. He couldn’t see them but he could feel them and he could picture them in bed behind him. Carol liked to wrap her legs around his waist and hold onto his shoulders when he fucked her. Rufus would be getting this treatment now.

As their fucking continued Noel could feel a wet stickiness between his thighs and around his groin. He now knew why Carol had made him sit on a towel. He wondered whether Rufus was leaking precum as well. He was sure he would be. Her pussy would be very tight for him and with the excitement of cuckolding him he would be sure to leak.

He also wondered how wet Carol would be. Her moans and cries were getting louder now and she was getting very verbal. At first he couldn’t make out what she was saying but then he heard her urging him on to fill her with his cum.

Rufus started to speed up.

“Come on fill me.” She gasped out.

Rufus responded by thrusting harder.

“That’s it fill me, fill your pussy.” She urged.

Rufus grunted and groaned loudly and Noel could feel the bed hard against his back.

“Come show me how it’s done,” she cried out. “Show me how a real man fucks.”

Rufus cried out and the bed shook even more.

Carol was not only urging Rufus on but she was also humiliating her husband in the process. Noel knew that. And it was working. The bed was now shaking violently. Rufus was grunting louder than ever and Carol was almost screaming in ecstasy.

A garbled cry from Rufus at the same time that Carol screamed out brought their fucking to an end.

Five or so minutes of screams, groans and violent bed shaking suddenly descended into silence. At first the only sounds breaking the silence was that of the heavy breathing coming from their bed. Rufus and his wife Cathy’s breathing. A few minutes later more sounds were added to their heavy breathing; the sounds of lips kissing.

The pangs of jealousy grew strong again. His wife was kissing her lover. Cathy, his bride was lying naked with her love in the wedding night bed that she should be sharing with him. It should be him that she was lying naked with; touching; caressing’ kissing. It should be him that she should be pressed up against naked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Instead another man was taking his place.

The sound of the bed creaking interrupted his thoughts. Someone was getting out of bed. The heavy sound of the feet told him that it was Rufus. Suddenly he sensed his presence at his feet. He couldn’t see him; he couldn’t feel him but he knew that he was there.

“Was that good for you Noel?” Rufus asked him.

He suddenly felt Rufus’ fingers lifting his caged cock.

“Of course it was good wasn’t it Noel,” he said knowing how wet he was. “It was even better for me though. Your wife’s pussy is so tight and she was so passionate as I fucked her. I really enjoyed cumming deep inside her.”

Noel gasped.

“You will want to clean my cock up now won’t you Noel?” Rufus said. “”Taste your wife’s juices on my cock mingled with my cum and clean it all up.”

Noel had no chance to answer his question. Rufus knelt close and pressed his cock against lips. Moments later Noel was opening wide. He was glad that he was blindfolded. He couldn’t see Rufus’ cock he could not see the thick black cock glistening with Carol’s juices and spattered with his own white cum. He could not watch himself cleaning.

Minutes later Rufus was releasing him from his handcuffs and guiding him to the bed. He was still blindfolded as both Rufus and Carol guided him in laying across the width of the bed. He felt Carol climbing over his upper body and then he felt her thighs either side of his face. They were wet and sticky; wet and sticky from Rufus’ cum. Seconds later her pussy was pressing against his mouth. Noel was about to receive that gift that all men like Rufus like to give to the cuckolded husband – a creampie.

Noel didn’t complain or try to reject it. He welcomed it the way that most cuckolds do, with eagerness and excitement. Carol and Rufus were there to help him of course and encourage him as well.

“That’s it darling swallow every drop of Rufus’ cum.” She told him and she rubbed her pussy against his eager mouth.

As he neared the end of Rufus’ huge reservoir of cum Rufus himself urged him on, “there’s going to be plenty more of that later,” he told him as he lifted his caged cock.

Noel felt him tugging at the small brass padlock and suddenly realised that he was unlocking him. He felt the metal cage being slid of his shaft and moaned in ecstasy. His felt his cock lift as the cool air greeted him. Noel moaned again as his cock stretched out. For the first time in three days he was having an erection.

Its unhindered freedom in stretching into the air came to a quick end as Rufus took hold of it. He couldn’t see him because Carol was blocking his view as she squatted over him but the hands that touched him were large and rough. Noel had never had another male touch him in this way before.

Rufus took him between thumb and forefinger and began to masturbate him. He tried to reject it. Noel tried to reject Rufus’ masturbation; he tried to switch himself off from it; he tried to put it out of his mind. But he couldn’t.

He shouldn’t be letting another male touch him like this; he was not gay; he had no sexual feelings at all for other males but he couldn’t stop him. Neither could he stop the feelings building up as Rufus masturbated him. He couldn’t stop the sexual stimulation. He couldn’t stop Rufus bringing him off. He knew that was being humiliated. He knew that he was submitting to an indecent act but he just couldn’t stop it.

“That’s it Noel, let it go,” Rufus said as he speeded up.

He tried to cry out but Carol’s pussy was covering his mouth and instead he groaned as his cum poured out covering Rufus’ hand. “That’s it Noel, let’s have every last drop.”

Noel sighed. He had been relieved but he had also been humiliated.

A little while later after they all cleaned up they all sat on the bed finishing off the champagne. It was nice. Noel felt relaxed as Carol leant against him on the bed while they chatted and drank. He could feel her warmth; Noel felt loved once again.

It was short lived however. Carol wanted sleep and she wanted Rufus again. She got the spare duvet and a couple of pillows from the wardrobe and took Noel into the lounge area. She kissed him and tucked him up into bed and then left, closing the door behind her.

It was not long before he heard the sounds of them making love again. He wasn’t disappointed; it was bound to happen. This time he was free though. The restraint was gone and he could enjoy an erection. As Carol’s cries grew louder and louder his own hand moved faster and faster up and down his shaft. He came at the same time that he heard Rufus’ loud groan as he also came. Noel groaned. While Rufus came inside his wife he was reduced to cumming into a towel; while Rufus experienced the luxury of cumming inside a tight warm pussy, Noel was left to cum at his own hand.

Afterwards he slept. He awoke at some stage in the night. Carol had come into the room. He felt her pulling the duvet around him tightly and then she kissed him before leaving him again. He thought he heard them make love again shortly after but he didn’t pay much attention to them. He was tired and exhausted.

Like all husbands, on their wedding night, Noel slept soundly from the exhaustion but unlike any other husband his exhaustion was not from making love to his bride. His exhaustion had come from letting another man make love to his bride. Noel’s exhaustion had come from being cuckolded on his wedding night.

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