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A Wedding Night Cuckolding - Part IV

Noel's cuckolding by his bride reaches it's conclusion....or does it!
Noel awoke early next morning to the sun streaming in through the large gap in the hotel room curtains. He was momentarily disorientated. He couldn’t understand why he was lying on a settee covered in a quilt. ‘Where was Carol, his bride?’ Suddenly he heard a groan from the next room. It was Carol.

Everything came flooding back to him. She was in the bedroom with Rufus. His bride had spent her wedding night - their wedding night - with another man. She was being fucked again; Rufus, her black and very well endowed lover, was fucking her again. Noel felt his cock stiffen.

He got out of the makeshift bed and went to the door and opened it. Carol was lying across the bed on her tummy. She had a pillow under her supporting her hips and she was clinging onto another pillow under her head. Rufus was on top of her driving his huge manhood into her pussy from behind. Noel had never taken her like this.

He watched in awe as Rufus pummelled her from behind. Carol looked miniscule under his huge frame. She also looked defenceless and helpless as his powerful bottom and thigh muscles drove his huge cock into her. It was no wonder that Carol’s knuckles were white as she gripped tightly onto the pillow, neither was it any wonder why she was thrashing her head from side to side, screaming loudly at the same time.

Rufus was an awesome lover. He had to acknowledge that fact. Noel had to acknowledge that the man fucking his wife was greatly superior to him in that respect. As he stood watching them holding his own miniscule erection in comparison he felt afraid. He was excited but he was also afraid. There was no way that he could compete with the man who was fucking Carol now and she would miss all that when they jetted off on honeymoon the next day.

He watched them complete their lovemaking. Unnoticed and unseen, he watched them slow to a halt and recover their composure. He watched as Rufus climbed off her; his cock still erect but wet and glistening and he watched with pain as Carol rolled over and reached up with her arms stretched out. She pulled her too him and kissed him passionately.

“You’re one hell of a fuck,” she told him, just before she noticed Noel standing there.

Noel could not hide his hurt and Carol could not hide her regret either. She wriggled from under Rufus and stretched her arms towards her husband. Noel responded by accepting her invitation; climbing on the bed and letting her hold him close.

“I do love you,” she told him.

Noel knew that.

“Fuck me please,” she said softly in his ear.

Noel was stiff and very much excited. He climbed between her thighs. They were very wet and very sticky and he felt the after effects of her love making with Rufus as her thighs closed around him. He also felt her well fucked pussy engulf his cock. He could feel Rufus’ cum as he pushed in deeply and he also heard the squelching sound as began to thrust.

He didn’t care that another man had been fucking her; he didn’t care that someone bigger and better than him had only just exited her. Noel was just pleased to be able to fuck her. It was hours overdue. He should have fucked her the previous night. He should have fucked his bride throughout the night but he was happy now. He was getting his conjugal rights from his new bride.

He didn’t last long. Barely two minutes was all it took him to release his load inside her but it was the best fuck he had had with her for as long as he could remember.

Afterwards they lay side by side on top of the bed kissing and caressing each other. Completely ignorant of Rufus’ presence they enjoyed their moment of love and togetherness. To his credit Rufus left them and went to the bathroom. Even he had to acknowledge that although he had been the one to fulfil the groom’s marital duties Carol and Noel were a couple in every sense of the word.

Ten minutes later he came back into the bedroom. They had uncoupled by now.

“I have run the bath for us all.”

Carol laughed as she took Noel’s hand and led him to the bathroom. It was bizarre; unbelievable in many respects but bride, groom and bride’s lover slipped into the soapy water as if it were a natural occurrence.

Carol sat between the two men and reached out and took hold of their erections in each hand. Both men reciprocated by slipping a hand between her thighs. Their hands resting between her soft white thighs and their fingers touching her mound. The atmosphere was highly charged. Carol gave Noel’s cock a gentle squeeze as she spoke, “how do you feel about last night?”

Noel shrugged his shoulders. He couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Please tell me darling?” She asked him, “I want to know how you feel about everything. Did you enjoy it? Did it live up to your expectations or have you been hurt by it all?

“I....I.....don’t know how I feel to be honest,” he told her. “Jealous.........yes I am jealous for sure.....but.......I am also excited. Very excited.”

Carol leaned across and kissed him.

“I do love you,” she told him, he hand still holding his erection. “But I really enjoyed last night. Rufus...........I enjoyed Rufus fucking me very much.”

Her words hurt him yet they excited him as well.

She kissed him again.

“Would you let him fuck me again?” She asked as she kissed him again.

“I......I......thought he was going to fuck you tonight anyway.” Noel replied.

Carol looked him in the eyes, “he is.........but.......what about after tonight?”

Noel found himself unable to speak. Carol stroked his cock. Noel glanced across and saw her hand still holding Rufus’ cock. It looked so small around it. It barely managed to grasp its full circumference and there seemed so much extra in length that even if she had two pair of hands she would barely cover it. There was also the contrast; the contrast of her milky white skin against his black skin. It was unnatural. It shouldn’t be happening. Social customs cried out ‘No.’ But Noel could not help realising that it was meant for her. His cock seemed so comfortable in his hand. It seemed tailor made for her.

“I......I.....want to fuck her regularly Noel.” Rufus suddenly said breaking the silence and increasing the tension.

“ regularly?” Noel stuttered.

“I live local,” he replied, “I could come round quite regularly.”

Carol squeezed his cock harder.

Noel looked up at her, “ want to don’t you?”

She nodded, “we have talked about it, yes.”

His heart sank yet his excitement grew. Here he was in a bath with his wife and another man and they were asking him if they could fuck some more; fuck on a regular basis. It was bizarre.

Carol reached over and kissed him, “I will never leave you.”

“But?” Noel asked.

“But I would like to be able to fuck him whenever I want to,” came her reply.

It was bizarre.

It was bizarre. Here they were on their honeymoon and they were talking about his new bride taking a lover to fuck her regularly.

Noel didn’t know what to say.

Carol stood up and as the water ran down her naked body she sat back down on Noel’s thighs. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Noel responded. He was hard and excited and he could feel her pussy lips pressing against his cock. Suddenly he felt a hand between his thighs. He felt fingers taking hold of the base of his cock. He opened his eyes. It was Rufus. He was smiling as he guided his cock to his wife’s pussy.

Carol lifted herself for a moment and then sank down on his cock. It was bizarre. His wife’s lover was helping him to fuck his wife. Suddenly he heard a slap and saw Rufus’ hand pulling away from Carol’s backside.

“Fuck your husband good,” Rufus called out as he slapped her again.

Carol squealed and then started to move up and down more forcefully. Noel groaned. He watched Rufus’ hands clasp around Carol’s breasts from behind as he leant over and kissed her. It was bizarre. His bride’s lover was kissing her and fondling her as she fucked him.

“Is that good Noel?” Rufus asked as he ran one of his hands down to her pussy.

Noel groaned as he felt Rufus’ fingers stroking the groove between her pussy lips. It was good. He had never known anything like it before. Carol was fucking him hard and screaming out in ecstasy from the combination of his cock deep inside her and Rufus’ fingers masturbating her. It wasn’t long before Noel felt his seed rising to fill his wife’s pussy.

Carol was given little time to recuperate. Rufus was hard and ready for her. He lifted her by the hips up off Noel’ thighs and pulled her backwards. With her hands resting on her husband’s shoulders Rufus guided her back onto his cock. Moments later he was deep inside her.

It was bizarre. Noel was supporting his bride while another man fucked her from her behind.

It was an experience that he would remember for a long time. Holding his wife while Rufus fucked her enabled him to feel the full intensity of her orgasms. He felt her whole body shake and vibrate; he saw the intensity of the pleasure in her face and he heard screams of her pleasure ringing in his ears.

He also felt the full force of Rufus’ brutality in his fucking of her. The word ‘animal’ may sound an inappropriate description but it was the only one her could think off. Rufus was brutal in his fucking of her. Gripping her hips to pound her harder. Slapping her thighs hard to get her moving. Pulling on her long hair to bring her tighter against him and all this while calling names. Rufus was calling her a whore and a slut as he pounded her and all Carol could do was agree.

It was quite a while later when they had all recomposed. Carol kissed them both in term and thanked them. It seemed bizarre watching her kiss Rufus and thanking him for a wonderful fuck and perhaps even more bizarre thanking her husband for making it all possible.

Noel held her tightly against him as he kissed her. He pulled her body against him wanting to enjoy the moment of feeling her breasts tight against him and her groin held firmly against his. It was also reassuring.

“Have you thought anymore about Rufus and I seeing each other again?” Carol asked him.

Noel was brought quickly back to the reality of the moment. He ran his hand down her naked back. She was his and yet she wanted him to share her with another man. What made it more uncomfortable was that he wanted to share her. He was jealous. The thought of sharing her hurt him and yet.........and yet he felt an excitement that he just could not put into words.

“W.....when would the next time be?” Noel asked her.

Carol hesitated for a moment as she stared him right in the eye.

“Ac.....actually there is a spare seat on the flight tomorrow morning,” she said quietly.

Noel felt his whole body shake.


Carol nodded.

“We have plenty of room in our three bedroomed villa and it is secluded.” He heard Carol say.

Noel could not stop shaking and yet he could not stop himself from getting a huge erection. Carol reached down and took hold of him as she looked him in the eye again before turning to glance at Rufus.

As Rufus stepped out of the bath Carol sank to her knees and brought Noel’s cock to her eager lips.

Noel groaned as her lips went to work on him and he felt his hands automatically rise to rest on the back of her head.

“I’ll go and confirm the booking,” Rufus said.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo,” he called out as Rufus grabbed a towel and started to move away.

Noel cried out again as Carol cupped his balls. He could not stop what was about to place. He was powerless to stop them taking him to a level of cuckolding that he never thought possible. He just hoped....................he just prayed that Carol would never remember that part of the fantasy that he had once spoken out loudly to her.

He hoped to God that....................................................

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