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Am I Turning into a Cuckold

A share my wife with another man after our sex life becomes dull and boring.
My wife and I are in our forties and have been married for almost twenty years. We met back after college and had been each other’s only sex partner in life. As the years pass though, we each began to formulate our own ideas on what we wanted out of life. The older we got the less exciting things had become. Our sex life that once was bustling and exciting, now had become dull and boring. We were lucky to do it a few times a month, and my wife hadn’t had an orgasm in months. I know a lot of couples go through a stage like us, but I began to worry that it might carry over into our marriage. I loved my wife dearly, and I certainly didn’t want to throw away our marriage over sex.

It wasn’t until a year ago that I began to fantasize about my wife being with another man. It initially started off as a way to get myself off, but as time passed my obsession with it only grew. It had never been my intention to actually see her with another man. Then one day I read a story about a husband who shared his wife with another man. I had a lot in common with the husband, and I read every last detail of his story. He also was a bit apprehensive about doing it like myself, but he gave in as time went on. It is a big decision and once it happens there is no going back.

I quickly found myself thinking about my own wife and how she would respond if being shared. I read other wife sharing stories and with each one of them I began to get even more aroused. My feelings only grew more intense, and I found myself opening up to other type of wife sharing stories. I found them all to be very arousing, and I even began to think of my own wife being in them.

As time went on our sex life only got worse. We were lucky to be doing it once a month, and I knew I had to do something extreme to change that. My wife didn’t seem to care anymore about having sex, and I began to articulate different ideas in my mind. I began to chat with other men online who were in a similar situation. This gave me some solace, but it still didn’t correct my own problem between my wife and I. Things had gotten so bad I was at my wits end over it. I certainly didn’t want to throw away so many years of a great marriage because of sex, but that was what it had gotten down to.

One day I had come across a gentleman named Rick. Rick was a divorced thirty-five year old who was into fucking other men’s wives. Since his divorce three years ago, he has had the freedom to be involved with a number of married couples. I found myself gravitating towards him and he told me about a few of his own experiences. Some lasted months, while other’s lasted only one time. In each of his experiences he dominated the wife in front of her husband.

When I asked him how that went over with their husbands he responded that they love it. Over the next few weeks, Rick and I had several long discussions regarding wife sharing. He loved the idea of being in control and dominating another man’s wife. He bragged about how well-endowed he was and how these married women would fall hard for his big cock. He also talked about what a turned on it is to watch the husband’s reaction as he fucks his wife hard in front of him. Rick was a bit egotistical, but there was something about him that had my cock throbbing. The thought of him using my wife in a controlling manner had me practically begging him to fuck my wife. He had pushed me to a whole new level.

I told Rick about my own situation and how my wife didn’t seem to care that much about sex. I had become extremely frustrated with the situation, and I didn’t know what to do from this point on. He told me that since my wife hadn’t been with anyone else besides me that maybe she just needed a change. It was hard to hear him say that and I felt a bit sad about it. Since I had been her only sex partner in life it was a bit tougher to just relinquish control of her. I began to think Rick might be right, and I now had to come to grips on the possibility of sharing her with someone like him.

He asked one day for a pic of my wife and I sent him a few fully clothe ones of her. He loved her big tits and her nice round curved ass, and he couldn’t believe she was well over the age of forty. The pic of her only wetted his appetite that much more for her, and he began to pressure me on sharing her with him. He began to tell me the things he would like to do to her and how much she would enjoy it. I began to give into his temptations, and before I knew it, I gave him my blessing.

His ideas for my wife included a number of things, and some of them were things my wife had never let me do to her previously. He guaranteed me that when he was done with her that she wouldn’t be the same woman that I had married twenty years earlier.

Rick was an active runner and cyclist. He worked out almost daily, and there certainly wasn’t a problem with his overall appearance. He was lean and trim, and I know my wife would find him extremely attractive.

I started to think of ways on how to convince my wife to go along with the idea of being shared. With every passing day I still wasn’t sure I was making the right decision or not, but it was all I had to go with. It wasn’t like I had anyone to discuss it with and the decision was squarely on me. I had been my wife’s only sex partner in life, and the thought of giving that up to another man gave me mixed emotions. One day I went to my wife and we talked about our sex life for two hours. She agreed it wasn’t nearly the same as years ago, and that she had basically lost interest in it. I told her we needed to do something radical to change things before it was too late. I then brought up the idea of sharing her with Rick. My wife was more on the conservative side and just jumping into bed with another man was far from her desire. We talked it out over the next few weeks, and as time went on my wife slowly began to come around to the realization that it might be our best hope.

Rick wanted all three of us to get together one night at a local night club. It was inside a plush hotel, and if everything went right we could get a room for the night. We grabbed a booth in the back and had a few drinks. Rick sat next to her with me on the other side. He slowly began to seduce her right there as his hand ran back and forth across her upper leg. My wife didn’t object to his advances, and not to long after that she agreed that we should get a room.

The three of us headed up to the fifth floor. Once inside the room, things began to happen rapidly. It was much quicker than I had anticipated and before I knew it Rick began to kiss her gently on the neck and ear region. Minutes later he lifted up her shirt and unhooked her bra. He tossed both of them down onto the floor in front of me. A wave of adrenalin suddenly hit me as Rick’s hands gravitated towards each of my wife tits.

A few minutes later he laid her down onto the bed. He climbed up over top of her and undid her pants. He slid them down and along with her panties and threw them off to the side. My wife looked hot laying there exposed and vulnerable. Rick then moved his head down in between her legs. She loves for her pussy to be sucked on and Rick teased her for several minutes with his tongue. He had teased her to the point of her cumming, only to stop leaving her begging for more.

My heart began to race and Rick then slid his pants and briefs down. His cock was big and in a semi-hard state as he slid on top of my wife. I had mixed emotions at that point and my heart told me one thing, while my cock throbbed hard was telling me something else. I was so confused at that second and my emotions ran from all sides.

Then without any fanfare I heard the faint cries of my wife moaning out. Her body began to squirm and she felt Rick’s cock penetrate in between the swollen lips of her pussy. Seconds later she began to cry out, “Oh yes! Oh yes!”

She felt Rick’s nine inch cock tear into her and he stared directly down at her face watching her facial reaction. She was quickly on the verge of a powerful and very intense orgasm. She hadn’t orgasmed in months and Rick now held control over her. I felt a huge wave of jealousy come over me and seconds later my wife began to scream out like never before.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she cried out.

I watched on as she had an extremely powerful orgasm right in front of me. I sat there dumbfounded with mix emotions. I had jerked off many of times in the past to this exact scenario, but in real life it felt totally different. My wife’s body shook hard for the next few minutes and Rick continued to pound his big manhood deep inside her.

Minutes later Rick rolled over onto his back. My wife now climbed on top of him and lowered herself down onto the shaft of his cock. I watched intently as my wife began to work herself up and down onto the shaft of his huge cock. She could only handle about three quarters of his cock, and before I knew it she was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. A few minutes later she began to rock her hips hard, and before she knew it she once again cried out into another mind blowing orgasm.

Rick then pulled her chest down onto his. He held tightly onto her ass with both hands and began to pound her hard with his big cock. He pounded her hard for several minutes until my wife cried out, “Oh god! I can’t take it anymore!”

Rick then rolled her off his cock and had her get onto all fours. Her face was positioned toward me and Rick got in behind her gorgeous ass. He held tightly onto each of her hips and rammed his thick cock back into her from behind. My wife instantly began to cry out and she felt his huge cock slamming against the walls of her pussy. She had never experienced anything quite like this before, and her screams filled the room.

Rick had her on the verge of another powerful orgasm when he suddenly reached up and pulled on the back of her hair. Her face was pointed right at me and Rick said to her, “Tell your husband how much you like my big cock?”

I felt another wave of adrenalin come over in an instant, and my wife seconds later screamed out, “I like it! I like it!”

Rick gave it to her good and hard for the next few minutes pushing my wife over the edge yet again. She screamed out loudly and began to cum hard all over Rick’s cock. Rick continued to pound her for another several minutes before moaning out he was ready to cum. He suddenly yanked his cock from my wife’s pussy and gave his cock several hard strokes. He grunted out, and seconds later his cock began to erupt. He shot several streams of cum all over my wife’s back and ass covering it in cum.

I had mixed emotions at that point watching him with complete confidence cum hard all over my wife’s body. One part of me felt a wave of jealousy, while another part of me felt a huge emotional charge. When he was done cumming, my wife’s body fell harmlessly down onto the bed. She laid there for several minutes before finally getting enough composure to get up and head off to the bathroom to clean up.

Rick closely followed behind, and before I knew it the two of them were inside the elegant shower. I glanced in to see my wife down on her knees sucking hard on Rick’s cock. She sucked hard on his throbbing cock for several minutes before Rick lifted her back to her feet. He had her place her hands onto the glass and pushed back her gorgeous ass toward him. He griped tightly onto each of her hips and began to drill her hard from behind once again.

Rick pounded her from behind for the next several minutes. I watched from the doorway as my wife’s body jerked hard with every thrust of Rick’s cock. Her big tits swayed from side to side and Rick gave her a real pounding. A short time later my wife screamed out once again into another intense orgasm. Her legs had weaken so much that she could barely stand anymore. Rick then laid her down onto the shower floor. He began to fuck her hard and the sound of my wife crying out filled the shower. I couldn’t believe what I was watching and a short time later I watched as Rick came hard all over my wife’s gorgeous tits.

Rick left the bathroom a few minutes later and told me how much he enjoyed fucking my wife. It was hard to describe my emotions at that point. Rick went on to tell me that she was way better than he had ever envisioned. He also made it clear how much my wife loved his big cock. Listening to him talk about how tight my wife’s pussy and how the lips of her pussy had tightened around the shaft of his cock had me feeling a bit insecure. My cock was a bit below average in size and I now wondered if our sex life would ever be the same again. He also talked about the intensity of her orgasms and how her body shook uncontrollably when she came.

I felt a number of emotions come over me and I was drained to the point of exhaustion. It had been twenty minutes later when my wife finally made her way out of the bathroom wrapped only in a white towel. Rick’s lymph cock began to stir once again and my wife had the look of exhaustion on her face. That didn’t stop Rick from walking over toward her and yanking the towel away from her body. He led her over to the bed and tossed her face first over the side of it. He stood in behind her lovely ass and said, “Are you ready to be fucked again?”

“Oh god! Oh god!” my wife cried out and seconds later she felt Rick’s cock once again penetrate deeply into her.

He held her tightly down onto the bed so she couldn’t move. He began to fuck her hard from behind as my wife screamed out, ‘Oh god! Oh god!”

He fucked her hard for several minutes as my wife was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. Rick reached up and grabbed the back of her hair. He said to her, “Tell me to fuck you!”

Seconds later I heard my wife scream out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” This pushed her over the edge and she began to scream out into another mind blowing orgasm. Rick then flipped her over onto her back, and grabbed her legs. He pulled them high over each of his shoulders and again rammed his cock back into her. My wife cried out in pleasure and she pleaded with him to fuck her harder.

Rick gave it to her extremely hard for a good fifteen minutes. My wife once again screamed out into another earth shattering orgasm. He then yanked his cock from her worn out pussy. He climbed up over top of her face and began to stroke hard on his cock. My wife laid there breathing hard with her mouth part way open. A few minutes later Rick’s cock began to erupt. He shot waves of cum all over my wife’s face and mouth as I watched with a great deal of intensity. I had mixed emotions about watching him cum all over my wife’s face and mouth, but I also felt a very intense sense of arousal.

Rick was finally through with her and he left a short time later leaving the aftermath of his deed. I did my best to comfort my wife the rest of the night. My cock throbbed hard all night long and I couldn’t wait until the next morning to fuck her myself. The next morning I fucked her so hard that it took all about a few minutes before I shot my load deep inside her.

Since then our lives had changed. We take it a step at a time and our sex life is better for our actions. Recently, I had the urge to once again see my wife fuck Rick. I jerked off several times to the thought of it, and when I mentioned it to my wife she certainly didn’t shy away from seeing him again. I had made a pact to myself that it was going to be a one-time thing, but I now know I can no longer honor that agreement.

The other thing is that my fantasies are becoming much more surreal. They have grown to a whole new level. I want to see him dominate my wife even more to the point she can’t take it any longer. I feel I am slowly being sucked into all of this with no way out. I had never seen myself being a cuckold, but I now am worried that it is the case.

I am left with one last thought. Am I becoming Rick’s cuckold?

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