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An Aristocratic Coupling

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Call it my cunt

Lady Jane Seymour threw down her book in frustration and got up to pour herself  another drink.

Across the room from her, Sir Richard looked up in surprise at his young wife's actions,

"What ever's wrong my sweet?" he asked.

"I'm bored darling," she replied, "I woke up feeling horny and it's just getting unbearable."

His eyes took in her lush young body scarcely hidden under the ultra short house coat and he felt the familiar twitch in his pants.

He would have liked to suggest that he would try to take care of her needs again, but he knew how frustrated she became after yet another failure.

"Well phone one of your ah, "friends," I'm sure they'd love to ease your frustrations."

"I've already tried five of them they're either out or just not answering."

Just then they both looked up as they heard a high powered car roaring up the long driveway and skidding to a halt outside.

"It's Joe," Lady Jane called out, "He's home." and she scooted out to meet her brother on law with a flurry of blonde hair and long legs.

The right honorable Joseph Seymour picked his sister in law up in his big strong arms and pressed his lips to hers in a toe curling kiss.

"How's my favourite girl?" he asked as their lips finally parted.

"She's absolutely gagging for a nice fat prick to fulfill her needs," she laughed, "Let me look at you, are you all in one piece?"

"The same as ever," he laughed, The rag heads are so pumped up with religion, they could hardly hit a barn door from the inside."

He picked up his one piece of luggage and slid an arm around her waist.

"Three things Princess, one I want to say hello to my brother, two I want a drink, a bloody long one and three I want a nice long soak in a bath."

"Only three?" she asked unashamedly.

"Oh sorry, I forgot," he smiled, "I need to find the sweetest little pussy in this part of England and lose myself in it for the next three weeks."

"No sooner said than done." Jane giggled and dragged him through to where Sir Richard sat reading the paper.

"Joe old son." Richard shook his brother's hand warmly, "It's good to see you safely home again."

"It's good to be here," Joe said and meant it. "Can I stay for a couple of weeks?"

"Of course me boy, of course, perhaps me wife will stop moping about now with a long face all day."

Behind him his pretty young wife was running a finger suggestively over the tiny nub of a nipple through her robe and Joe prayed that his prick would behave itself in the face of her blatant provocation.

It didn't of course, so he made his excuses and followed his sexy sister up the long sweeping staircase to his room stooping low to look up her short robe.

"They're white, very small and utterly transparent," she giggled, "I'll be expecting you to take them off later."

"Oh God Jane," he laughed, "I've been celibate for six months, take them off and let me sniff them while I'm in the bath."

"I've got a much better idea." she said as she went into his embrace, "Why don't you sniff me instead?"

"Mmm yes," he smiled, "But what about Richard?" and ran a hand up underneath the back of her house coat.

"He's waiting for his driver to pick him up to take him to Heathrow, he's off to the States any time now."

Joe's hand settled on her pert little bottom and caressed it through the ultra thin lace as Jane opened his shirt.

"That means we'll be by ourselves," he leered, "Can you think of anything we can do?"

"Not off hand," she smiled, "But you could start by fucking my brains out and then we'll try to think of something."

"Jane, I'm off darling." they heard Richard's shout from downstairs.

"Coming." Jane called back and shimmied out of her panties before pressing them to her brother in law's lips and running downstairs to see her husband off.

Joe's prick jutted out obscenely as he lowered himself down into the hot scented water and held his sister in law's panties to his nose, they were damp and smelled of her very essence, the essence that he'd been denied for so long.

Then the door opened and she walked in wearing a ridiculously tiny maid's apron and a smile and carrying a bottle of champagne with two glasses.

"Would sir care to join me in a little drink?" she asked giving him both glasses to hold.

"Sir would like that very much." he laughed his eyes on her perky little breasts peeking out either side of the bib.

She filled both glasses and they linked arms as they drank.

"The two finest things in the world." he said and drained his drink,

"Are what?" Jane laughed and took off her apron.

"Good champagne and a bad woman."

"Yes brother in law dear and I can be very bad," she slipped into the bath beside him and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Very, very bad."

Their mouths mashed together, Joe's opened to accept her tongue and she moaned as he growled deep in his throat, a hand found his rock hard erection and she gripped it tightly.

"This thing might get in the way," she breathed into his mouth, "We'd better put it somewhere safe."

"Good idea." he grinned and held her as she climbed onto him, with her eyes fixed firmly on those of her brother in law, she lowered herself down slowly, very slowly savoring the sensation of being filled at last.

"Oh God," she smiled, "I'd almost forgotten what your prick can do to me."

"I thought about nothing else for six months." he replied.

She began moving up and down on him slowly, not bothering that the water was sloshing onto the floor. Joe slid his hands down over her naked back and cupped her firm little buttocks as she squirmed on his prick. She fell forward onto him, her naked breasts eager for his lips, he nipped each swollen nipple with his teeth making her squeal with pleasure as his thrusting increased.

"I'm not going to last darling." he grunted, but his sister didn't care, she was in heaven anyway with his prick inside her body.

"We've got a month Joe," she gasped, "Let it go baby, fill me, come on, come inside me I want to feel it all."

"Jane," he gasped, "Jane I'm coming."

He jerked and arched his back holding Jane up out of the water. His body stiffened and Jane squealed as his prick jetted spurt after spurt of his cum up into her body.

She was close, so close, so when her brother in law eased a finger up into her tiny rosebud, the orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. Her lips drew back over her teeth, her eyes went wider than she ever thought possible and she jerked uncontrollably at the force of it.

Gradually they came to their senses still locked in their  embrace, Jane kissed him longingly and stroked his sun blackened face.

"You need a shave."

"Do it for me after I've eaten, I'm starving."

Jane kissed him and got out leaving him to enjoy the luxury of his first proper bath in over six months.

He found her in the kitchen clad in only one of his dirty shirts from his hold all, she was standing at the worktop mixing a large jug of martinis.  She squealed with laughter when he padded up naked behind her and slipped both hands around her to caress her breasts through his shirt.

"It looks a lot nicer on you baby." he whispered into her ear.

"Not as nice as you look on me, now go away or I'll forget you need feeding and ravish you instead."

"Promises, promises."

She made him go into the dining room, they made an odd couple dressed as they were, her in a sweat stained camouflage shirt and him wearing just a towel, surrounded by the opulence they had both accepted as their birthright. They were hungry for each other, but both very much aware of the restraints placed on them by society.

The phone rang and Jane sauntered over to pick it up, making sure her brother in law got more than an eyeful of her sexy little bottom as she leaned over the table.

"I've decided to have a break while I'm here my darling." Sir Richard's voice sounded as cheerful as ever.

"Well I'm not here yet old gal, but you know what I mean, it'll give you and Joe some time together eh?"

"Richard." she said softly feeling her emotions, threatening to bubble over.

"What old gal?"

"You're a lovely man," she said simply, "Thank you."

"De nada my darling." and he blew her a kiss through the phone.

"Everything all right sweetheart?" Joe said as he saw a tear in her eye.

She walked up to him and sat on his lap facing him feeling the solid length of his prick under her yearning pussy.

"Everything is fine Joe." she smiled and snaked her tongue in between his teeth.

"Just fine my darling, he's staying for a holiday after he's finished with business. He knows about us you know."

"Surely not."

Laughing she stood up while Joe held his prick in his fist and allowed her to position it against the tiny puckered hole of her anus.

"Oh yes he knows all right, but I don't question him about where he goes or what he does on these holidays of his, so he accepts it and, ooh that's nice."

"Christ you're tight Jane."

"Mmm yes, that's your private hole my darling, no one gets my ass except you."

Slowly his prick forced open her little hole until with a plop, the head was in and Jane squealed with pleasure.

"Oh God Joe," she gasped, "You've no idea how much I've missed having your prick up there."

"I've dreamt of shagging you every night since I left." he  whispered softly. They set up an easy rhythm born with years of adulterous coupling, Joe pushing up as Jane pushed down filling her rectum with his prick.

"Fuck me Joe," she gasped, "Fuck me hard darling, make me scream."

"I'll make you scream every night," he promised her, "And when you're not screaming, it'll be because my prick's in your mouth."

"You're such a dirty bastard." she moaned into his mouth as her nails dug into his back.

"Talk to me, tell me what other filthy things you're going to do to me,"

She rocked her hips to and fro, reveling in the feeling of being filled by his huge prick,

"I'm going to wake you up every morning with my mouth on your cunt." he whispered and she moaned at the thought of it, "And instead of butter on my toast, I'll have your pussy juice."

"Call it my cunt, Joe," she said hoarsely, "You know how much it turns me on."

"You're a dirty little bitch aren't you?" he laughed, but the stiffness of his prick in her rectum told Jane how much he enjoyed their little games.

"Start with tonight Joe," she was rocking her hips faster now and her pussy juice mixed with little drops of urine was actually dripping onto his pubic hair, "What are we going to do?"

"Well I reckon that after I've filled this lovely little ass of yours with spunk, we'll get dressed up and go into town."


"I want to go naked under my dress," she whispered, "I want to feel the breeze on my cunt."

"Great idea darling," Joe felt his balls tightening and knew neither of them would last much longer, "We'll find a couple of girls, dirty ones mind you and bring them back here for some fun."

"Fuck yes" she hissed into his mouth, "You can fuck one while you watch me eat the other's hot little cunt, Samantha and Beverly spring to mind, they love their kinky little wet games."

"Jane," he whispered fiercely, "I'm going to cum."

"Me too darling." she dug her nails deeper into his back and drew them down leaving angry red marks where she'd drawn blood.

Her heavy breasts squashed into his chest as her orgasm approached, she heard herself scream but couldn't stop it from escaping, all her thoughts, her entire being was concentrated on his prick in her anus.

"JOE!" she screamed out, "OH GOD JOE, I'M CUMMINNNNNGGG, FUCK, FUCK FUCKKK!" she lost control of her bladder and feeling her warm piss gushing out over his groin sent Joe over the top to join his sister in law in paradise.

His prick spewed out it's load while they clung together in ecstasy, Jane felt every spurt of his hot seed and relished it, before the night was out, the horny young wife knew she would have a lot more!



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