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An Arranged Marriage - Part I

Sometimes arranged marriages don't always work but arranged introductions might...

I like Sanjay. He makes me smile with his simplistic and uncomplicated take on things. A lot of the other guys at the place where we work together have little time for him and others of his culture but race was never a thing that bothered me. I have always accepted people as I find. If they treat me with respect then I reciprocate whatever their colour or creed.

I also like him because he is a hard worker. I am his line manager. Sanjay always turns up for work on time and works up until the time comes to clock-off. He rarely moans about his job and is never off work for sickness – I put that down to all those spices in his Indian food! He is, in all honesty, a delight to have in my work team in the distribution depot and with a bit more experience I know he was quite capable of being a supervisor.

As I say, I like Sanjay but I like his wife Sunita even more, in fact I love her.


Sanjay had been working with us for just over a year when I chanced to join him at his table in the works canteen. Normally, I would take sandwiches or a snack to work and sit and eat it in my office but this one day I happened to rush out without picking up my lunchbox and I had to get something from the canteen. I passed his table and the aroma of his food stirred my taste buds. He was eating a biryani.

I bought a Cornish pasty and went back and joined him. “Biryani?” I asked.

He smiled. “Chicken biryani,” he replied. “Sunita does a wicked Biryani.”

I smiled as I bit into my paltry pasty, ‘Lucky bastard’ I thought. I had seen him with his wife a few times in the car park, sometimes dropping him off or picking him up. She was pretty. Slim and slight bodied with long dark hair. Sometimes she wore traditional Indian dress and others, normal western style clothes.

“If ever I marry again,” I joked. “I’m going to marry an Indian girl.”

He smiled, “Why?”

I nodded at his lunch bowl. “I love curries. I would eat them every day, if I could.”

He laughed, “So you just want an Indian girl for her curries then?”

I shrugged my shoulders with a smile, “Well maybe a bit more than that.”

He laughed again. “If you wish I can ask Sunita to find a suitable girl for you.”

“I thought arranged marriage among your own people was your custom?”

“Nah,” he responded shaking his head. “We are second generation Indians, times have changed.”

I smiled, “She would have to prove herself worthy in the kitchen first.”

He laughed again, “Kitchen first and then bedroom later, that’s the usual order of things.”

I shook my head as I smiled. Sanjay always made me laugh.

I thought nothing more of our conversation until a week later when he handed me a large carrier bag as we were leaving work. It was Friday and I was looking forward to my weekly visit to the Bengal Dynasty and I was in a hurry.

“Mr Bill,” he called out waving a bag at me - Sanjay always called me Mr Bill.

“Sunita cooked you a Biryani,” he said as he caught up with me. “It’s a chicken biryani. It just needs heating.”

I was stunned. “Th-thank you very much,” I said. “Thank Sunita very much for me.”

I never went out that night. I got a bottle of wine in and enjoyed her food. I had to admit that it was far better than the restaurant’s offering. On the following Monday morning I arrived just as she was dropping Sanjay off and I rushed over to her with the bag in hand. “Thank you so much, it was absolutely delicious” I told her. “That was really kind of you. I washed the container up, by the way.”

She gazed at me with her dark sultry eyes. “There was no need to do that,” she told me.

It was the closest I had ever been to her and I had to admit that I was mesmerised.

“I am pleased that you enjoyed it. Sanjay tells me that you usually go out on a Friday night for a curry,” she said.

I nodded.

“Why don’t you come to our home this Friday,” she said, shocking me once more. “I will cook you a selection of our dishes if you wish. Let you try some proper Indian food.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Thank you very much,” was all I could say. “I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

She smiled, “Oh, it’s no trouble,” she responded. “Anyway, Sanjay tells me that you are always very kind to him. It’s my way of saying thank you.”

I was lost for words. I was also lost in her smile. Her eyes were drawing me in and I found myself thinking thoughts that I shouldn’t have been. I had to pull myself away with the promise of seeing her on Friday.

To be honest I thought of little else those next few days. I kept thinking about her and wondered what she would like in bed. I had read the Kama Sutra and Richard Burton’s Perfumed Garden in my younger days and I remembered just how erotic they were. Indian women were considered to be very passionate and adventurous lovers, always willing to please their men. Sanjay was quite slim as well and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were burning off all those calories having sex all the time.

Friday evening came and after following Sanjay’s directions I arrived at their home nervously carrying a bag containing a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. I wasn’t even sure if they drank or not but I took them all the same. Sanjay greeted me at the door and moments later Sunita appeared from the kitchen to greet me.

Along with her infectious smile she wore a red silk dress that came down to just above her knees. It was tight fitting as well which showed off her curves. Her legs were covered with black hose that had me wondering if it was stockings that she wore. With her long black hair hanging loosely in a pony tail down her back and a strong smell of perfume I became mesmerised once again by her presence. I glanced across at Sanjay with an air of jealousy. “Come,” she said taking my hand, “I’ll take you to the dining room so you can relax before we eat.”

I allowed myself to be taken to my seat and sat back as she offered me a choice of wines. “Sanjay and I don’t drink but I bought bottles of red and white in case you do.”

“R-red is fine,” I stammered. “If-if drink offends you I am happy to take a soft drink.”

She laughed. “It won’t offend us at all,” she said. “Anyway you are our guest.”

I was intoxicated even before I took my first sip of wine. Sanjay quickly joined me and we started chatting. “Sunita seems to have gone out of her way,” I said looking around at the well laid table that had an array of side dishes. “I hope I haven’t put her to too much trouble.”

He shook his head and smiled. “Not at all. Our women make excellent hosts,” he responded. “They make excellent wives too.”

I laughed as Sunita came in with a tray bearing covered dishes. She made two more trips to the kitchen, laying out the dishes in the middle of the table, before sitting down opposite me and next to Sanjay. I became mesmerised once more by her dark eyes as she lifted the lids of the dishes and explained what each one contained. I hardly took in a word of it as I watched her breasts rising and falling with her arm movements.

“What would you like to try first?” she asked breaking my concentration.

“Er... er... “

“How about I give you some small samples on your plate for you to try,” she said reaching across for my plate.

Moments later she came to my side with my plate filled, brushing past me as she moved away I felt my erection stirring. I was already feeling the heat even before taking a mouthful of food. Sanjay got me onto the subject of work as we ate. There were rumours going around about a takeover. I knew nothing concrete about them but there had been rumours a couple of years back that hadn’t materialised. “I’m sure Bill has not come here to take about work Sanjay,” Sunita cut in.

He was quickly silenced and I soon realised that in their culture too it was the women who were the boss. Sunita got up and came around to my side of the table and picked up my almost empty plate. “Would you like some more, Bill?” she asked.

I smiled, “Please,” I responded.

I felt like I was in heaven. An array of delights was spread out before me on the table and Sunita was standing close, so close that her thigh brushed against my arm causing a stiffness to rise in my groin. After she put down my refilled plate she picked up the wine bottle and refilled my glass.

“Sanjay tells me that you are looking for an Indian wife, Bill.”

I laughed with embarrassment, “Well... er I was just saying that I love Indian food so much that I would seriously consider taking an Indian wife.”

“You’ve been married have you?” she asked looking down at my left hand.

I nodded and told her that I got divorced three years ago. I think that she was interested in knowing more but I quickly changed the subject. “Your culture prefers arranged marriages I understand.”

“It’s still predominant in our homeland but here it is dying out,” said Sunita.

“I think it’s a good idea,” I told her. “We may not like to admit it at the time but our parents are much wiser than us and selecting a spouse from a family who hold their values can only be a good thing. My own daughter may be a few years away from dating yet but I dread the thought of her turning up and introducing me to someone typical of the youth of today.”

She laughed. “Yes I see your point,” she responded.”But in your culture you get the chance to assess compatibility. I mean, in most cases the first time you become intimate with your spouse is on your wedding night and well... you like to get that out of the way before the big day, don’t you?”

I smiled. “Yes I have heard that it can take a few years to actually fall in love with each other.”

She nodded. “Sometimes a girl can find that though they fall in love there still might not be the compatibility there.”

There was silence for a moment and I felt the tension rising.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I suppose it does happen.”

I wanted to ask the question about their marriage being arranged but I held back. Sanjay got up and excused himself and I found myself alone with Sunita. “Are you and Sanjay happy?”

She smiled, “Sanjay is a good man, a good husband.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Four years now,” she answered. “And is there anyone in your life at the moment?” she asked throwing me off subject.

I smiled, “Not exactly.”

She smiled, “Are you saying that there is but she is married?”

I laughed without answering. Sunita was very smart as well as very pretty.

“No comment then?” she laughed.

“No comment,” I responded quickly with a smile.

Sanjay returned and Sunita noticed that my glass was nearly empty and stood up to reach for the bottle. “I had better not,” I told her. “Any more and I will probably be over the limit.”

“You don’t have to go,” she responded. “We have a spare room and you are quite welcome to stay the night.”

I glanced at Sanjay to gauge his response.

“Sanjay doesn’t mind,” she responded looking in his direction. “Anyway, it’s not often that we get to entertain outside family and close friends.”

Sanjay smiled but it seemed to me a forced one. “No, not all. You’re quite welcome to stay.”

I felt awkward. A part of me was telling me to go but I also wanted to stay. I wanted to stay close to Sunita. I never had chance though to reply. Sunita came round to my side of the table with the wine bottle and refilled my glass. “There, “ she said as she rested a hand on my shoulder. “You can relax now and take things easy. Would you like any more food?”

There were still more delights to sample and Sunita picked up my plate and filled it up again. I felt like a king at a banquet. I glanced across at Sanjay and he smiled faintly at me. I knew that he was hiding pain and I perhaps should have left but I just couldn’t, I felt drawn to Sunita and I could sense anticipation in the air.

We talked some more and slowly cleared the table of food. I felt completely bloated at the end but I had enjoyed it. My appetite for spicy food was fully satisfied. At ten-thirty Sanjay stood up and apologised saying that he was going to bed. Sunita could see the look of surprise on my face. “Sanjay’s family have some stalls at the indoor market and he helps out on a Saturday. He has to be up early in the morning,” she explained.

He kissed Sunita on the cheek and bid me goodnight and then he was gone. I never knew that his family were involved with the town’s indoor market. I felt uncomfortable being alone with her and yet I was also excited. “Maybe I should have gone home early,” I said as she stood up.

She smiled, “Nonsense, you are a guest.”

I couldn’t argue with her as she started to gather up the dishes. I stood up to help her but she insisted on me sitting back down. Emptying the last of the wine in my glass she said, “You relax and let me clear away.”

I didn’t argue, I just sat back and let her get on with it. Fifteen minutes later she returned and took me through to their lounge. This was their sanctum. Apart from a television and a Hi Fi system the walls were decorated with Indian symbols. They also had a large unit with various items of memorabilia and a shelf full of framed photographs. Sunita took me over to them and pointed out photos of her family. There was also a large framed wedding photo of Sanjay and Sunita surrounded by a very large crowd.

“Was yours an arranged marriage?” I asked her.

She picked the photo fame up. “Yes,” she responded. “We were introduced six months earlier. Our grandparents lived in the same village in Hyderabad and their families before them.”

“I see. So your families have a lot of history then.”

“Yes,” she answered putting the photo back.

I joined her on the settee. “When you talked about compatibility earlier you were talking about you and Sanjay weren’t you?”

She nodded silently. “Our wedding night was our first time together,” she confessed. “We were both virgins. It was a bit embarrassing really.”

There was silence for a few moments. “But you are happy now, aren’t you?”

Sunita smiled again. “As I said earlier, Sanjay is a good man. He works hard and he is a good husband. He’s a caring husband too”


She looked down at the floor. I didn’t know what to say. I knew women who had unhappy sex lives with their husbands. My ex sister-in-law was one and I had been a fool to get drawn into their relationship. We were six months into our affair when we got found out and I have been divorced for three years now because of it. The hurt and regret still lingers.

“Sanjay is a very understanding man though,” she said. “He wouldn’t stand in my way if someone else came along.”

The penny was beginning to drop. “I... I suppose there are lots of available men from your own culture.”

Sunita smiled. “Our culture frowns upon that sort of thing,” she told me. “Not just the adultery but also the family associations involved. And we are a very close knit community, you whisper at one end of it and it booms out at the other.”

“I see.”

“We would have to look outside our own culture,” Sunita said quietly looking away. “Sanjay is... Sanjay is looking for someone for me.”

I was stunned and rendered speechless for a few moments. “It must be very painful for him,” was all I could say.

“That’s what I mean by him being a caring husband.”

“Is... is that why I am here tonight?” stating the obvious.

Sunita shifted uncomfortably next to me. “Sanjay,” she started to say. “Sanjay likes you. You’re not like the other men in the depot, vulgar, always talking and bragging about sex.”

I smiled. “Well, I don’t mix with them, that’s for sure, but I am management and that’s what separates me from them. As well as the fact that my sex life is no one else’s business anyway.”

She smiled.

“I... I feel very flattered that Sanjay has tried to arrange, if you like, a union between us but... “

“It’s okay,” she said. “He... he just arranged tonight for me to gauge if there was any chemistry between us.”

I smiled, “And?”

She smiled shyly without saying anything.

I told her about the affair between me and my ex sister-in-law and the hurt it had caused all round. Even now my ex-wife and her sister are still not speaking.

“Yes, affairs are not the right way to go about things,” she said. “Sanjay and I have discussed this quite openly and frankly.”

“I... I like Sanjay,” I told her. “I would find it difficult to hurt him.”

She smiled.

“You wouldn’t be hurting him though if he was okay with it. He seeks my happiness in all this.”

There was silence for a few moments and I could sense that this was probably as embarrassing for her as it was for Sanjay. “Tell me about your sister-in-law please?” she asked. “How did it start? Was she and her husband unhappy?”

I stretched back and talked, telling her that their marriage was on the rocks. “He was always out golfing and she was bored and unfulfilled,” I explained. “She came to stay for the weekend and on the Saturday morning my wife went out early to take our daughter for her dancing lessons. I was still in bed and she came in stark naked and...well that was it.”

She laughed, “You took advantage!”

I smiled. “You tell me what man could resist that?”

She leant back, “Yes I suppose it would be very difficult to say no.”

“Have... have you and Sanjay talked this through properly?” I asked. “I mean once the fidelity goes in a marriage well, it’s like virginity, it’s gone for good.”

“Yes we have talked at length about it for a long time now.”

“So, why me?”

She smiled shyly. “Sanjay had mentioned you a few times in our discussions. He knew you were single and he also suspects that you are seeing the receptionist at work who is married, so he assumed that you prefer relationships with married women.”

“How the hell did he find out about that?” I responded.

“Sanjay saw you talking together in the NCP car park in town a while back. He could see that you knew each other well.”

I smiled, “Yes it is true. It’s getting a bit scary now though. Her husband suspects that she’s seeing someone else but doesn’t know about us yet. We’re having to cool things a bit”

“That’s the trouble with affairs isn’t it?” she said as she pressed up closer against me. “Always having to hide.”

I laughed, “Tell me about it!”

“Does she love you?”

I shook my head, “No. No she just likes the sex.”

Suddenly her hand alighted on my thigh. “You must be good in bed then?”

I smiled, “Well I can’t say that I have had complaints so far.”

She quickly lifted her hand away, stood up and walked to the door. I thought that she was going to walk out of the room but instead she turned the main light off in the room. In the glow of the gas fire and a lamp in the corner of the room she stood in front of me and kicked off her shoes. She looked away as she reached behind for her zipper and was still avoiding eye contact when she picked her dress up off the floor and tossed it over the arm of the settee.

Looking down at the floor she reached behind to her bra fastener. Moments later her red lacy bra joined her dress. Now she was just standing there in stockings and suspenders and red silk panties. I could see that she was hesitant and nervous with shyness so I sat up and leant forward. Looking her in the eye I reached out and slipped my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties. She looked away as I began to tug them down over her hips.

I got quite a shock when I saw her pubic mound it was covered with a mass of black curly hair. Most girls I had known either had them well trimmed or shaven. Perhaps it was a cultural thing, I don’t know, one thing I did know though was that I would take care of it at a later date. As she stepped out of them I picked them up and lay them on top of the dress.

“Do you want my stockings on or off?”

I looked up at her, “I prefer them on but if you want to take them off I don’t mind.”

“I’ll keep them on then,” she said as she sat back down.

She turned and smiled shyly at me and then we started kissing. My hand instinctively moved to her breasts and I began to fondle her. Her dark nipples were erect and she sighed at the touch of my fingers but she remained passive in her response. I wanted to feel her hand against my groin and so I reached for her left hand and guided it to me. I could tell from her gasp that she impressed with its size and her grip changed from a light touch to a firm one.

Still kissing I moved my hand away from her breasts to between her legs. They instinctively parted for me allowing my fingers access to vulva. Her wetness shocked me and my fingers slipped quickly inside her. Her moan was quite audible. Normally I would have taken my time, making sure that she was not only fully aroused but had already experienced at least one orgasm from my tongue but Sunita was already aroused and not just that, she was also frantically trying to pull my zipper down. I pulled away and stood up in front of her.

Sunita looked up at me as she sat forward. The placing of my hand upon her head told her what I wanted and moments later she had unzipped my trousers and was delving inside my boxers with her hand. “You’ve got a very big one,” she said softly before guiding it to her awaiting lips.

I moaned softly at the touch of her lips. It had been a long time since I had had release from a woman. I hadn’t seen Cherie from work for a few weeks now and I missed her eager lips. I also missed her coochie; it was shaved, tight and always wet and eager for me. And Sunita’s lips were also eager and hers were tight around my shaft and moving back and forth with relish. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I reached that point of no return and so I tried to gently stop her.

Still holding my cock she pulled back. “Please let me continue,” she said. “I just want to do this for now. Wait until Sanjay leaves for work tomorrow then you can fuck me.”

I sighed with frustration.

“Please wait until tomorrow,” she said once more. “I’ll come to your bed as soon as he leaves and you can fuck me all day long if you want.”

I was very frustrated but I didn’t want to push her into doing something that she didn’t feel comfortable with. I looked into her eyes and nodded and her lips went back to my cock again. It wasn’t long before my cum was filling her mouth.

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