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An Arranged Marriage - Part VIII

Sunita and Bill's world falters momentarily

Suddenly the whirlwind had died down. I stepped out of Sunita’s house and felt just a quiet calm. For two whole weeks it had blown, sweeping me off my feet and creating turmoil in my emotions and now I suddenly felt flat. I went back home still feeling her presence there: I could smell it as well, her food and her perfume made it so real and yet I had this feeling of foreboding.

She rang me a couple of hours later and explained about her grandfather suffering a stroke. The prognosis was not good. She and her mum had just left the travel agents with flight tickets for Sunday afternoon but she didn’t know long she would be away for. “I still want to stay with you tonight though,” she told me.

Sex was the furthest thing from my mind at that moment but I knew that she also needed comforting. At times like this some people just need holding and hugging and to feel the warmth of someone they love. “I’m going home to pack my cases ready for tomorrow and then I’ll come over,” she told me.

It was just after four o’clock when she arrived with an overnight bag. We kissed and hugged and I told her that I was sorry about her grandfather but she explained that she had only met him twice. Once when she was a child when they had spent a family holiday with her grandparents and then again when he came to her wedding. Her mother was close to him though. She was the only daughter among five children and he had always spoilt her.

“I’ve also told my mother about me and Sanjay separating.”

I gave her a look of surprise.

“I didn’t mean to. I wanted to wait for a more appropriate time but she just kept on and on about you being alone at home with me,” she explained. “It just came out.”

I hugged her and as I did I found my hand against her bottom holding her tightly against me. I couldn’t feel any panty lines and further touching revealed her suspender belt. Her hand reached down to my crotch. “Take me to bed please,” she said.

It may have seemed like an inappropriate time to have sex but I took her to my bedroom and undressed her before joining her in bed. It was long, slow and passionate and it was what Sunita needed at that moment in time. Afterwards we showered and dressed and then went out to do some shopping. As we stood at the checkout together it suddenly dawned on me that this was our first time together in public in a domestic situation as a couple. Nobody seemed to give us a second glance but it must have seemed odd an Indian woman and white male together like that.

Back at home Sunita began to prepare dinner when Sanjay rang her. There was an animated conversation between them before Sunita ended the call. “Is it okay if Sanjay comes to dinner?”

“Of course it is. He’s always welcome here,” I responded. “Why, is anything wrong?”

She gave me an exasperated look. “My mother rang his mother to tell her about my grandfather and she also told her about me and Sanjay.”

“Well the shit has hit the fan now hasn’t it?” I retorted.

“The timing may be bad but it was all going to come out in a few days time anyway, so I suppose the sooner we get it of the way the better.” Sunita responded before turning back to the preparation of dinner.

Sanjay joined us a little later. He told us about the row that he had with his mother. She had gone down to the market to discuss his marriage with him and it turned into quite a row with him telling his mother to shut up and his father shouting at him for being disrespectful to his mother. I felt sorry for him and I also felt guilty, all this was after all my fault in the first place.

Sunita worked her usual magic on dinner and the mood changed by the time we had finished to a much lighter and positive one. I’ve always been convinced that there are medicinal qualities in Indian spices and the change in atmosphere proved my point. The conversation also soon changed to sex. Perhaps it was because I had enjoyed a little more wine than usual as well that I asked Sanjay why he wanted to watch me fuck Sunita. He was obviously embarrassed by the directness of my question but Sunita pressed him on the matter. “There’s no need to be shy Sanjay,” she told him. “We’re all adults. I would also like know why it would turn you on to see me getting fucked by Bill.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I... I don’t know,” he said quietly. “It just excites me that’s all.”

“Aren’t you jealous Sanjay about me fucking your wife?”

He looked up at me. “Well she is no longer my wife now anyway,” he stated. “I thought I would be jealous when you two started being together it but it didn’t happen. Last night... last night I listened to you having sex from outside your bedroom door and I found it very exciting.”

“You dirty boy Sanjay,” Sunita said as she reached and held my hand. “Listening to me making love with my boyfriend, it’s disgusting.”

The smile on her face and the light heartedness in her voice told me that she was making a joke of it.

“Perhaps I should put you over my knee and give you a good spanking Sanjay?”

Her tone was both jokey and serious but it was the look on Sanjay’s face that surprised me. I got the impression that he might even enjoy it if she did. Sunita must have sensed it too and she turned to me. “What do you think Bill?” she asked. “Do you think Sanjay needs a good spanking?”

“Well... it’s up to you Sunita,” I told her with a shrug of the shoulders. “If you feel that Sanjay has been a naughty boy then maybe he should get one.”

Sometimes sex can take new and unexpected twists and turns and as Sunita pulled her chair away from the dining table and sat down alone I knew that this was one of those occasions. “Come here Sanjay,” she called out.

There was a look of shock on his face but even so he stood up, pushed his chair back and walked around the table to where she sat and stood meekly in front of her.”Take off your trousers Sanjay.”

I turned my chair round slightly so that I was facing them. “Come on Sanjay I haven’t got all night.”

Her voice was firm and he seemed as shocked as I was at her change in tone. “There’s no need to look at Bill,” she snapped. “You haven’t got anything he hasn’t seen before; pants off now.”

I sat tensely wondering which way this was going to go. His hands remained at his side and I couldn’t see anything changing but suddenly his hands moved to his belt. He unbuckled it and after kicking off his shoes he pushed them down his legs before stepping out of them. This time his tone changed and stood there in his underpants with his hands covering his groin.

“Get your underpants off Sanjay.”

His hands suddenly moved and pushed his pants down. He had an erection but it was quite small – perhaps around five inches in length and he quickly covered it up with his hands. “Hands behind your back Sanjay,” she told him. “Let Bill see what I have had to put up with all these years.”

His hands moved quickly behind and Sunita reached out and rested her hand underneath his erection. It barely filled the palm of her hand. I felt embarrassed for him but he seemed to enjoy the humiliation. Time seemed to stand still as she cupped his hardness then she turned to me. “Can I borrow that hairbrush you have please Bill?”

“Sure,” I said as I stood up to go and fetch the hairbrush that Cherie had bought for me to use on her.

When I returned he was positioning himself across her knees with feet and hands touching the floor. She reached out for the brush and gave me a smile as I released it. “How many do you think he deserves Bill?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “It’s up to you Sunita but it should be enough to deter him from doing it again.”

“I think six,” she said. “Six on each buttock.”

I stood and watched her administer them; three to one buttock and then three to the other. There was a short pause before repeating the process again. They were quite hard; hard enough to make Sanjay cry out in pain but he remained in position to let her finish. When he stood up again there was a distinct redness on his buttocks and I knew that bruising would soon appear. However what surprised me most was seeing his sexual excitement. His erection seemed even stronger and precum was forming around the tip of his cock.

Sunita noticed it too and reached and touched him, running the tip of her finger over his cock and spreading his precum about. “Did that excite you then Sanjay?”

He looked at her and then looked down at the floor as he gave a nod. “Well thank me then Sanjay?”

He looked up and mouthed a ‘thank you’ as her finger kept sliding over the glistening tip of his erection. I stood in silence watching her tease him. I looked at his face and could see the excitement. His breathing was also getting heavier.

“You should also be thanking Bill, Sanjay,” she said softly as she took the tip of his cock between thumb and finger and began to gently masturbate him. “Bill has been satisfying me sexually Sanjay. He has been doing what you should have been doing all this time – fucking me properly. ”

Sanjay groaned as I winced at her humiliating words.

“Well thank him then Sanjay,” she said as she continued to masturbate him. “Thank him for doing your job and giving me so much pleasure.”

He mouthed an almost inaudible ‘thank you’ before groaning again.

Sunita stopped masturbating him. “Thank him properly Sanjay, don’t just mumble at him.”

I winced again at her utter humiliation of him but this time he looked up at me and spoke. “Thank you Bill for satisfying Sunita for me and I... I hope that you will keep on satisfying her for me.”

Sunita took hold of his erection again. In his place I would have felt utterly humiliated and perhaps even have run off but Sanjay just stood there with his eyes closed as she began to masturbate him again.

“He’s going to be fucking me again tonight Sanjay,” she told him. “As soon as you leave Bill will take me too his bed and fuck me long and hard. Then we’ll rest and he’ll fuck me again. Maybe we’ll fuck again before we finally sleep...”

A cry suddenly escaped Sanjay’s lips drawing my attention to his cock again and to see his cum spurting all over Sunita’s hand. I could almost feel his orgasm; almost experience the utter pleasure of releasing cum into her hand and I wanted to groan with him. I was also jealous and wished that it was my cock that her hand was holding for there is something quite special being masturbated by a female hand. As they left for the bathroom I sat back down and sipped my wine thinking about the spectacle that I just seen. My cock was hurting pressing against the tight material of my trousers.

They returned a few minutes later and Sanjay grabbed his clothing and left to dress while Sunita joined me back at the table. We kissed and her hand went to my groin. “Did you enjoy that?”

I smiled and nodded and then told her that I was a bit jealous of Sanjay being relieved by her that way. “But I have performed oral sex on you,” she told me.

“But you’ve never masturbated me,” I corrected. “There is a difference and though it is nice cumming in a woman’s mouth cumming by hand has a quality all of its own.”

Her hand gently squeezed my bulge. “Well, as soon as Sanjay has gone then it will be your turn,” she said in soft and sultry voice. “Perhaps you would like me to spank you as well?”

It was something that had never even crossed my mind before. I was the dominant one. I liked spanking women; I liked bending them over, lifting their skirts and tugging down their panties to reveal soft and vulnerable flesh. I liked having a woman at my mercy in that way and couldn’t imagine it any other way and yet...

“I would really love to spank you Master,” she said as she rubbed my hardness. “Hard and slowly Master, just like you spank me and then I would give you an even longer and slower handjob.”

I found myself groaning as Sanjay returned. Sunita pulled away and attended to Sanjay. They spoke for a few minutes and after seeing him out she returned to my side. “If you’re ready Master?” she said reaching for my hand. “Let’s go and find those handcuffs.”

I looked at her for a moment, opening my mouth to speak but no words came: suddenly I found myself offering her my hand. I found myself following her as she led me to the bedroom like a lamb to the slaughter. “Where are the handcuffs Master?”

I stumbled out some words before opening the wardrobe and pulling open a drawer. There were two pairs lying there and Sunita reached in and pulled out a pair of police specials, heavy and rigid. She took hold of a wrist as she went behind me and quickly fastened it into place. Before I even realised what was happening I felt the cold metal clasping my other wrist and then I realised that I was now secured. It was a strange feeling. I felt vulnerable, afraid in one sense and yet highly aroused. I began to understand just how a woman felt when in a similar situation with a man.

Sunita stepped in front of me and looked me in the eye. I could see a glint in her eye as she began to unbuckle my trousers. “Where is that cane I brought round Master?”

“Er... it’s in the wardrobe.” I responded nervously.

She didn’t speak as she unfastened my trousers and began to pull them down but she did glance up at me momentarily as she knelt down to remove my shoes and take off my trousers, leaving me standing there in my briefs. My erection pushed out stretching the black cotton material and I noticed a sticky wet patch forming around the tip. It had been a long time since I had been as aroused as this. Sunita noticed it too and reached up and stroked her finger tip over it. “Master is excited!” She commented as she stood up and went to the wardrobe.

She found the cane resting in the corner and took it out. She gripped it tightly and turned to the long mirror beside the wardrobe. She gazed at her reflection momentarily then raised the cane and tapped the palm of hand. I wondered what was going through her mind as she saw herself in a dominating pose with an instrument of punishment in her hand. I sometimes did the same when Cherie came round, feeling powerful and masterful as she stood there behind me awaiting her punishment. I wondered if she felt the same.

Suddenly she turned and put the cane down on the bed bedside me and began to undress. I became drawn to her body. My arousal hit a new peak as she stood in front of me dressed in just her stockings and suspenders. A smile lit her face again as she reached for the waistband of my briefs. I knew that feeling well; that feeling of stripping away that flimsy bit of cloth that covered a naked and vulnerable piece of flesh. Their arms would instinctively move as if wanting to cover their private parts but of course they were immobilised. Mine instinctively twitched as well leaving me feeling like the prey and the not hunter.

To emphasise my vulnerability she reached for my genitals and stroked them just like I would do to a female in her position but I would have a smile on my face that told them what they could expect when the punishment had ended. “It’s strange seeing you so vulnerable like this Master,” she said as she held my testicles. “You must trust me a great deal.”

I smiled nervously.

“So then, what shall I punish you for?”

I shook my head. “I’ve no idea.”

“Oh, I have few ideas Master,” she replied ominously. “Let’s go through to the dining room and discuss this further.”

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