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Anniversary Album

He shows her what he knows.
"I have one more thing for you," he said, rising from the couch where they sat. It was their tenth anniversary, and they had exchanged gifts; for her, earrings, and she had given him a new watch. "It's a surprise. Stay here, I'll go fetch it," he told her. He left the room and returned with a shopping bag, dropping it on the outside of his leg so she couldn't see inside.

"Before I give you this," he told her, holding her hands in his own, "I want you to promise me that you won't be angry." She looked at him then, confused and curious, and tried to sneak a peek into the bag. "No, no, no peeking," he told her. "It's a surprise. I'm hoping you like it," he added, lowering his head and smiling a little. "I know I do," he added softly. "But you have to promise," he repeated.

"Fine, I promise," she said, craning her neck to the top of the bag.

"All right then," he told her, and lifted the bag to his lap. "You know, we have had a wonderful marriage these ten years," he said, holding the bag closed on his lap so as not to reveal the contents. "And I hope for many, many more years together with you," he continued his rehearsed speech. "This gift," he told her, holding her gaze with his own, "represents much of what I love about you, and how much I value our relationship. I know that we would not be the same if you were different," he told her, and he saw the expected confusion and fear cross her expression. "Take it easy, dear. Remember you promised. And there is nothing to be afraid of here." He lifted the bag and set it on her lap. Her knees touched his, their legs angled toward each other.

She sat back against the sofa back, straightening her legs, and opened the bag, peering down inside it. Her face was a mask of confusion as she pulled it out.

"A photo album?"

"More scrapbook, really," he offered as he took the empty bag from her. She sat with the large, elegantly covered book in her lap. Bag discarded, he shuffled next to her and shifted it into his own lap. He opened the front cover and laid it gently onto her legs. On the fly leaf was a handwritten message.

"To Stephanie, my wife," she read aloud, "I love all there is of you, and always will," she finished. She looked up at him. Love and hesitance conflicted on her face. "That's sweet, Brian," she said softly.

"Remember, you promised you wouldn't be angry," he said, and turned the page, showing a picture of his wife, cropped from one of their honeymoon pictures, her skin bronzed from the island sun. Underneath was printed text proclaiming 'the Woman I Love', cut out and pasted into the page. He saw her smile, and flipped the page.

There was a photo of a hotel, but not the one they stayed at on their honeymoon. He looked to her face as she read the date pasted below the photo, about three years into their marriage. He watched her face as she scrutinized the photo and he smiled as realization struck her.

"I have to apologize for this one," he said as the color drained from her face. "There isn't much detail, I know, but I went back later and took the picture."

"Brian, I -"

"Easy, Steph," he said, putting a hand on her arm. "Please don't be upset." He watched the color rush back, then blush deeply red as her mouth opened and closed silently. "Hush, sweetie, take it easy." He patted her hand. "You know what it is, though,"

"Brian, I - I -"

"It's the hotel where you went with your lover, but I don't know his name. I was playing catch-up here, like I said," he told her easily. She began trying to pull away, but he held her arm. "Honey, relax'" he consoled her, "I told you I love you, didn't I? I love every part of you. This part especially. Please, try to understand."

"But," she stammered as he turned the page. "But, Brian..."

"Here, this one's better," he said, indicating the next page. The photo showed a man sitting in his car. "See? That's James, your second lover. You really liked him, I guess, you were with him for almost a year." There were dates in the page, quite a few of them. "I don't know if I got all the dates right; I guessed at some," he said, brushing his hand down the page. "I remember how moody you were there, when it ended."

"Brian," she said finally, stiffening her spine. "You know?" Her mouth opened and closed again, trying unsuccessfully to form words. "I mean, you - you - dammit, Brian, you knew?"

"Remember, you promised you wouldn't be angry," he reminded her softly, "but yes, I knew. Right from the start." He sat back a little, regarding her. "You were so cute, the way you thought you were hiding it. But yes, after the first one, what was his name? I knew after that." He leaned to her and took her hands and she struggled, trying to pull away. He held them firmly, softening his voice. "I could see the change in you, see it on your face. God, you were beautiful that night."

"Brian, I don't know what to say..." She sputtered. "I - I - I never meant..." She heaved a sigh. "I never meant to hurt you."

He jerked back as if struck. "Hurt me?" He grinned and blew out a choking laugh. "Steph, honey, you didn't hurt me!" He reached for her face, stroked her lovely flawless cheek. "It was wonderful! So exciting, so, I don't know, sexy," he finished.

"I don't understand," she said, her face scrunched quizzically. "You knew? And you didn't say anything?" Her eyes blinked rapidly in disbelief. "You didn't confront me or stop me?" She heaved two short breaths. "You - you followed me? Took pictures?"

"Honey relax, please," he pleaded, smiling to ease her dismay. He felt the trembling in her forearms where he held her, sensed the tension in her body. "Why would I stop you? You're a sexy, sexual creature, and you turn me on to no end; everything you do. Even this," he added, then amended, "especially this." He grinned a little sheepishly. "When you would come home from one of your, uh, events, you were so cute hiding it from me. But I could tell," he told her. "Your skin would be flushed, and you were excited. And you learned so many things, new things, and you would share them with me, after a while."

He saw a look of realization cross her face. "You didn't know that, did you?" She shook her head. "But I did. I knew the first time you got on top of me, the first time you swallowed me," he recited. "The first time you put your finger up my ass. Those weren't things we did, and I didn't ask you; you just did it." He grinned again. "And you seemed to know what you were doing. I knew you were learning things with your boyfriends. And I was so very grateful!"

He stopped, and looked at her. She was eyeing him curiously, but the hesitance and panic was gone from her demeanor. He felt her muscles relax and eased his grip on her.

"So," she began slowly, "you knew I was, uh, fucking around on you, and you," she shook her head in disbelief, "you liked it?"

He leaned in and kissed her lightly. She seemed stunned, but allowed his lips to touch hers, softly.

"I loved it," he told her quietly. "Don't take this the wrong way," he said, "but over the years you've gone from being a little meek and timid in bed, like me, into somewhat of a wild woman," he smiled. "You really have changed our sex life; for the better. Your language, for instance," he said, turning the page. "That started after this guy, remember him?"

She looked at the photos. There was one of him coming out of a building, his job, she thought. And one of them, together, in a restaurant. "Dave," she said quietly.

"Yes, that's him!" he blurted excitedly. “After him you started using language in bed, talking more.”

"He loved the dirty talk," she answered, fondness and memory creeping into her voice. She looked up at him. "It scared me at first, but it was such a turn-on," she added.

"For me, too," he told her, echoing her interest. "I remember the first time you said 'fuck me, fuck my cunt' was soon after that; God, I was so excited I came, like, immediately," he confessed. He watched his wife as she coyly put her hand to her mouth in mock exaggerated embarrassment, but her eyes were smiling.

"It's been so long," she said, dropping her hand away. "I can barely remember being so timid."

"Yeah, you got a mouth on you, now," he told her. "Sometimes you still shock me, the filth that comes out of your mouth, you...s-" he stopped. "You sexy woman."

Her eyes narrowed. He turned the page to cover his near-slip. There were two pages with numerous photos and dates, and the name 'TODD' in big letters.

"Todd," he said, "the first one I actually knew before," he announced. "The guy from work; accounting, or something."

"Accounts Payable," she corrected him, and blushed. "What a cock on him." This time it was his turn to fake a reaction, and he mimed shock and horror. "Stop," she cajoled, hitting his arm lightly. "It's true, though.”

"I guess that explains why there are so many pictures. See? Here's the company picnic, the Christmas party." He looked at her. "You were gone for a while that night." He pointed to the opposite page. "Here's the two of you kissing in front of the hotel. And this one," he announced proudly, pointing to one in the center of the page. "You see it? It's you, greeting him at the door of our house. Sorry, it's not very clear. I was pretty far away."

This time she really was surprised. "You said you had a business trip!" Her mouth hung open, but the edges of her lips curled in a smile. "You lied to me?" she needled him.

"Oh, look who's taking the moral high ground," he kidded back. "That was the first one in our house," he stated with pride.

"Actually, he wasn't," she corrected. "And you missed a few between Dave and Todd."

"Really?" he asked, feeling crestfallen. "Who?"

"I wish I knew," she said, "I don't remember their names. Some of them didn't even introduce themselves, as I recall." She sat back, and a dreamy look crossed her expression. "It started with one of Dave's friends, we had a threesome, and he -"

"A what? A threesome?"

She giggled lightly. "Now you're upset?" she chided, sitting upright.

"No, no," he defended, "just surprised. Disappointed, I guess." He shook his head unbelievingly. "I thought your first was, like, last year."

"Oh, hell, no," she informed him, "Dave and his friend Mike were the first." She leaned back again, and relaxed. "Anyway, Mike got it into his head that I was some kind of loose woman, and-"

"Wonder where he got that idea," he chided.

"Stop, let me tell it," she said, reaching for his hand where it rested on the page. "So he convinced me I was some kind of slut, you know, talking dirty to me, and I started doing him solo, you know, while I was still seeing Dave," she narrated. "And, well, he told some other guys, and he used to send them to the house, back before I started working full-time." She bit her lower lip and her eyebrows lifted, and she peered at him from the corner of her eyes. "They would just show up, fuck me, and leave."

"How many?"

"I dunno," she replied, lost in memory. "I never counted. Lots, I guess."

"Wow, how did I miss that?"

She shrugged. "Beats me," she answered, and sat back up.

He peered at her through narrowed eyes, contemplating. "You know," he finally said, "before, I called you a sexy woman, but I was going to say something else." He grinned. "But after hearing that story, I guess you won't be upset if I said you're a slut!"

She stuck out her bottom lip, pretending to be hurt, then laughed, and threw her arms around his neck. "And if you're not upset to be married to one, then yeah, slut and proud!" They laughed together, and she sat back. "Come on, let’s see what else you've got in the book!"

"Hell, I want to find out what else I missed!" he teased, turning the page. "This guy?"

"Yeah, Fred; he was next," she said, tilting her head to see the pictures. "Handsome, but kinda dull." She looked up at him. "Didn't last long. "Nice to look at but a boring lover."

"You're spoiled rotten," he said with a touch of wonder. "With all the lovers you've had it's hard to believe you still want me."

"Oh, sweetie, of course I want you," she answered softly. "I love you," she added, and then narrowed her eyes. "You didn't think I stopped loving you, did you?" He felt his confidence tremble a little under her haze.

"Maybe, sometimes," he said, then added, "I mean, I knew it was only about the sex, because you always came home, and you never neglected me, and you shared your, uh, new skills with me," he explained. "But sometimes I, uh, doubted, a little."

"Oh, Brian, come here," she said, and put her arms around him, holding him close. "Understand something, baby: I love you. And if you were furious at me and wanted to throw me out for what I've done, all the cock I've had, I would still love you." She kissed him, softly, tenderly. "If you told me today that I had to stop or we'd be finished, I would stop immediately." She kissed him again, light pecks all across his face. "And I am thrilled beyond words that you like it, and still love me, and that this makes you happy."

"It's hard to understand, sometimes, why I like it," he offered, "I think it's the idea of knowing you're happy, and excited, and the idea of you letting go, getting wild and carried away," he said wistfully. She kissed him again and he turned the page. "This guy?" Was his name Brad?"

"Brant," she corrected, "but you missed one," she grinned. "Terry."

"Which one was he?"

"She. Theresa," she said, looking into his face with lifted eyebrows as he felt his mouth drop open. "Oh, you didn't know your slutty wife likes to lick cunt just like you?" she teased.

He felt the air go out of his lungs and his pulse quicken.

"What, cat got your tongue?" she asked.

"Fuck, my cock is so hard right now," he hissed, and leered at her.

"Maybe we would see about that, and finish the book later?" He hesitated a second, then flipped the book off their laps to the coffee table and fumbled frantically at his pants. No sooner were they open and off his hips that her mouth enveloped his cock head accompanied by a yummy sound. He pushed his pants down his legs and reveled in the wet warmth enveloping his shaft as he sat back, legs splayed and open, head resting on the sofa back and watching his wife suck his cock.

He was too far along to last very long. She pulled off his cock and spent time on his balls, licking the sack and sucking them into her mouth. He watched her, enraptured at her skills and loving the attention. She looked up at him, staring with a mouthful of swollen testicle, and he grinned at her. She released it with a wet pop and smiled back. She returned to his shaft, pushing her mouth down on it slowly, not stopping, forcing her lips to the root, making herself gag on the head in her throat. The sound and sensation made his hips pulse. She held her head still as he fucked up into her throat, his climax approaching quickly. She pulled back to capture the head, staring into his eyes as he spurted, taking his load, letting it fill her mouth, sealing her lips to not allow a drip.

When he finished she sucked the remaining dribble then pulled up and looked at him. Her face split into a wide, sexy, satisfied smile. As she did, she allowed the semen to spill from her mouth, dripping down her chin to her chest.

"Like that?" she asked as the clear and milky fluid hung in stretchy strands from her face to the wet stains on her shirt. "Jason taught me that,” she said, one hand on his chest, the other lazily stroking his softening cock. "He showed me this, too," she added, and leaned in and kissed him with her cum-slicked lips and tongue.

He opened and accepted her gift, feeling her wet cocksucking mouth and tasting his own cum as her tongue probed his mouth. His eyes closed and he focused on her kiss until she pulled back, licking her lips.

"Fuck, that's hot," he said thickly, recovering. "Who's Jason?"

"He's new," she told him. "You might not have him, yet," she told him, sitting back on the couch. "Just last week. Did you like that?"

"Hell, yes," he beamed.

"Well, since you’re so into me fucking and sucking other men, maybe I'll bring him home one night and suck his cock for you," she teased, "and kiss you with my mouth full of HIS cum!"

"I love you, you slut," he said, and pulled her to him, tucking her shoulder under his arms and pulling her head to his chest. They snuggled comfortably and he breathed deeply, inhaling her scent mixed with the scent of semen, the book temporarily forgotten. There would be plenty of time for that later.

Years and years.

He smiled and rested his chin on her head, and smiled.
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