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Awakenings Ch. 49

While watching Jeanne entertain her boyfriend Michael finally acknowledges his own desires

The next morning, after breakfast, Abby went home. That evening her husband needed her for an important business dinner. It wasn't a hardship. Abby loved Luther and Luther loved Abby. In their own way they cared for each other and they always supported each other.

Saturday night Rhonda, the woman I met at Morton's Cafe and her husband, Robbie came over for dinner and a little excitement. After dinner we moved into the living room for the excitement. That night Jeanne was supposed to be the cuckold and I was supposed to be the “hot husband”. 

That didn't last long. Jeanne is not a voyeur. She prefers active participation. Jeanne and Rhonda's husband Robbie were sitting in the chairs occupied by David and me the previous evening. They were watching Rhonda and me make out on the couch. As I was unbuttoning Rhonda's blouse, Jeanne slipped over to Robbie's chair and sat on his lap. Still watching Rhonda and me she started rubbing Robbie's crotch. Robbie didn't object.

After a moment Jeanne looked at Rhonda and me and said. “Excuse me.”

I had Rhonda's blouse unbuttoned and I was unclasping her brassier. We stopped and looked at Jeanne.

She asked, “Rhonda would you mind if I unzipped your husband's trousers and took out his cock. It's nice and hard and it feels like it wants to come out and play.”

Rhonda burst out laughing. I started chuckling. So did Robbie. After a moment Rhonda said, “I'm certain Robbie's cock would love to come out and play and Jeanne he's been staring at your tits since we got here. I think he'd love to open your blouse and take off your bra.”

Robbie was grinning sheepishly. 

Jeanne french kissed Robbie's ear and whispered, “Would you like that baby? Do you want to play with my tits while we watch my husband fuck your wife?”

Robbie's breath caught. 

Still chuckling, Rhonda said, “I think you can take that as a big yes. My sweetie is definitely a breast man.”

Jeanne giggled. “Mine too.” She quickly removed her blouse and bra and then she unzipped Robbie's pants and took out his erect cock. 

At the same time, Rhonda slipped out of her blouse, shook off her brassiere and said, “Baby, the four of us are going to have so much fun tonight.”

She started unbuckling my belt. As Rhonda opened my trousers and took out my cock I watched my wife slide off of Robbie's lap, kneel between his legs and take his erection into her mouth.

Rhonda whispered, “Your wife loves to suck cocks, doesn't she.” 

I nodded.

“So do I.” She bent over, kissed the head of my engorged penis and slipped it into her mouth.

It turned into a memorable evening. 

Afterward, as we were relaxing, Jeanne told Rhonda and Robbie about our Friday night group. They were both excited by the concept and eagerly accepted Jeanne's invitation to join us on the following Friday.

Monday morning I returned to work. My extended vacation had come to an end. By lunch time I'd confirmed what I had already suspected. Ruth, Jason and Bernie Kyle were doing an outstanding job running the firm. After lunch we had a team meeting. I decided that I would take over several key accounts and leave everything else to Ruth, Jason and Bernie. Bernie was relieved to hear that he still had a job. Apparently he'd spent the weekend worrying. I felt bad about that. I assured him that his job was secure both for the short term and for the long term.

One of the accounts I was taking over was of course the Montgomery's. Charles and Edith Montgomery were close friends. I felt that I had a personal obligation to take care of their financial affairs. After our team meeting I called them. They were elated to hear that I was back and living with Jeanne. They were also pleased to learn that I would once again be overseeing their financial affairs.

Wednesday evening Jeanne's current boyfriend, Jack Mahler came over to watch another hockey game and fuck Jeanne. During the time since their previous hockey date they'd talked several times on the telephone. Jack was now much more relaxed about my presence.

Jeanne wore her usual hockey night outfit, a Minnesota Wild game jersey and nothing else. Jack and I agreed that Jeanne made it a very sexy outfit. We also agreed that it was even sexier when she took it off. 

I can't explain it, but seeing my wife walking around naked in front of another man is extraordinarily exciting for me.

Feeling secure that I was comfortable with my role as Jeanne's cuckold husband Jack was even more demanding as a sex partner. It was apparent that he enjoyed treating my wife like a slut and it was even more apparent that Jeanne relished this treatment.

Jeanne spent the entire first period of the hockey game on her knees sucking Jack's cock, kissing his balls and licking his asshole while he relaxed and watched the game. At times Jack even casually engaged me in conversation while Jeanne was pleasuring him.

Knowing that my cock was securely locked in a chastity cage while Jack was so coolly receiving pleasure from my wife made the situation even more arousing for me.

When Jack finally orgasmed he spurted all over Jeanne's breasts making a gooey mess. As soon as he was finished cumming I stood up and said, “Jeanne, I'll get you a towel.”

Jeanne looked at me with a puzzled expression. I smiled at her. Understanding that this was a new wrinkle to my personal fantasy, she smiled back at me and answered, “Thank you dear, that would be nice.”

Excited, I went to the linen closet, took out a fresh towel and hurried back to the living room. Jeanne was cuddled up on the couch next to Jack. Both of them were still completely naked. Streaks of Jack's fresh semen decorated my wife's large breasts.

I handed the towel to Jeanne. As she took it she casually said, “Thank you Michael.” After cleaning Jack's cum off of her breasts she handed the towel back to me and said, “Why don't you keep this by your chair. I'm sure I'm going to need it again.”

I took the towel and returned to my chair. As soon as I was seated Jeanne turned to Jack, wrapped her fingers around his still flaccid cock and said, “Let's see if we can get this big boy to stand up again.”

Jack said, “Baby, that's all it will take.” He looked at me and added, “Michael, your wife has magic fingers.”

Jeanne said, “Jack, remember rule number one.”

“Hey, I wasn't trying to taunt Michael. I just told him that I think you have magic fingers.”

I said, “Jeanne, it's okay. I didn't interpret it as a taunt.”

“Baby, are you sure?”

“Yes, I'm sure and I agree with him. I too think you have magic fingers. I also think you have magic lips and a magic pussy and I'm hoping that Jack is going to enjoy everything you have to offer.”

Jack said, “Michael my friend, I'm hoping that too.”

Jeanne smiled at me and then she turned back to Jack and asked, “Wanna try my magic pussy? It looks like your big boy is ready again.” Jack's cock was now standing straight up. Jeanne really did have magic fingers.

Jack said, “I'm not only ready, I'm eager.”

I watched as my wife kissed her boyfriend hard on the lips and then she turned to me and asked, “Michael, would you be a dear and get me a magnum condom from the bowl on the bedside table in my boudoir.” Jeanne stressed the word magnum. She'd also correctly interpreted my earlier motivation for getting a towel for her so she could clean Jack's semen off of her breasts. I not only wanted Jeanne to cuckold me, I was eager to participate in my cuckolding.

I stood up and said, “Of course.”

My entire body teemed with erotic excitement as I walked quickly to my wife's private boudoir, picked out a magnum condom from the bowl on her bedside table and hurried back to the living room. When I returned Jack was standing, bent over with his hands resting on the back of the couch. Jeanne was on her knees behind him. Her hands were spreading his cheeks as she ardently tongued his asshole.

I smiled. It was obvious that my wife loved to be a slut for a dominant man and I had to admit that I loved it too. I quietly set the condom on the table next to the couch and said, “Jeanne honey, when you're ready for it the condom is on the table.”

Jeanne stopped licking Jack's ass and looked up at me. My arousal must have been apparent to her because she lasciviously licked her lips and said, “Be a dear and open it for me.”

I answered, “As you wish.”

After staring at me for a moment, Jeanne said, “Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.”

We both burst out laughing. “The Princess Bride” was one of our favorite movies and we'd just reenacted one of our favorite scenes.

During this interchange Jack remained silent. While he was an alpha, sexually dominant male, it was apparent that my wife had him well trained. That wasn't hard to understand. Jeanne was a beautiful woman who enjoyed engaging in a variety of sexual acts that most men never had an opportunity to experience. In the world of the carrot and the stick my wife wielded an enormous carrot.

Jeanne winked at me and then she gave Jack's asshole another kiss, slapped his butt and said, “Stand up and turn around stud man. I'm ready for a good fucking.”

“And I'm just the man for the job.” Jack turned around. He clearly was the man for the job. His huge cock was sticking straight out. His massive balls, bull balls, hung loosely in their sack underneath his jutting member.

Jeanne wrapped the fingers of her left hand around his impressive erection and gently caressed his bull balls with her right hand. “I love your cock and balls.” She looked at me. “Michael, I'm obsessed with big cocks and large balls. It's one of the reasons I've become such a slut.”

I answered, “I know that. I love how excited you get when you play with a huge cock.”

“Do you? Do you really?”

“Yes, very much.”

“That makes me so happy. Are you ready to watch Jack fuck me with his big cock.”


I looked at Jack. He was smiling at me, but to his credit it wasn't a sneer. He simply said, “I'm definitely ready too.”

“This is so much fun.” Giggling like a school girl, Jeanne picked up the condom and removed it from its wrapper. As she rolled it onto Jack's cock I noticed how adept she'd become at performing this simple task. I smiled. It was obvious that she'd had lots of practice.

As soon as Jack's erection was fully encased in its latex rain coat Jeanne lay down on her back. She spread her legs, grabbed Jack's wrist and pulled him down on top of her.  

As Jack mounted my wife, he said, “Oh yeah, this is my favorite part.”

Jeanne looked at me and said, “My big hunk loves to fuck.”

I suppose I should have been jealous, but I wasn't. My wife loves to fuck. She has a male friend who loves to fuck and is physically well equipped for the task. During the past six months I'd learned that loving to fuck and fucking to love are not the same thing. For Jeanne, the new Jeanne, fucking was not an expression of love, it was an avocation, a recreational pursuit.

I watched Jack pump his huge erection in and out of my wife's cunt. The previous week I'd observed that he wasn't a dancer, but that didn't seem to matter to Jeanne. While he didn't fuck with graceful rhythm, he employed long, slow, forceful thrusts that she clearly enjoyed. Jeanne wrapped her legs around Jack's thighs and met each of his powerful thrusts with a counter thrust of her own. I was watching a performance worthy of an established porn star. 

I was glad that I was wearing the chastity cage. Without it the desire to take out my cock and masturbate would have been irresistible. Doing that might have been momentarily satisfying, but I was certain that the post orgasmic let down would have destroyed the mood of the evening for me. 

Jack had amazing control. He fucked my wife for over twenty-five minutes. She had two colossal orgasms. Just before he climaxed Jack pulled his cock out of Jeanne. She quickly removed the condom and masturbated him to orgasm so he could cum on her stomach and breasts. I'd seen them do the same thing the previous week. Jeanne later explained to me that she loves to watch a guy shoot his stuff.

I tossed the towel to Jeanne. After she cleaned Jack's semen off of her stomach and breasts she tossed it back to me and then she and Jack moved back up to the couch where she cuddled next to him while the three of us watched the final minutes of the second period of the hockey game.

During the intermission Jack and I talked casually about the game while Jeanne slowly stroked his cock. I have to admit that while it was exciting, it was also a surreal conversation. Six months earlier I wouldn't have been able to even imagine it.

As we conversed, I watched my wife perform her magic. Her deft fingers miraculously raised Jack's cock from the dead. By the time they were dropping the puck to start the third period Jack was once again fully erect.

I was impressed.

Jeanne, ever the slut, whispered to Jack, “You know what I want now.”

Jack nodded. 

Looking at me, Jeanne crudely said, “I want him to butt fuck me. I want to feel the full length of his big hard cock in my ass.” She paused for a moment and then she quietly added, “Baby, I know it's hard for you to understand this, but I really do enjoy it.”

“Okay.” I didn't know what else to say.

Jeanne stood, “For this we need some lube.”

I quickly stood and said, “I'll get it for you Jeanne.”

“Michael, you don't have to do that, not for this.”

“I don't have to do any of this. I choose to do it because it makes both of us happy.”

“Even this?”

“If this makes you happy, yes, definitely this.”

Jeanne smiled. “Thank you, the lube is on the bedside table next to the bowl of condoms.”

“I know where it is.”

“I'll need another condom too.”

“I'll bring you one.”

“Thank you sweetheart.”

As I was leaving the living room I heard Jeanne say to Jack, “He worries that anal sex is uncomfortable for me.”

Jack asked, “Don't you do it with him?”

I slowed down. I wanted to hear Jeanne's answer. She said, “Yes I do it with him. Of course I do it with him. I'd never do anything with you that I don't do with him, but we don't do it very often. He doesn't enjoy it, not like you do.”

“I love it.”

“Yes, and I love it too.”

Smiling, I hurried into Jeanne's boudoir, found the sex lotion and another magnum condom and quickly returned to the living room. Jeanne and Jack were making out on the couch. Jeanne was slowly stroking Jack's cock. Jack was fingering Jeanne's glistening cunt.

As soon as I walked into the room Jeanne stopped kissing Jack and looked at me. The brazen desire in her eyes sent a surge of raw cuckold lust rippling through my loins. Excited, I handed the lube and the condom to her and immediately sat back down in my chair, eager to watch.

Jeanne handed the sex lotion to Jack and lay across his lap. “Rub it in baby, get me ready for you.”

Jack spread my wife's cheeks apart with one hand and squeezed a dollop of lube into the cleft between them with the other. After setting the tube of lotion on the end table next to the couch he rubbed the lubricant into her rear causing Jeanne to coo with delight.

Jeanne looked over at me. “Sweetheart, I love this part. His fingers feel so good and the anticipation of what is going to happen is maddening.”

I smiled at her.

She said, “Jack, push a finger into me.”

Jack said, “And I love this part.” 

Jeanne gasped as Jack pushed one of his big fingers into her asshole, but then she closed her eyes and whispered, “Oh yes, that's right, that feels so good.”

Jack slowly worked his finger in and out of Jeanne's rear. After a moment she said, “Now give me another finger.”

Jeanne actually giggled as Jack pushed a second finger into her.

Jack started fucking her with both fingers and said, “You like that don't you.”

Breathless with excitement Jeanne said, “Yes, yes, I love it. Now give me a third finger.”

“Beg for it.”

“Please master Jack, give me a third finger and then I want your cock.”

I watched in shock. I wasn't angry or hurt, I was aroused. I'd never seen Jeanne being submissive to a dominant man. She'd told me that it was something she enjoyed and the previous week I'd seen her play at it with Jack, but now she was clearly under his spell. 

I suppose that I might have been jealous. I wasn't. I was confident of Jeanne's love for me and I loved Jeanne.  The cuckold predilection is complex. It's a mixture of voyeurism, masochism and love. I loved Jeanne and I wanted to see her fulfill all of her wants and desires. I wasn't a naturally dominant man, so if she wanted to experience the thrill of submitting to a dominant male then I had to allow her to do it with a man who enjoyed dominating a sexually submissive woman.

As Jack pushed a third finger into her rear Jeanne looked at me and silently mouthed the words, “Are you okay?”

I smiled and silently mouthed the words, “Yes, enjoy yourself.”

Jeanne silently mouthed the words, “I love you.” And then she said, “Please fuck my ass master Jack, please do it now.”

Suddenly realizing that I was witnessing all of this, Jack looked at me with a worried expression. 

I said, “Go for it, there isn't any question that this is what she wants and if this is what she wants, I'm okay with it.”

Jeanne rolled off Jack's lap and grabbed the condom from the side table. As she tore it open, she said, “You heard my husband, he loves having a slut wife. Now stand up, it's time to get that big dick of yours wrapped.”

Jack stood. His fully erect cock was an imposing sight. Jeanne turned to me and said, “I love big dicks, I really do.”

Smiling at her, I answered, “I know you do.”

“I'm a slut.”

“Yes you are and I love it.”

Jack said, “I don't understand, but I gotta admit that it sure is fun to party with the two of you.”

“So let's  party.” Jeanne dropped to her knees, kissed the massive head of Jack's cock, rolled the condom down the full length of his shaft and then picked up the tube of lubricant and coated the head of the condom with it. 

Once the condom was in place and ready Jack said, “Get on your hands and knees. I want to take you from behind.”

“Yes sir.” Still on her knees, Jeanne leaned forward so that her arms were also supporting her. In this position her large breasts were erotic pendulums. Jack moved into position behind her and half kneeled and then he slowly pushed his cock into my wife's asshole. 

When I watched Jack do this during his last visit I'd been so concerned that he was hurting Jeanne that I couldn't actually relax and enjoy the show. During the sex party the previous Friday I saw both Mark and Bobby do it to Jeanne. Once again, my anxiety about Jeanne's comfort made it difficult to appreciate what I was watching.

Now, seeing the expression of pure ecstasy on Jeanne's face, I started to understand that it not only didn't cause her discomfort it was actually pleasurable for her. Jeanne and Abby and Amy and Mel had all tried to explain this to me, but I was so convinced that anal sex had to be painful that I'd refused to hear what they were telling me.

I started watching from a new perspective. Jack was slowly pushing his cock in and out of Jeanne's ass. Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip, her fingers were scratching the carpet. I was finally able to recognize that these weren't signs that Jeanne was in pain, they were expressions of pleasure. I began to wonder if my groundless concerns about Jeanne's comfort during anal sex were causing me to miss out on a pleasure I could be enjoying with her. 

Jack looked over at me and said, “Michael, your wife's ass is so tight, it feels amazing.”

Jeanne said, “Jack, be nice.”

I said, “Jeanne, it's okay. I'm glad he's enjoying you.”

Jack said, “I really am.”

“And I'm enjoying him too.” Jeanne grinned at me.

Chuckling, I said, “And that makes me happy.” 

Savoring the sensations she was feeling, Jeanne closed her eyes again. I settled back and continued watching. As I watched I began to feel envious of Jack. This was a pleasure I'd only experienced one time and when it happened I was so worried about hurting Jeanne that I wasn't able to enjoy it. Now it was becoming obvious that it not only didn't hurt Jeanne, she loved it.

Shifting her forward weight to her left arm, Jeanne reached back with her right hand and started rubbing her clit. At the same time Jack leaned forward, cupped Jeanne's left breast and began pulling and twisting her nipple.

I was mesmerized. Both my wife and her boyfriend were consumed by a fervor of unbridled lust. Once again I was thankful that I was wearing the chastity cage. Without it the urge to take out my cock and masturbate would have been irresistible. 

Suddenly Jeanne arched her back and screamed. I wasn't worried. I now understood the meaning of this scream. I'd heard it countless times since I'd returned home. It wasn't an expression of pain, it was an expression of ecstasy. My wife was having an orgasm. I leaned forward on my chair and watched her shake as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her naked body.

Ignoring my wife's cries of joy Jack continued fucking her rear. There were several seconds of raging frenzy, but the intensity of Jeanne's climax quickly diminished. As soon as she regained her composure, Jeanne's fingers went back to work on her clit and her lust began to grow again.

As I sat back in my chair and relaxed my thoughts returned to the question I'd been pondering prior to Jeanne's orgasm. Should I reopen the discussion with Jeanne about whether or not I should be permitted to enjoy anal sex with her. Of course there wouldn't actually be a discussion. Jeanne loves me. Its important to her that I know that she'll never do anything for another man that she won't do for me, so she'll tell me that there isn't anything to discuss. As far as she's concerned if I've changed my mind and now want to do it that would be great. 

I smiled. Jeanne would most likely tell me that if I've decided that I'd like to be a butt fucker I should just go for it. She'd definitely be willing. Butt fucker was Abby's term for a guy who was good at anal sex. From their discussions I'd gathered that a good butt fucker was a dominant man who knew how to control his excitement. He had to be assertive, but he also had to be careful. Jeanne wanted a man who took absolute command, treated her like a slut and knew how to fuck. Watching Jack in action I realized that he was exactly that man.

At that moment I understood why I should never be allowed to have anal sex with my wife. While my concern about causing Jeanne discomfort had been a serious issue, it wasn't the only issue. Jeanne had repeatedly stated that one of the main reasons she loved anal sex was that it made her feel so slutty and she relished acting like a slut. To fulfill her slut fantasy Jeanne needed a man who treated her like a slut. A man like Jack. I loved Jeanne, she was the light of my life and I was confident that she felt the same way about me. That made it impossible for me to  treat her like a slut. 

It also makes it difficult for Jeanne to accept that treatment from me. I remembered Jennifer Rawlin's words, “I didn't dare admit to my husband that I occasionally had an insatiable desire to be a nasty cock sucking slut.”

While Jeanne and I have progressed far beyond that inhibition I was certain that its remnants still haunted us. Watching her with Jack, it was obvious that it was easier for her to relax and let herself go with him than it was when she was with me.

It might be argued that since I'm sitting in the room watching Jeanne and Jack that can't possibly be a valid assertion. I don't think that's relevant because there's another factor at play in our game. While Jeanne is reveling in her slut fantasy I'm embracing an equally kinky fantasy. I'm her cuckold and I am learning that I enjoy my fantasy every bit as much as Jeanne enjoys hers. 

Our fantasies actually compliment each other nicely. Jeanne loves acting like a slut with other men and knowing that it excites me when she does it allows her to freely luxuriate in this desire, even while I'm watching. When she indulges her fantasy, she is also indulging mine.

As I sat in my chair eagerly watching another man fuck my wife's ass I grasped that our new lifestyle created a significant constraint for us. In order for it to work, in order for me to fulfill my role as her cuckold husband, Jeanne has to do things for her dominant lovers that she refuses to do for me. I cannot play a dual role in this game. I cannot enjoy the privileges of a dominant lover while also living as Jeanne's cuckold husband.

I smiled as I realized that this was a choice I'd made weeks earlier. It was why I was finally able to come home. Since I returned home I'd been gingerly tiptoeing around my new role, but I hadn't yet fully embraced it. A surge of excitement rippled through my loins as I realized that it was now time to take the final step. I wanted to be Jeanne's cuckold husband and it was time to begin living that life.

Now wildly aroused about fully accepting my new role as Jeanne's cuckold, I focused my attention on Jack. As I watched him fuck my wife's rear I noticed an intensity in his eyes that hadn't been there a moment earlier. I immediately grasped its significance. While he was still moving with the same slow deliberate pace, Jack was clearly getting ready to cum.

And then, breaking the focused silence that had permeated the living room for the previous fifteen minutes, Jack said, “Jeanne, I'm going to shoot my load.”

Jeanne answered, “You know the rule, pull out first.”

“Okay.” The disappointment in Jack's voice was evident and while I had to admit that I now shared his disappointment, it was Jeanne's rule. 

Jack stopped fucking Jeanne and pulled his still very erect cock out of her ass. He quickly pulled the condom off and started looking around for a place to put it.

I jumped up and said, “I'll take it.” I took the condom from Jack and hurried into the kitchen where I deposited it in the garbage. I then returned to the living room just in time to see Jack ejaculating on the small of Jeanne's back. 

I stood still and watched. As soon as he was finished Jack lay down on the floor next to Jeanne and closed his eyes. He was spent. I picked up the towel, walked over and kneeled next to Jeanne.

Jeanne said in a dreamy voice. “Michael leave the towel there. I'll take care of it. I just want to lie here for a moment.”

I answered, “Don't worry, I'll take care of it.” I started gently dabbing up Jack's semen from my wife's back.

Jeanne sat up and said, “Michael, you don't have to do that.”

“I'd like to do it.”

“Okay.” Jeanne smiled at me. “It feels good.”

I carefully cleaned all of Jack's cum off of Jeanne's back. As soon as I was finished I took the towel to the laundry room and tossed it in the hamper. When I returned to the living room Jack was getting dressed. Jeanne was sitting on the couch watching him put on his pants.

She said, “That was fun tonight.”

Jack ginned at her, “Damn right it was.” I noticed that he seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me. 

In an effort to reassure him, I said, “I enjoyed it too.”

Jack looked at me. After a moment he shook his head and said, “I'll never understand it, but I'm sure as shit glad that you did.”

I shrugged.

Jeanne asked, “When is the next hockey game?”

“There's a game this Saturday, but I won't be able to be make it. I have to go to a wedding.”

Jeanne said, “Saturday's not a good day for us either.”

Jack said, “There's a game next Tuesday.”

Looking at me, Jeanne asked, “Is Tuesday okay for you Michael?”

I nodded. “Tuesday is just fine.”

“Then Tuesday it is.” Jeanne was smiling. 

Jack sat down and tied his shoes. As soon as he was finished he said, “I'd better get going. The game is over.”

I said, “The Wild won 4 to 3.”

“Thanks Michael.” Jack chuckled. “That's critical information.”

Still naked, Jeanne walked her boyfriend to the front door where she wrapped her arms around his neck. After giving him a long passionate kiss on the lips she said, “Thanks studman, that was some seriously hot sex. When it comes to fucking you are the best.”

Jack chuckled, “You're a pretty hot fuck too.”

Jeanne kissed Jack again and then he opened the front door and left. As soon as he was gone Jeanne closed the door, turned around and saw me. Realizing that I'd witnessed the entire good bye Jeanne nervously said, “Michael, I'm sorry. I'm still excited. That part about Jack being the best at fucking just slipped out. I didn't really mean it.”

Shaking my head, I said, “Of course you meant it and it's okay. He is the best at fucking.”

Jeanne studied me. After a moment she asked, “Michael, are you mad at me?”

I smiled at Jeanne, “No, not at all, in fact I think I've rarely been happier.”

Still studying me, Jeanne said, “Are you sure everything is alright? You seem different.”

“Jeanne we need to talk.”

“You are mad at me. Michael, I really am sorry about that comment I made to Jack when he was leaving. Please believe me, it was just the excitement of the moment.”

“Jeanne, I'm not mad and I am definitely not upset about the comment you made to Jack. Actually it excited me.”

“It did?”

“Yes, it did.” I wrapped my arms around Jeanne and kissed her. After I kissed her I whispered to her, “I've loved you since the day I met you, but I don't believe that I have ever loved you as much as I do right now.”

“Michael, I love you too, but I don't understand. What's gotten into you?”

“Come on, lets go into the bedroom.” I took Jeanne by the hand. 

As I led her out of the living room she said, “Okay.”

In the  bedroom I asked, “Are you okay? Do you want to clean up or anything?”

Jeanne said, “I'll eventually want to take a shower, but let's talk first.”

“Alright. Can I get your robe for you?”

“Actually I was kind of hoping you'd take your clothes off.”

“Of course.” I quickly undressed.

As soon as I was naked Jeanne said, “Let's get that chastity cage off of you. I'm sure your little friend would love to come out and play.” Jeanne sighed and shook her head. “Michael, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to call your cock little. Baby it isn't little and I love it.”

“Jeanne, it's okay and if you don't mind I'd like to leave the chastity cage on for a little while longer.”

“I don't understand.”

“let's sit down and talk.”


We sat next to each other on the edge of our bed. Once we were settled I said, “Jeanne I had kind of an epiphany tonight.”

“I see. Please tell me about it.” Jeanne was nervous.

“It started while I was watching Jack fuck your rear. You know how I have always been reticent about anal sex with you because I was afraid of causing you discomfort?”

“Yes, but it doesn't cause me any discomfort at all.”

“Tonight I finally got that through my thick head.”

“You always have had a thick head.” Jeanne was giggling.

Rolling my eyes, I said, “Thanks.”

Jeanne quickly added, “Micheal this is great. We can do it right now.” She grinned at me. “My ass is still pretty well lubed up. It's an excellent moment for you to become a butt fucker.”

“Jeanne we need to talk a little more about this.”

“Okay.” Her smile disappeared.

“I've been home for a little over a week. During that time I've repeatedly heard you say that you love butt fucking because it makes you feel so slutty.”

Shrugging, Jeanne said, “Okay, I have a slut fantasy. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all, in fact I love that fantasy. I love being married to a woman who's an avowed slut.”

“So take advantage of it. Michael, you're not just married to a slut, you're married to an ass slut. Most guys go crazy when I invite them to do me back there.”

“I understand that you love being treated like a slut. I love being married to a slut, but do you really want me to treat you like a slut?”

Jeanne stared at me with a puzzled expression.

I continued. “Remember that woman I met in the Jazz club the night after you had your first date, your date with Derek Fischer.”

“Yes, I remember. Wasn't her name Jennifer Rawlins?”

“Yes, do you remember what she told me?”

“A little.”

“She told me that she didn't dare admit to her husband that she occasionally had an insatiable desire to be a nasty cock sucking slut.”

“But you already know I'm a slut. Tonight you sat in the living room and watched Jack treat me like a slut.”

“Yes I did and you can allow me to do that because of my fantasy.”

Slowly nodding Jeanne said, “You're an eager cuckold.”

“I'm your eager cuckold. Jeanne how do you and Abby define a good butt fucker?”

Jeanne smiled. “A dominant man who knows how to control his excitement.”

“That's a pretty good description of Jack, isn't it.”

“It is, but it's a good description of you too.”

“Is it?”

“You know how to control your excitement. Hell, you're a master of that.”

“Thank you, that's a nice compliment, but what about the other part of the definition. Jeanne, I am not a dominant man, at least not in the bedroom. You love butt fucking because it makes you feel so slutty. To make that work you need a dominant partner like Jack.”

“But Michael, I love you. I don't want to withhold any pleasure from you.”

“Jeanne, now it's time for you to try to understand my fantasy. It's just as important to me as yours is to you. They also compliment each other beautifully.”

“I love being a slut for dominant men and  you love knowing that I'm a slut for dominant men.”

“It also excites me to know that you do things for them that you don't do for me.”

“Micheal, why do we have to do that?”

“For two reasons. First of all, it's a big part of my fantasy.”

Jeanne nodded.

“Secondly, I'm not a dominant stud. If you do nasty slutty things with me you'll be doing them because I'm your husband and you love me, not because I'm making you do them. I believe that will make them less exciting for you. If I fuck your rear or you kiss and lick my rear we'll only be going through the motions. In order to make it real you need a man like Jack.”

Jeanne sighed, “I understand what you're saying.”

“Believe me Jeanne, this is not a loss for us. Tonight was unbelievably exciting for both of us. I can't wait until Jack comes over for hockey next Tuesday.”

“So I'm a slutty hot wife and you're my eager cuckold husband.”

“I think that's wonderful.”

“I kind of do too, but does that mean we never get to fuck?”

“Not at all. All you'll be denying me is slut sex.”

“That's an interesting way to put it. I'm beginning to like this plan.”

“Jeanne, I do have one request.”

“Tell me.”

“It might be hard for you to understand. I'm still not certain that I understand it, but it is important to me.”

“Then it's also important to me. Michael, you've been very accepting, no, you've been more than accepting, you've actually encouraged me to pursue my fantasies. I love you. I want to help you pursue and fulfill your fantasies.”  Jeanne smiled. “And you're correct, they do compliment each other very nicely. I think it will be fun to explore our fantasies together. Tell me what you want. Please don't hold anything back.”

“This may be something we gradually work out over time.”

“Okay, but we have to begin, so let's get started.”

“Alright.” I took a deep breath and said, “When you're in slut mode I would like to play some games.”

“I thought you didn't want me to do slutty things with you.”

“I don't, but I want to hear about them. I want to hear you extol the virility of your lovers. I want to hear about their wonderful, big, hard cocks and I want you tell me about it while I'm still locked in my chastity cage.”

“Michael honey, I don't want to hurt you.”

“As long as I know you love me you can't hurt me.”

“I'll always love you.”

“So you'll never be able to hurt me.”

Jeanne smiled. “I'm beginning to understand.”

“It might also help you to think about this. I don't think you can be a cuckold without a little streak of masochism. I'm not asking you to deliberately hurt me, but when you're describing the fun you have with your dominant lovers you don't have to be concerned about hurting my feelings.”

Jeanne leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Jack has a really big cock. I love his big cock.”

“I'll bet it's much more satisfying than my little dicklet.”

“Micheal, your cock is not small, it's a very nice...” Jeanne stopped herself. Giggling, she said, “It might take me a little time to master this. She took a deep breath and tried again, “When you try fuck me I can barely feel your little pee pee.”

We both burst out laughing.

After a moment I said, “There's more.”


“You enjoy doing really kinky things with your stud lovers. When you're in slut mode I'd enjoy doing some really kinky things with you.”

“Tell me more.”

I slipped off the bed and picked up Jeanne's right foot. As I kissed it I said, “I'm so glad you had fun with your boyfriend tonight.”

“Michael, are you turning into a submissive?”

“Not like David or Paul. When we're not playing sex games I want us to always be equals, but when you're in slut mode I'd like to be just a little submissive. Think of it this way. When you're in slut mode all that matters is your pleasure and the pleasure you give to your stud lovers.”

“Michael, this is really hot. Do you think we can do it?”

“Do you want to do it?”

“Yes, very much.”

“I do too.”

“Michael, I'm in slut mode right now.  Do you want to play a little?'

“I'd like that a lot.”

“I'll need some guidance, at least at first.”

“I'll bet your pussy and ass are sore from Jack's big cock.”

“Believe me, they are. His cock is so big. It feels wonderful when he's fucking me, but eventually he wears me out.”

“Maybe it would help if I gave your pussy and ass a little tongue massage.”

“Hold it! How come you get to lick my asshole, but I don't get to lick yours.”

“Because you're the hot wife slut for other men and I'm your cuckold husband.”

Giggling Jeanne said, “This is a very interesting game.” She lay down on the bed and rolled over onto her stomach. “Okay cuck boy, my ass is sore. My boyfriend has an enormous cock and he wore me out with it. A little tongue massage would feel wonderful. Get up here and get to work.”

Chuckling, I stood up and lay down between Jeanne's parted thighs. As I spread her ass cheeks I said, “You appear to have a natural affinity for this role.”

“That's because I'm a hot wife slut. Now get busy. I can't wait to feel your tongue in my well fucked asshole.”

We both started laughing, but we quickly calmed down. We were much too excited to be distracted by the humor created by our novice ineptitude in this new situation.

Once we were both quiet I moved forward and gently kissed Jeanne's asshole. She whispered, “Michael, that feels so nice.”

Encouraged by Jeanne's response I extended my tongue and licked her. Jeanne cooed with delight. I continued licking her.

After a moment she said, “Michael this really is soothing. Jack's big cock is exciting, but it does test my limits.”

Looking up I asked, “But isn't that also part of the fun?”

“Damn right it is. Now get back to work.” Jeanne was giggling.

Chuckling, I went back to licking her asshole.

After several more minutes she said, “That really is nice. I think I'm going to have you do this after all of my dates.”

I said, “I hope so.”

“You really do, don't you.”

“Most definitely.”

“That is so hot, but now I want to play.”

“Okay, tell me the game.”

“I think you'll like this game.”

“Go on.”

“I want to sit on your face and tell you about some of the lovers I've had since our odyssey began.”

“I think I'm going to enjoy this game.”

“I know I will and right now I'm in slut mode so that's all that matters to me. Now roll over and scoot up the bed a little.”

I quickly moved into position. Once I was settled Jeanne straddled my face and sat down. Her cunt was wet, very wet. It was obvious that she was enjoying our new game.

In the past Jeanne, Abby, Mel, Amy and Maureen all enjoyed playing with my penis while they sat on my face. Now my penis was locked in the chastity cage. This prevented Jeanne from pleasuring me with her hand while I pleasured her with my tongue. Surprisingly, that made it even more exciting for me.  

Jeanne spent the next hour riding my face and extolling the sexual prowess of some of the men she'd partied with during the past several months. I listened with rapt attention and escalating arousal while I madly kissed and licked her sopping sex. 

Jeanne had two orgasms. After her second orgasm she lay down on my chest so that her face was next to my caged penis. As she lightly fondled my balls and imprisoned cock with her fingertips she asked, “Is this pleasurable or frustrating?”

I answered, “A little bit of both.”

“Is it pleasurable because it's frustrating or is it frustrating because it's pleasurable?”

Chuckling I said, “Once again, a little bit of both.”

“Do you enjoy frustration? Be honest. I need to know.”

“I admit that I do, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.”

“One of these days I'll have to test your limits.” Jeanne rolled off of me and stood up. “But not tonight. Tonight I want to unlock you and give your lovely little penis a long slow blow job.”

“A hand job would be adequate. I think blow jobs should be reserved for your stud lovers.”

“I disagree and since I'm still in slut mode my decisions are indisputable.” We both started laughing. 

I said, “Since I'm not allowed to argue, a blow job would be wonderful.”

“Damn straight it would. I've learned how to give great head.”

“Yes you have.”

“Knowing that I'm a blow job queen excites you, doesn't it.”

“Very much.”

“That makes me happy because I love being a blow job queen. I love sucking cocks.”
Jeanne giggled. “Do you want to know what else makes me happy?”

“Yes, of course.”

“That you can't argue with me while I'm in slut mode.” Jeanne was grinning.

Grinning back, I said, “I think I may have created a monster.”

“You know what they say, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” Jeanne sat down next to me. “Now sit still while I unlock you.”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Ooo, I like that. Maybe I have a future as a dominatrix.”

“My dear, I believe that you have already found your true calling. You are a magnificent slut.”

“Thank you sweetheart, that was a very nice compliment.” Jeanne unlocked my chastity cage. As soon as my penis was released it popped to attention. She giggled. “Oh my, the little guy really is eager to come out and play.”

I laughed. “You appear to be grasping the nuances of our new relationship very quickly.”

Smiling, Jeanne said, “When it involves your happiness I'm an enthusiastic learner.” She quickly added, “But now slut mode is over. I want to spend the rest of the evening as your loving caring wife.”

“You have always been and always will be my loving, caring wife.”

“Even the night I went out with Derek Fischer?”

“That did test the strength of our marriage, but if you hadn't done it we wouldn't be where we are today.”

“Maybe if I'd trusted you and openly shared my emerging desires with you from the beginning we could have grown into this lifestyle together. Maybe we could have avoided the early heartache we both had to endure.”

“Possibly, but if that had happened we never would have met Amy and Mel.”

“That was a stroke of good fortune.”

“They were instrumental in helping me adjust to your new lifestyle.”

Jeanne said, “Yes they were. They also became mentors for me and now they're taking care of Paul.”

“They're good friends.”

“And if they were here I'm sure they would advise you to lie back and enjoy what I am about to do for you. Being married to a blow job queen has benefits.”
Jeanne gently pushed me back. As soon as I was lying down she leaned over, kissed my erect cock and slipped it into her warm moist mouth. 

My wife had become very proficient at giving head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her 
artistry. It had been a sexually exciting evening and this was the first time I'd been allowed any release, so I didn't last long and when I orgasmed it was a volcanic eruption. 

While I was cumming Jeanne kept my cock in her mouth and continued sucking me. When I was finished ejaculating she swallowed all of my semen and then she sat up and smiled at me. As she lasciviously licked the remaining droplets of my cum from her lips she said, “You are the only man who will ever be allowed to cum in my mouth.”

Smiling back I said, “And I will always cherish that privilege.”

Jeanne stood up and grabbed my hand. As she pulled me up she said, “Come on sweetheart. It's late. We both need a shower and then we both need to sleep.”

We showered quickly. After we showered we dried each other and hurried back to the bedroom. As soon as we were in bed I pulled the covers over us, turned off the light and put my arm around Jeanne. She cuddled up to me and laid her head on my shoulder. 

As we lay together in the dark I listened to the soft sound of my wife's breathing and felt the warmth of her body pressing against me. I realized that this was one of those perfect moments. A moment of contentment, happiness, comfort, security and most of all, love. While I was exhausted, I fought sleep. I didn't want this moment to end.

Next to me Jeanne whispered, “Michael, are you still awake?”


“I love you so much.”

“I know. I love you too.”

“Micheal, we might be the two luckiest people in the entire world.”

“That's pretty lucky.”

Jeanne poked my ribs. “Be serious.”

“Okay, why are we lucky?”

“I think every one has secret sexual desires. Most people keep them carefully hidden away for their entire lives, but we didn't. We trusted each other enough to share them.”

You did that first and it almost destroyed our marriage.”

“But it didn't. You could have kicked me to the curb, but you chose not to do that.”

“I left.”

“Yes you did, but before you left you made sure that I was financially secure. There aren't many husbands who would do that. Hell, most of them would have tried to conceal their assets. You also came back.”

“I love you.”

That's my point. Michael we love each other so much that we've not only dared to reveal our secret desires to each other we've actually fostered them, we've encouraged them. That's true love.”

“Yes, I guess it is.”

“I don't think very many people trust each other enough to do that. Trust requires love. We're able to trust each other because we love each other. 

“There are people who would question the validity of your love.”

“Because I let another man fuck me tonight.”

“That's right.”

“People need to stop equating love and sex. They are not the same.”

I know that now. You, Abby, Amy and Mel have all taught me that.”

“Michael, please don't ever forget how much I love you.”

“Don't worry, I won't. I've learned. Please don't ever forget how much I love you.”

“Don't worry, I won't. Good night Micheal.”

“Good night Jeanne.”

I closed my eyes and tried to continue savoring this moment, but I was exhausted. Sleep claimed a quick victory.


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