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Awakenings Ch. 51

A happy ending

Friday night sex club, hockey games with Jack, occasional one night stands for Jeanne, it was an exciting winter. The weeks flew by. 

In February Jeanne had a brief flirtation with a man she met in the coffee shop on the first floor of the building where she works. An attorney, his name was Nate. Nate was married, Jeanne preferred married men. He visited her at the house three times. All three times Jeanne entertained him in her boudoir while I watched television in the den next door to them. For an avowed cuckold, watching television while another man is fucking your wife in the adjoining room is erotic nirvana.

Their fourth date ended abruptly. Nate took Jeanne out for dinner. An hour after she left the house she called me and asked me to pick her up.

I hurried to the restaurant. As soon as she was in the car I asked, “What happened?”

“He got possessive.” Jeanne was staring out the car window avoiding eye contact with me.

“What do you mean by that?”

“He told me that he didn't want me having sex with anyone but him.”


“It was an ultimatum and he included you.”

“I gather that you didn't respond favorably.”

Jeanne looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, “Do you have any doubt?”

“No, none at all.”


“Yes Jeanne.”

“When we get home could we sit on the couch and cuddle.”

“Of course, I would enjoy that.”

“I love you.”

“I know you do, I love you too.”

“Nate's an asshole. I feel kind of foolish.”


“I didn't see it.”

“You weren't looking for it. You have a thing for dominant men. Some of them are going to turn out to be assholes. We both misjudged that guy last New Years Eve in San Antonio.”

Jeanne smiled. “He was a colossal asshole.”

“Yes he was and we weathered him.”

“Yes we did.” Jeanne smiled. “We weathered him. I like that. You give me strength.”

“And you give me strength.”

“Even when I let other men fuck me?”

“Even then. Love isn't about sex. The foundation blocks of love are trust, cooperation and understanding. Jeanne, we're a team. We've been a team for years. The fact that you now occasionally let other men fuck you has nothing to do with our bond.”

“You learned that from Amy and Mel, didn't you.”

“You tried to explain it to me first.”

“I hurt you. I didn't mean to do it, but I know I did. That made it hard for you to listen to anything I said. You had to hear it from Amy and Mel.”

“Meeting them was a stroke of luck.”

“For both of us.” Jeanne was silent. After a moment she said, “I feel like they're my best friends, but I've never actually met them, not in person.”

“Eventually you'll get to meet them. Maybe we can take a trip to Tucson next summer.”

“Doesn't it get really hot in Tucson during the summer?”

I smiled. “Yeah, I think it does, but Amy and Mel seem to do okay with it.”

“Maybe we can get them to come here.”

“It's possible. We can invite them the next time we talk to them.”

“I'd like that.”

For the next few weeks life fell back into an easy routine. The morning of the first Tuesday in March that changed. I'd just arrived at work. It was tax time, we were busy. I was opening the first file I was planning to work on that day when Ruth burst into my office. I looked up at her. She stared at me. 

Immediately realizing something was wrong I asked, “What is it?” 

Ruth said, “Jeanne just called. Abby's husband, Luther had a heart attack.”

“Is he? Is he okay?”

Ruth shook her head. “No, he was dead when the paramedics arrived.”


“He was in his downtown apartment with his two hooker girlfriends.”

I stood up. “I need to find Jeanne and Abby.”

“They called from the hospital. They told me to tell you that they were going to your house.”

“I'd better go home.”

Ruth nodded. “Abby and Jeanne both need you right now. I'll make sure that everything is under control here and then I'd like to go to your house too.”

“I think that would be good.”

It took me twenty minutes to get home. Abby's Mercedes Benz was parked in our driveway. I parked next to the Benz and hurried inside. Abby and Jeanne were sitting together on the couch in the living room. Jeanne had her arm around Abby. Abby was crying.

In a quiet voice I said, “Jeanne, Abby, I'm here.”

They both turned. When they saw me they smiled. I sat in the same chair I occupied when I watched Jeanne with Jack, but this was different. The three of us talked. An hour later Ruth Joined us and then the four of us talked. In the middle of the afternoon David joined us. Matt arrived a half hour after David. At 5:30 Mark, Bobby and Thomas James arrived. Rhonda and Robbie arrived shortly after Mark, Bobby and Thomas. It wasn't a sex party. It was a gathering to support a close friend. 

The funeral was Friday. The mayor, the governor, both Senators, several Representatives and number of other civic and business leaders attended. After the service and burial there was a reception at the Kensington Grill. All of us stayed with Abby for the entire time. Janelle and Ruby, Luther's two hooker girlfriends also joined us for the services and reception.

During this entire time Abby stayed at our house. The morning after the funeral a sheriff arrived at our door. He served a legal writ requiring Abby to vacate the mansion in thirty days. Abby was out in two days. 

She moved her belongings to the townhouse Luther had provided for her, but she never slept there. She continued staying with us. 

The first Monday in April Jeanne, Abby and I were having breakfast. It was now the height of the tax season. I was in a hurry to get to the office. As I finished my coffee Jeanne asked, “Michael, would it be okay if Abby sold her townhouse and formally moved in with us?”

Chuckling, I answered, “I don't know what took you so long. I've been expecting that question since Luther died.”

“Is it okay?” Jeanne was looking at me apprehensively. 

I glanced at Abby. She was staring at me wide eyed and hopeful. I winked at her and said, “Of course it's okay.”

Both women jumped up and hugged me. Our sex that night was even more laden with love than usual.

A week later a warm front blew into the city. The day time temperature reached 75 degrees, but even more important the night time temperature stayed in the upper 50's. Parking lot sex at Brady's was back in season. That Thursday evening I met Jeanne and Abby at Brady's for the first time. Rhonda, Robbie, Ruth and David joined us.

David, Robbie and I sat at the bar and watched our wives hookup with strange men. They flirted and danced. After they danced each couple moved to their own back booth where they flirted some more and then they kissed. Watching Jeanne flirt with and kiss a man she'd just met was unbelievably exciting for me, but then it got even more exciting. They stood up. My wife's paramour for the evening put his arm around her waist. As he led her to the back door of the bar his hand slipped to Jeanne's rear. She didn't make any attempt to brush his hand away and by the time they reached the door his hand was under my wife's short skirt. As I imagined him slipping his fingers between Jeanne's thighs and rubbing her wet pussy my excitement reached new heights.

When our wives returned to the bar we all agreed to make this a regular Thursday event and then we said good night.

Jeanne had come directly from work with Abby. Abby drove her Mercedes home and Jeanne rode with me in my Escape. As we were leaving the bar parking lot I asked Jeanne, “Was he fun?”

She looked at me with a surprised expression. Realizing that I'd asked a silly question I said, “Yes, of course he was fun. I just wanted...”

Reaching over, Jeanne place a hand on my thigh and said, “No Michael, you asked a fair question. Actually I'm ashamed that you had to ask it. You want details. As your hot wife it's my responsibility to tell you everything as soon as we get into the car.”

I shrugged.

Jeanne leaned over, kissed my cheek and said, “Yes, Barry, that was his name, he was fun. He had a nice cock. It wasn't huge, but it got really stiff and it had a very erotic curve.”

“You like guys who have cocks that have an upward curve when they're erect.”

I can't explain it, but I really do.”

“You don't have to explain it and I think it's hot.”

Jeanne giggled. “You really are a wonderful husband.”

“What happened when you got to Barry's car?”

“He had a Honda Pilot. The back seat was already down. A quilt was laid out for comfort. As soon as we were inside we started making out. Michael, I love making out with guys. I always have, even when I was in high school.”

“I guess you were always a slut at heart.”

“I think that's true.”

“Okay, so you were making out with Barry in the back of his Honda Pilot. What happened next?”

Jeanne laughed. “You love hearing about this, don't you.”

I grinned at her. “Almost as much as you love doing it.”

Jeanne said, “Touche'” And then still laughing she continued. “While we were making out and we were really going at it. I mean Barry was shoving his tongue down my throat.”

“Did you like that?”

“Oh yes, but I really wanted to have his cock in my mouth.”

“A true slut.”

“Damn right. Anyway, while we were making out Barry unbuttoned my blouse and started playing with my tits with one hand while he slipped his other hand under my skirt.”

“If I remember correctly when you left the bar only one of the buttons on your blouse was actually fastened.”

“I don't believe in making a guy work too hard.”

Chuckling, I said, “Okay, so you're making out with Barry. He's playing with your tits with one hand while he's fondling your pussy with the other.”


“What were you doing?”

“What do you think I was doing?”

“I've got a pretty good guess.”

“I think you're probably right.”

“Tell me.”

“I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He was really hard. I was worried that he was going to cum before I had a chance to suck him.”

“But he didn't, at least not right away.”

“Actually he turned out to have excellent control. I sucked him for, I don't exactly know how long. It's difficult for me to keep track of time while I'm giving head, but probably twenty minutes or more.”

I smiled. “You do like to give head, don't you.”

Jeanne laughed. “I really do.”

When we arrived at home Abby was already there. We made a quick supper and then we retired to the bedroom where the three of us played together until we were exhausted. 

Over the next several weeks warm weather gradually defeated the final vestiges of winter. By the first of May the last snow drifts were gone, the grass had turned from pale brown to green and leaves were appearing on trees everywhere.

The Friday night sex club was still going strong. We were making two trips a week to Brady's, Jack was now coming over to watch the National Hockey League playoffs and Jeanne and Abby were going out on dates at least once a week. Life was exciting.

The Saturday before Memorial Day life got even more exciting. Maureen called. She was spending the weekend with Ginger, Scotty and her newest boyfriend, Dennis. The four of them had decided that they wanted to escape the Florida heat for a few weeks this summer and wondered if they could visit us on the Fourth of July. Abby, Jeanne and I were elated and extended an immediate invitation.

As soon as we finished talking to Maureen Jeanne looked at me and said, “I think we should try to put together a really big Fourth of July celebration.”

“Are you suggesting that we invite additional guests?”

Nodding Jeanne said, “Tucson summers are hot too. Micheal, we have to try. I really want to meet them.”

Abby said, “I do too and I want to meet Paul.”

“You wont get an argument from me. I want to see them every bit as much as the two of you do. Let's call them.”

Jeanne said, “Right now?”

“Why not? It's Saturday afternoon.”

“But it's two hours earlier in Tucson. Maybe they're still entertaining men in the cottage.”

“That means that one of them has to be at home as a lookout.”

“That's right, for awhile you were a sentry for a prostitution business.” Abby was grinning at me. 

Grinning back, I said, “Yup and it was an honorable endeavor.”

Nodding, Abby said, “I will always be indebted to Janelle and Ruby. They took such good care of Luther in his last years.”

I said, “Prostitution needs to be legalized so that it can be licensed, policed and controlled.”

Abby sighed. “Yes it does.”

Next to us Jeanne was holding one of our telephones. “You two can spend the rest of the day discussing solutions to the world's problems. I'm going to call Amy and Mel.”

“I think that's a very good idea.” 

Next to me, Abby nodded. “I do too.”

Jeanne punched in the number. The speaker was turned on. We heard their phone ringing. After a moment Mel answered. “Hi, is this Michael, Jeanne or Abby?”

Jeanne said, “It's all three of us.”

“Hey Amy, Michael, Jeanne and Abby are all on the telephone.”

Amy answered, “Mel, I'll be right there. I just have to get dry and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.”

Mel said to us, “Amy entertained Harmon Conrad this afternoon. He's a sweet guy in his early seventies who pays very well, but he has a licking fetish. When he's partying with one of us he wants us to be really sweaty so he can clean us with his tongue.”

Jeanne said, “Oh my.”

Abby asked, “Does he lick you everywhere?”

Mel giggled. “Oh yes, everywhere.”

Abby said, “I can see where that might be fun, but I do understand that a post party shower would be essential.”

Still giggling, Mel said, “It is fun and it's easy.”

I shrugged, “When I hit seventy I could see myself developing that fetish.”

Jeanne said, “If you do, you'll be hiring hookers.”

“No he won't. When Michael is seventy he can lick me anytime he wants anywhere he wants and I mean anywhere.” Abby was grinning at me. “Hell, the idea is getting me going right now. I think after this phone call is over we should retire to the bedroom for a little preseventy licking experimentation. Jeanne, you can come too, but I warn you that you're probably going to get licked by both of us.”

I nodded eagerly. Abby, Jeanne and Mel were all laughing.

“I don't believe it! Mel honey, I leave you alone for ten minutes and when I return I find you on a long distance telephone call with our best friends discussing a clients licking fetish.” It was Amy. She was giggling.

Jeanne said, “Hi Amy.” 

“Hi Jeanne. Hi Micheal. Hi Abby.

In concert Abby and I said, “Hi Amy.”

“Regardless of what my girlfriend has told you, Harmon is a sweet old man and the only real downside to his licking fetish is that it sometimes tickles.”

Mel said, “Yeah especially when he's doing my toes and armpits.” 

Still giggling Amy said, “But you don't object when he's doing your butt.”

“No, I gotta admit that there are moments when he can be very stimulating.”

“Be honest, you always cum when he's doing your pussy and your butt.

“I'm a Chicago girl. Everyone knows Chicago girls cum easy. Hell most of us cum when the L makes a sudden stop.”

Laughing, Jeanne said, “We need to be serious for a moment.”

Amy asked, “Is anything wrong?”

I said, “No not at all. Maureen just called.”

“How is she doing?” Asked Mel.

Jeanne said, “She's doing great. She has a new boyfriend.”

“Since she got divorced that girl goes through boyfriends like some girls go through nail polish.”

Amy said, “Now Mel, don't be judgmental.”

“I'm not being judgmental, I'm just pointing out a fact.”

“I think she likes variety. None of us can criticize her for that.”

Mel said, “Jeanne, you are absolutely right. All of us have acquired a taste for a little variety, even Michael.” 

Jeanne said, “Michael's tastes have evolved. He now has a preference for watching.”

“Michael, you old cuckold dog.” Amy was chuckling.

“What can I say Amy? My wife likes to fuck lots of different guys. I like to watch or even just hear about it. I guess I'm a perv, but I'm a happy perv.”

Mel said, “We're all happy pervs. Now what's up with Maureen?”

Jeanne answered, “She spent the weekend with Ginger, Scotty and her new boyfriend, Dennis. They were chatting and decided they all wanted to get out of Florida for a couple of weeks this summer.” 

Amy said, “Not a bad idea. In the summer Florida can be as hot as Arizona.” 

Mel added, “And it's humid. Yuk, just thinking about it makes me sweat.”

Jeanne continued, “They asked if they could spend the Fourth of July weekend with us.”

“Really? Now that is an interesting idea. Amy, maybe we should consider doing that. Jeanne, could we spend the Fourth with you too?”

“That's why we called. Consider yourselves invited.” Jeanne was smiling.

Amy said, “We have some logistical issues to address and of course there is Paul.”

I said, “We were hoping that he might come with you.”

“Michael, that's a decision he has to make.”

“Of course.”

Jeanne said, “Is he still angry with Tricia?”

Amy answered, “No not at all. He's still head over heels in love with your daughter.”

“So what's the problem?”

Mel said, “Paul's afraid of himself. His submissive desires are intense. He's worried that if he returns to Tricia they'll quickly fall back into their old habits because he'll encourage her to do it.”

I said, “But he's not alone anymore. Jeanne, Abby and I will keep an eye on him. If things get out of hand we'll step in and remind Tricia that they have a mutual responsibility to care for each others health and welfare.”

Amy said, “We'll tell him that. Paul wants to get back together with Tricia. If we can find a way to make it work it will be the best outcome for him.”

Jeanne said, “It will be the best outcome for both of them. Tricia desperately wants another chance. She knows that she made some horrendous mistakes. She's determined to not let that happen again.”

Mel said, “We'll tell Paul that too.” 

We chatted for a few more minutes and then Mel said, “We'll try to get to Minnesota by the Fourth of July, but we have some loose ends to tie up here before we can go.” 

Amy said, “We'll get back to you next week.”

We ended the call.

All of us were busy. Time passed quickly. The following week Amy and Mel called and told us that things were falling into place for them and they would definitely be in Minnesota for the Fourth, but Paul continued to be a question mark. While he wanted to come home he was still afraid.

That year the Fourth of July fell on a Saturday. Ginger, Scotty, Maureen and Dennis arrived Wednesday evening. They checked in to a hotel near The Mall of America. It was a fifteen minute drive from our house.

Jeanne called me late Thursday morning, she'd received a text from Mel. She read it to me. “We left Tucson this morning and plan to get to Liberal, Kansas before we stop for the night. With three drivers we can make good time. Hopefully we'll get to Des Moines, Iowa tomorrow night which means we should get to St. Paul in the early afternoon Saturday.”

I said, “Three drivers, that's good news.”

Jeanne answered, “Yes it is, but I think we should continue to keep this to ourselves. We still aren't certain and we don't want to create false hopes for Tricia.”

“I agree and if it is true it will be a wonderful surprise for her.” Concerned about Tricia's feelings, Jeanne, Abby and I had decided to keep Amy and Mel's impending visit a secret. A surprise would be joyful, disappointment would be painful.

Friday night Jeanne and I hosted a sex party at our house. Everyone, Mark, Bobby, Thomas James, Ruth, David, Matt Haynes and Rhonda and Robbie, were there. They were all eager to meet Ginger, Scotty, Maureen and Dennis.  That night Scotty elected to join David, Robbie and me in the cuckold gallery. Dennis chose to be a participant.

The party was a great success. Everyone had a wonderful time and we all agreed to get together again the following Friday.

The next day was the Fourth of July. We had a barbecue at our house. Ginger and Scotty and Maureen and Dennis were of course invited, but we made it clear to them that this was not a sex party, this was a family barbecue. Jodie and Tricia were there along with Jodie's boyfriend, Teddy. Abby was of course there, but David and Ruth were not. They were spending the holiday with their own children. 

The party started at noon. Dennis, Scotty and I were sitting in our back yard drinking beer and listening to the Twin's game on the radio when Jeanne stepped out onto the back porch and waved to me. I excused myself and joined her.

As soon as I was on the porch she said, “I got a text from Amy. They just got off of 35E. They're on Randolph. Micheal, they'll be here in five minutes.”

I asked, “Where's Tricia?”

“She's in the kitchen with Abby.”

“Are Jodie and Teddy still sitting on the front porch?”


“Let's join Abby and Tricia in the kitchen.”

We did. Tricia and Abby were busy making hamburger patties. They'd become good friends. I got another beer out of the refrigerator, opened it and sat down at the kitchen table. Jeanne asked if they wanted some help.

Before they could answer Jodie and Teddy walked into the kitchen. Jodie said, “Dad, a red Jeep Cherokee just parked in front of our house. Are you and mom expecting more company?”

I said, “Maybe.”

Jeanne said, “Let's go see who they are.”

Abby grabbed Tricia's arm and said, “Come on, I want to see too.” Tricia followed her.

Ginger and Maureen were sitting in the living room. As we passed them, Maureen asked, “What's going on?”

I said, “I think some good friends may have just arrived.”

Behind us, Scotty and Dennis walked into the living room. Scotty asked, “What's happening?”

Ginger said, “I guess some more guests just got here.”

Scotty said, “That's cool. Let's go meet them.”

Jeanne and I stepped out onto our front porch, everyone else followed us. Tricia wedged her way in next to me and asked, “Daddy, what's going on?”

I said, “Some good friends have just arrived.”

Jeanne moved over so that she was standing on the other side of Tricia and said, “Just wait sweetheart.”

The front passenger door on the Jeep opened, An attractive black woman got out. As she stood up Tricia asked. “Daddy, is that Mel?”

I was waving. Jeanne answered, “Yes, baby, I believe it is.”

The driver side door opened. A tall slender blond got out and waved. She was grinning at me.

Jeanne said to me, “Amy and Mel are both really pretty.”

I said, “I hadn't noticed.”

Poking me in my side, Jeanne said, “Don't be coy with me.”

Chuckling, I said, “Me be coy, never.”

Tricia asked, “Did you know they were coming?”

Jeanne answered, “Yes dear, we did.”

“Why didn't you tell me?”

Jeanne said, “Because we're still not certain Paul is with them. We didn't want to raise false hopes for you.”

“Why wouldn't he be with them?”

I said, “Tricia, he's afraid.”

“He's afraid of me? No, please no, that can't be true. I'm so sorry about what I did. I was stupid, really stupid. He has to understand. I won't ever neglect him again. He has to give me a second chance.”

Jeanne put her arm around Tricia and said, “Baby, he's not afraid of you, he's afraid of himself. His submissive desires are intense.”

I said, “Tricia, he wants to be with you, but he remembers the weeks leading up to San Antonio.”

“Daddy, I screwed up, I know I did. I won't do it again.”

“We know that baby, Paul does too. He's worried about what he might entice you to do.” Jeanne held Tricia tightly and explained. “Amy and Mel called us from Des Moines. Paul wanted them to take him to the Greyhound Bus terminal. He wanted to go back to Tucson.

“To those strippers, why does he trust them more than he trusts me?”

“Because he's not in love with them. He loves you Tricia, that's the problem. He'll do anything for you.” Jeanne paused, after a moment she added, “Your father talked to him and promised that if he comes to St. Paul and it doesn't work out, we'll buy him an airplane ticket back to Tucson. He agreed, but he still wasn't certain that he could face you.”

“He hates me!”

I said, “No Tricia, he loves you. He's afraid that if he sees you, if he talks to  you, he won't be able to leave you.”

Amy opened the rear driver's side door of the Cherokee. Jeanne said, “Tricia, look.”

There was a brief discussion and then Amy stepped back. A moment later Paul emerged from the back seat of the Cherokee. He immediately looked up at the house and saw Tricia.

Jeanne said, “Tricia, this is your chance, go to him, love him.”

“Yes mom.” Tricia ran down the sidewalk and around the SUV. When she reached Paul she stopped and said, “I'm so very sorry. Please give me another chance.”

Paul said, “It wasn't your fault, I let it happen.”

“We both let it happen, but we both learned. We won't let it happen again. Paul, I love you. The thought of spending the rest of my life without you is unbearable. Please, give us another chance to try to make it work.”

“I love you too Tricia, but I'm afraid we might be bad for each other.”

“Baby, we can't just give up. We have to try. I think we can also be really good for each other. I've learned. I won't ever make those mistakes again.”

Amy put her arm around Paul's shoulder and said, “Sweetie, we talked about this. Tricia learned, you did too. Life is filled with risks, some are worth taking, I think this is one of them.”

Tricia said, “If we don't try we automatically lose.”

Paul stared at her. He was clearly torn. 

Tricia pressed, “Baby, we can make it work. We have friends here. I have family, they want to be your family too. My mom and dad intervened in San Antonio. If they see us starting to lose control they'll intervene again.”

Mel said, “Amy and I will be here. We'll also be watching over you. You're now part of our family too.”

Paul smiled. “I want to try, I really do.”

Amy said, “Then do it. You're alternative is to go back to Tucson and live with Tina and Roxie. Is that what you want?”

Shaking his head, Paul said, “No.” He was silent. 

We all watched him. Finally he said, “I want to be with you Tricia. I want to try to make it work.”

Tricia wrapped her arms around Paul. As she hugged him she said, “I want that too Paul, I want it so very badly.”

Jeanne grabbed my arm and said, “Micheal, it's time for us to leave them alone.”

“I agree.” I looked at everyone and said, “Let's go up to the house.” 

Everyone followed Jeanne and me into the house.

In the living room, I said, “This is the Fourth of July. A little over eleven months ago my wife and I each embarked on a journey. In San Francisco we were able to acknowledge and begin to accept our separate journeys, but it wasn't until I met Amy and Mel in Tucson that Jeanne and I were able to begin to meld our journeys together so that we could become a couple again.”

Mel said, “Michael, we needed you just as much as you needed us. When we met you Amy and I were just two aging hookers. We didn't have plans, we didn't even have dreams. You got us to start dreaming again.”

Amy added, “And once we started dreaming you gave us the courage to try to make some of our dreams real.

Nodding, Mel said, “After we visit all of you we're going to Wisconsin. Amy is going to show me where she grew up.”

“And then Mel and I are going to Chicago. Mel's going to introduce me to life on the South Side. After that we're going to ride the L and have dinner in a fancy ass steak house on Michigan Avenue.” Amy was grinning.

Mel laughed, “Only a Wisconsin girl would call it a fancy ass steakhouse.”

Shaking her head, Amy said, “That's not true. Do you remember Doreen Kline?”

“Sure I remember Doreen, big boobs, long blond hair. She used to work the Vegas back room strip clubs with us. If I remember correctly that girl turned a lot of tricks.”

Nodding, Amy said, “When a guy asked Doreen to have breakfast with him in his hotel room she never said no.”

“No she did not. Doreen was a hard working hooker. So what's this got to do with anything?”

Smiling triumphantly, Amy said, “Doreen was from Amarillo, Texas. She would have called it a fancy ass steakhouse too.”

Mel considered this. After a moment she said, “Yeah, you're right.” She grinned at all of us and said, “When we're in Chicago we're going to have dinner at a fancy ass steakhouse on Michigan Avenue.”

Abby said, “Can I go with you? I'd love to have dinner in a fancy ass steakhouse on Michigan Avenue.”

Mel said, “Hell yes, we'll go to some blues clubs too.”

Jeanne said, “Michael, we should go too. I love Chicago.”

Ginger said, “We're going too. It's too hot to go back to Florida right now.”

Nodding, Maureen said, “I've never been to Chicago. I definitely want to go.”

I said, “We can all go, it will be fun, but...” I nodded towards Tricia and Paul. They were locked in a passionate embrace in the corner of the living room. “We have to get these two settled before we can go anywhere. Let's leave in a week. Wisconsin first and then Chicago.”

Amy said, “That's a good plan Michael.”

“And what about after Chicago? What's the plan then?” I asked.

Amy said, “We thought we'd stay in Minneapolis for awhile. You remember Vince?”

“Yeah, you're friend from Las Vegas. I've never met him, but I know who he is.”

“He's living in our house in Tucson.” Mel smiled. “We kind of gave it to him.”

Jeanne asked, “So where are you two planning to live?”

Mel and Amy looked at each other. After a moment Mel said, “If you wouldn't mind, we thought we might look for a house in this neighborhood.”

Jeanne, Abby and I smiled.

The following weekend we did take the trip through central Wisconsin and then we went to Illinois and the city of Chicago. David and Ruth joined us. Matt, Mark, Bobby, Thomas James and Rhonda and Robbie did too. The sight seeing was fun. The parties in the motel rooms at night were memorable.

The last night in Chicago we all went to an upscale downtown restaurant for a steak dinner. The decor was ornate, French Provincial. The waitstaff wore uniforms. The tables were covered with white table cloths. They quietly played baroque music in the background and the prices were astronomical. It was a fancy ass Chicago steakhouse.

The steaks were excellent, the service was impeccable and the atmosphere was elegant, but as we walked out of the restaurant I said, “I've had dinner at a cowboy steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas. The food was greasier, the atmosphere was rowdier and...”

Mel interrupted. “And it was a hell of a lot more fun.”

We all laughed. 

The next morning we all had breakfast together. After breakfast we said goodbye to Ginger, Scotty, Maureen and Dennis. It was time for them to return to Florida and for the rest of us to return to Minnesota.

Two weeks after we arrived home Mel and Amy found a nice bungalow two blocks from our house. They pounced on it. It was a quick closing. They paid cash and moved in on the first of September.

Once Amy and Mel were settled in their new house they announced that they were going to take advantage of the new gay marriage laws. Two weeks later they had a simple wedding in our back yard. 

During the reception Tricia and Paul announced that they were planning to get married on the second Saturday in October. Tricia told us that it would of course be a wife led marriage, but she also explained that she and Paul had been reading Abigail Plascene's book, “The Caring Dominant Female.” They both felt that they'd learned a lot about dominant submissive relationships and they were ready to try to make a marriage work.

Jeanne, Abby, Mel, Amy, Ruth, David, Rhonda, Robbie, Charles and Edith Montgomery and I all congratulated them, but all of us also agreed that we would continue to watch over them. Paul and Tricia both appreciated and welcomed our concern.

Amy and Mel's wedding reception turned into a raucous party. At nine o'clock Jodie, Tricia, Paul and Teddy left to meet some friends. Twenty minutes later Mark, Bobby, Matt, Thomas James and three of Thomas's friends arrived. The raucous party quickly became an orgy. Everyone had a good time.

Hi, this is Jeanne. Amy, Mel, Abby, Ruth, Rhonda, Maureen, Ginger and Edith are here with me. My husband, Michael told this story. He did it well, but we have demanded to have the last word. Okay everyone, in unison.”

They all yelled, “And we all lived happily ever after!” There were shrieks, giggles, clapping and boisterous laughter.














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