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Be Careful What You Wish For

Alex had always fantasized about fucking another man's wife, but reality wasn't what he expected.

Alex was a good-looking Rugby player from London. He was in his 20's and had just been given his dream job in the states and moved there. He was a little unusual in that he lusted after older women ... like women in their 40's. Their maturity and experience really turned him on. He had not had much success in his search in his hometown, London. Maybe America would be different, he hoped. And it would be an added bonus if she was married. He fantasized about fucking someone else's wife.

"Alex, why are you single, man?" Daryl asked while they downed their beers.

"I can't find what I'm looking for," Alex replied frowning.

"And what is that?" said Daryl.

"None of these young chicks. They are too much drama. My friends would dog me in London over this, but I want an older woman," he continued.

Daryl was a co-worker with Alex. They had become friends and liked to go out for drinks together, but Alex didn't know too much about him.

"I really just want to fuck them. I'm not really into an exclusive relationship right now," Alex said. "You are married, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am. Louise is great. Really great. We have a great marriage, but I think because it isn't really conventional. I don't think most of us are meant to just fuck one person the rest of our lives," he said.

"What? You mean you guys fuck other people? And your wife is okay with that?" said Alex, not believing his ears.

"Sure. Why not? It keeps our sex exciting. I love seeing another man lust after my wife. Makes me want her all the more," said Daryl.

"Wait ... you mean you like another man fucking your wife?" said Alex, trying to keep his voice down. "Really? It doesn't bother you."

"No. It's a turn on. And after she does, we have the best sex ever," he said. "I know it isn't for everybody. You have to trust each other. But it works for us, and we have been married for eighteen years."


About a week later, Daryl and Alex met in the bar again and were enjoying their beers and the ballgame on TV.

"Oh, here comes my wife. I invited her to join us," Caryl said.

Alex looked over and saw a very curvaceous woman walking towards them. Walking really wasn't the appropriate word. She kind of danced when she walked, swinging her big hips from side to side. She had long brown hair with very blonde streaks in the front. She was a knock-out. Alex was immediately attracted to her and jealous of Daryl. Daryl was forty-something, and this woman looked to be the same age. Just his type!

"Hey, babe," she said kissing Daryl.

Daryl swatted her Kardashian-sized ass and smiled saying, "Alex, this is my wife, Louise."

Louise leaned over and kissed Alex on the cheek. He couldn't help but look down her blouse at her huge beautiful breasts. He had to refrain from sticking his tongue out and licking her exposed cleavage. Louise followed his gaze and smiled at him.

Louise leaned over and whispered into Daryl's ear, "Honey, is this hottie a present for me?"

Daryl laughed and swatted her ass again, "Would you like him?"

"Yes. I want him. I haven't tried one that young before," she purred.

Alex grew uncomfortable at their whispering. They both looked over at him and grinned.

"Hey Alex, would you like to come over to our house for a few more drinks? We have a great deck overlooking the beach," asked Daryl.

Truthfully, Alex would love to spend more time with Daryl's wife and accepted their offer.


They were sitting outside on the deck under the stars, just drinking when Louise sauntered over to Alex and sat on his lap. Before he knew what was happening, she was sticking her tongue in his ear and rubbing the bulge in his pants. Louise was wearing a black off-the-shoulder sundress that showed off her amazing curves. Alex glanced over at Daryl who just nodded his approval.

"I am going to go inside for a little while," Daryl said walking towards the door. "I trust you can keep my wife entertained."

Alex couldn't believe this was happening. Was this guy actually going to let him be with his wife right now? He couldn't stop himself as she was everything he had been looking for.

When the door closed, he didn't miss a beat and lifted Louise's face in his hands and kissed her luscious red lips. She knew how to kiss a man. She was nibbling on his lips and then opened her mouth to let his tongue explore. While his tongue explored her mouth, her hand explored his pants. Louise unzipped his pants, he groaned as she wrapped her hand around him. He kissed down her neck as he explored her ample tits with his hands.

God this woman was hot, he thought.

He was even more turned on knowing she belonged to someone else. It really strokes your ego when a woman chooses you over another. He pulled down her dress to her waist and devoured her luscious tits. Louise had bigger than normal nipples, perfect for sucking. He pinched one, and she squealed with delight. He lifted her off his lap and pulled her dress the rest of the way down and then took his own clothes off. Alex stood there naked facing this married woman and wanted to fuck her more than anyone he had ever met before.

"Alex, do you want to fuck me?" she whispered, stroking his hard cock and batting her beautiful brown eyes at him.

"God, yes!" he growled.

She took his hand and led him off the deck to the sand and pulled him down with her. She kissed his mouth and then flipped around so her voluptuous ass was up by his face. She rolled over on her tummy and wrapped her hands under his firm ass and lifted his hips so she could suck him. She deep-throated him until he thought he would die. He rolled over to his side facing her and spread her legs. He licked her inner thighs and she squealed a muffled squeal of delight. His tongue found her clit and he was savagely eating her.

She tasted delicious. She had the best-looking pussy he had ever seen ... perfectly shaved ... and juicy ... oh so juicy. He was loving torturing her pussy and then she started digging her long nails into his ass. He knew she was about to cum.

"Come on baby. Cum for me," he said.

"Don't stop. Don't stop," she pulled him out to scream into the night air.

He pushed in a finger and it was all over for her. She pushed his cock out with her tongue and screamed out her release, squirming to break his hold. He held her legs while she rode out her orgasm.

Damn, this woman is so sexy, he thought as he watched her thrashing her big ass around.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now," she panted.

In a second, she was on all fours in the sand with her ass facing him. Louise was facing the house. Alex glanced up and thought he saw movement in the dark by the door, but then decided it was nothing. There was no stopping him from fucking this woman.

"Fuck me!" she yelled, looking over her shoulder.

Alex wanted nothing more. He grabbed her hips and slid his huge cock into her waiting, wet pussy. He tried to move slowly, but Louise wouldn't have it. She was bucking back against him forcefully.

So, you like it rough, he thought. I can give it to you, babe.

He was pounding her so deeply he thought it had to be hurting, but she was screaming out her pleasure with each thrust, begging for him to move harder and faster. Alex was glad he was in such great shape. He wondered how an older man could keep up with this babe.

He was trying to wait for her orgasm but wasn't sure he could make it. She was the best fuck of his life. Her screams grew closer together and he knew she couldn't hold on much longer. She collapsed on the sand and let out a blood-curdling squeal and then he released inside her.

Oh my God, he thought. Best fuck ever.

He collapsed on top her and they both lay there catching their breaths. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Clap *Clap* Clap

Alex jumped and looked up to see Daryl standing on the edge of the deck clapping.

"Dude, what the fuck?" he yelled. "Were you watching us?"

Louise slid out from under Alex and strolled over to Daryl grabbing a towel he held out for her. She calmly rubbed the towel between her legs, cleaning up the sex juices.

"Ummm yes, Alex. And not just watching. I was filming you," he said smiling an evil grin.

"Filming me! Why?" he yelled.

Alex was in shock, not believing what was now happening.

"This is what will happen, Alex. You will withdraw from the supervisor position you applied for. You are the only guy standing in my way. Or I will post this tape of you and my wife on the Internet and make sure our boss finds it."

Alex started to charge him, but Louise blocked him.

"There will be other promotions, sweetie. It isn't worth it. You got the fuck you always wanted, so just take that and go," said Louise.

Alex angrily grabbed his clothes and put them on and left. He could not believe he had been on top of the world a minute again and now had crashed to rock bottom.

Be careful what you wish for.

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