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Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 05

I learn to accept my role in Melissa's life


My first week in chastity wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be. The mornings were the worst. Now that I was locked up, Melissa felt more comfortable allowing me to sleep in her bed. Under normal circumstances I usually woke up with morning wood, but sleeping snuggled up to Melissa every night spooning with her ass pressed up against me made it impossible to not get excited. Waking up in discomfort became a regular thing, but I was somewhat lucky that I had a bad habit of sleeping in. My mornings were usually a bit of a mad rush to get ready for work so I didn’t have to concentrate on my aching balls for too long.

Melissa was also pretty good about letting me masturbate. She definitely liked to tease me and kept me guessing about whether or not she’d let me out, but she let me masturbate twice in the first five days that I was locked up. The combination of being locked up, not knowing if she’d let me out and her teasing made my orgasms incredible. As much as I didn’t want to be locked up, I couldn’t deny that some part of me was enjoying it. Melissa became way more overtly sexual around the house too. Her lounge clothes used to be track pants and a baggy t-shirt, now they’d become panties and a form-fitting shirt – always making sure that my chastity key that she wore on a necklace around her neck was in full view.

We’d completely avoided talking about anything emotional in the wake of me telling her that I loved her, but in that week it really did feel like we were growing closer together. We spent more time together, were more affectionate with each other and it really felt like we were a proper couple.

Then Friday night rolled around and my delusions were put in place.

“Tomorrow night is going to be a big test for you.”

I was confused by what she meant. “What do you mean?”

“I have a hot date. His name is Tayshaun. It’s not really a date, I’m just going to fuck him.”

My heart sank as she spoke. There was no way that I could hide what I was feeling and the disappointment must have been all over my face. Melissa had to notice, but kept going like she was ripping a Band-Aid off.

“Remember Kassandra from the sex shop? Well, I’ve kept in touch with her because she seemed to know so much about this lifestyle. I was hoping to learn a few things from her and she ended up setting me up with this guy. He came by my work today during my lunch hour – I’d seen his picture before and he looked good, but he is so sexy in real life! – anyway, we had coffee and chatted for a bit and he asked me to go over to his place tomorrow night and I said yes.”

I was still trying to let it all sink in.

“Grey, you know what I need…don’t try to make me feel guilty because you can’t give it to me.”

“So…what does this mean then?”

“Nothing has to change. During the week we can do what we do and have our thing, but on the weekends I need the freedom to do my own thing. You’ll be my Monday to Friday boyfriend, and when I need sex I’ll hook-up with other guys on the weekend.”

She made it sound so simple.

“And I’ll be locked up, while you’re out with this Tayshaun guy?”

“Yeah, of course! If you’re good I’ll let you out Sunday night.”

“This isn’t fair at all Melissa. I don’t want to wear this thing, but I do it to make you happy. I haven’t masturbated in two days and now you want me to wait two more days before I get let out – and you’re going to be out running around with some other guy?”

“I’m not going to be running around with him, I’m going to be fucking him.”

“I know, but why do I have to be locked up? If you’re going to have your fun, why can’t I at least have mine too?”

“Because this is what I want from you. I’m trying to find a place for you in my sex life, and this is it.”

“How is me being locked up while you’re fucking some other guy playing a role in your sex life?”

“Grey…the fact that you’re locked up is the hottest and sexiest thing ever. Sure, Tayshaun is going to be fucking me, but I’ll be thinking of you. No matter how big his cock is, no matter how good he fucks me, nothing will make my pussy more wet than knowing that your little penis is all locked up while Tayshaun has his way with me. Your frustration will be like the lubricant for his cock, and if he’s as big as Kassandra says he is I’m going to need lots of lubricant!”

Melissa could see my disappointment and even heartbreak, but she also sensed my excitement and decided to twist the knife a little. She drew herself close to me and looked me directly in the eyes.

“I can’t wait to see Tayshaun and his giant cock. I can’t wait to have that big black cock buried deep inside my pussy. He’s going to stretch me out and give me the fucking that I’m so desperate for.”

She was staring into my eyes, trying to gauge my reaction.

“Kassandra told me that Tayshaun is the best. He’s what they call a ‘Bull’, he’s a big-dicked stud who goes around fucking white women who are with guys like you, half-men with little penises who can’t please their wives and girlfriends.”

She instinctively moved her hand down to my crotch to see if I was getting hard – I was – but all she could feel was my chastity cage and she smiled.

“And tomorrow night when I’m being a little slut for Tayshaun and he has me bent over giving it to me good and hard I want to know that just as his cock is exactly where it’s meant to be, that your little penis is exactly where it’s meant to be too.”

My penis was throbbing, trying to get hard but the chastity device was preventing me from becoming erect. Melissa could see my discomfort and loved it. She pulled my key up from around her neck and dangled it in front of my face.

“And if you’re good and supportive and not a pouty little bitch, I’ll give you a very special reward Sunday night. Very special.”

She said it so deviously that my mind couldn’t help but race with ideas of what she meant. It definitely got me out of feeling sorry for myself and excited about what I might be in for. It was going to be a rough couple of days, but it sounded like Melissa was going to reward my frustration. She could see the change in my attitude, smiled knowing that she’d won me over and gave me a kiss.

“Don’t fuck it up!”

The day of Melissa’s date with Tayshaun started out like any other. It was the weekend so we both slept in, and I wanted to show Melissa that I was okay with what was going to happen that night – even though I really wasn’t - so I brought her breakfast in bed. She appreciated my effort. Once we were up and out of bed, I did my best to not think about what was going to happen later that night. I tried to focus on being supportive like she’d asked me to be and thought about the reward that she promised rather than her date. Slightly before supper time, I was cleaning up the house while Melissa was on the phone in the living room. I couldn’t tell who she was talking to, but I was a little nervous about who it might have been with. Kassandra had set this date up and I didn’t really care if she knew because she didn’t have any connection to any of my friends or the people I hung out with. I was really hoping that Melissa wasn’t telling anyone else about it.

“Who was that?” I innocently asked once she got off the phone.

Melissa instantly knew what I was worried about. “Calm down, it was only Kassandra”

“Oh…what did she have to say?” I was relieved.

“She was just getting me excited, letting me know what to expect and I what I’m getting myself into tonight.”

Before I could pry for more info, the phone rang again. Melissa’s face lit up when she answered.

“Oh! Hi!”

I immediately knew who it was.

“Yeah, of course we’re still on for tonight. I really, really can’t wait to see you.”

They spoke for a minute or two then he said something that caused Melissa to suddenly get nervous. She kept darting her eyes towards me then looking away, the whole time agreeing with whatever he was saying. She pulled the phone away from her ear, muted it with her hand and stretched out for me to take the phone.

“Don’t fuck this up!” she whispered as she handed me the phone.

“Hello?” I asked not sure what to expect.

“Yo, this is Grey?”


“Cool man, I’m Tayshaun. I’m going to be taking care of your girl tonight.”

I instantly felt humiliated. I must have zoned out for a second.

“You paying attention?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Good. I know that you’re new to this so I want to go over a few ground rules.”


You're going to drop your girl off at my house at 9 o’clock tonight. You bring her to my door, then fuck off. I don’t want to see your ass for the rest of the night after that. It’s my time with your girl.”


“And when we see each other or when I call – any time we talk, you call me ‘Sir’ – is that clear?”


“Mother fucker what did I just say?”

“Sorry, yes Sir.”

Melissa’s eyes lit up when I called him ‘Sir’. I could tell that she didn’t know why Tayshaun wanted to talk to me, she was figuring it out at the same time I was….only I was dreading it and she was loving it.

“Now pay close attention, I’m not going to repeat myself.”

“Okay...” I caught myself before he could correct me, “Okay Sir.”

“Good. Melissa is a fine ass looking bitch, but I want her looking sharp tonight, you hear me? I’m putting you in charge of that. I want you to bathe her, pamper her, help her get dressed, help get her ready for me…do whatever it is you need to do to have her showing up at my door looking mint. I want high heels, stockings, garter belts – the whole bit.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’m going to make sure she wants a second date, but whether she gets it or not will depend on how you present her to me tonight. I know that you’re wearing one of those little cock cages. If tonight is anything less than perfect, I’m gonna keep your key and if you want it back you can come over here and try to convince me why I should give it to you after presenting me with something less than perfection.”

“I understand Sir”

“Good, now put Melissa back on the phone.”

I’d never been more humiliated in my life. I was really struggling with what just happened and was shocked by the contrast in Melissa’s reaction. She was absolutely glowing. She was smiling, her eyes were lit up, her complexion was flush – it seemed like one of the lowest points in my life was one of the highest in hers.

I stood there feeling numb and dumb waiting for her phone call to end.

“OMG! That was the hottest thing ever. Hands down the hottest thing that any man has ever done, ever!” To say that she was ecstatic would be an understatement.

I didn’t know how to react. I almost wanted to cry, but that wouldn’t help my cause any. I was also trying to be "good and supportive" like Melissa told me to be in order to get my reward but I was having a hard time faking it.

“Grey, I know that you’re ego is bruised but don’t ruin this moment for me! Tayshaun just pulled the ultimate alpha move, it was amazing! I’m SO much more excited about tonight now! No man does what he just did unless he knows he can deliver!”

Not surprisingly, I was having a hard time seeing things her way.

“Listen, go to your room, gather yourself for a bit, get your head back into this and in a half hour I’m going to start getting ready for my date – and you’re going to do exactly what Tayshaun told you to do.”

I couldn’t think straight and just resigned myself to the situation that I was in and made my way to my bedroom.

I spent the next half hour thinking, really thinking about everything that happened and where I could see things going. I didn’t wake up thinking that today was going to be a day of serious soul searching, but it was. I knew whatever decision that I made in that room was going to determine at least the next few years of my life, maybe even my whole life. I could chose this moment to put an end to all of this, put my foot down, take this stupid chastity device off, be a man and live with whatever the consequences were. If I did, maybe instead of pitying me, Melissa might actually respect me. It probably still wouldn’t be enough for her, and our relationship would be over but I’d have my dignity and our friendship which was always tilted in her favour might be reborn based on a new found sense of equality. Or I could lose everything…my friends, my lifestyle, my girlfriend – everything that mattered to me. Given where I could imagine things going, I wasn’t sure if I was afraid of losing those things anymore because I was feeling trapped and wasn’t sure if I wanted what I had.

I spent every minute of my time alone thinking of every option from every possible angle. I was going to stand up for myself and put an end to all of this, and whatever happened would happen. I was prepared to live with the consequences. As I stood up to go confront Melissa, there was a knock at my door. Melissa leaned in to my room and knocked to get my attention. She’d stripped down to her bra and panties and had her bath robe draped over her arm. Something about the way she looked in that moment dissolved all of my courage and willpower. She had me. I was hers and I knew it. There was no getting out of this, because deep down I didn’t want out. I wanted to be an alpha like Tayshaun, but I knew that I wasn’t. This was who I was, this is what Melissa and I were going to be. I loved her and I wanted whatever part of her that she was willing to share with me more than I wanted the whole of anyone else in the world.

“You ready?” she asked innocently, completely unaware of everything that I’d just put myself through.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” it was the most honest answer that I’d ever given her.

I walked her to our bathroom, took her bath robe and hung it up. She was stunningly beautiful, and just being in her presence made me happy.

“Take your clothes off. If I’m going to be naked, it’s for damn sure that you’re going to be naked too.”

I did as she said and took my clothes off.

I was a little overcome with the flood of emotions that I’d experienced and took Melissa into my arms. I needed her to know that I was okay with what she was doing.

“This hasn’t been easy for me Melissa, but I love you and I want you to be happy and I want to support you in anything you do that makes you happy.”

For once I was surprising Melissa, and I could see her struggle with her own reaction. “I love you too, Grey.”

Her words hung in the air and I held her even more closely. It was the first time a girl had ever told me that she loved me, and more importantly I actually felt it. We’d kissed before, but there was a special passion in how I kissed her in that moment. For the first time ever, I felt genuinely connected to her…and I knew she felt it too. I can’t remember how long we held each other, but for as long as I live I’ll never forget how good it felt to hold her and be held by her. Our first truly tender moment together was shared in a bathroom while I was getting her ready for another man to have sex with her. This was going to be a different kind of relationship for sure!

I didn’t want her to have any doubts about the night ahead that she had waiting for her, so I broke the moment.

“Okay, let’s get you ready – we don’t want to be late for Sir”

She was clearly pleased that I’d accepted things as they were and was giving her the support that she wanted. I drew her a bath as she stood by waiting.

“Your bath awaits Miss”

I turned to leave the bathroom and she touched my shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

“Umm…I thought that I’d wait for you to have your bath, and when you were done I’d help you get dressed or whatever?”

“Tayshaun told you to bathe me. You’re going to bathe me.”

It suddenly occurred to me that I was going to see Melissa naked for the first time. She turned her back to me, lifted her hair up and exposed her bra clasp to me.

“Take it off,” she instructed.

I know it’s a trope – the nervous virgin fumbling to undo a girl’s bra, but it was my first time doing that and I really did have a hard time with it. Melissa was patient with me, but I could tell that she was trying hard to cover up the fact that she was giggling. The fact that my penis was raging to get hard but locked in place by the chastity device didn’t help my concentration any. Eventually, I got it. Her bra strap popped open and with her back still too me I slid the straps down each of her arms and carefully hung her bra from a clothes hook.

Melissa raised her arms above her head and turned around, spinning like a ballerina in slow motion. The anticipation was driving me crazy! As she turned and her breasts came into full view I was astonished! Melissa had the most perfect breasts that I’d ever seen, and judging from the grin on her face she was quite proud of them as well.

“You like?”

“Oh my God, yes! They’re perfect, you’re perfect!”

“You want to touch them?”

Did I ever! In amazement, I began to reach out staring and her boobs…and then out of nowhere, WHACK! Melissa’s hand came down and swatted my hand away, shocking me out of the daze that I was in.

“Those are for Tayshaun tonight, not you.”

I should have known better.

“Now, down on your knees.”

I was already feeling weak in my knees so it was no effort to comply.

“Look up at me.”

I did.

“You know what comes next right?”


“Tell me”

“I need to take your panties off.”

“That’s right, you do. This is a big moment for you, isn’t it?”


Melissa moved her foot between my legs and gave my balls a tap. “How’s your little guy doing? Is he going to be okay?”

My balls were aching and my penis was trying to push the boundaries of the chastity device. The mixture of pain, frustration and excitement was almost too much to bear.

“I’ll be okay.” There was no way that I was going to pass on seeing Melissa naked, no matter how much it hurt me.

“Okay, then. Grab them here and here,” she said pointing to the band of her panties that hugged her hips, “…and pull them down slowly. These are expensive, so be gentle and don’t stretch them.”

I truly felt like I was hypnotized. I pulled Melissa’s panties down, slowly revealing her beautiful pussy. Subconsciously, I think I did it even slower than she expected me to because I wanted to savour every second of that moment…I wanted the image of each instant burned into my memory forever. The final image of her silky panties being pulled away from her sweet pussy and becoming fully exposed to me for the first time is something that I will never forget. As I lowered them down her legs, I was torn. I couldn’t take my eyes off seeing Melissa standing before me naked for the first time, but my fetish for her panties kept pulling my eyes down to them. As she stepped out of them, first one foot then then other, I acted on instinct and raised her panties up to my nose and smelled them. Having her panties in my hand, having her scent in my nose and being on my knees eye level with her pussy was overwhelming for me.

Melissa snapped me back to reality, “Perv!” she said with a laugh and a smile.

I’d been in such a trance that I didn’t noticed that she’d moved her foot back to my balls and was giving me a series of gentle taps.

“Look,” she said pointing down at her foot.

A small puddle of pre-cum had dripped out of my penis and onto her foot.

“Know what Kassandra calls that?”

“No, what?”

“Chastity tears. It’s what happens to little dicks when they’re locked up. They get excited, but can’t get hard and cum like real men, so they get all sad and cry.”

Whatever tenderness that Melissa had just recently shared with me, her more stern side was starting to surface. I think in the same way that I had to accept who I was, Melissa was also realizing that she couldn’t help but be who she was.

“Lick it up.”

I wasn’t with her on this one.


“Lick it up,” she said more forcefully, emphasising each word.

I was still hesitating. I began to stand up, thinking that I could grab a towel or something and she pushed me back down to my knees.

“I’m not stepping into that bath with your penis drizzle all over my foot. Lick it up.”

It was yet another of those moments where I struggle to describe what led me to do what I did, but not wanting to ruin the positive turn that the day had taken and how I was feeling about Melissa and the prospects of our relationship, I gave in.

I bent down further, almost as if I was bowing down to her and licked my pre-cum off her foot. I was relieved to find out that it didn’t really taste like anything, or maybe there wasn’t enough there for me to notice a taste. When I finally looked up at her, she looked quite pleased with herself.

“Good. Stay on your knees but sit up. I want you to take a good look at my pussy.”

She didn’t have to ask twice.

“It looks good doesn’t it?”

“Beautiful Melissa” My penis was throbbing and my mouth was watering.

“You want to touch it don’t you?”

I wasn’t going to fall for that again. Realizing that I’d caught on, Melissa laughed.

“Good pet, see you can be trained! Come closer, I won’t slap you – I want you to have a good look at it.”

I still wasn’t sure if Melissa was going to slap me or not, but it was well worth the risk. I leaned in to get a closer look, constantly shifting my eyes back and forth between her pussy and her hands. I wasn’t sure how close she wanted me to get, so I kept inching my way forward waiting for her to stop me. I got within four or five inches.

“Stop! Take a deep breath Grey, get a good whiff of my pussy.”

I did.

“How does that smell? Does it smell like my panties that you love so much?”

“Even better!”

“You know this pussy isn’t for you, right? Only real men get to fuck this pussy.”

“I know, Melissa.”

“Who’s going to fuck this pussy tonight?”

“Tayshaun is, Sir is.”

“That’s right. Tonight he’s going to fuck this sweet little pussy. It’s all his. He gets it, not you.”

I’d never been more jealous in my life, but it was hard to focus on my jealousy when my penis was trying to burst its way out of chastity and my balls aching to cum.

She used her fingers to spread her pussy open, and used her other hand to point just above her opening.

“I want you to kiss me right here. Just a short little peck. No lingering, no tongue. Just give me one quick little kiss, right here.”

I leaned in and gave her the kiss she wanted, where she wanted it.

“Know what you just did?”

I shook my head, “No.”

“You just kissed your girlfriend’s pussy goodbye because tonight it belongs to a real man, someone who knows how to fuck it. Now help me into the bath.”

I helped her into the bath, and for the next half hour or so I helped to wash her. She let me soap her up and wash her up with a washcloth, everywhere except for her breasts. They weren’t mine to touch tonight.

“Next time, and there will be a next time, I want you to prepare the bath for me before I get in. I want scented candles, bath oils, and soft music playing. I want everything ready and waiting for me so I can just come in, disrobe and slip into the bath. Is that clear?”

“Of course, Melissa”

When she was done, I drained her bath, used the shower head to give her a final rinse down and held her hand as she stepped out of the bath into the robe that I had waiting for her. I walked her to her bedroom, knowing what came next.

“I’m going to start on my hair and makeup. Go through my closet and pick out something that you think Tayshaun will like. Remember, we’re not going out on the town, I’m going to his house to get fucked so a little slutty would be nice.”

I knew nothing about fashion at all so I was at a bit of a disadvantage, but I had seen Melissa wear most of her clothes at one point or another and I knew what looked good on her. Tayshaun wanted her to be wearing stockings and a garter-belt, so that meant that she had to be wearing a skirt. I knew just the one. Melissa had a deep red, almost burgundy leather miniskirt that showed off her legs and made her ass look great. I also knew that she had a similar coloured pair of heels that she often wore with it, so I picked them out too. The next part was more difficult because I wasn’t quite sure what she’d wear with that skirt. I picked out a few different tops, and then worked it down to a short list of three. It was easy for me to pick out my favourite bra and panty set that she had, both black with a subtle dark grey pattern on it. The design was a little classy, but the cut was porn-star all the way! I was at a loss when it came to the garter-belt, I had no idea how they worked but she had several of them. I picked out a plain black one and figured that would be okay, but I wasn’t sure. Same thing with her stockings, I went with thigh-high plain black with a lace cuff around the top that I thought the garter-belt could clip on to. I thought that I had everything covered.

Melissa was still doing her hair and makeup, but she seemed to be nearly finished. She looked over at the outfit that I’d picked out and approved with a smile. “If you’re done there for now, can you make me something to eat? I barely ate earlier and I’m going to need lots of energy tonight!”

With her hair and makeup now done, we sat and ate while she was still naked under her bathrobe and I was still completely naked. She was gorgeous. We had a remarkably normal conversation. We spoke about the week ahead, some errands that needed to be run, groceries that needed to be picked up and worked out our schedules together. It was like being a regular couple…except for what was to happen later that night.

After we finished eating, she stood up, reached out her hand to me and led me to her bedroom. It was time to help her get dressed. I realized that it was nearly eight o’clock now and we had to be at Tayshaun’s house by nine and he lived about twenty minutes away. I hoped that the outfit that I’d picked out worked because there wasn’t much time left for any corrections.

Melissa approved of everything that I’d picked out, but I still hadn’t made a final decision on which of the three tops that I’d picked out worked best. She was quick to eliminate one, “That doesn’t match at all!” but left the decision on which of the other two up to me. I decided on a sheer black top that was mostly see-through, but had thicker material around the chest to cover her breasts. It fit the “a little slutty” vibe that she mentioned and I knew it looked good under a low-cut denim jacket that was a favourite of hers. It cut off above her waist line leaving her midriff exposed, which was perfect for the outfit that I’d picked out.

Happy with the choice that I’d made, Melissa disrobed and stood naked before me. She stood there like the most beautiful mannequin in the world waiting to be dressed. I reached to put her panties on first, but she quickly corrected me.

“Normally you put the panties on first, but Tayshaun wants me wearing garters and stockings when he fucks me, so we’ll put the panties on over the garters so he can quickly take them off.”

I needed her help figuring out the garter-belt, how it fit and how to connect it to her stockings which I also put on. “Pay attention to how this works, it’s going to be your job to do this from now on whenever I go on a date.”

Next I slid her panties on, it felt like a minor tragedy to cover up her pussy that I’d only just started getting used to seeing. I felt the same way covering up her breasts with her bra, but found connecting the clasp a little easier than removing it when I undressed her before.

Her skirt was a tight fit, but looked phenomenal and the top that I’d picked out seemed like a perfect match. Her jacket completed the look.

“Just one more thing,” she said. “I don’t want your key getting in my way when I’m getting fucked. Can you look in my jewellery box and find my ankle bracelet? The thicker gold one.”

I found what she wanted, and she transferred my chastity key from her necklace, connected it to the ankle bracelet and handed it back to me. “Down” she said pointing towards the floor for me to kneel and attach the bracelet to her ankle. “Perfect.”

“We’re cutting it short on time here Melissa, we’d better get going.”

“Look at you all eager to please!”

The drive over was a bit frantic. We weren’t exactly late, but we were cutting it close. We arrived with a few minutes to spare, but Tayshaun lived in a condo complex and we still needed to be buzzed in by security and make our way up to his apartment. Looking at my watch, I knocked on his door at 8:59 – one minute to spare!

A few seconds later, Tayshaun opened the door. He was huge. I’m 6’1 and he towered over me. He had to be 6’8 or 6’9, maybe even taller and was built like a NBA power-forward with a frame of solid muscle.

Melissa gave him a big hug. She looked so tiny compared to him. He hugged her back but broke it off and took a step back.

“Let’s have a good look at you and see if cucky-boy did a good job.”

Tayshaun looked her up and down from head to toe, and spun her around to get a look from all sides. When her back was to him, he spanked her ass, “Mmm…I can’t wait to get me some of that ass.” He seemed like a jerk to me, but Melissa appeared to like it.

Tayshaun looked at me for the first time, looking down at me in more ways than one. “So, what’s your sorry ass got to say?”

“Well, umm..Sir…I hope that you like what you see? I think that I did everything that you asked and she’s exactly what you were expecting?” It was humiliating.

He looked Melissa up and down once again, and turning his attention to her said, “Man, you’re a fine ass woman. Get your ass inside.” He stepped aside letting Melissa into his apartment, again slapping her ass as she walked by. Melissa jumped and let out a playful yelp.

“You did alright cucky-boy. It’s time for you get out of here because it’s time for me to get down with your girl.”

I started to say “Thank you Sir” but he turned and closed the door leaving me alone out in the hall way before I could get it out.

I heard some laughing coming from down the hall. There were two girls, around my age waiting for the elevator, staring at me and laughing. I don’t know how long they’d been there, but clearly long enough. The elevator came and they held the door for me, “You going down?” one of them said.

I replied, “I’ll get the next one, thanks” and both laughed and giggled.

“Suit yourself cucky-boy.” I still wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I was beginning to get the idea.

I figured the worst of it was over with. I’d head home and wait for Melissa to call me to come pick her up, I figured they’d be a few hours so.

As it turned out, Melissa didn’t call until around noon the following day, and that’s when the next phase of our new relationship began.


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