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Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 07

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A price is paid and a reward is given...

Was Melissa going to have sex with me?  I couldn’t let myself believe it, but she seemed to be telling me that.  There’s no way that she would have before, but maybe Kassandra convinced her to for some reason?  I’m not sure why Kassandra would do that for me, especially after our… confrontational… meeting, but Melissa did say that while she had a special reward planned for me, Kassandra talked her into going further.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Take your clothes off,” was her answer.

I undressed in record time and stood in front of our bed, completely naked except for the locked caged around my penis. 

“Do you think that I’m beautiful?”

“You’re one of the hottest women that I’ve ever seen Melissa.”

“Tayshaun thinks so too.  He fucked me with a hunger that no other man ever has before.  Do you want to fuck me Grey?”

“Yes, you know I do!” 

 “You want my pussy Grey?  You want me to take off my clothes, take off that cage and let you slide your little penis into my sweet little puss?”

She was torturing me, my cage never felt tighter than it did in that moment.  I whimpered “Melissa… you know…” was all I could get out.

Melissa laughed at my predicament, “How badly Grey?  How desperately do you want it?”

“Sooo badly, Melissa.  You know that I don’t want to be a virgin any more and you’re so gorgeous… plus, you know… I love you.” I tailed off.

“Do you think you could put your penis where Tayshaun’s giant cock has been?  Do you think I’d feel it?  He really stretched me out last night.”

Before I could answer, Melissa sat up on her knees and turned her back to me. “Come sit on the bed behind me Grey.”

I knelt behind her with my knees on either side of her body, while she was on her knees with her feet tucked in behind her.

She held her arms up in the air. “Take off my shirt.”

I hesitated for a moment, still wondering if Melissa was actually going to let me have sex with her but worried I was being set up for a disappointment.  She did promise me something special.  What could be more special than that? “Hurry” she insisted.  I was as nervous as I was excited.  I lifted her shirt off over her head and outstretched arms and tossed it on the floor beside us.

“And now my bra.”

I wasn’t going to fumble this up again, and focused on what I was doing.  It wasn’t easy with my brain half-numb and my hands shaking but I popped the clasp and dropped her bra next to her shirt. Melissa let out a little giggle, “Much better this time!”

“Now, listen carefully.  I want you to reach around and touch my tits.  Be gentle, I don’t want grabby hands squeezing them, I want soft hands caressing them.”

I did as I was told, reaching around and taking each one of her tits into my hands, each one was a handful.  She raised her own hands to my hands, guiding me and showing me exactly how she wanted to be touched. “Like this,” she said moving my hands beneath hers in a soft, circular motion.  My penis was throbbing in its cage, uselessly trying to get fully erect.  Fortunately, I was too distracted by what was happening to really notice how much it hurt.

Melissa tilted her head and pulled her hair to one side exposing her neck.  “Give me soft kisses along here,” she said pointing to an area along her neck and shoulder.   As I leaned forward to kiss her neck I was able to get a better look at her tits.  I couldn’t believe that I was seeing my own hands gently kneading her tits and feeling Melissa’s body react to my touch.

“How are you doing?” Melissa asked as she reached behind herself and cupped my balls in her hand.  It was the first time Melissa – or any woman – had ever touched me there other than the taps she gave me with her foot the day before.  If wasn’t wearing the cage, I’m sure that her touch alone would have made me cum.  As it was I was leaking a pool of pre-cum out of the end, causing a wet spot to form on the bed.  Even without looking, I think Melissa could tell how hard my penis was, desperately trying to burst free from its enclosure.

Just as I was getting used to the feel of having Melissa's breasts in my hands, she pulled her own hand away from my balls, reached up and pulled my hands away from her tits.  Before any disappointment could set it,  she spun around and laid down on the bed with her arms crossed above her head.  Her new position put her magnificent breasts on full display, the key to my chastity cage on a necklace nestled between them.  Her nipples were erect and perked up noticeably.

“Kiss me here,” she said pointing to her right nipple.  I laid down beside her and moved my head over her exposed breast.  I started by giving her nipple soft kisses, then held her breast in place with my hand as I took her nipple in between my lips and started sucking it gently.  Melissa moaned and said “Don’t forget about the other one” as she raise her left side and leaned towards my mouth to give me better access.

For what seemed like ages, Melissa looked down at me smiling, watching as my lips moved from nipple to nipple as I became more comfortable and more confident with what I was doing.  This was incredible!  As excited as I was, I couldn’t fully enjoy myself.  The whole time that I was focussed on Melissa’s tits, I couldn’t avoid seeing my chastity key laying on her chest right in front of my face.  It was a constant reminder of the pain I was now feeling in my balls.  At one point I moved the key out of view as if it was in my way.  I pushed it and let it slide down on her necklace until it flopped down beside her neck and onto the bed, but Melissa immediately moved it back into place.  She knew what she was doing, and it was very much with full intention.

Melissa stopped me by pushing my head away from her chest, instinctively I pushed back not wanting to stop but she held her arm firm.

“Take off my pants.”

Again I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I didn’t know where Melissa was going to take this, but I never would have even allowed myself to imagine that I’d be in bed with her, already half naked and now being told to take her pants off.  I was really starting to believe that maybe Melissa was going to take my virginity.  After all, this started with her telling me that Kassandra talked her into doing something even more special than what she’d already promised me and by asking how badly I wanted to fuck her.  Maybe my desperation was convincing.  I undid her pants with trembling hands that Melissa noticed.  She lifted her hips off the bed as I slid her pants down, fulling removing them.  She motioned for me to pull her socks off too, which I did.  The sight before me is one that I will never forget as long as I live.  Other than her black silk panties and a necklace holding my chastity key, this absolutely stunning woman who I had been in love with for years was naked before me. 

Melissa could see how awestruck I was and she knew that she had me.  As if there was ever any doubt.

“Kiss my toes,” she instructed.  I wasn’t really into feet, but in that moment I would have done anything that she said.  I held her foot up to my face, rubbing it gently and began giving it light kisses, starting near her heel and working my way to her arch, I transitioned to the bottom of her foot as I kissed my way up to her toes.  I gave each toe a series of kisses before taking her big toe into my mouth and sucked it.

Melissa was laughing as much as she was smiling.  I don’t know if she was enjoying what I was doing but she clearly loved the power and control she had over me.  I was trying to maintain eye contact with her, but I couldn’t help but drift my gaze down to her panties and what was hidden beneath. 

“Come here,” she said as she spread her legs and motioned for me to position myself between them.  As I leaned in, she pointed to a spot on her flat stomach. “Kiss me here.”

I gave her kiss after kiss all over her stomach and she looked down on me.  “A little lower,” she said as I worked my way down to her bellybutton.  After a brief minute of kissing, “A little lower,” she said again. I was now kissing the area where the top band of her panties met skin.  She spread her legs wide open for me.  “Kiss me here,” she said pointing to the inside of her thigh.

As I moved myself lower to kiss her thigh, I became eye level with her panty covered pussy.  I could see a wet spot forming on the crotch of her panties and could smell the musty odour that I loved so much when I masturbated with her panties.   I tried to focus on kissing her thigh, but my eyes were fixated on her panties and the pussy they covered.

“Grey,” Melissa broke my trance.  “I want to give you a choice.”  She sat up quickly, pulling herself away from me.  My face dropped as it was impossible to hide my disappointment.  I was sure this was going to be the let-down that I feared.  We were on our knees, facing each other eye to eye.  She placed her left hand on my shoulder and held the back of my neck as she reached down with her right hand once again cupping my balls.  For the first time, I looked down and saw the state that I was in.  My penis was as hard as it could be, still trapped in chastity it stuck out from my body as much as possible.  My balls were a shocking colour, a deep red on the verge of turning purple.  I suddenly became aware of exactly how much pain I was in as Melissa’s soft hand felt like sandpaper on my sensitive and stretched out balls.  I winced and pulled away from her reactively, but she had no intention of letting me escape.  “Don’t pull away.”  It was more of a command than a request.

“Now, here’s your choice… hold your hand out.”  I did, and once extended she pulled my key off from around her neck and placed it in my hand.

“If you really think that you need to cum, unlock yourself and stroke that little penis for me.  Understand though that things are just starting to get hot and that would be a disappointment to me, but if you need to cum and want to end our play time you can go ahead and stroke it.  Or…” she paused to increase the tension. “Give the key back to me, and you can take my panties off and we can keep playing.”

My head was in a total fog.  I’ve never needed to cum more badly than I did in that moment, but Melissa was offering me something more – maybe my false hope was really good faith.  I had a million questions, but I couldn’t get any of them out in the moment.  I just stared at Melissa with what was probably a blank look on my face. She could tell I was struggling to make sense of everything that had just happened and what might happen next. Still rubbing my tender balls, Melissa smiled back at me with an eager and encouraging expression, making it very obvious what she wanted. 

Probably getting impatient waiting for me to make up my mind, Melissa leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear “You’ve made my pussy wet Grey, come on and finish what you started.”

That made my mind up for me.  I put my key back around her neck as Melissa’s face lit up happy with the decision that I’d made.  She laid back down and lifted her hips off the bed and waited for me. “It’s all yours.”

I reached down to remove her panties, practically mesmerized.  I grabbed them from either side of her hips and began to pull them down.  She moved her hands to stop me.

“You know you’re not going to fuck me right?”

It was crushing to hear because I was so full of hope.  Still though, I was taking her panties off and she’d promised something special. This had to be leading somewhere.  Maybe she was just teasing me and would let me fuck her.

“This pussy is for big cocks only, no little ones allowed.  Now might be the time to tell you that one Kassandra’s ideas is that I should only fuck black guys from now on.  I think that’s a good idea, don’t you?”

“I guess so.” 

In the moment I didn’t care about who fucked her realizing that it wasn’t going to be me.  I just needed to see her pussy.  I guessed she was going to let me stare at her nakedness as I masturbated for her.  She let go of my hands and let me continue to take her panties off.  She kept her legs together as I took her panties off.  Instinctively as soon as they were off I held them up to my face and inhaled her scent.  As I did, she spread her legs wide open for me giving me a clear view.  I was mesmerized.

She tapped the inside of her thigh, “Kisses.”

I put her panties down on the bed and moved back into the position that I was in earlier, kissing the inside of her thigh and staring at her – now fully exposed – pussy.  I’d seen her naked the day before when I helped her bathe, but that was nothing like what was happening now. 

Melissa pointed to spot higher up on her thigh “Closer,” and I moved my way up.  Melissa moaned, sighed and then bit her lip.   It was the first clear evidence that she was really liking what I was doing.  “Here,” she said now pointing to her opposite thigh.  “Kiss your way up.”  I repositioned myself and did exactly what she said.  Starting at the midpoint of her thigh I kissed and licked my way up the inside of her leg, the whole time my eyes locked on Melissa’s pussy.  She reached her hand down and spread her lips open to give me a full view.  I’d been thinking about and lusting after her pussy for years, and there it was right in front of me, spread open.  Melissa’s chest heaved as I worked my way up her thigh and inched my way closer to her pussy.  She was breathing heavier now, leaving no doubt that she was enjoying herself.

“Kiss around my pussy Grey.  Don’t touch it, just kiss close to it.  Softly”

I did what she told me to do. I wanted to taste her so badly that my mouth was watering.  Her breathing had picked up even more, and her whole body was reacting to my lips and tongue.

“Listen carefully. I want you to lick my pussy.  Long licks.  Start at the bottom and go up, use the flat of your tongue.” Melissa was panting now, having problems speaking in full sentences. 

I followed her instructions and gave her pussy nice, long licks.  I didn’t really know what I was doing so I improvised, changing pressure, sometimes licking hard and other times just brushing my tongue against the inside of her pussy lips.  I let her reaction guide me.  Having seen it done in porn movies, I licked my fingers and slid them inside of her, first one and when she didn’t reject it, then a second one.  As my moved my fingers in and out of her I focused my kissing and licking towards the top of her pussy where I thought her clit was.  She didn’t stop me, so I kept going at it and Melissa was starting to lose control.  I was trying to imagine what it would feel like to have my penis inside of her, to be on top of her and fuck her…what it would be like if I had a proper cock and used it to make her make her moan like she was from my tongue and fingers. Her legs were thrashing about, and I had to use one hand to keep her legs spread to stop her knees from hitting me in the head as I kept working away on her pussy.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh my God I’m cumming!  Don’t stop, keep licking!” 

She was sitting up now, looking down at me she put her hands on the back of my head forcing my face into her pussy.  She was fucking my face as much as I was licking her at this point.  She was moaning and making noises that I’d only heard her make with a very few guys.  Normally, I’d be in my room beating off right about now but this time I was in bed with Melissa.

“Holy fuck!” she yelled as she pulled her leg up, put her foot on my shoulder and pushed me away from her, and immediately flopped down on the bed trying to catch her breath.

“Holy shit Grey, you made me cum.”  She was in disbelief.  So was I.

My penis was aching worse than it ever had.  With my head out of its fog, I suddenly became re-aware of all the pain and frustration in my balls – my penis desperately hard with a near constant dribble of pre-cum leaking out.

“Melissa, my…”

She cut me off, “Shhhh! Let me enjoy this.” She laid there for a few more minutes, slowly regaining both her breath and her composure.  Her legs were still spread wide open in front of me, teasing my locked up penis which was still dripping like a leaky faucet.

After a few minutes, Melissa sat up, her face recovered to her normal expression – albeit with a giant smile now.

“I can’t believe you just did that Grey, you’re a natural pussy licker!”

I was in too much pain to be proud, “My penis… I need out.  Please!” I could barely speak.

“Right, ok”.

She pulled my key from off around her neck as she got up on her knees in front of me.  As she reached down to hold my penis in place, she pointed to the leaky mess that I’d made on the bed. 

“Wow, it looks like your chastity tears cried themselves a lake!”

“Melissa, please!  I’m in pain here I need to get out of this thing!” 

“Calm down, it’ll be off in a minute.”

Even this small delay was absolute torture, each second felt like an hour.

She reached down, cupped my ball her hand and began to slide the key into the lock. “Put your hands behind your back, we don’t want any accidents here.”

I had no idea what she meant, but as long as she was letting me out I wasn’t going to argue with her.  Once I’d moved my hands behind my back, she popped the lock and slid it out of place.  She held me by the bracket that kept it in place and slid the tube off, my penis quickly shot up, rock-hard in its new found freedom.  Melissa giggled, but continued to remove the rest of the device.

“Hold steady for just one more second,” she said.

Once confident that I wasn’t going to move, she reached behind her and opened the drawer of her bed-side nightstand and pulled out a condom.  My hope sprung back to life, before being quickly dashed.

“Calm down, you’re not getting laid.  I told you, I’m only going to fuck black guys from now on.  But you’re going to make a mess, I don’t want your spunk shooting all over the place.”  She tossed the condom at me, forcing me to quickly bring my hands out from behind my back to catch it.

“You’ve never put one on, have you?”

I shook my head “No”.

“Right, no reason to virgin boy.”  She let out a laugh.  “It’s easy,” she said and followed by giving me step by step instructions.  When it came time to slide it over my penis, I nearly came on the spot.  On top of everything else that had just happened, I hadn’t masturbated in almost a week.

“It’s a day of firsts!  You licked your first boobs, got a taste of your first pussy, made a woman cum for the first time and now you’re putting on your first condom!   You’re also going to be the first guy I’ve ever been naked in bed with wearing a condom who I definitely won’t be fucking!”

I wasn’t bothered by the jabs she was taking at me, I needed to jerk off and that’s all I could think about.  As I reached for my penis, Melissa playfully shouted “Ready!  Set!  GO!”  She was staring down at my penis and almost bouncing in place with excitement, it was a like a game to her.

I wrapped my hand around my penis and began giving it a few tugs.  Clearly I wasn’t going to last very long but I wasn’t expecting to cum as soon as I did.   The frustration of being locked up for a week combined with being naked with Melissa, seeing and licking her pussy was just too much for me.  I began cumming within seconds.   My penis twitched as I shot load after load into the condom.  It was unlike any orgasm that I’d ever had before.  It was a full body experience.  As I filled the condom, my toes curled involuntarily, what felt like a jolt of electricity shot up my spine and the hair on my arms stood up.  I was in a blissful daze that was suddenly shattered by Melissa’s laughter.

“Five pumps!  You lasted five pumps!” she burst out laughing, and threw herself on to bed, laughing out loud as she rolled back and forth.  At one point she looked up at me with a look of something between disgust and sympathy, but it quickly faded as she went back to laughing.  “Five pumps, holy shit Grey!”

I stayed there on my knees, not really sure what to do as Melissa slowly regained her composure.  My penis was still hard, and the condom was still on it.   I wanted to cum again and I was absolutely sure that I was more than able to.  The second time I’d last more than a few seconds.

Melissa managed to pull herself together, and got up on her knees facing me, wiping away tears of laugher from her eyes. “Wow, that was something wasn’t it?”

“I told you that I needed to cum.”

“Right, and now you know the difference between wanting to cum and needing to cum.”

I thought my day was over, and I reached down to pull the condom off.  Melissa stopped me.

“Wait a minute.”

She was suddenly serious again.

“How would you like to cum again?”

“I want that more than anything Melissa!”

“I’m going to give you another choice.”

This sounded hopeful.

“Not only will you cum again, but I’ll make you cum.”

This was sounding really hopeful!

“I’m going to give you a choice and I don’t want you to think about it.  Listen to me, then act.  Right away.  As soon as I finish talking, I want you to make your decision.  No talking, just act, ok?”

I was confused but if she was going to make me cum, I was in.

“This is a onetime offer, if you say no it’s ok but I’ll never, ever offer it again, understand?”

I really had no idea what she was getting at.

“Listen carefully.  If you pull that condom off and eat the cum that’s inside of it, just dump it into your mouth and swallow it, I’ll give you a handjob.  I’ll stroke your penis like it’s never been stroked before and I promise that you’ll come harder than you just did.  Or, pull it off, throw it out and know that I’ll never, ever touch your little penis as long as I live.  Do what you want, but do it now – right now!”

I was pressured to act, and all I could think about was getting my first handjob.  For years I’d literally had dreams about having sex with Melissa.  Now I’d just gone down on her, and here she was telling me that she was going to stroke me off.  No matter how weird and gross it seemed, there was no way that I could say no.

Without thinking any more about it, I pulled the condom off, tilted my head back and let my cum spill out into my mouth.  I didn’t taste a thing.  I gagged and swallowed it down without it resting in my mouth for more than a second.

Melissa was beaming. “Good boy.”

She took the mostly empty condom from my hand and tossed it in a waste basket beside her bed.

“Lay down, and relax.  Keep your hands above your head – no touching me.”

I did exactly what she told me to do. I laid back on her bed, rested my head on her pillow and tucked my hands under my head.  Melissa snuggled up beside me, resting her head on my chest.  Her hand landed on the inside of my thigh, just inches from my penis which was still hard.  Even though I’d just cum, I hadn’t lost my erection the whole time that I’d been out of chastity.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?  I’ve had a lot of loads in my mouth so you’re talking to an expert here.”

I really didn’t want to think about it, and also didn’t want to argue with her – especially not now.  “No, I guess not.”  Her hand moved closer to my penis.

“It was Kasandra’s idea.”


Before she could answer, Melissa gently wrapped her hand around my penis.  My whole body shuddered.  No woman had ever touched my penis before, and being in my early 20’s now I was beginning to worry that I wasn’t ever going to happen.  Melissa sensed my tensing up.  “It’s ok, relax… we’ll go slow.  I know what I’m doing” she said with confidence.  “Talk to me, and just let things happen.”

I didn't dare do anything that might make any of this stop. “What part of this was Kasandra’s idea?”

“All of it really.  She knows so much about all this stuff and like I said she’s given me a lot of really good and exciting ideas.”  She began tracing her fingers up and down the shaft of my penis.  “One of them was that I should only fuck black guys from now on.  Another was that I could train you to take care of me orally.”

“Train me?”

I was having a hard time listening to her.  All of my attention was on the feeling of her hand wrapped around my penis and her slow gentle strokes.  She really knew what she was doing, her pace changed slightly, sometimes holding with a firm grip and sometimes just dangling her fingers along my penis.  Like an expert, she twisted her hand as it went up and down my shaft.  She was unpredictable in every way, but everything that she did felt great.

“I had no intention of ever doing anything like what just happened, or what is happening” she gave my penis a little squeeze to emphasis her point. “I was going to reward you with letting you look at me naked while you masturbated, but Kasandra convinced me of the benefits of having a live-in pussy licker and that I should give you a shot.”

I didn’t really like Kassandra, but I guess I owed her something.

“Wanna know how she convinced me?”

I really didn’t care, I just wanted her to keep stroking me. “How?”

“She told me that I could get you to eat your cum” she said with a giggle.

I was mortified, and for the first time my attention drifted away from her hand wrapped around my penis.

“Melissa!  She knows?”

“Of course she knows, it was her idea.  She doesn’t know that you went through with it yet, but she bet me you would.  I never would have thought of getting you do to that, but as soon as she mentioned it I thought it was so hot and I fell in love with the idea of it.”

Great.  Not only did Kassandra know that I wore chastity and that Melissa was having sex with other men – now only black men – she was also going to know that I swallowed a load of my own cum.

“Don’t be mad, this is your reward for doing it...if you didn’t chug that spunk down there’s no way I’d be doing this now, or ever.”  With that she lowered herself down my body and positioned her head next to my penis as she picked up the pace of her strokes.  My whole body tensed up.  I couldn’t help of thinking about her telling Kassandra how she dropped to her knees to blow Tayshaun.

“Oh Melissa, please suck it… please….”

Melissa smiled and laughed, “No…”

“Please, please!”  I knew how pathetic I sounded as I begged.  Melissa gave no indication that she was going to, but her hand started going up and down my shaft much faster than she had before, still twisting her wrist with each stroke.  I didn’t think anyone could ever masturbate me better than I could myself, but Melissa was a pro.

“Is that what you want Grey?  I nice wet sloppy blowjob?  You want me to wrap my lips around your dick and suck the cum out of your balls?”

I couldn’t keep it in any more and with a whole body spasm I shot a huge load.  It shot from my penis, went at least a foot in the air and landed on my stomach.  Melissa had a look of surprise on her face but kept stroking until every last drop was out of my balls.

I just laid there staring at the ceiling, shocked with everything that just happened - terrified that it was all a dream and I’d wake up any minute.  My daze was interrupted when I felt Melissa sliding two fingers into my mouth.  Instinctively sucked them and immediately realized that she’d scooped up some of my cum and had put it in my mouth.  Unlike when I licked my pre-cum off of her foot or just a short while ago when I downed the contents of the condom that I shot into, for some reason I could really taste my cum this time and I didn’t like it at all.  I gagged, trying to spit it out but when she pulled her fingers from my mouth she moved her hand under my chin. 

“Swallow.”  I did.

Melissa moved her hand down to my stomach and used her fingers to scoop up more of my cum.  Seeing what she was doing, I pleaded with her.

“Please, no more…”

“Yes more.  If you want me to make you cum, this is what you have to do from now on.  Every time, at least until I get bored of seeing you do it.”

Her cum covered fingers were now positioned in front of my closed mouth.  She said nothing, but waited for my reaction.  Clearly, yet again, this was going to be a decision with consequences.  I supposed I could refuse, but I wanted what just happened to keep happening.  If I could eat Melissa’s pussy and she was willing to give me handjobs, who knows where it might lead?  I opened my mouth and Melissa smiled moving her fingers inwards for me to suck.  It took another couple of mouthfuls to fully clean up the mess that I’d made.  Melissa was quite pleased.  She snuggled up to me and I held her in my arms, replaying everything that just happened in my head when it suddenly occurred to me…

I had a very sudden realization.  “You said dick!”


“When you were jerking me off, you said dick.  You were teasing me and said ‘You want me to wrap my lips around your dick and suck the cum out of your balls?’”

“I did?”

“Yes, you definitely did!”

The significance wasn’t lost on either one of us.  Early on Melissa explained that "cock" was something that she craved, and "penis" was something non-sexual to her.  "Dick" was somewhere in between, something she could go for under the right circumstances.  Since seeing me naked, she’d made fun of my lack of size and insisted on using the word penis when referring to mine – so much so that I’d internalized it myself.  Now though, after just having gone down on her and while getting a handjob from her, she clearly referred to my "dick".  Subconsciously, I’d gone from having a non-sexual "penis" to having a sometimes sexual "dick" and she’d let it out without even realizing.

“Huh.”  I could see a confused look in her eyes – for once it was her not me! – as she grappled with the revelation.   She gave in to whatever she was struggling with.  “Well then, congratulations.”

Melissa must have seen me beaming with pride and couldn’t let me have my moment.

“Don’t get too full of yourself, you might have a dick now but it’s still a little one.  And I mean what I said, if I make you cum, you eat it.  Don’t think of it as a bad thing, it’s super sexy.  Knowing that you're going to do it is what gives my hand the strength it needs to jerk you off and watching you do that is my reward for stroking your pe…dick.”  A little smile cracked her face.

I wasn’t too happy about that, but liked the underlying idea that she thought it was sexy, and I knew what Melissa could do when she was turned on.  In addition to the handjobs, she might reward my effort in other ways too as long as I played along with whatever she wanted.

“Melissa, everything that just happened was amazing.  I loved it, all of it.  I loved the taste of your pussy, I loved hearing you moan and knowing that I was the one making you feel so good, I loved making you come and I loved you making me cum.”

“And you loved eating your cum?”

“Well... it’s going to take some getting used to, but I’ll do it to make you happy.”

“And to get another handjob, right?” she said with a laugh.

“Ha!  Yeah, that too.”

I was still in the blissful afterglow of my first real sexual encounter.  I was still a virgin, but I’d made Melissa cum and she made me cum.  That was a milestone for me.  I was also thinking about how Melissa mentioned Kassandra’s ‘ideas’ a few times.

“What are Kassandra’s ideas that you keep mentioning?  You said that you wanted to try them out, what are they?”

“Well, the first one is a done-deal, from now on my pussy is for black cocks only.  I didn’t need much convincing, and knowing that there are guys like Tayshaun out there, I don’t see the point in messing around with anyone else.  The second was that I train you to be my personal pussy-licker.  You got your first lesson today, and you got off to a great start.  And of course, her third one was that if I make you cum, you eat it all up.  She has some more, but let’s get used to these ones now.  There will be plenty of time for the others later.”

“But what are they?”

“Don’t worry about them now, like I said let’s focus on these few for now and worry about the other ones later.  I promise though, no crazy shit – I won’t treat my little cucky the way Kassandra treats hers.”

Somehow making me eat my own cum didn’t qualify as ‘crazy shit’ in Melissa’s mind, but didn’t want to turn this perfect moment into an argument so I let it rest. 

“I think in light of everything that’s happened and all of the changes we’ve gone through recently, we should make another appointment with Diane.  What do you say?”

I was conflicted.  Diane was the relationship expert "of sorts" as Melissa called her.  Our first meeting with her is what lead to me winding up in chastity so I was afraid of what might come next.  On the other hand, so many good things had happened as a result of meeting with her that it might be a good idea.  There’s no way that Melissa would be my girlfriend, or that I’d be laying in bed naked with her after having just made each other cum if Diane didn’t set us off down this path.

“Okay, sounds good.  I’m off work on Thursday, so maybe set it up on Wednesday night or any time on Thursday?”

“I’ll shoot for Wednesday night, that works perfect for me.”

And so a plan was set to have our second meeting with Diane.

As we laid in bed holding each other, probably getting ready to drift off into an afternoon nap, Melissa left me with something to think about.

“Before you were wondering if you were submissive or not and I pointed out how you wear chastity for me, how I control your orgasms and how I have sex with other men.  Now you’re going to be eating your own cum because I said so.  Are you still wondering or have you accepted the fact yet?”

I didn’t have an answer for her, but I think I knew.  I think we both did.  I let her words echo in my head as I faded off to sleep holding the woman that I loved in my arms.


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