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Beth Can't Resist a Big One

Spandex pants on the right guy can be amazing
What a beautiful summer day! It was early afternoon and I was out in the back yard doing the regular weekly chores on the flower beds and lawn. Jim, our new neighbor was also out doing the same in his yard. I knew his first name from when he had introduced himself a few months back as he moved in. We hadn't really shared much else since except a casual nod of recognition when we passed each other in our normal day to day activities. Jim looked to be about thirty five, physically fit, with a dark complexion, dark hair, and a relatively good looks. The only other thing I knew about him was that he was single. He seemed to like pottering around his house and enjoyed looking after his yard as well. Not exactly your average single guy!

We'd been at it for almost two hours. Jim had come out into his yard just after I'd started. I'd had enough for a while so I threw down the rack and called over to Jim.

"Heh neighbor! Do you feel like taking a break?"

Jim turned to me and said, "Yea, that would be great."

I told him to come on over and I'd get us something cold to drink. He jumped the fence as easy as if it were just a foot high, came over to the patio and said;

“Thanks, I could use something cold.”

I told him to grab one of the lounge chairs and I'd be right back.

I went into kitchen through the patio doors to get the beverages. Beth was at the sink preparing vegies for supper. Beth and I have been married since she was eighteen and I was nineteen. She is thirty eight now. Both of us were virgins when we met, so we were each other's first and only until present day. We both enjoy sex and have explored many fun aspects of sex through the years.

Beth is 5'7" tall. For the most part, she has kept her figure over the years. If anything, she has filled out in all the right places, making her even more tantalizing. She is blond; blue eyed and has beautiful 38C breasts with very large aureoles and nipples that turn up. Her breasts are very sensitive and she loves having them played with. She keeps her pussy shaved up to the top of her slit and then trims the bush on her mound so that it is no more than a quarter of an inch long. Her pussy lips are very pronounced, sticking out a couple of inches. They hide a larger than normal clit which when aroused swells up to be the size of a large cherry. She loves having it sucked like a small cock. Today she was wearing a halter-top and shorts. She looked gorgeous in them.

Beth said she noticed that Jim was over. She saw him through the window over the sink. I said I had invited him over for a cold drink and a break from all that yard work.

I said to Beth, "Why don't you say hi to Jim and take a break yourself?"

She said it was a great idea and headed out to the patio. I could hear them exchanging pleasantries as I grabbed a can of frozen tea from the freezer.

I headed to the sink with the jug and frozen ice tea in hand. As I reached for the tap, I looked out onto the patio. Jim had just fallen back onto the recliner he was sitting on. He had his head back with his eyes closed and was saying how great it was to relax in the sun. Jim had one of those half type t-shirts on with spandex type shorts. Both of his feet were on the ground on either side of the foot rest of the lounge chair.

Beth was sitting across from him. She seemed to sit up suddenly and lean forward studying something over on Jim's lounge chair. I took a look over at Jim and realized she was looking at his crotch! I couldn't believe it. This wasn't the Beth that I knew and loved. Her attention was fixed on a very large bulge in those spandex shorts. You could actually see his cock covered by the spandex resting on his right thigh. It reached down half way to his knee. I'd say it was at least eight inches soft, but most incredible was the thickness of it!

In addition, the bulge where his balls were matched the dick on his thigh. She started to lean even closer when Jim opened his eyes. Beth averted her eyes and quickly sat back in her chair. Not quick enough! I noticed a slight smile on Jim's face as they continued their conversation.

I got all the drinks onto a tray and headed out to the patio. We sat around and talked about gardening, the neighborhood and other inane stuff for a half an hour or so. Finally, Jim said he had to get back to it.

As he got up to go, Beth said, "Why don't you come on back for supper? We're just barbecuing steak and we'd love the company."

Jim said that would be great! We settled on a time and Jim headed back to his yard.

I didn't say anything to Beth about catching her devouring Jim's bulge with her eyes. I thought the evening might be interesting and I didn't want Beth to suspect that there might be someone peeking through our sun filmed windows. It appears they're great for this kind of thing. From outside, all you can see is a dark window. From inside you can see everything. I suspected they might come in handy later on tonight.

Later on at about 7:30pm Jim showed up at the back door. I let him in and opened a bottle of wine. We all shared a glass as Beth put the finishing touches on a salad. We headed out to the patio and fired up the barbecue. The evening went fast. Jim was great company; funny and full of interesting stories. We all enjoyed the meal and the cooling evening as time flew by. By 11pm we'd all had our share of wine and were feeling no pain.

I suggested heading for the hot tub. Beth went inside to change into her suit. Jim and I headed over to the hot tub. It was situated at the far side of the patio under the dining room window. We'd had it enclosed on three sides with a privacy fence for the husband/wife late even dips. Jim said he was sorry, but he didn't have a suit. I suggested bare butt...I told him we'd be in the tub before Beth got back, so unless he stood up, no one would see anything. He said as long as I joined him (for moral support) he was fine with it. We shucked off our clothes and slid into the tub. As we stepped in, I couldn't help notice Jim's dick. He was uncircumcised. His dick really was about 8" long soft and incredible thick. It was obviously heavy as it swung back and forth as he walked.

I turned on the jets and the water foamed up. We sat back and began to relax. I offered Jim another glass of wine. As we waited for Beth, we just mellowed out as the warmth of the water washed over us. About ten minutes later, Beth appeared. She walked towards us in her black one-piece suit. Jim whistled under his breath. He turned to me and said he was sorry, but he just couldn't help himself as Beth was an incredibly lovely woman. He said I was a lucky man. As Beth came towards us, I couldn't help agree with him. Her every curve was accented by her suit. Everything from her long legs to her beautiful full breasts were perfect. I also noticed her mound was prominently visible through her suit. You could actually see the material formed around her pussy lips. Yes, she was beautiful and desirous.

Beth slide into the tub and asked what we'd been up to. I told her Jim didn't have a suit so we were skinny dipping. She laughed and said she better keep her hands above the water. We all sat back and enjoyed some more wine and good conversation.

After a bit I was beginning to feeling a bit light headed from the combination of the heat from the tub and the wine. I told Beth and Jim that I was going to grab a break and get a cold drink. I got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and headed into the kitchen. As I left, I noticed that Beth hardly glanced at me, even though I was nude.

Once in the kitchen I headed into the dining room. The window here looked out directly into the hot tub. It was only about four feet to the edge of the tub. Beth kept the window cracked open for fresh air, so not only could I see everything, but I could also hear everything out in the tub area. Beth and Jim were at right angles to me. Beth was to my left and Jim was to the right facing each other. Beth was telling Jim that she was impressed at how well he kept himself in shape. Jim told her she should see "everything", and then she'd be really impressed. Beth giggled and said it was too bad I was coming back, or she'd take him up on his offer to see the whole package.

Now I was intrigued! I'd never seen Beth so fascinated with another guy. I wondered how far she'd go if she felt safe from discovery. I resolved to find out. I went to the kitchen door and called out to Beth that I wasn't feeling good and was going to lay down for a while. Beth said she'd be right in. I told her not to be silly. I would be fine and that they should continue to enjoy the evening. Jim called out and wished me well as soon as possible. I went back to the window.

Jim was saying how it was too bad I wasn't feeling good, but now Beth had her chance to see the whole package. All she had to do was ask. Beth blushed and seemed to hesitate for a second. She took a quick glance towards the kitchen door. She seemed to make up her mind and told Jim he'd have to put his money where his mouth was.

She said, "O.K. big boy, let’s see it all."

Now it was Jim's turn to hesitate. He said he would but if he stood up, he wanted to see Beth's beautiful breasts. Beth told him maybe ... if the view was worth it, she might consider it.

Jim slowly began to rise out of the tub. Water cascaded off of his chest as he rose up. He stopped as the water line just began to expose the top of the hair below his belly button. Beth had an exquisite view of his chest and wash board tight abdomen. Beth was captivated and couldn't take her eyes off of Jim. Jim seemed to know just how long to keep the suspense going. He started to rise again and now his cock began to come into view and it just kept coming and coming! He sat back on the edge of the hot tub.

Everything was exposed to Beth from his knees up. Jim's cock was unbelievable. It gently swayed back and forth, as he moved, yet was still totally soft. Even so, it was at least 8 inches long, but even more impressive was its thickness! It had to be as thick around as a large sausage. His knob was just peeking out from his foreskin. His balls were every bit in scale with his cock. A big sack, which now sagged due to the heat from the hot tub. His two large testicles were very visible through his bag. They looked like they were at least the size of large eggs. Altogether, his sack looked like it was as large as a small grapefruit.

Jim said, "Well.. is it worth it?"

Beth didn't say anything. She just reached up and pulled the straps of her suit off of her shoulders. She pulled her suit down and off in one motion and there it was, floating on the top of the water. She was still sitting. The water level was just under her nipples. Her breasts seem to take on a life of their own as the water swirled around them. They seemed to float free on the top of the water. Now it was Jim's turn to stare. He told her she was incredibly beautiful. Beth thanked him and asked if she could touch it. Jim, of course said he would love that.

Beth pushed herself forward without rising out of the water so she was between Jim's legs. She was now inches away from Jim's mighty monster. Beth reached out and under Jim's cock. She cupped it in the palm of her hand lifting it slightly as she seemed to consider its weight. It began to grow as soon as she touched it. The knob began to stretch out from his foreskin. Beth seemed to be fascinated, probably because she'd never seen or felt an uncircumcised cock before. Beth tried to wrap her had around Jim's shaft. There was no way she could get her fingers to meet, but that didn't stop her as she began to pump the skin on Jim's shaft.

His cock was fully hard now. It had grown no more than one or two inches longer, but it had swollen in thickness much more than it was when soft. It had to have a diameter of at least eight inches. Beth was pulling his foreskin over his knob then pulling it as far back on his shaft as she could as she pumped him. Jim had his head back and was groaning. She was using her left hand to manipulate his balls as she pumped him. She was able to fit only one nut in her hand at a time, so she was moving her hand back and forth between them.

Jim asked her to suck it. She bent forward and began to lick his knob. She now used her left hand on his shaft as well. The head of his cock disappeared into her mouth as she used both hands on his shaft. His arms that he was using to support himself on the patio edge were beginning to quiver. I suspected he was getting close to coming. Beth sensed it as well. She pulled her mouth off of him and began to fist his cock with both hands as though she was holding a base ball bat. His cock began to jerk and then sperm began to shoot out of the tip. It squirted out over Beth's shoulder and fell in an arch into the water behind her. Jet after jet shot out of his cock until finally it was just a dribble at the end of his dick. All the while Beth continued to pump the massive shaft. Finally, she bent down and sucked his knob back into her mouth removing the last drops from the end of his dick. She swirled her tongue under his foreskin as she pushed it up against her mouth. It finally began to soften, so she let it fall out of her mouth, but she continued to pump it with her hand. She seemed to enjoy the feel of the sliding skin even while it was soft.

Jim seemed to have had enough. He reached down and pulled her up onto his chest. He bent down and they shared their first kiss. Beth pushed her breasts against him as the kiss went on for what seemed like minutes. As they kissed, Beth continued to fondle his cock and balls. He had cupped her right breast in his hand and was pulling on the nipple on that breast. She was moaning as their tongues intertwined in their continuing kiss. When they broke apart. I could see Jim's cock and it was hard again. Beth looked down at it and told Jim she wanted it inside her right now. They stepped out of the tub and moved to our doublewide lounge. Beth laid down on it and spread her legs. She then pulled her legs up and held them against her breasts by wrapping her arms behind her thighs. This forced her pussy upwards and exposed it totally to Jim's gaze. Jim bent down and licked it from her pussy hole up to her clit. She moaned and shuttered as his tongue crossed over her clit. He continued licking up and down her slit until her was satisfied that her cunny was good and wet. He then moved up onto her and lowered himself down on to her.

He took his cock in his hand and began to rub it up and down her pussy lips. She told him to stick it in, but go gentle because she had never had a cock as thick as his. He brought his cock head to her entrance and began to push. I was looking on from the foot end of the lounge so I could see Jim's balls hanging down and the end of his cock at her pussy hole. His knob began to stretch open her pussy. Beth was groaning and pushing her hips forward. Jim finally had his knob lodged in her hole, but it wouldn't entirely slip in. The ridge of his knob was flared out and he couldn't seem to get that past her gripping pussy. He backed out and began to slowly move it in and out, slicking up his knob with her juices.

Finally after getting it as wet as he could he gave it a good push. The knob popped pass her entrance. Beth was grunting now as Jim feed her more of his thick shaft. He now had about two thirds of his cock in her. He stopped and they rested for a minute. Beth was panting and telling Jim it felt wonderful, She said she'd never felt anything so filling. She finally pushed her hips up towards him trying to get more of it in. Jim got the message and began to work his cock in and out. I could actually see the glitter of light off of Beth's juices as they ran down her ass. Jim was slicking up his shaft with each in and out. With each downward push he shoved a little more into Beth. He gave one big push and was buried in her all the way. I could see his balls squished up against her ass. Beth was moaning continuously now as she threw her head from side to side.

Jim pulled his shaft out almost all the way and began a steady pumping in and out of Beth's pussy. Beth came in a mind shattering orgasm. This was to be the first of many as Jim continued to pump into her. Jim fucked her for more than 15 minutes, speeding up and slowing down as the mood took him. I could see the juices around Beth's pussy on the out strokes. It was frothy around his shaft and extended out all over her crotch area. Beth was pouring her juice out. All through this pounding, Beth was having multiple orgasms. I could see Jim's legs and back muscles begin to tense up. His balls pulled up and with one last mighty push he began to fill Beth's pussy with his load of sperm. They kissed as they rested for about 5 minutes. Eventually Jim moved off of Beth. As he rolled off, his cock plopped out and flopped down against his thigh. It was soft now, although still at least 7 inches long and was covered with their combined juices. I could see cum dripping from the tip of his knob. Beth was still spread with her knees up against her breast. Her cunt was splayed open with sperm pouring out of it. Her pussy was red and swollen from her ass to her clit. She slowly lowered her legs and rolled over towards Jim.

She fondled his wet sticky cock and balls as she shared kisses with him. The lay together and rested. Jim asked if she had enjoyed it. Beth told him it was incredible! As Beth slide Jim's foreskin up and down his slick shaft his cock began to once again grow. He was insatiable! I watched as it grew to full thickness and stood up once again from his thigh. Beth looked down at it and wondered aloud how she had taken that inside her. Jim said he wanted her again. Beth began to roll back, but Jim told her to get on her hands and knees. As she got on to her knees, I could see everything. All of her entire crotch was wet. Her cunt area was covered with big blobs of cum and I could see more dribbling out of her hole. Jim got behind her and began to once again work his cock into her cunt. It didn't take long at all this time to bury it to the roots. Jim started a long steady stroke as Beth began to cum again. This time the fucking Jim gave her lasted almost twenty five minutes before he emptied another big load into her hungry hole. They both just fell onto the lounge as they lay there and panted.

Eventually, Jim got up and retrieved his clothes. He began to dress as Beth rolled over to watch. His cock swung freely as he pulled up his pants. I could tell that Beth was still fascinated by it. She told Jim that it was wonderful. He agreed and asked if they could do this again. Beth said she couldn't wait, but they'd have to be careful as she didn't want to hurt me. Jim said he understood and told Beth that I was a very lucky man. She thanked him and stood up. They kissed and then Beth walked him to the fence between our yards. I could just see them from the far corner of the window. They shared one last kiss and then Jim slipped over the fence.

I took this moment to move to our bedroom and get undressed. I slipped under the covers and turned off the lights. I heard Beth locking up and then go into the bathroom down the hall. About ten minutes later she tip-toed into the bedroom as I feint sleep. She slipped into the bed and snuggled up to me. She was still naked and felt warm as she pressed herself against me. Beth slipped her hand down my stomach and grasped my cock, which was hard as steel. I pretended to wake slightly and turn over as I took her into my arms. She asked how I was feeling and I told her much better. I asked how everything went with Jim. She said they had talked and finally he had gone home. Beth asked what I had been dreaming about because I seemed to have a very stiff cock and it was oozing juice from the tip. I said I was dreaming of her.

We began to kiss. I worked my lips down to her breast, sucking the nipples hard on each one. She began to moan as I worked on them. I threw the blankets off and began to kiss down her body towards her mound. I pushed her legs apart and kissed the outer lips on top of her clit. She tried to push me away, but I got down between her legs and told her I wanted to suck her clit. She relented. I asked her to pull her legs up and hold them apart. She pulled them up to her breasts, just like she had done for Jim. I gently tongued her outer lips where her clit was. She began to moan. I pushed my tongue through the lips and touched it against her clit. Her body jerked as though touched by fire. This was the moment! I spread her lips with my fingers and dipped my tongue into her hole. She shuddered and came. As she did, her pussy contracted and pushed big globs of Jim's cum out onto my tongue. I went crazy and buried my face into her cunt, digging my tongue into every crevice. I licked her from her ass hole up to her clit over and over. As I sucked her inner and outer lips into my mouth she moaned and thrashing from side to side.

Finally she pushed me away. I climbed up on her and pushed my cock into her swollen snatch. It was like burying it into a pit of fire. It was so wet and hot and "sloppy"! There wasn't much pressure from her side walls, but the feeling was still incredible. I pumped in and out of her, feeling and reveling in the difference. Within a few short minutes I emptied my balls into her, where Jim had emptied his loads only a short while ago. I rolled off beside her and as I lay there I ran my fingers down her mound into her wet pussy, feeling her swollen cunt and all the wetness there so that I could remember it through my finger tips. We kissed and I told her I loved her. She snuggled into my arms as we drifted off to sleep.

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